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The official podcast for Teddington Theatre Club, a non-professional theatre company based in South London.


Loot by Joe Orton
Ahead of Loot going on stage at Hampton Hill Theatre, Christine Wayman interviews the director, Nigel Cole who sets the scene for this glorious black farce from one of Britain’s finest and filthiest playwrights!Teddington Theatre Club's production of Loot takes to the stage at Hampton Hill Theatre on 7-11th December 2021.   
14:06 11/8/21
Interview with Lily Bevan, author of Zoo and Seven Monologues
TTC's Artistic Director, Lottie Walker talks to playwright and actor, Lily Bevan about our forthcoming production of her play Zoo and Seven Monologues which will be on stage at Hampton Hill Theatre from 6th -10th July 2021.  If you would like to book tickets, go to
14:35 6/29/21
Twisted Christmas - The Shadow
Written by E Nesbit and ready by Sally HalseyThree girls are told a late-night tale of evil, the tragic ending of which hits too close to home. 
34:15 1/1/21
Twisted Christmas - The Shell of Sense
Written by Olivia Howard Dunbar and read by Heather StockwellFrances has just passed away, but she can't pass over - not quite yet. The story of three people, two living and one supernatural, who are involved in an unusual romantic triangle!
28:08 12/31/20
Twisted Christmas - The Real Right Thing
Written by Henry James ready by Danny Wain A widow of a famous author commissions her husband’s friend Withermore, to write his biography. She gives the friend free access to all of her husband’s papers and invites him to use his study to write in, but after some strange occurrences, he fears that the dead author might not wish to have his life exposed. 
42:59 12/30/20
Twisted Christmas - The Lost Ghost
Written by Mary E Wilkins and ready by Becky Tarry.This chilling tale follows a family that decides to rent a house already known to be haunted. What could possibly go wrong?!
47:15 12/29/20
Twisted Christmas - The Raven
Written by Edgar Allan Poe and read by Shana De CarsignacThis is a classic in gothic literature – a tale about a grieving widower tormented by a raven. At midnight, the man hears a tapping on his door - attempting to ignore it, the unidentified source of the unwelcome noise continues to distract him.
10:49 12/28/20
Twisted Christmas - The Cold Embrace
Written by Mary Elizabeth Braddon and read by Lydia KennardLovers part and vow to remain faithful, but the romance is shattered by one of them who breaks the promise  - and a heart with chilling consequences. 
23:57 12/27/20
Twisted Christmas - The Signal Man
Written by Charles Dickens read by Andy Smith A macabre tale of the narrator who meets a railway signalman who is plagued by paranormal occurrences - he tells of an apparition that has been haunting him.
36:00 12/26/20
Stories from the Prop Fairies!
We talk to Vicky Horder and Jacqui Grebot about the challenges of curating theatre props on a budget.  Learn about their hoarding skills, charity shop scouring and the art of crafting.
10:01 12/23/20
Creating a play that blends rich verse with physical drama
This episode we speak to some of the creatives behind Pink Mist by Owen Sheers. We speak to  Co- Directors, Nigel Cole and Gita Singham-Willis together with Mike Elgey (Lighting) and Harry Jacobs (Sound) on the unique challenges of putting on this production and how this amazing piece came together.
14:16 12/16/20
What does is take to be a theatre Production Manager?
We ask TTC members; Linda Hansell, Steve Wayman and Lottie Walker that very question! All three have worked on several TTC productions at Hampton Hill Theatre, so they have plenty of insight to share.
17:47 12/9/20
Twisted Christmas on Audiotorium!
Seven ghostly tales to curdle your Egg Nog!
00:30 11/12/20
13 Frights of Halloween - The Old Nurse's Story
Written by Elizabeth Gaskell and ready by Dorothy DuffyA seventeen-year-old girl is charged with the care of a young toddler, following the death of the child’s parents. The two are tearfully whisked away to a mysterious mansion where the supernatural reigns with abandon. An eerie short story, with all the ingredients of the perfect gothic tale: an old manor, dark secrets, brooding weather and ghostly goings-on. 
63:28 10/31/20
13 Frights of Halloween - Lost Hearts
Written by M R James and read by Steve TaylorA young orphan, called Stephen arrives at Aswarby Hall, the country estate of his elderly uncle, Mr Abney. His uncle is known to have previously taken in other disadvantaged children, but they never stayed for long. A few months after his arrival, Stephen begins to experience some inexplicable and disturbing events, did the other children leave, or did something more sinister happen to them?
27:57 10/30/20
13 Frights of Halloween - The Violet Car
Written by E. Nesbit and read by Mia Skytte-JensenA deliciously creepy story about a nurse who is summoned to a farm to help with an usual case, and finds a couple slowly going mad. The Violet Car comes from the author of The Railway Children, but this is definitely one for grown ups only! 
39:19 10/29/20
13 Frights of Halloween - The Crossroads
Written by Amy Lowell and read by Heather MathewIn this chilling poem, picture a crossroads, a stake and roadside burial. There will be no peace or rest for the living or dead while the stake is there.  
12:48 10/28/20
13 Frights of Halloween - The Tell Tale Heart
Written by Edgar Allan Poe and read by Harry MedawarAfter committing unprovoked violence, the narrator is tormented by the sound of his victim’s beating heart. What will it do to his conscience and where will it lead him next?Expect insanity, paranoia and psychological contradictions in this classic horror story.
14:58 10/27/20
13 Frights of Halloween - The Robber Bridegroom
Written by Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm and read by Zoe Harvey-LeeA miller's daughter is betrothed to a suitor chosen by her father. The daughter has a bad feeling about this man and when she is finally forced to visit him at home, she learns the terrible truth about her future husband!
10:48 10/26/20
13 Frights of Halloween - August Heat
Written by William Fryer Harvey and read by Luke DaxonTwo men, unknown to each other, whose glimpses of the other's possible future suggest that one of them will be murdered and the other will be the murderer.This ghostly tale has an atmosphere of danger, of an accident waiting to happen – it could leave you with many unanswered questions… 
13:41 10/25/20
13 Frights of Halloween - The Interval
The Interval written Vincent O’Sullivan and read by Cath MessumMrs Wilton has been making the rounds of psychics trying to contact her deceased husband. It is 1919 in England and like a lot of women, she is newly widowed from the Great War. This is a sad tale of grief and loss and more subtly, about the human cost of war.
17:03 10/24/20
13 Frights of Halloween - The Open Window
Written by H.H Munro and read by Sian WaltersA young man, suffering from a nervous condition, introduces himself at a neighbour’s country house. He is welcomed with a story of family horror that chills his soul.
08:41 10/23/20
13 Frights of Halloween - The Black Cat
Written by Edgar Allan Poe and read by Nigel Cole.Animal lovers beware, this is by no means a fluffy tale and comes with a 'Drinkaware' warning! Pluto, the black cat, was the narrator’s best friend and they did everything together – until alcohol addiction puts a wrench in their friendship. Listen in horror as the narrator declines from good to evil – urbane to insane.
25:51 10/22/20
13 Frights of Halloween - A 1001 Nights
A Thousand and One Nights by Caroline Ross - read by the author.A Sultan is spellbound by the voice of a young girl and so he takes her as his bride.  At his palace she sings for him every night and Princes come from far and wide to hear her nightingale-like voice. At first the girl amuses the Sultan, but as the days pass he demands more and more, but she has nothing left to give him - for this she is cruelly punished.
15:38 10/21/20
13 Frights of Halloween - The Pit and the Pendulum
Written by Edgar Allan Poe and read by Dave BrickwoodAn unnamed narrator is brought to trial before sinister judges of the Spanish Inquisition. In front of him are seven tall white candles on a table, and, as they burn down, his hopes of survival also diminish.  Poe’s classic tale, journeys deep into unbearable horror and mental torture.
45:16 10/20/20
13 Frights of Halloween - The Girl without Hands
Written Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm and read by Lara Parker A miller makes a deal with a stranger to gain great wealth. Poor fool. What he doesn’t realise, is that he’s unwittingly sold his daughter to the Devil. 
14:47 10/19/20
Cinderella in Paris! Setting a Pantomime out of context
Teddington Theatre Club is thrilled to be starting on its journey into the wonderful world of podcasting, and what we can't think of a better way to start than with some musings around that very British theatre tradition - the panto!In this episode we take at look at the classic pantomime, Cinderella and the inspiration behind setting it out of context in Paris to give it that je ne sais quoi!
14:53 10/14/20

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