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Legendary Marriage: Don't Settle for an Ordinary Marriage

If you feel more like roommates than soulmates, then it’s time for the Legendary Marriage Podcast, with hosts Danielle and Justin Williams! For more than 10 years Danielle and Justin have been helping couples build legendary marriages. Every couple wants to have a legendary marriage, but the trials and challenges of life can pull us in different directions. Creating more intimacy and connection, passion, fun and adventure together starts with having more conversations that matter. That’s why each episode brings you candid conversations about the issues and topics that impact your marriage and family, including the importance of communication, sex, money, conflict, romance, parenting, faith, careers, health and fitness, and your legacy together. Episodes release weekly, and typically run 45-60 minutes, featuring incredible experts, and amazing couples who share their stories, and wisdom, in a no-holds-barred, fun, and authentic conversational format. And, at the end of every episode, we challenge you to find a time with your spouse to build more intimacy and connection, by having conversations that matter. The Legendary Marriage Podcast is available wherever podcasts are found, including Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Google Play, Audible, Stitcher, Amazon Music, and more. So listen and subscribe on your favorite platform, and get a weekly dose of inspiration and encouragement to help you build a life, a love, and a legacy together. Don't settle for an ordinary marriage, make yours LEGENDARY! Get started by going to


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