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Artist Solace is a place where we can meet to listen and learn about the journey of an Artist. My job here is to orchestrate discussions and interviews with artists I find particularly interesting. We will learn about what they find meaningful to pursue in their lives regarding their Art and struggles they experience doing so. While learning about about these artists journeys, we can find inspiration, support, comfort, and-most importantly-solace. I hope you are interested in coming and that you will ride along with me during my journey exploring this place.


Artist Solace - Dan Stanley Interview
On this episode, I sit down with Indianapolis artist Dan Stanley. Recorded at the Indianapolis Museum of Art Cafe, we talk about his background, interests, and current work. We learn about his obsession with music (which he calls "audiophilia"), experience in the military, experience in art school, and why he chose to pursue an electronics degree. And best of all, we find out what inspires his art! Come and listen as I try to dissect his brain to figure out what motivates and inspires him!  
116:04 12/8/20
Artist Solace - Gloria Renollet Interview
Today I sit down with my friend Gloria Renollet! After getting to know Gloria over the years, I find her to be particularly inspiring. We discuss her experience giving a TEDx talk, power posing, how genes change as a result of experience, and her research in the Middle East! (You also get a chance to hear me totally butcher the explanation of gene expression. You're welcome.) Come and listen while I poke and prod at her brain to learn what is driving her decisions in life and see how they all connect!
70:31 3/17/20
Artist Solace - Justin Vining Interview
This week’s episode features the impressive Indianapolis painter Justin Vining! He primarily paints in Plein Air and earns a full-time income doing so. I attribute his success to is his flat-out addiction to painting, conscientious personality, and intelligence! With an incredible resume and obvious success, I wanted to really dig into his personality to understand what motivates and inspires him. I hope you can listen, find out more about his story, and extract some inspiration!
81:18 3/10/20
Artist Solace - Triad Conversation: Cory Sites, Danny Gyure, and Jade Haggard
Welcome to Season 2! Joining me in the Lab today are 2 of my favorite dudes, Cory Sites and Danny Gyure on this episode called Triad Conversation. Cory is a musician, Danny is writer, and I am a visual artist. Together we form a Triad of Creativity and will be talking about the creative process from our different perspectives. We address questions like, “What do we love about our subject, do we work well under pressure, and how are we inspired?” I hope you stick around a listen to what's in store during this episode! 
143:46 3/3/20
Artist Solace - Dan Cooper Interview
I close the season out this week with Dan Cooper of Indianapolis, Indiana. Dan is a visual artist, photographer, entrepreneur, teacher, scientist, among other things! We talk about the history of the Indianapolis Art Scene, his interests and experience in Religion, Science, Mental Health, Sports, Travel, and Leadership. This dude has a ton of experience with various things and is a really interesting guy.  I hope you stay tuned to find out more about his life and what important advice he has for artists. You can find out more about him online at Enjoy!
115:48 11/5/19
Artist Solace - JD Bills Interview
JD Bills is a visual artist living in Indianapolis, Indiana. This year, he quit his corporate job to pursue Art full-time! During our conversation, we talk about what influenced his decision to quit his job and how it has been going so far. Come and listen and extract some inspiration while listening to JD's amazing story! You can find his work online at and on Instagram as indyartwiz. Enjoy!  
87:28 10/15/19
Artist Solace - Becky Archibald Interview
Becky Archibald is an award-winning pianist, recording artist, composer, and educator.  We learn about her amazing journey and what inspires her along the way. I hope you can extract some inspiration, insight, and advice while listening to her story. Her website showcases some of her impressive experience and musical talent. Enjoy! 
79:41 10/8/19
Artist Solace - Mark Kesling Interview
Mark Kesling is the Founder and CEO of The daVinci Pursuit, a non-profit organization based in Indianapolis, Indiana. Mark describes The daVinci Pursuit as "a museum without walls", which aims to bridge the fields of Art and Science and bring exhibitions into the community. Listen and learn about his fascinating background and underlying influences regarding this project! Enjoy!
87:28 10/1/19
Artist Solace - Jen Edds Interview
Jen Edds of Indianapolis, Indiana is a full-time podcaster, podcasting editor and consultant for local business owners, and musician (among other things)! We learn about how she got involved with music, why she moved to Indianapolis, and how she started her podcasting career! She has an interesting story and some great inspiration and advice for us. 
78:30 9/17/19
Artist Solace - Sam Anderson Interview
Sam Anderson is a professional trombonist currently attending Yale University where he earned a scholarship to obtain his Master's Degree in Trombone Performance.  We learn about his life as a musician, how he came upon the opportunity to attend Yale, and what important advice he can give to artists. Enjoy!
74:16 9/10/19
Artist Solace - Sebastian Mykal Gustave Richey Interview
A drummer of multiple bands, Sebastian Mykal Gustave Richey (Yes, all of those words are included in his name) is from Illinois but currently lives in Camby, Indiana. Although not touring much this year, Sebastian has quite a bit of experience touring the United States with a band called Plans and also works with other bands such as Summer Bruise and Have Mercy. We learn about his experience touring across the US, how he got interested in music, and how he has maintained music in his life up until now.   
76:08 9/3/19
Artist Solace - Brent Terhune Interview
Comedian Brent Terhune joins me in the Lab to discuss his life of comedy! From Indianapolis, Brent describes himself as an OG and got started with comedy at the age of 18, and currently performs stand-up full time. (By the way, OG stands for “Original Ginger.”) He has education and experience in radio and is now making videos on YouTube! He is also a writer and frequent guest on the Bob & Tom show. We discuss complex issues regarding politics, satire, and government hypocrisy, much of which inspires his YouTube videos. Although his videos have satirical underpinnings, Brent describes himself and his comedy as “likeable”. We also talk about what it means to be successful for artists, what he does to get through tough times, and the importance of finding humor in the tragedy of life.   
64:08 8/20/19
Artist Solace - Guy Zimmer Interview
Joining me in the Laboratory is Mr. Guy Zimmer to talk about his life of photography. Guy lives in Indianapolis, Indiana with his wife and two daughters but is originally from Vietnam. We learn about how he got interested in photography and how his experience in Vietnam influences his photography. Truly profound! Enjoy!
74:29 8/13/19
Artist Solace - Leah Whitmire Interview
Leah Whitmire is a full time Music Therapist, working primarily in hospice facilities. We learn about her life as a musician and profound experiences of her Music Therapy Career. We also question the social and cultural aspects of music and why playing music isn't apart of most peoples' lives. This is truly an inspiring episode!
81:57 8/6/19
Artist Solace - July 2019 Outtakes and Bloopers
Here are a few outtakes and bloopers from this month's episodes featuring Jeff Bodart, Heather Fidler, and Constance Scopelitis!  Basically, things that interrupt the recordings or funny conversations that occur during soundchecks, which get edited out of the final recording, are included in this episode. Enjoy!
07:41 7/31/19
Artist Solace - Constance Edwards Scopelitis
Constance Edwards Scopelitis is a visual artist from Indianapolis, Indiana.  She still currently resides in Indianapolis, creating brilliant Art, exhibiting, and traveling throughout the United States full-time. Learn about her brilliant new work called "Digital Media Art" and how it marks a point in the evolution of Art. Constance gives us great insight on the business of Art, tips to gain success, and how her childhood influenced her personality and Art career.  We learn about how culture influences art and how her art represents aspects of modern culture. She is a prime example of a successful artist and therefore I hold her advice and insight in high regard. You can find her on Instagram as @constanceart or Facebook as Constance Edwards Scopelitis. Her websites are: OR  Enjoy!
88:25 7/16/19
Artist Solace - Heather Fidler Interview
Heather is a visual artist from and currently in Indianapolis, Indiana.  She creates incredible Mandalas!  We learn about what sparked her interest in Mandalas and how she started generating business early on by selling them.  Find out her process involved in creating these fascinating pieces of work and their relevance in different cultures, religions, and scientific phenomena.  I am a huge fan of them!  I hope you enjoy our conversation and extract the enthusiasm and passion Heather gives us while talking about her work.  She gives us a great overview of her life and the development of her work overtime.  You can find her on Instagram as @featherfidler, her website:, or Facebook as Heather Fidler (artist).
78:45 7/9/19
Artist Solace - Jeff Bodart Interview
Jeff Bodart is a full-time comedian, writes for the Bob & Tom Show, actor in T.V. and commercials, has two comedy albums, and has experience winning the lottery.  We also learn about his life as a wandsmith (Yes, wands. Look up "Tarbo Wands".) and his passion for drawing. He has a lot of layers!  Thanks, Jeff, for the inspiration and insight of your multi-faceted life.  You can find him on Facebook as Jeff Bodart, Instagram as @jbodart, and on his website to learn more about him.  Enjoy!
68:56 7/2/19
Artist Solace - Danny Gyure Interview
Danny is a writer living in Greenfield, Indiana.  He also works full-time as Director of Event Technology for Markey’s Rental and Staging here in Indianapolis.  We learn about what he is currently doing to pursue his writing career and how he became interested in storytelling. He gives us interesting insight into his perception of epiphanies, mindfulness, and the importance of taking on more responsibility in order to find meaning in life. 
76:27 6/11/19
Artist Solace - Missy Waaland "Welcome to Missyland!"
Missy currently resides in Indianapolis, Indiana and is pursuing a career in Acting. She attended the American Aacdemy of Dramatica Arts in New York, has experience in Theatre Production, commercials, short films, and theatrical performances. Missy describes her current situation as “brushing up on what she learned in college”, which she is achieving by taking acting classes, vocal classes, and Alexander Technique courses. Please join me while we learn about her unique perspective on life, creativity, and the "V" word...
68:10 6/4/19
Artist Solace - Matt Holt Interview
This is episode 3 of Artist Solace: An Interview with Matt Holt. Matt works currently as a full-time comedian, traveling around the United States, performing in different cities 47 week of the year.  He has released two comedy albums and two one man shows.  Now living in Frankfurt, Kentucky, Matt is also the cofounder and producer of On Tour Comedy Podcast Network.  You can find him on Facebook as Matt Holt and Instagram as holtcomedy.  Visit his website at: where you will have access to more information about him, upcoming tour dates, and a few videos of his live stand-up.
67:53 5/21/19
Artist Solace - Cory Sites Interview
Cory Sites is an Indianapolis, Indiana native and is currently pursuing his Bachelor's Degree in Music Therapy.  He also performs solo-acoustic music throughout the city.  I had the pleasure of attending one of his live performances recently and, I must say, he is talented with a unique sound and style.  Cory also works full-time as an AV Technician and is also the father of 1-year-old twin boys.  He juggling a lot of responsibilities right now, which makes him admirable and inspiring as an Artist.  You can find his music on Soundcloud, ReverbNation, and Facebook.  Go online and search Cory Sites Music and there you will find a list of links which allow you to access him and his music.  
85:36 5/14/19
Artist Solace - Will Woodrow Shootin' from the Hip
Will is an Indianapolis, Indiana native and is currently pursuing a full-time career in the Arts. More primarily, he is focusing on his new band, Starve The Beast, who made their debut live performance in March of 2019, here in Indianapolis. Will describes the unique sound of the new band as a mixture of my upbringing and my first love of hip-hop groove and beats, combined with my later love of industrial rock. You can find him on Facebook and Instagram as Will Woodrow. You can check out Starve The Beast at  There, you have access to samples of some of the band's music and a live video of the song Puzzle, which was recorded during their debut performance. Upcoming tour dates are also available on their website as well as a short biography of the band and description of their sound.
40:05 5/7/19
Artist Solace - Introduction Episode
I, Jade Haggard, present to you Artist Solace.  Here is my introduction episode explaining what we will be doing here at Artist Solace and what we have in store for you on the next two episodes.
04:07 3/7/19