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The Aligned Ambition Podcast is for you if you know you're destined to be wildly successful in your business but your current reality isn't quite there yet. This show will inspire you into action and show you that you don't need to be ready, perfect, or take yet another course in order to start. You just need to be inspired into imperfect action. Hosted by Business Alignment Coach Laura Ellera, you will learn how to transform your way of thinking so you can't help but succeed. Laura's unique blend of straightforward talking northerner mixed with the spiritual heart of a hippie will give you both the inspiration and the strategies you need to get started. Join Laura every Tuesday for a massive dollop of motivation, inspiration, and action-taking advice as well as interviews with incredible female entrepreneurs who will be sharing their success stories (and mistakes to avoid!).


Ep 042: A Quick (but Effective) Reframe
Do you find yourself saying "I've got to do this and then I've got to do that..." throughout the day? Whether that's with your business or just life in general. We can spend so long thinking about what we've got to do and this can be both overwhelming and disempowering. So on today's episode, I am giving you the easiest win EVER. This simple reframe takes seconds to adopt but can make a massive impact on your day.  Enjoy! Highlights: {1:33} - Do you spend your day trying to get through your to do's so you can do what you want to do? {3:20} - How to take back your power {3:51} - Is life happening to you? {5:09} - Without being too morbid...   Links: If you're ready to "get to" start that business you really want, then click HERE
08:08 04/27/2021
Ep 041: Playing Small for Others?
Are you playing small to keep others big? Do you feel that you're not allowed to shine too bright in case it affects others? This can be so crippling as it means that we don't step into who we truly are and can mean that we never reach the success that we want. So in today's show, I'm breaking this down, explaining where it may have come from and talking about how you hold the power to change it all! Highlights: {1:14} - Why it's all really an illusion {4:43} - What's making you turn down your brightness {6:19} - Giving others permission to do the same {8:43} - It's contagious!    Links: And if you're ready to really play big and start that business you really want, then click HERE
10:37 04/20/2021
Ep 040: Suffering from Social Media Anxiety?
Let's be honest...does social media make you anxious? Maybe it's the feeling that you have to post every day or the algorithm police will be after you. Or is it that you post and all you hear is crickets rather than the bing of another heart-shaped acknowledgment of acceptance. There are so many things about social media that can make us anxious and in today's episode, I'm going to be breaking them down and giving you tips on how to deal with them. Because let's face it. Social media is meant to be social, not anxiety-inducing, right? Highlights: {1:42} Are you equating social media likes to your personal likability?  {2:44} Why are you posting that post? Who is the post for? {3:43} Social media comparisonitis? It's a real (not reel) thing! {6:44} Why attaching our self-worth to the performance of a post is not the healthiest way to go! {7:59} Why the algorithm police are not coming for you... Links: Looking to find your first paying client? Then click HERE And come and join me and a group of lovely entrepreneurs over in The Aligned Entrepreneur Community after the show. Click HERE The episode on Worthiness as talked about in the show HERE   
09:35 04/13/2021
Ep 039: Why you don't need another course
We're all guilty of it, right? We just need one more course. Just one more...even if we have 5 that we still haven't started! Course hoarding is a real thing, people! But so is course fatigue!  So in today's episode, I'm doing something that's bad for business (well, I do sell courses after all!) 😳 I'm talking about why you might not need another course right now and what you could do instead. Because although it's not the best thing for business, it is an important point! Highlights: {1:48} You're not alone if you sign up to a course and don't actually do it! {2:50} Why are we on the eternal quest for the silver bullet course {4:12} Top 4 tips to stop being a course junkie {7:55} You don't have to be learning specifically for your business to be growing Links: Want a plan for the next 30 days to get your business moving forwards and start bringing in clients? Then click HERE And come and join me and a group of lovely entrepreneurs over in The Aligned Entrepreneur Community after the show. Click HERE
09:16 04/06/2021
Ep 038: A Business Spring Clean
It's finally here!!! Spring has arrived and I have to admit that I'm doing laps of the garden. I love spring so much. I love the buds starting to open. The birds rushing around outside my office getting their nests ready. And I love the promise of the warm summer nights to come.  It's a great time to have a spring clean (thus the name!) and not just at home but also in your business. Pruning your business and clearing out what you no longer need gives space for stronger shoots to grow. So have a listen to today's show where I'm sharing my top tips to giving your biz a spring clean. Enjoy!   Highlights: {1:52} What does cleaning your biz actually entail? {2:17} How it could actually save you money {3:45} We only have limited amounts of energy, so let's use it wisely {4:05} Why it's a good idea to spring clean our beliefs {6:35} The top 5 areas to focus on first Links: Free 30 Day Success Plan to map out the next 30 days in your business and what to do each day to start bringing clients in >>>HERE Episode 007 with Jess Farrell >>> HERE Video from 2015 of me talking about this >>> HERE (trying not to cringe!)
09:38 03/30/2021
Ep 037: Anchoring Positive Vibes for Productivity
Ever had to do something in your business but just been in a funk. Like, you know you need to do it but you just can't bring yourself to do it. And then had days where you are on fire! Wouldn't it be great if you could bottle those days and bring that feeling out as and when you need it...then listen in to today's episode!   Highlights: {1:46} Having emotions is normal! It's not about getting rid of them {2:53} How to get in a positive mindset to help creativity and productivity {3:53} What to do if you have limited time {5:48} Why this is so important for your business   Links: Come and join me in the new group The Aligned Entrepreneur Community over on Facebook where I do live training, have guest experts in the group and you can even take over the group and teach your area of expertise. Interested? Then click HERE 
08:28 03/23/2021
Ep 036: How to Tell Others What You Do
Imagine you're at a party (do you remember what they used to be like???) and somebody asks you the dreaded question... "So, what do you do then?" Are you ready to give them your perfected elevator pitch or do you choke on your martini and find the quickest way to exit? Getting confident at telling others about your business is a skill in itself! And given our limited interaction with the outside world at the moment, you might be wondering how on earth you'll get the practice in. So listen in to today's show where I'll be taking you through some helpful tips to get you shouting about your business from the rooftops! Highlights: {0:27} My first attempt and how it fell flat on its face {2:01} How Imposter Syndrome raises its head  {5:12} Getting comfortable with telling people what you do {6:53} The three key parts to include Links: Sign up for The Energetic Elevator Masterclass on 17th March HERE to learn how you could be unconsciously repelling clients and what to do instead!  And come and join me in the new group The Aligned Entrepreneur Community over on Facebook  HERE   
10:11 03/16/2021
Ep 035: Magnetising Money
Money, money, money. How's your relationship with the stuff? Good, bad, ambivalent? We all carry stories about money and what it means to have it, want it, not have it, what rich people are like, poor people, if you get more what it will mean for you, what if you lose it? The list goes on. Understanding and clearing these stories is what will help to increase your bank balance more than any strategy I can share with you. Because you can have the best strategies in the world but if you show up in your business carrying a suitcase of disempowering money stories, none of the strategies will work. Highlights: {1:55} How this is the secret saboteur {3:38} Do you have to be a bad person to be rich? {6:52} If you spend everything that comes into your bank, this parts for you {8:57} Your money language and why it's important {10:47} How could your life be different if you cleared this all up? Links: Come and join me in the new group The Aligned Entrepreneur Community over on Facebook where I do live training, have guest experts in the group and you can even take over the group and teach your area of expertise. Interested? Then click HERE  If you're still trying to find your first paying client, then grab your FREE guide 10 Steps to Secure Your First Client (without the need to sell your soul). Click HERE
12:12 03/09/2021
Ep 034: Getting Published with Daniella Blechner
Today I have the pleasure of sharing an interview that I recorded last year with the lovely Daniella Blechner. Daniella is an Author, Book Journey Mentor, and Founder of Conscious Dreams Publishing which helps budding authors with powerful messages to get their books out into the world.  So if you have a book in you, this is the episode for you!   Highlights: {4:42} How sometimes your niche finds you {7:32} How a Year 9 pupil inspired Daniella to keep reaching for her dreams {14:52} The process of getting your book idea moving {18:42} How COVID affected Daniella's business {21:48} The 3 top reasons people don't write a book   Links: Book in for your free 30-minute consultation here Connect with Daniella: Facebook Instagram Linkedin  Twitter
31:11 03/04/2021
Ep 033: Big Announcement!
In today's episode, I'm sharing a big announcement with you! So come and have a listen and let me know what you think 😊 And see if you can spot where I already get the new thing wrong 🤦‍♀️ (I knew I would!). Links: Come and join me in the new group The Aligned Entrepreneur Community HERE and come and leave a comment with your thoughts on the announcement HERE  
09:00 03/02/2021
Ep 032: The Benefit of Staying Stuck
Yes, you read that right. No, I've not gone mad. Hear me out. If we know that we are always trying to keep ourselves safe because, well that's how humans have made it this far, it makes sense that staying stuck when we know we want something is more to do with trying to keep ourselves safe than being lazy or "not good enough". So if you've ever wondered "Why can't I just do the goddamn thing?!?!?", then come and have a listen to this episode!   Highlights: {1:12} Why is it so hard to do the things we know we want to? {2:04} The gain you get from staying stuck {4:06} Where are you saying you want something but not taking action? {5:39} Where are you not achieving what you want to achieve? {6:03} New group announcement! Links: Come and check out my new private Facebook Group The Aligned Entrepreneur Community!
07:32 02/23/2021
Ep 031: Client Attraction
Where have they all gone? Seriously, when you started your business you were sure there'd be people lining up to purchase your offer. But your offer's live and all you hear is the noise of... well, crickets. It's time for a rethink. So in today's episode, I'm talking about how to attract clients to you without needing to beg or hold onto their ankles until they hand over their credit card! Highlights: {2:40} Why desperation does not sell well {4:41} How imagining your potential customers as cats can help {6:19} Top tips for attracting your tribe {10:19} Why not everybody is a customer (and that's a good thing!) {12:16} And most importantly...have fun! Links: If you want help with finding the clarity discussed in the show, come and join The Daydreamers Club and check out the 21 Day Dreamers Challenge in the units HERE Or if you're not ready for commitment yet (totally fine!) then you can come and creep on me HERE
14:38 02/16/2021
Ep 030: The F Word
So what's stopping you from going after your dream? Time, money, ideas? I bet underneath that there are a few fears lurking too, right? In today's episode I'm going to be talking to you about how to identify what our true fears are that keep us stuck and how to keep our bodies and minds in the best state to be able to keep on top of our fears and go after our dreams with a wild abandonment. And there's also an offer on my Overcome The Fear Of Starting Your Fear mini course which instead of £147 is down to £37 in celebration of this episode.  Highlights: {1:11} What's really stopping us from going after our dreams {3:55} The effect of fear on our body and why we should care {4:26} The key to working through our fears {6:20} The 10 steps to keeping fear at bay Links: Overcome the Fear of Starting Your Business is on offer! Come and grab this short but powerful course which is on sale down from £147 ro £37! Click HERE for more information.   Information on why meditating is so good for you HERE
17:33 02/09/2021
Ep 029: The Strength to Succeed with Beaudy Camacho
In this episode I had the honour of interviewing Beaudy and getting to hear here incredible journey to success. We laughed, we was emotional. This lady is the epitome of keeping going when things get tough. Of believing in your dreams and never letting go of that belief and desire to up level your life.  I absolutely loved interviewing Beaudy and I hope you love listening just as much! Highlights {14:55} If you think you don’t have the time, this bit’s for you! {25:10} What Beaudy did when her house was raided for the third time {37:15} How you can use the hardest times in your life to help others {60:09} How not to lose sight of you {61:52} Why Beaudy is the human version of glitter! Come and find out more about Beaudy on: Facebook >>> HERE Instagram >>> HERE Website >>> HERE  
64:43 02/04/2021
Ep 028: Manifest Like a MOFO
In this episode I'm sharing with you just one of my many crazy-can't-explain-scientifically manifestations which I've encountered in my life. Seriously, I've seen it happen way too many times to have to believe in it even though the scientist in me is still looking for formulas to back it up! I also share my top 7 tips to manifesting anything you want (including busting the biggest myth when it comes to manifesting!) So if you're curious about manifesting, never heard of it before or think it's a load of codswallop, then come and have a listen and let me know your (kind) thoughts over HERE! Highlights: {1:29} What is manifesting? {1:49} Why a man chased me down the river with a buggy... {5:58} The 7 steps to manifesting {7:05} Busting the manifesting myth {8:57} Why you're repelling rather than manifesting {10:15} Manifesting or not...these steps will help you get what you want Links: Come and join me in the The Daydreamers Club or come and creep on me here >>> Instagram
11:36 02/02/2021
Ep 027: Where's your Upper Limit?
In today's episode I'm talking all about your upper limit and what that actually is.  This is what Gay Hendricks talks about in his amazing book The Big Leap, which I can highly recommend and in it he explains that we all have a level that we are comfortable to and then when we exceed that limit, we start to self sabotage until we're back in our comfort zone. Just genius! So if you find yourself getting so far along with your goals and then suddenly finding yourself back at square one, this one is for you... Highlights: {1:39} Are you stuck at an income level? {2:32} How your relationship with your parents and their income level can effect yours {3:17} What are we protecting ourselves from? {3:55} Going live on social media is not going to kill you {4:32} The craziest decision I have ever made and how it smashed my upper limit Links: Wanting to start and grow your email list this year? How about this week?     There's still time to sign up to my 5 day FREE challenge, Think Outside The Inbox™ where I'll take you through not only the mindset you need to build your mailing list, but also a step by step process to set up your emails, your opt in, your thank you page and your nurture sequence (and what the hell all that means!).     Click here to sign up today >>> SIGN UP HERE
06:30 01/26/2021
Ep 026: Taking Control of Your Life
Realising that you are fully in control of your life and your future can be both hard to swallow and incredibly empowering. If our reality doesn't look like we want it to, it can be very hard to acknowledge that we are where we are due to all the decisions we have made in our lives. And I'm not saying this to be unkind. I'm saying it because when we truly believe this and own this belief, we take back control of our lives. Of course horrible things happen. Terrible things happen each and every day. But we have the choice to relive these events over and over in our heads or to choose to do something about them. We are not victims to our minds. We are in control of them. This means that if you aren't currently living the life that you want, you have the power to change that. You hold the keys to unlocking the future that you truly want. And I think that is the most exciting and empowering thing in the world. The Highlights: {1:42} Your current reality is what it is because of every decision you have ever made {2:22} Why our past does not have to be our future {4:22} I know this can be hard to hear but... {5:13} Every single decision you make has an impact on your future self {5:56} Living with the audacity to succeed each and every day   Links: There's still chance to get your 2021 Success Plan MOT with MOI by clicking here. This offer will only be on until the end of Jan and has limited places so don't delay! CLICK HERE     And if one of your goals this year is to start and grow your email list, then come and join in my 5 day FREE challenge, Think Outside The Inbox™ where I'll take you through not only the mindset you need to build your mailing list, but also a step by step process to set up your emails, your opt in, your thank you page and your nurture sequence (and what the hell all that means!).   Click here to sign up today. The challenge starts 25th Jan so don't hang about as you'll get instant access to the pre course work to ensure you get the most out of the challenge >>> SIGN UP HERE    
07:14 01/19/2021
Ep 025: Drop the BS
It's great to have big goals and dreams and really want to go after the life and business you desire. But if deep down you don't truly believe you that you can achieve it, then you have no chance of actually reaching your full potential. Building your Belief muscle and cutting out all the BS that keeps you stuck is the key to making sure that you are in alignment and that's when the good stuff happens. So join me as I take you through why you really need to know this if you want to succeed and how to work through the BS to get to the wanted destination. Highlights: {1:55} If you're a coach or a therapist, this will be limiting your clients results too {4:07} How are your 2021 goals making you feel? {5:20} Calling BS on your limiting beliefs {6:03} Looking for evidence to counteract the belief {7:00} Cementing in the belief that you can achieve your goals   Links: If you're ready to nail 2021 then come and grab your 90 minute Deep Dive Session with me. The first 10 people to sign up get 50% off! HERE    
09:39 01/12/2021
Ep 024: Using Social Media from a FB Insider with Deasha Waddup
If you're looking at your social media and thinking 'what do I do next???' then listen up. I had the pleasure of interviewing Deasha Waddup recently for the show. Deasha has worked in marketing for over 8 years with extensive experience working internationally in corporate environments and in digital marketing agencies before founding Social Treats.  She is accredited by Facebook as a Lead Trainer and Associate and now trains small businesses with in-person events as part of the #shemeansbusiness Facebook Initiative in partnership with Enterprise Nation.  We talked about her journey, how to leverage social media to work for you and your business as well as where she sees FB heading in the future. So come and join me if you want to know more about using social media to build your biz. Highlights: {10:57} What she did whilst she wasn’t ready {19:20} Being able to change your mind and pivot {22:25} The biggest mistake people make on social media {27:43} How to stop the scroll {32:28} Where facebook is going in the future (she’s a FB insider!)   Links: Join Deasha's FB group >>> HERE
39:38 01/07/2021
Ep 023: 2021 The Year Of...
This week is all about setting your intentions for 2021. These are not New Years Resolutions which are done once and forgotten about for the next 365 days. But genuinely deciding on what you want 2021 to be about and how you're going to start putting a plan in place to achieve that goal. As Jim Rohn said: 'You will either pay the price of discipline, or you will pay the price of regret' So decide now, are you really willing to take action this year to reach your goals? If so, come and listen to this episode for a kickstart into 2021. Highlights: {2:50} Choosing your word for the year and why this is an important first step {4:16} How to imprint goals in your subconscious mind effectively {6:01} Choosing the 'right' goal for you {7:03} Why you need to ignore the BS top layer {12:50} Choosing your Soul Team Links: Get your 90 minute Deep Dive Session with me for 50% off (first 10 sign ups) HERE if you want to nail 2021
16:44 01/05/2021
Ep 022: Not a Year in Review
So, I think we can all agree that this has been a year like no other. If you'd tried to explain what's happened this year to somebody this time last year, they would have thought you were crazy! But we find ourselves in this situation and to be fair, there is little we can do about the external factors.  So join me in an unreview of the year and let's see what we can learn from the last 366 days! Highlights: {1.36} The meaning (and cure) for dis-ease in your life {2:34} What 2020 has taught us {4:55} Why toxic positivity helps nobody {8:17} Will it matter in 5 years time? Links: If you're ready to kick start your 2021 then come and grab your FREE 30 Day Success Plan >>> HERE   Join the conversation after over in the private community   Let’s be friends on Insta and Facebook.
09:50 12/29/2020
Ep 021: Igniting Your Intuition
On todays show I'm getting (a little bit too!) excited about igniting your intuition to skyrocket your business. I'm currently training to be an NLP practitioner and can't help but share this information as it's blowing my mind! So join me to hear how uncovering your unconscious mind and going with your intuition over your logic might just be the way to success. Highlights: {2:07} What is your unconscious mind {2:32} Why you only process a minuscule % of the information you are bombarded with consciously {3:33} What your intuition is and why you should start listening to it {4:38} Choosing your gut for success   Links from the show: Come and join me after the show in The Daydreamers Club Become a Daydreamer Insider >>> HERE 
06:03 12/22/2020
Ep 020: Your Past is Not Your Future with Lady Sue
Today I have the absolute pleasure of sharing with you an interview which I did with the lovely Lady Sue. Lady Sue believes every woman deserves to live a life she loves so working as a Mindset and Empowerment coach, Lady Sue helps women who feel overwhelmed and are self-sabotaging to take back control of their lives. We talked about her journey to success and what the main thing is that blocks her clients. We also dived into why your past is not your future. Highlights {04:56} Why all the trauma has led her to this path {07:26} How she went about choosing the right coach for her {10:24)The main fears she had to overcome to start her own business {15:26} What is the biggest block her clients come to her with {17:05} Overcoming our childhood and adult traumas and why your past is not your future.   Links from the show: Join Sues 90 Day Intensive >>> HERE Sign up to the Vision Board Masterclass >>> HERE Connect with Sue on Instagram Join her FB group >>> HERE
26:17 12/17/2020
Ep 019: Setting Yourself up for Success
Your environment impacts you. Your internal chatter impacts you. Your emotions definitely impact you! All of this is going on around us subconsciously and then we wonder why we don't feel successful. We don't feel the success that other people seem to view our lives as. There is a way to set yourself up for success and a way to set yourself up for failure so let's make sure you are creating the right internal and external environment for you to flourish. Highlights: {1:43} How clutter comes from a place of fear {3:40} Why it’s not about being a minimalist {4:36} If you’re wanting to disappear under the sofa with a glass of sauvignon right now, this bit’s for you {7:49} Doing the inner work for success {9.39} It’s your 5 year old self that stopping you from succeeding Links from the show: Grab your 30 Day Success Plan >>> HERE
12:02 12/15/2020
Ep 018: Starting a Podcast with Lynsay Gould
With the number of podcasts doubling in the last year alone and only set to increase more going forwards, now might just be the right time to start yours. So if you've ever thought about starting your own podcast, this episode is for you. I had the pleasure of interviewing my Podcast Coach, Lynsay Gould who not only shared some absolute gems with me, she also gives an exclusive on her new podcasting awards! Lynsay is a Podcast & Business Coach with over 20 years experience as an award winning trainer, coach and mentor.  She is the host of the top ranking podcast, Podcasting for Business and has helped hundreds of clients & students to launch successful podcasts, many of which reaching to top of the podcast charts. Highlights: {11.20} What stops people starting a podcast {14:50} What it takes to be a good podcaster {19:14} Why now is a great time to start your podcast {22:11} Biggest lesson from 5 years as her own boss {27:11} Listen in here for an exclusive on the show!   Links from the show: Get involved with the Podcasting Awards HERE (If you can think of any podcasts you like (hint, hint) please vote!)  Join the Podcasting For Business Community HERE And connect with Lynsay on Instagram HERE
33:47 12/10/2020
Ep 017: Purpose or Profit?
If you worry you can't go after your purpose AND make money, then this one's for you. Without giving away the punchline, you don't have to choose. It is possible to do the thing that you know you were put on this planet and make money. It's not an either or. And you 100% are allowed to want money. Money does not make you a bad person. Being a bad person makes you a bad person. Having money just makes you a rich bad person :) So in todays show I'm sharing with you how to find the thing that lights both you and your bank balance up. Enjoy!   Highlights: {1:50} Making money will not make you a bad person. You’d just be a richer nice person {2:25} How much better would you show up if you were financially secure? {2:58} Ikegai - what it is and how to use it {4:00} If this is making you like me less, listen to this part {5:30} Your action to take away   Links from the show: For an Ikegai template and further information click HERE   Join the conversation after over in the private community   Let’s be friends on Insta and Facebook.  
07:24 12/08/2020
Ep 016: Using your knowledge with Hayley McDonnell
Today I have the absolute pleasure of sharing with you an interview which I did with the lovely Hayley McDonnell a good few months back (she was actually the first person I interviewed for the podcast!).   Hayley had been a teacher for over 21 years when she decided enough was enough and went after her dream of starting her own business.   She has used the knowledge she has gained over her career to now run her own business consulting in SMSC (social, moral, spiritual and cultural development) and has even written a book!   We talk about what was the final straw that made her go after her daydream, the struggles COVID posed on her new business, the mindset shifts she has had to make to keep showing up and the main tips she shares if you’re thinking about going all in with your business idea.     Highlights: {6:04} What made Hayley finally take the leap and start her own business  {10:43} What helped her get through the scary bits {16:34} Navigating the first few weeks as a full time entrepreneur {26:08} How COVID effected her business and how she navigated this {34:55} Hayley’s biggest advice to you if you’re wanting to get started     Connect with Hayley: Courses and Freebies: Website: Facebook: Linkedin:
41:30 12/03/2020
Ep 015: Why now might just be the right time
Now I know this has been a year like no other but the truth of the matter is, we aren’t going to get another year back in lieu to make up for it and there is still time to make 2020 a success for you.   So in today's show I’m discussing why now might just be the right time to start that business and go after your daydream and giving you some inspiration to get you moving forwards.   If you’re still unsure, come over to and take the quiz to find out if you should give up your day job or daydream.   Highlights: {1:36} Why we have a false sense of security and how 2020 has blown that up for us {3:54} If you’re still unsure whether now is the right time, this bits for you {5:25} A different way to think of your business and what it means for others {6:52} Why nobody ever wishes they’d started later {7:17} We’re not getting another year back in lieu of 2020, so let’s make the last month our victory     Take the quiz: Join the conversation after over in the private community: Let’s be friends: Insta:  Facebook:
08:54 12/01/2020
Ep 014: Creating Healthier Habits with Wendy Griffith
In today's show I had the honour of interviewing Health Coach to busy mums Wendy Griffith.   Wendy specialises in helping mums create healthier habits in their lives so they can have the same energy as their kids.   I love her straight talking but friendly advice and came away with some great nuggets of information from this.   We discussed not only how she got started, but she also shared amazing advice for you if you’re looking to start and grow your own business too.   Highlights: {04:47} If you’re not in a position to give up your income to go after your dream (and let’s face it, who is?) then this is how Wendy worked around it {07:28} Who not to take advice from when you’re just starting out {19:50} Why taking care of ourselves is not 'me first' but 'me too' {24:54} How nothing exists inside our comfort zone {29:20} If you’re waiting for your knight in shining armour to come and save you, this bit's for you!   Links from the show: Head to Wendy's website here to grab your FREE meal planner and get on the waitlist for her new cookbook!   See Wendy live at Janet Murray's Virtual Christmas Market running from 30th Nov - 4th December on her Facebook page HERE   Connect with Wendy on Instagram >>> here Facebook groups >>>  Better Habits for Busy Mums Healthy Inside Out with Wendy Griffith   You can find more information regarding Arbonne as discussed in the show here   Disclaimer for Arbonne: Less than 2% of AICs achieve this title.   The annual typical earnings of AICs can be found here. The typical results are different for everyone. Results vary depending on individual effort, body composition, age, eating patterns, exercise, etc.   
32:40 11/26/2020
Ep 013: How to create more Flow
The culture that in order to be successful you have to force your way to the top, crush your competitors and give yourself a nervous breakdown on the way is not a healthy or necessary one and this in itself comes from a place of fear. Fear that you don't really deserve the success if you've not half killed yourself trying to achieve it. And I don't mean that you don't have to work to be successful. Not at all. But I do mean that there's a difference between working in your zone of genius and thriving and the equivalent of pushing a heavy boulder up a hill on a daily basis. So in todays show I'm talking about how to get into that flow state. Highlights: {1:51} Flow vs. Forcing {3:46} Why going with the flow makes your life infinitely better {4:26} What if you're struggling to charge for your genius  {6.35} Signs you are forcing rather than flowing {8:10} My top tips for moving into flow   If you're ready to create your own success story, grab your FREE 30 Day Success Plan >>> HERE Join the conversation after over in the private community  
12:20 11/24/2020