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Shield your trademark - Peter Hlavnicka and Anthony Keats
Those closest to you are the ones capable of causing more significant harm. So for our last episode of the season, we talked with Peter Hlavnicka and Anthony Keats about trademark protection and their books: “Protecting the Brand: Counterfeiting and Grey Markets” and “Protecting the Brand: Busting the Bootlegs.”
66:14 08/30/2022
Designing your protection - Margaret Polson
The look and feel have great value in the market. Margaret Polson shares with us how aesthetic appearance can find protection under a design patent.
39:38 08/23/2022
Coverage for accidental IP infringement - Patrick R. Goold
An action can cause an unwanted or unforeseen consequence. If we did not intent intellectual property infringement, shouldn't we find a way to protect ourselves against such missteps? Patrick R. Goold recounts his book “IP Accidents: Negligence Liability in Intellectual Property”.
35:05 08/16/2022
Against progress - Jessica Silbey
Give me your creations, inventions and innovations, and I will give you back exclusive rights for the greater good of humanity is the general promise of the intellectual property system. Our guest Jessica Silbey details if IP is keeping its promise while explaining how to guide the conversation toward the needed change.
34:48 08/09/2022
Trademark yourself - Shondra Cheris
Put your registration where your mark is! Shondra Cheris gives us a practical guide to trademark registration.  
28:13 08/02/2022
Fruits of one's labor, the capitalization of intangible assets - Andrew J. Sherman
The story of Intellectual Property does not end with registration or protection, it merely begins! Discover with Andrew J. Sherman the many ways to harvest intangible assets. 
43:03 07/26/2022
In the name of science? Copyright vs. Open Access - Professor John Willinsky
Can Open Access be the answer to hinder widespread misinformation? What role does Copyright play? Professor John Willinsky talks about the changes needed in the US Copyright Law and his book “Copyright's Broken Promise: How to Restore the Laws Ability to Promote the Progress of Science”. 
37:46 07/19/2022
Brainy undertaking, neuroscience reshaping Intellectual Property - Professor Mark Bartholomew
The first episode of the third season brings a new type of discussion. We will connect neuroscience with Intellectual Property while discussing Professor Mark Bartholomew's book "Intellectual Property and the Brain: How Neuroscience Will Reshape Legal Protection for Creations of the Mind".
41:39 07/12/2022
Who Invented Oscar Wilde? Copyright and Photography - David Newhoff
On the last episode of our second season, we have the joyful pleasure of interviewing David Newhoff to talk about his book "Who Invented Oscar Wilde?: The Photograph at the Center of Modern American Copyright". 
37:53 06/15/2021
"Implied Licences in Copyright Law" - Poorna Mysoor
In many ways, our conduct can dictate the level of protection and exclusivity of our copyrightable content. Poorna Mysoor teaches us how certain actions and circumstances can imply authorization to use our works. Discover this fascinating research in her new book  "Implied Licences in Copyright Law".
70:33 06/08/2021
Freelancing with value - Chris Brown
The Pixel Lawyer, Chris Brown, shares his journey as a lawyer and experiences handling copyright and trademark cases. Chris is a part-time virtual startup lawyer, full-time entrepreneur. His law firm Pixel Law provides a fresh and novel approach with tools such as downloadable contract templates.
29:12 06/01/2021
Link to the soil: Dr. Andrea Zappalaglio - EU Geographical Indications
Where a product is made can serve as an identifier, quality assurance, and special characteristics trace. Dr. Andrea Zappalaglio steers through his new book "The Transformation of EU Geographical Indications Law: The Present, Past and Future of the Origin Link (Routledge Research in Intellectual Property).
37:37 05/25/2021
Unique identifiers: Rodolfo C. Rivas – Trademarks and Internet Domain Names
Who prevails when a person registers a trademark, and another registers an identical or similar Internet domain name? Well, it usually depends on three factors. Rodolfo C. Rivas, an international lawyer and experienced arbitrator on these legal conflicts, uncovers every important angle of this pointy issue. 
34:17 05/18/2021
Copyright and Creativity in the 21st Century: Michelle Bogre & Nancy Wolff
From fictional characters, social media use, memes, sampling to photos taken by drones. Michelle Bogre and Nancy Wolff give us highlights of their book "The Routledge Companion to Copyright and Creativity in the 21st Century" while steering over the hottest topics on copyright.  
47:43 05/11/2021
Billion Dollar Patents: Joanna T. Brougher
A triumphant invention needs more than just a patent. It requires a vigilant eye and a clear path to achieve success. Joanna T. Brougher shows us the way talking about her book "Billion Dollar Patents: Strategies for Finding Opportunities, Generating Value, and Protecting Your Inventions." 
31:18 05/04/2021
Intellectual Property, Design Innovation and Entrepreneurship: Matthias Hillner
Matthias Hillner shares his excellent knowledge of design innovation with us and how Intellectual Property plays a crucial role in protecting those endeavors. Matthias is the author of the book  “Intellectual Property, Design Innovation, and Entrepreneurship”. He holds a Ph.D. in Design Intellectual Property and Innovation Management, a Master of Arts, and an MPhil from the Royal College of Art, London, UK.
47:06 04/27/2021
Intellectual Property empowering sports, entertainment & entrepreneurship: Ellakisha O’Kelley
Ellakisha O’Kelley expresses power in every word. She guides us through her book “Code v. Code: The Street Code Versus The Legal Code - Rethinking Your Business Transactions: An Empowerment Guide for Athletes, Entertainers, and Entrepreneurs”.  If you are aspiring to achieve greatness, you cannot miss her forceful message. 
22:27 04/20/2021
Patent strategy for entrepreneurs: Curtis Droege
A severe injury took him from farming to the path of engineering and inventions. Curtis Droege enriches our podcast with his experiences and knowledge as a patent agent and through his book “Patent Strategy For Entrepreneurs.” 
71:10 04/13/2021
Disruptive Innovation & Copyright: Margery Hilko
Margery Hilko takes us on a journey from the printing press, radio, personal computers, the Internet, and Artificial Intelligence. We immerse ourselves in her book "Disrupting Copyright: How Disruptive Innovations and Social Norms are Challenging Intellectual Property Law." 
27:36 04/06/2021
Achieving food security with new plant varieties: Peter Button - UPOV
We kick-off the new season by talking with Peter Button, Vice Secretary-General of the International Union for the Protection of New Varieties of Plants (UPOV). We discuss food security, climate change, and the crucial role of protecting new plant varieties. 
28:52 03/30/2021
Designer: Davide Radaelli – Industrial Design
We discuss industrial design with Davide Radaelli, designer, entrepreneur, and university lecturer. Davide Radaelli Design Studio, based in Milano (Italy), provides a multidisciplinary design and communication consultancy for international brands in the fields of product design, exhibit and interior design, graphic design, and art direction. Some works of ours have been published by international press and exhibited in design shows all around the world. Davide has also been member of several international design competitions.Davide Radaelli is owner and creative director of the Italian stationery brand Writeground, established in 2016 with the purpose of developing high-end products dedicated to drawing and writing. Beside being a designer and an entrepeneur, Davide Radaelli has worked as set designer for commercials and movies and he is also a lecturer in some design schools (Politecnico di Milano, poli.Design, Istituto Marangoni).
08:18 12/29/2020
Plant Variety & Seed Certification: Professors Kamalesh Adhikari and David J. Jefferson – Intellectual Property
We have the joy of two guests to talk about plant variety and seed certification, Kamalesh Adhikari, Ph.D., and David J. Jefferson, JD, Ph.D. They are the editors of the book "Intellectual Property Law and Plant Protection: Challenges and Developments in Asia," and Research Fellows with the ARC Industrial Transformation Training Centre for Uniquely Australian Foods and Members of the ARC Laureate Project ‘Harnessing the Potential of Intellectual Property to Build Food Security’ at the School of Law, The University of Queensland, Australia. 
30:20 12/22/2020
Biopolitics and Intellectual Property: Gordon Hull – Philosophy
We will go beyond what the intellectual property laws establish by navigating in the book “The Biopolitics of Intellectual Property: Regulation Innovation and Personhood in the Information Age” with his author Gordon Hull the Director of the Center for Professional and Applied Ethics, Prof. Philosophy and Public Policy, and Affiliate Faculty, School of Data Science at UNC Charlotte. 
31:00 12/15/2020
Copyright, Creativity, Big Media and Cultural Value: Incorporating the Author: Kathy Bowrey
We talk about the author’s rights and the new book “Copyright, Creativity, Big Media, and Cultural Value: Incorporating the Author” by Kathy Bowrey. Kathy is a legal historian, socio-legal researcher, and Professor in the Faculty of Law, UNSW (the University of New South Wales), Sydney, Australia.
14:23 12/08/2020
Artist Martin Calvino – Creating with AI
We talk with Martin Calvino, a multimedia artist and scientist that integrates arts with genomics, machine learning, and tango culture. If you would like to learn more about the transformations to intellectual property, I invite you to read my essay, which received the First Prize in the Essay Competition of the AIPPI - International Association for the Protection of Intellectual Property, titled "Boosted by the Pandemic: Intellectual Property as a Collaboration Tool" available on the AIPPI website at
20:54 12/01/2020
The Reasonable Robot: Ryan Abbott – Artificial Intelligence and Intellectual Property
We talk about artificial intelligence and intellectual property with Ryan Abbott, a university professor, researcher, licensed physician, patent attorney, and author of "The Reasonable Robot: Artificial Intelligence and the Law". 
10:06 11/24/2020
Ingenious Inventor: Ruth Amos – Patent
We talk about novelty in a patent with Ruth Amos, an inventor, entrepreneur, edutuber, managing director of Stairsteady, and the recipient of the 2006 Young Engineer for Britain.
10:02 11/17/2020
Internationally renowned designer and director: Zoa Martinez – Trademark
We talk about trademark with the internationally renowned designer and director Zoa Martinez. She is the recipient of over 150 international design and marketing awards, including Emmys, Promax/BDA, Tellys, Clio, Graphic Design USA, and the New York Film Festival, and more.
13:32 11/10/2020
Producer, Director and Writer: Jay Silverman – Copyright
We talk about Copyright for Filmmaking with Producer, Director, and Writer Jay Silverman. He is known for Girl on the Edge (2015), Off the Menu (2018), and his latest film, Saving Paradise (2020). 
35:09 11/03/2020
Self-published author: Ashley Peake Wellman – Copyright
We talk about Copyright with Ashley Peake Wellman the author of “The Girl Who Dances With Skeletons: My Friend Fresno". 
27:00 10/27/2020