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Damn the Absolute!

Hosted by Jeffrey Howard, editor in chief of Erraticus, Damn the Absolute! is a show about our relationship to ideas. Doing our damnedest to not block the path of inquiry. Produced by Erraticus.


S2E03 Literature Must Be an Unsettling Force for Democracy w/ Elin Danielsen Huckerby 63:08 06/01/2022
S2E02 Fear of Breakdown in American Democracy w/ Noƫlle McAfee 53:16 03/09/2022
S2E01 Scientific Knowledge Is Metaphorical w/ Jessica Wahman 49:29 02/16/2022
S1E20 Can Pragmatism Help Us Live Well? w/ John Stuhr 56:57 07/07/2021
S1E19 Buddhist Reflections on Race and Liberation w/ Charles Johnson 42:36 06/23/2021
S1E18 A Friendly Introduction to Stoicism w/ Derek Parsons 46:50 06/09/2021
S1E17 Reversing Climate Change w/ Ross Kenyon 48:43 05/26/2021
S1E16 Where Do Animals Fit into Human Flourishing? w/ Ike Sharpless 44:44 05/12/2021
S1E15 Making the Commons More Common w/ Neal Gorenflo 39:05 04/28/2021
S1E14 A Tool for a Pluralistic World w/ Justin Marshall 38:20 04/14/2021
S1E13 The Philosophy of Lived Experience w/ Henriikka Hannula 44:43 03/31/2021
S1E12 Philosophers Need to Care About the Poor w/ Jacob Goodson 64:26 03/17/2021
S1E11 A Small Farm Future w/ Chris Smaje 50:03 03/03/2021
S1E10 Unschooling and Gentle Parenting w/ Tiersa McQueen 40:55 02/17/2021
S1E09 Trust in a Polarized Age w/ Kevin Vallier 53:04 02/03/2021
S1E08 Subsistence Agriculture During the Collapse of Industrial Capitalism w/ Ashley Colby 46:12 01/20/2021
S1E07 Charles Peirce and Inquiry as an Act of Love w/ David O'Hara 49:23 01/06/2021
S1E06 Levinas and James: A Pragmatic Phenomenology w/ Megan Craig 56:00 12/23/2020
S1E05 An Expansive and Democratic View of Physical Education w/ Nate Babcock 46:55 12/09/2020
S1E04 Religious Disagreement and Whether Religious Expertise Exists w/ Helen De Cruz 50:57 11/25/2020
S1E03 Placemaking and the Benefits of Local Scale w/ Jaime Izurieta 47:28 11/11/2020
S1E02 Toward a Politics of Uncertainty w/ Daniel Wortel-London 48:06 10/28/2020
S1E01 Richard Rorty and Achieving Our Country w/ Adrian Rutt 63:55 10/07/2020