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FRIENDSHIP. It’s one of those relationships that’s seldom spoken about. A relationship none of us are born knowing how to navigate, and yet expected to have mastered by Grade 1, with a ‘My Best Friend’ declaration. Couple this fast-tracked assumption with Hollywood’s unhelpful interpretations like: who is into who exactly in F.R.I.E.N.D.S? Can men and women even be friends without one of them being painted as a loser in Rom-Coms? and since when is Friends with Benefits even a category of friendship? To help clear this mess up, Virtue Ministry's Founder, Stina, sits down with one of her long-time, dear friends, Fr. Sean Byrnes, who happens to be a Catholic Priest, to talk about their experiences of friendship. Together, they explore different perspectives and thoughts, as well as unpack the challenges and beauty of real friendship, and suggest ways to develop meaningful, satisfying and joy-filled virtuous friendships. Exclusive benefits including bloopers, behind the scenes, and mentoring on our Patreon page:


Self-knowledge; perseverance 33:18 11/30/2021
Advent; preparing for 3 kinds of coming of Christ 26:28 11/23/2021
When friendships feel unbalanced 20:42 11/16/2021
Ministry and being Seminary Rector as Australia moves away from Christendom - With Fr. Peter Thompson 30:40 11/09/2021
Beatitude 8 - Those who are persecuted for righteousness, theirs is the Kingdom of Heaven 28:47 11/02/2021
Beatitude 7 - Peacemaker shall be called God‘s children 25:55 10/26/2021
Beatitude 6 - The pure of heart shall see God 36:15 10/19/2021
Beatitude 5 - The merciful shall obtain mercy 19:37 10/12/2021
Motherhood and learning to Let Go, and trust God, with Emily Shaw 56:43 10/05/2021
Beatitude 4 - Those who hunger and thirst for righteousness, shall be satisfied 20:58 09/28/2021
Beatitude 3 - The meek shall inherit the earth 16:54 09/21/2021
Beatitude 2 - Those who mourn, shall be comforted 25:38 09/14/2021
BONUS Episode - How well do we know each other? 38:56 09/08/2021
On being a Deacon, with Rev. Connell Perry 45:16 09/07/2021
The Beatitudes Series - Beatitude 1 - Blessed are... the poor in Spirit, for theirs in the Kingdom of Heaven 25:32 08/31/2021
Deportation Update, difficulties & Padre's News 27:58 08/24/2021
Mercy and living out Mercy 20:58 08/17/2021
How to know when to end a relationship 27:15 08/10/2021
Guilt, shame and Identity 22:36 08/03/2021
Family, Faith, Footy & Friendship 44:03 07/27/2021
Fighting Fair in Friendships 25:44 07/19/2021
Gifts, Charisms and Speaking in Tongue 15:19 07/13/2021
Should I befriend my pastor/priest? 18:03 07/06/2021
Grace Ukich - Life journey, prayer, and accompaniment 43:28 06/29/2021
Virtue Challenge yourself because you're more than 1-in-a-MILLION 24:36 06/22/2021
Respect & Communicate the turn on boundaries 19:55 06/15/2021
Spiritual Director & Mentor - Do I need one? 22:53 06/08/2021
Bishop Mark Edwards; Faith Journey, Friendships, and a bit of Fun 40:51 06/01/2021
The 4 Temperaments and Jesus 28:16 05/25/2021
Self-knowledge; a necessity in relationships 24:59 05/18/2021