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They say that success is 80% Mindset and 20% Strategy, but as busy mums-in-business - juggling ambition with motherhood - sometimes trying to figure out your strategy is the only thing you have time for! So, how do you change that? How can you use the power of mindset to scale your businesses, nail your strategy, earn more from actually working less and get your time back? Time to read that book, get to the spa or simply enjoy watching your kids grow up! You know, the way you thought it would be when you set it all up in the first place? Well, the Mindset and Method podcast from Award-Winning Mindset & Success Coach Jenni Donato will be using simple psychology and what we can learn from the daily habits of the super successful to tell you how you can get this - and a whole lot more.


Ep069: How To Price Your Offers
Figuring out the right price for whatever it is you offer can be a minefield. Pricing is as much about your confidence and mindset as it is about what you're actually selling and this is why so many women in business struggle to find the right price. In this episode, I explain my way to find the right price for you. Many people try to figure out their price by estimating how long they will spend on an activity, or how much profit they might make from a sale, then times this number by an hourly rate. The problem with this is there is no high level vision of the business you want to grow and therefore there is no alignment of your price with your strategy. For me, pricing makes much more sense when we do it the opposite way round. ✨ Work out what kind of a business you want to grow ✨ Work out how much you want to earn from that business ✨ Work out how many clients, customers or sales you could easily deliver ✨ Do the calculation to find out the price that actually builds you the business you want to grow ✨ Figure out how you fit the pieces together to make what you sell feel like an absolute steal for the price you have set. Have a listen to the episode to find out how to do all the above and if you're stuck with your price, you can book in a quick 15-minute Business Bullet Call with me to get my eyes on your business by click on
21:16 12/4/23
Ep068: Business Backstage: The Power of Assertiveness and Clear Communication
Welcome to the NEW Business Backstage series on the Mindset and Method podcast!  So many conversations happen behind the scenes my Immersive Coaching Experience, Altitude, as my team of business growth experts and I chat about all things mindset, business simplicity and sales, we knew we just had to record them so you could listen in. No-where else can you take such a detailed peek behind the curtains of a business growth experience than right here on ‘Business Backstage’... In this episode, we have a special guest, Emma Jenkings, who is a workplace mediator and assertiveness coach. Emma brings her expertise to the table as we dive into the importance of assertiveness in business growth. Confident and clear communication is a crucial factor in any successful business, and assertiveness plays a key role in achieving this. We explore how being assertive allows individuals to express their thoughts and needs effectively, leading to better relationships and increased opportunities. Perception has a significant impact on our thoughts and behaviors, and we delve into how women, in particular, need to understand their self-image when starting businesses. We discuss how societal judgment and childhood experiences can shape our beliefs about success and ambition. It is essential for women to challenge these limiting beliefs and empower themselves to reach their full potential. But it doesn't stop at understanding. We emphasise the importance of taking action and experiencing situations to become more assertive. By stepping into desired roles and facing challenges head-on, individuals can grow and develop their assertiveness. If you're ready to take your business to the next level, but don't quite have enough confidence - or know how to actually do it - you can now apply for a  FREE strategy call at with one of our fully trained and experienced Altitude coaches. 
33:15 11/20/23
Ep067: Business Backstage: The Power of a Positive Money Mindset
Welcome to the NEW Business Backstage Series on the Mindset and Method podcast!  So many conversations happen behind the scenes in my Immersive Coaching Experience, Altitude, as my team of business growth experts and I chat about all things mindset, business simplicity and sales, we knew we just had to record them so you could listen in. No-where else can you take such a detailed peek behind the curtains of a business growth experience than right here on ‘Business Backstage’... In this episode, we start by discussing the frustration and sense of being stuck that can arise when passion-driven work fails to yield monetary success.  Kayleigh Provins, a renowned money mindset coach and one of our Business Growth Experts on Altitude explains how our mindset towards money plays a crucial role in determining our financial outcomes.  She emphasizes the mindset of wealthy individuals, who view money as a means to fulfil desires and create a positive impact in their lives and the world. Then we reflect on the detrimental effects of operating from a place of fear and scarcity when it comes to money. We stress the need to adopt a different mindset, one rooted in abundance and possibility, in order to achieve greater success. We discuss the journey of starting a business and finding your own unique path - avoiding generic solutions and embracing authenticity to attract sales. Failure is an integral part of this journey, and throughout the episode we encourage listeners to learn from their mistakes and bounce back stronger. A highlight of the episode is the distinction between the mindset of corporate employees and entrepreneurs when it comes to money. Listeners are encouraged to challenge fixed ideas about income and spending and embrace the entrepreneurial mindset, which embraces the potential for unlimited financial growth. If you're ready to take your business to the next level, but don't quite have enough confidence - or know how to actually do it - you can now apply for a  FREE strategy call at with one of our fully trained and experienced Altitude coaches. 
46:19 11/20/23
Ep066: Business Backstage: How The Stories Of Our Past Define The Future - with Marie Coombes
Welcome to the NEW Business Backstage Series on the Mindset and Method podcast!  So many conversations happen behind the scenes in my Immersive Coaching Experience, Altitude, as my team of business growth experts and I chat about all things mindset, business simplicity and sales, we knew we just had to record them so you could listen in. No-where else can you take such a detailed peek behind the curtains of a business growth experience than right here on ‘Business Backstage’... In this episode, I chat with Marie Coombes, a renowned calm mind coach with a rich background in mediation and conflict resolution. Our discussion centers around the profound impact of trauma and backstories on business progress. Marie emphasizes the crucial role of supporting individuals in conflict resolution and promoting a calm mind as the foundation for success in the business world. Drawing from personal experiences, we share our own journey through trauma, shedding light on the four common responses to challenging situations. We explore the importance of identifying self-limiting beliefs and creating a safe environment to foster progress in business ventures. Marie provides invaluable insights into various techniques that can aid in healing the brain and building new neural pathways. From cognitive behavioural therapy to somatic work, meditation, and breathing exercises, she offers a holistic approach to address the effects of trauma. We get deeply personal as we share powerful stories of mindset shifts that helped us overcome obstacles to forge our own paths in business. The importance of reflecting on childhood behaviour and utilizing the five-second rule to respond effectively in times of struggle are highlighted as key tools for personal growth. If you're ready to take your business to the next level, but don't quite have enough confidence - or know how to actually do it - you can now apply for a  FREE strategy call at with one of our fully trained and experienced Altitude coaches. 
33:49 11/20/23
Ep065: The Vision Board Blueprint with Lisa Williams
Having a powerful vision of what you want to achieve is vital to making it happen and on today's episode, I'm joined by the amazing Lisa Williams, otherwise known as the Vision Board Queen. In the episode, we hear about how her journey of self-development led her to vision boarding and then led her to help others create their own vision through her Vision Board Blueprint. We chat about how to start a vision board and Lisa's 5 steps how important vision boarding is to understand what you really want from your future, rather than what you think you want from your life - and your business what to do if you've done vision boards but they've not worked - where you may have gone wrong, how to connect it to a proper strategy so that vision boarding starts working for you. If you'd like to know more about Lisa, you can connect with her on Facebook at You can also find out more about her book The Vision Board Blueprint at   
26:56 10/23/23
Ep064: Are You Living In The Past, Present Or Future & Why It's Important For Your Business
Life - and business - isn't really about what happens to you, it's more about how you perceive it. There are 3 type of people in this world - and therefore 3 types of business owners - and it's important to get the balance right so you can take the action you need to take to grow and scale your business as a female entrepreneur. In this episode, I got through who these 3 types of business owners are, why it's important to know where you sit on the scale and discover how you can design your life and business so you can... Learn valuable lessons from your past without dwelling on the negatives Appreciate the present and live - and enjoy - the moment with the inner workings of your business and your family Set goals and get motivated by your vision for the future. Listen to the episode for more, and when you're ready, why not come and join me inside my Facebook Group at 'More to Me' or on Instagram at @jennidonato
18:18 10/9/23
Ep063: Lead Generation 101 - For Female Online Business Owners
Are you tired of feeling like you have to do it all in the digital business world? Create the perfect lead magnet, manage multiple social media platforms, run a podcast and YouTube channel, attend all the networking and events – it can be overwhelming. But what if we told you there's a simpler way to generate leads and take your business to new heights? In this episode, I unveil my secrets to stress-free lead generation. I break it down into a straightforward process that flows seamlessly: 1️⃣  Discovering your ideal audience 2️⃣  Sparking their interest in your offerings 3️⃣  Identifying potential leads 4️⃣  Initiating meaningful conversations 5️⃣  Converting leads into loyal customers While there may be a multitude of lead generation strategies out there, you only need one that resonates with you to generate a consistent string of sales, so don't be sucked in by what everyone else is doing - stay in your own lane, do what you love and stick to (your own) one simple strategy. And when you're ready to take your business to the next level, be sure to book your Sponsored Altitude Breakthrough Call at It's time to discover how we can help you achieve more! 🔥🚀 
20:40 9/25/23
Ep062: My 3 Secrets for Business Growth Success (and how they made me my best month yet!)
My 3 success secrets - all in one episode - and how they led me to... ✨ Creating a team of 30 business growth experts to work with my [Altitude]( clients to bring them all the skills they need on their business growth journey ✨ Building a business that works for me where I work an average of 20 hours per week and make HUGE impact for my clients - getting them past the income ceiling and lack of confidence/vision and smashing their business goals every month ✨ Having the BEST month financially during August, trebling my previous corporate income - only working a handful of days - whilst going away with my family 3 times over the summer break How did I do it? I decided my 3 words - and I've stuck with them over the last 4 years to build the business I love. And in todays episode I go through them and why - to me - they are the most important things you need to get intentional with while building your business... Believe - if you don’t believe in yourself, you’ll never take the right action to get the results you dream about. Simplify - if you overcomplicate, get distracted, never follow through or struggle to make decisions, you’ll spend years going round in circles Scale - only once you’ve mastered your mindset and uncovered the SIMPLE version of your business can you quickly - and easily - grow and scale (which are not the same thing btw) If you're ready to take your business to the next level, but don't quite have enough confidence - or know how to actually do it - you can now apply for a FREE Call at
23:06 9/11/23
Ep061: How To Know If You're Ready To Invest with Lisa Yelland
This episode is for you if you are... ✅ a buyer considering a big investment and don't know if you're ready or struggling with the money commitment, ✅ a seller constantly getting the 'I don't have the money' objection. On this episode, I welcome the incredible Lisa Yelland, our Altitude Sales & Confidence Coach. With a 30-year background in sales and a love of all things sales, she was the perfect person to invite on to chat about what influences people to buy and what hinders people from getting the support they want (and know they need). In the episode, we cover the 3 main considerations that either help or hinder you when making an investment decision, including... ✅ Your mindset, beliefs and clarity of vision. If you struggle to believe the results you want are possible, or you struggle to see - in detail - what you want to achieve, you're going to struggle to invest in something that gives you the best chance of getting it. ✅ Your confidence that the offer is the right one for you. If you don't trust the salesperson or don't love their offer - and understand the results you could achieve - you're going to struggle to invest.  ✅ The money. Money is a massive consideration when it comes to a purchasing decision, however, this often doesn't tell us the whole story. It has been shown that up to 90%-95% of objections around money, aren't actually about the money. When you have the confidence to dive deeper - as a buyer or a seller - they often turn out to be about one of the first 2 points above. As a buyer, you therefore need to be open to understanding what lies deeper than the price and as a seller, you need to understand you have a responsibility to help potential clients understand what's really going on in order to find a way to get them the support they need. And as mentioned in the episode, if you would love to join the conversation, you will find us in our Facebook Group 'More to Me...' at You can also find out more about our 6-month Immersive Coaching Experience Altitude, by visiting
80:53 8/14/23
Ep060: Marketing and How To Stand Out From The Crowd
The biggest challenge we have running an online business in 2023 is standing out from the crowd. 2023 means few buyers, more saturated markets and people buying with more intention, so to succeed in 2023 we need to stand out, create a strong USP and level-up the value we give.   Listen to the episode to find out how to avoid panic messaging and turning off your audience so you can stand out in your market and set yourself as the authority in your industry...   - Think about how to bring your strengths and values to what you do. - Understand what problem you solve for people? What value can you add? - How do you solve the problem BEST, rather than in the cheapest way? - How will you design, deliver and price what you're offering in the best way for your buyers AND for you so you can make the best results happen in a time-efficient way for you? - How you level-up your mindset so you're going into every conversation ready for the yes.   And if you'd like to hop on a quick Business Bullet Call with me to get my eyes on your business and figure out how you can stand out in your industry with a higher ticket, higher value offer, just visit 
30:15 7/31/23
Ep059: Closing The Gap Between What You Want To Do and What Gets Done!
In this episode, I chat with Mahnaz Sharif of Build with Boundaries - a Strategic Business Architect with mums firmly at the centre of who she helps with business strategy, productivity and time management. As mums, and female entrepreneurs in general, we often struggle to juggle life, family and business, and the gap between what we want to do and what actually gets done is often bigger than we would like. So today we chat about why that might be and what we can do to fix it including Distractions and how to avoid them How to create a clear strategy and structure on how to achieve your goals How to identify and avoid the time suck tasks that don't bring you any results Decision making and how to make decisions quickly to move forward instead of staying stuck making no results To connect with Mahnaz, visit to get access to her free Masterclass 'Closing the GAP between what you want to do and what gets DONE'  
43:58 7/17/23
Ep058: Pricing - Low Ticket vs High Ticket and Common Pricing Mistakes
In today's episode, I'll be covering the common mistakes I see female entrepreneurs making all the time regarding how they price and sell their offers. I cover the common mistakes including... ✅ Pricing based on time - e.g. day rate / hourly rates and figuring out your price based on time (service) or based on cost/profit (product) ✅ Focusing on selling the 'thing' rather than solving the problem or creating the result - and creating an offer which helps the most 'affordably' or 'quickly' rather than BEST! ✅ The belief that low ticket is easier to sell, when the stats tell us differently - people are purchasing with more INTENTION than ever before, so **value** will win over **price** every single time. ✅ Focusing on HOW to sell what you have, rather than WHAT it is you're actually selling. So if you feel like you’re struggling to price your thing, or feeling icky about putting your prices up even though your aim is to design your time out of your business, then this is the episode for you. And if you'd like more information on our new 'Simplify and Sell' Training Programme, visit
29:22 7/3/23
Ep057: Business Simplicity Secrets - Lights, Camera, Action!
In today's episode, we’ll be covering the 3 things you NEED to do to make your business simple. And for each stage, I'll be giving you a simple exercise to do to get you moving one step forward. ✅ Lights - First we need to shine a light on your business and figure out what you're doing now - where things are too complicated and what you need to do to make things simple. ✅ Camera - Next we need to get you seeing your vision for the future - what do you want from your life and business and what's the BIG vision? ✅ Action - Finally, we need to get you taking action - what are the BIG things you need to do to make it actually happen and how do you get started?  So if you feel like you’re spinning all the plates of an over complicated business, overrun with decisions and opportunities and don’t know which way to go, or feel new to business and want to skip the first few years of confusion & chaos trying to figure it all out - this is the episode for you. And if you'd like to book a quick 15-minute Business Bullet Call with me to get my eyes on your business and how you can simplify to scale, you can do that at
30:18 6/19/23
Ep056: The Power Of Dreaming BIG!
Do you struggle to dream BIG and set BIG goals? Have you set big goals before only to fail to reach them - and have therefore given up setting goals completely... ...and have now found yourself going a bit stale with your business? If you've ever felt like this, this episode is for you - and will help you understand the 5 BIG reasons why you should be dreaming BIGGER and setting yourself BIG goals, including: ✅ Because you have less competition when you step out of your comfort zone with your own unique stamp on what you offer ✅ Because falling short will still be great ✅ Because you can make so much more impact - and money - with a bigger dream ✅ Because working backwards from a big dream will make you find the 'how' quicker (and be way easier) ✅ Because knowing the detail behind your vision will mean your subconscious will help you get there Listen to the episode to hear all about these 5 things and how you can dream BIG and start to make it happen.
21:20 6/6/23
Ep055: The Motivation Formula (and some basic maths that will help you level-up!)
Do you ever feel like you've lost your motivation?  Do you log in in the morning and feel a bit lost with the direction you're taking your business? If you've ever felt like this, the chances are there is one of the following areas you need to focus on to get you back on track. Vision - how clearly do you see what you want to achieve Energy - in terms of mental and physical energy Progress - if you're not making progress, this will kill your motivation In this episode, I give you a straightforward exercise to do to score yourself in each of these areas to identify where needs your immediate action and what to do to get you back on track. And if you're an action taker ready to invest in yourself and take your business to the next level - I now offer some value-filled, action-packed Business Bullet Calls to... ✅ help you get total clarity around what's not working well in your business right now ✅ AND for me to give you one simple action (and a tonne of free resources) to get you moving forward. Just book at
24:32 5/22/23
Ep054: The 6 Phases Of Business and What You Need BEFORE You Scale
Many people don't consider the 6 phases of business and the difference between each of them. Each requires a different focus and different actions to move forward to grow and scale into a successful business. In this episode, I take you through... ✅ The 6 phases of business and help you identify where you sit and what's next for you - we start with the seed of the idea and move through how you grow & scale (which are very different stages and which need a totally different focus) before maturity and business exit strategies. ✅ I'll highlight where I find people often go wrong on the journey of growing a business, how to spot the risks and how to avoid the pitfalls of growing and scaling a business ✅ And I'll give you the 3 things every business owner needs to know BEFORE they can successfully scale a business Have a listen, then take my Free 30-min Business Growth Audit to discover the potential your business has at
23:33 5/8/23
Ep053: How My Million Pound Business Nearly Ruined My Life with Emma Hine
In todays episode, I chat with the amazing Emma Hine, a Business Strategist who got told at school she would never make anything of herself. The story she told herself because of this one comment led her through a long business journey to launch and build a million-pound e-commerce business which nearly ruined her life. In the episode, she opens up about why her mindset and her feeling around being 'successful' meant she eventually had to take time away and rebuild her business - and her life - from scratch to finally build a business she enjoyed. She chats about how the money actually meant very little in terms of her version of success - and even though she had the money she still felt like a failure. She then goes on to tell us how she turned it all around to create her new business - and how she's set it up to give her the life she REALLY wanted. If you'd like to find out the growth potential of your business, and grow a business the simple way from the start, you can take my free DIY Growth Audit right here  
34:04 4/24/23
Ep052: Mindset Hacks - Imposter Syndrome and Self-Belief
There are 2 big areas where people can find their mindset holds them back - Imposter Syndrome and lack of Self-Belief. So in this episode, I give you my famous reframe of Imposter Syndrome that has made SO much difference in so many people's lives. I also chat through how important Self-Belief is in business your business and how you can build your Self-Belief so you can get exactly what you want from your business - and your life!! And finally, I'd love to see you over in my Facebook Group - it's my favourite place to hang out -
18:20 3/29/23
Ep051: Building a Business That Will Stand The Test of Time
Building a business that lasts takes a certain skill. When you create a business, you soon realise there are lots of elements you might not like and juggling it all around to build a business you love - on every level - is tricky. Not finding a way to design out the bits you hate and design in what you love is one of the big reasons businesses fail within the first few years. In this episode, I chat through my 5 must-haves to create a business that lasts the test of time, including doing something you love and knowing your key values, creating a dream offer (for both your clients and you!), simplifying your business model, mindset, resilience & self-belief, and surrounding yourself with the right support network And if you'd like more from me, come and find me on Facebook and join our group 'More to Me...' at
33:37 3/27/23
Ep050: How to Be a Natural Entrepreneur & Build Passion Into Your Business
The show producer has not yet provided a description for this episode.
36:03 3/13/23
Ep049: Motivation - What To Do When It All Seems Impossible
In this episode, I chat about why we lose motivation and what to do about it to get ourselves making progress again.  Often when we lose motivation, we try to ignore all the negative emotions, we try to just keep going, keep ticking off the to-do-list and punish ourselves for our negative mindset, but this could actually be doing you more harm than good! So today I chat about the 3 main reasons we lose motivation and what to do if you've set some big goals, you're working hard every single day but you never seem to be getting any closer.
29:38 11/28/22
Ep.048: Taking Your Power in Health, Life and Business - with Trina Kavanagh-Thomas
In this episode, I chat with the amazing Trina Kavanagh-Thomas who talks directly to you - the one - about how you can take back the power in your health, life and business. So often, we give away our power, energy and time - and forget to keep any of that for ourselves - often because we have such a strong desire to please, nurture and serve our friends, family and clients. She talks about the cognitive mind and body connection and brings together the science and spiritual side of coaching and healing in her work - and describes the results which can be achieved when you do the work on yourself first - before anything else.
29:23 11/10/22
Ep047: The Success Trap (and my story!)
In this episode, I chat through The Success Trap and my own story of getting stuck in it - and how I got through it. So if you feel like you can't get focussed or motivated - or you just can't move forward with your business but don't really understand why, you may be stuck in The Success Trap so make sure you listen now so you can find out how to escape. I also chat about my most popular offer right now - my **VIP Strategy Day**, which you can find out more about by visiting
16:46 10/31/22
Ep046: Why Everyone Needs To Know How To Launch (even if you hate launching!)
In this episode, I chat with the amazing Rai Richardson - Launch Strategist and Marketing Mentor - from Force4Events ( - and we talk about all things launching. We also chat about why it's super important to know how to launch (even if you hate launching and never intend on doing it - or if you've tried it and don't ever want to do it again!) so you can transfer those vital skills across your business marketing and sales. And finally, she tells us how you can get your hands on her No Stress Lunch Content Checklist ( ) to help you with everything you need to know - step by step - for your launch.
23:29 10/14/22
Ep045: Your Support Network And Why It's So Important
In this episode, I chat about why life is all about who you surround yourself with. Recent research says we are the average of the 5 people we spend the most time with - in a virtual space, or a physical one! If we surround ourselves with happy, successful, wealthy, inspirational people, guess what? We become that ourselves. I also chat about some future ladies I'll be bringing to you here on the podcast, including Tashlien Nunn of LiyaLysa Coaching, Helen Bancock of Frowen Fields and Rai Richardson of Force4Events I also give you the opportunity to take my Free Growth Audit at to help you to develop a success mindset, uncover your potential and set your goals.
09:12 10/3/22
Ep044: The Biggest Sales Secret That Will Change Your View On Sales - Forever!
In this episode I chat about what most of the sales ' gurus' out there DON'T talk about - it's the secret that makes businesses either work or fail! It's not HOW you sell, it's WHAT you sell!! So how can you move your business so sales become easy? Listen now to hear me chat about... ✅ why sales is NOT all about funnels, marketing messages & sales techniques ✅ how you can move from having to scrabble around for every sale, to a business where you love the sales process and make a real impact in your industry ✅ and how you align your sales goals with your money goals to actually build a business that makes you the money you want! I also chat about my VIP Strategy Days ( where I can work with you to level up your confidence and discover the right offer for you - and give you the plan & strategy to skyrocket your business.
19:17 9/19/22
Ep043: Post Pandemic Series - Business Opportunities For You TODAY
This week on 'Mindset and Method' I'm completing my 3-part series on post-pandemic buying behaviours and what opportunities you have in your business TODAY - and how your opportunities now are different from before the pandemic. In this final part, I chat through the 3 most important things to understand about what's changed over the last couple of years and the areas where you now have the most business opportunity, including... - where and how to niche - how much money people really have, and what they're spending it on - and how and when to invest to skyrocket your business. Book a call with me right here to chat about how I can help you burst through your mindset blocks to skyrocket your business
15:00 5/16/22
Ep042: Do What You Love, Not What Makes Sense - With Gail Grace
So many people fall into jobs they end up hating. Very few wake up with energy and excitement to go to work. I'm one of the few, not because I'm lucky, but because I made it that way - and so is the amazing Gail Grace who joins me on this episode to chat about...  ✅ why people fall into jobs they hate, and what makes them stay ✅ how Gail got out of her corporate job to follow her passion, do something she loves and grow her coaching business ✅ something new and exciting we're putting together - and more information about the launch of The Ignite Business Hub for women in business in the Berkshire area.
17:18 3/25/22
Ep041: Post Pandemic Series - 2 Understanding New Buying Habits So Buyers Come To You
The show producer has not yet provided a description for this episode.
16:26 3/15/22
Ep040: Post Pandemic Series - 1. Mindset, Perspectives & Habit Shifts
So much has changed since the start of the pandemic, but how has this affected people's choices and buying habits? That's exactly what I'll be chatting about in this first part of a 3-part podcast series. In this episode I cover... - Recent research on how people form habits and how you can use this information to market and sell your products/services more effectively - The changes in behaviours mean people are more intentional about what they buy - which makes what you sell MORE desirable. - My view of how you can adapt your business to tap into new markets and new opportunities arising from these post-pandemic changing behaviours.
19:54 2/28/22