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Having overcome the odds stacked against me to escape a doomsday cult as a child, and starting a million dollar business, I interview entrepreneurs who have overcome immense adversity to now live a life of ultimate fulfillment!


Healing Through Music With Tim Ringgold
Tim Ringgold is a board certified music therapist, columnist, author, host of the  Reduce Your Stress podcast and the Stress Elimination Summit. He has  provided music therapy to thousands of teens and adults to help them lower  anxiety and reduce pain. Tim is also an award winning international speaker,  having shared the stage with some of the top minds on music, the brain, and  personal development, including Tony Robbins. Tim was the first person to  give a TEDx talk on music therapy in 2012. Tim is also a former Regional  President of the American Music Therapy Association. FB:
39:37 06/01/2021
High Networth Networking with Ungenita Prevost
Award Winning Feminine Leadership Expert, Strategic Advisor + Global Business Connector. She was “aged out” of the foster care system at 18 years old, defied the odds and became a success instead of a STATISTIC!
32:07 05/25/2021
Outward Success Is an Inside Job With Bobby Albert
Bobby Albert led the Albert Companies to unprecedented growth—and he did so during one of the most challenging economic periods of our lifetime. His unique leadership, coupled with an unending desire to learn, enabled this CEO and his team to grow revenues and profits by 500 percent between 2005 and 2011, the year he sold his business to a publicly traded company.•Using avalues-drivenapproach, Bobby created a unique and special workplace culture. The Best 100 Companies to Work for in Texas awarded their coveted designation to the Albert team for the first two years they applied for consideration. A life-long entrepreneur, Bobby has started up twelve different businesses and acquired nine others. His approach to business has been to value people, seek wisdom, embrace humility, and never stop learning.•He is currently president of Values-Driven Leadership, LLC. His passion is to help other leaders build inspiring workplace cultures through values-driven leadership. Bobby writes, speaks, coaches, and consults with key leaders to share the principles and practices he used to grow his company from five employees to an organization of more than 150 team members.•As a regular contributor on Fox News Radio, Bobby shared his insight on leadership, workplace culture, and employee engagement.•Bobby’s first book, Principled Profits -Outward Success Is an Inside Job, reveals the time-tested principles that enabled his success.•Bobby’s second book, True North Business, is a leader’s guide to extraordinary growth and impact.•Bobby’s third book, The Freedom Paradox, cuts through the haze of hatred and polarizing politics of our time and offers a timely solution to reunite our fragmented nation.•A cycling enthusiast, Bobby has logged over 100,000 miles on his road bike. He and his wife, Susan live in north Texas and have three married sons and eight grandchildren.jumpfirstacademy.org
30:02 05/18/2021
Employee to Entrepreneur: Turning Adversity & Passion Into Freedom With Dr. Sonia Murrey
Dr. Sonia is an expert on Mentorship, course development, and classroom instruction. Both her professional and personal endeavors shine a bright light on the need for alternative mentorship programs that promote individuality and creativity.As Founder of Jump First and a College Professor, Dr. Sonia has the rare ability to electrify her audiences with original and creative ideas along with her undeniable wit.She is committed to helping her students find their purposes, passions, and voices through unique pathways that encourage and empower others to embrace their diversity ultimately leading to individuals becoming the best version of themselves and doing their best work while building lasting legacies and creating wealth for generations to come.https://jumpfirstacademy.orgIG/FB: jumpfirstorg
30:29 05/12/2021
How to Monetize Any Stage With Blair Nichols
After beginning his career representing hundreds of authors from Top 6 publishers, Blair Bryant Nichols moved into the management of founders, entrepreneurs, executives, authors, and celebrities with various work streams, projects, and personal interests, acting as a Chief of Staff, manager, or agent. He has a deep expertise in developing speakers for corporate events, conferences, and other thought leadership opportunities, including internal and external communications. As a manager, coach and consultant he enjoys helping diverse individuals and/or socially-driven companies foster new strategies for operations, communications, business development and partnerships across all appropriate areas to further develop and enhance their bottom line and brand. Blair is the Co-Host of Inside the Greenroom Podcast, a behind the scenes look at the ever changing landscape of live events and the speaking business. He earned his M.B.A from UCLA-Anderson with a specialization in Entertainment Management and a B.A. Magna Cum Laude in Literature with minors in Communications and Gender Studies from American University. He is also a graduate of the Columbia Publishing Course, a summer course at Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism. When he’s not buried in emails or Zoom meetings, he enjoys traveling to new and distant places, reading, creating, and spending time at home in West Hollywood with friends, his partner Gray, and their black pug,
24:15 04/15/2021
Sales Jiu-Jitsu: The 4 Secret Black Belt Steps to Increase Your Conversion Rates With Daniel Moskowitz & Elliott Bayev
Elliott Bayev and Daniel Moskowitz take a combined 50 years experience in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and building 8-figure sales teams and bottle it up inside a powerful new International Bestselling book: Sales Jiu-Jitsu – The Secret Black Belt System for Champion
47:43 04/13/2021
What is success with Derek Irick
Derek was adopted from China at the age of 12, graduated from Colorado Mesa University with 4 degrees and 3.86 GPA. Was recently voted the #1 real eatate agent in the best of the west magzine and was nominated by ghe Grand Junction Area Realtors Association.Facebook: derekirickrealestateInstagram: derekirick derekirickrealestateGoogle business : derekirickrealestate
13:18 04/08/2021
Trusting in the Power of the Human Spirit to THRIVE! with Denise Smith
Denise has been in the hospitality industry for 25 years, most recently as the Director of Sales and Marketing for a large local catering company. After riding the COVID wave for a couple of months, the pandemic ultimately proved that it was going to last longer than her position. She was laid off at the end of May and was faced with, what's next? She quickly shifted and obtained her Real Estate Broker License at the beginning of August. Denise has been following this market for years, as real estate has always been a hobby and passion of hers. Leaning on her 25 years of living in Denver and being in the “people business”, sales and management, she knows that the key to success is all about relationship building and understanding the product that you are selling, which luckily, came second nature to her. Denise loves working with first time home buyers, she finds educating and assisting them through the process extremely rewarding. She closed her first deal mid-December and already has her next clients out looking for their dream house. Denise loves the house hunt, negotiating the deal and ultimately delivering a successful transaction for her clients. You can find Denise @DeniseSmithcorealestate, she would love to chat with you and is open to exploring the best way to increase your wealth through real estate.Insta: @DeniseSmithCoRealEstateFB:
15:58 04/06/2021
3 themes to unlock perspective and do the best work of your life with George Brooks
George Brooks is strategist, podcast host, and the founder of Crema, a digital product agency. Since starting his company from a hospital room 13 years ago, George has crafted innovative teams that use creativity, technology and culture to help individuals and organizations thrive. George's clients have gone from ideation to successful exits, IPO, or large scale organizational change. His unique focus on the postures, disciplines, and structures of innovation teams helps attract, retain, and develop talent that produce results no one thought possible.http://Geeorge-brooks.comhttp://Crema.us
22:42 04/01/2021
Design The Life You Want With Ryan Spence
Ryan Spence is a yoga teacher, personal development coach and podcaster. Ryan credits yoga with changing his mindset and his life and through sharing his experience, Ryan helps stressed-out, time-poor lawyers and corporate executives think big, challenge expectations and embrace the unknown so that they can design the life they want instead of the life that others say they should want Ryan fully understands the pressures of being in the corporate bubble having spent 11 years as a BigLaw lawyer in both London and Singapore.Ryan is a firm believer that everyone has a story to tell and a duty to tell it, and by sharing experiences, you can help others navigate life’s challenges and develop the tools to live their best life. As host of The Yoga Den Podcast, Ryan speaks to a variety of guests that have changed course to live a life that is in alignment with their values, a life of intention, not reaction. Ryan won’t find your purpose for you, but he’ll help you plan the route!Wearing the moniker #thebiglawdropout as a badge of honour, Ryan is passionate about helping people break out of their mental cell of self-limitation and realise they don’t have to do the same thing they have always done. A question he often asks his clients is “What scares you more? Failure or regret?Website: Podcast: (also on Spotify, Apple etc.)Free DownloadHead to Get the Free ebook and video, Flow In Fifteen, a 15-minute yoga sequence to kickstart your day, the right way. You can spare 15-minutes for your well being, right?
24:56 02/18/2021
Empowering with a Purpose With Doug Swanson
53:42 12/15/2020
Stop Existing and Start Living! With Josh Allen Hull
THANKFULNESS, GRATITUDE, AND A HAPPY MINDSET ARE AT THE CORE OF BEING MORE PRODUCTIVE. AND SO IS ENERGY MANAGEMENT. After having a heart attack at the age of 30, losing 40% of my kidney function, and being diagnosed with Young Onset Parkinson's Disease (all on top of the type 1 diabetes I've had since I was 11), I was told I would never work again. And I believed that story...until I didn’t. Once I changed my mindset, I learned how to start, scale, and run a six-figure business in under 30 hours a week so that I'd still have energy and time to spend with my wife and 6 children (four of whom are under age 4). I also have given my wife her dream of being able to be a stay-at-home mom and retired her from a job she had grown to hate. I found out that time management has very little to do with time and has everything to do with mindset and energy management. Now I run two six-figure businesses out of my home in under 30 hours a week total, have improved my kidney function from 60% up to 90% (which the doctors said was impossible), been able to stop taking Parkinson's medications, and have plenty of energy and time for my family. I stopped existing and started living! I am the founder and CEO of J. Allen Hull & Co., a productivity, intentional living, and leadership development firm specializing in transformative live events, workshops, and digital productivity tools and courses. I am a cancer survivor and former law-enforcement officer who has found my true calling in life. I have been married to my beautiful wife, Mindy, for twelve years. We have six amazing children, one handsome son, and five beautiful daughters. We currently live in the beautiful Gunnison Valley of Utah.
36:57 12/10/2020
The Philosophy of a Purpose Driven Person With Matthew Leland Cox
Wow my adversity is far as an entrepreneur's been a road less travelled. I grew up in a small town. I grew up illiterate reading and writing at a 4th grade level always thought something was wrong with me and that I would never amount to something I was told over and over I've never graduate high school. School was not my favourite thing spent a lot of time in resource classes trying to catch up when to college filing flunked out of college 6 to 7 times because I can get past math. Finally came to understanding what was the blocking issue with my learning was being ADD and having issues with processing is far as when it came to reading or other things but I had to learn a work
35:25 12/08/2020
Hope and healing With Krista Fee
Krista Fee is a nationally recognized, published author, Mindbody practitioner, Fitness and Nutrition Coach, and Educator. Post-Graduate Student-NeuropsychologyPsyD Major-Trauma-PTSD Minor She has worked as a leader in the fitness and nutrition industry for over twenty years. She holds over 45 certifications in specialized brain and behavior sciences, hypnosis,  health, wellness, fitness, and holistic healing modalities. Krista Teaches a cohesive integration of Eastern Philosophy Western PsychologyTrauma InformedMindbody TherapySomatic Introspection NLP and HypnosisNeuroscienceNeuropsychologyArt and Movement Fitness and NutritionLaw of AttractionLife Story and ConfidenceCBT and REBT (Behavioral)Ancestral Wisdom-ShamanismSahararising.orgFacebook:
30:53 12/03/2020
Courage To Shine With Natasha Zuvela
Natasha Zuvela is an accomplished International TV Presenter having represented billion dollar brands such as Virgin Money, MTV and XXXX Gold. She is also a Professional Speaker, Author, Life Coach and Mother of two. Born in Perth, Western Australia, Natasha grew up with three passions in her life – sport, entertainment and empowerment. Natasha’s love for fitness led to many challenges and much success, including her twice-becoming Australian Teams Aerobics Champion and Fitness Figure Champion. She is also an experienced personal trainer and fitness consultant.Natasha has over 20 years of international television experience, featured on popular shows such as Totally Wild, Good Morning Australia, Bright Ideas, Mornings on Channel 7 and Mornings with Kerri-Anne. She is best known for her work with MTV Australia as the presenter of shows, and had the #1 rating show for 3 years running, which was viewed by over 60 million people in Australia and Russia. She is was also the face of Curves Women’s’ Fitness in Australia and New Zealand and Natasha is still regularly featured on TV infomercials for Channel 7, 9 and 10.When the world famous Steve Irwin passed away, Australia Zoo hired Natasha Zuvela to takeover Steve’s hosting of the live Crocoseum shows. Natasha had to entertain 5,000 people while being locked inside a crocodile enclosure with 500 kilogram salt water crocodiles and with 20 snakes crawling at her feet. Natasha was regularly featured in Australia Zoo online and TV segments helping to continue the great legacy of Steve Irwin.Watching Natasha present with such power and presence makes it hard to believe that she was once shy and afraid of speaking in front of an audience.Indeed, Natasha is a walking proof that you can conquer any fear that is holding you back. Once afraid of public speaking and having a phobia of snakes, Natasha is now a Professional Speaker and Qualified Venomous Snake Catcher. She has also overcome depression, suicide & abusive relationships. Natasha’s book “Courage To Shine” gives a first hand account to the amazing journey she has travelled in overcoming these fears and even bigger life challenges, and how she turned them into successes. Her book has touched and inspired many by showing readers they are not alone in their struggles and that they can overcome any obstacle when they have the tools and knowledge to do so. Natasha’s Life Coaching qualifications and honest sharing of her real life experiences make this book such a credible and inspirational read. “Courage To Shine” is a practical guide to conquering fear and living a more extraordinary life.Natasha now combines her extensive experience in representing billion dollar brands on television, with her love for empowerment and making difference. Her Video Mastery online programs are now helping so many people get their message to a global audience by learning how to present powerfully on camera and create compelling videos that engage viewers and attract more clients.Natasha also inspires people through her online programs and live events which teach people how to have the Courage to Shine in all areas of their life. Natasha is now married to her ideal husband Tom and has two young beautiful children.
45:40 12/01/2020
The Gift of Connection With Daniel Levin
I walked away from the opportunity to run a muli-billion dollar company to hitchhike around the world to find happiness and inner peace, studied 5 years in a seminary and left 1 day before being ordained and lived as a monk in a monastery for 10 years. I led the growth of hay house from 3million a year in sales to 100 million a year in sales, I am a rare blend of businessman and mystic who would love to share the gift of connection and the power of listening with your or go to amazon: to join The Mosaic Book club:
39:42 11/24/2020
Discover the Heart of Human Connection With Amy Collette
Entrepreneurs and speakers become successful, first-time authors through Amy Collette’s Unleash Your Inner Author coaching system. Compelled to share their transformative stories, they discover how to take their powerful messages to the world in a bigger way as authors.Amy is a book coach, publisher, and author whose purpose in life is to raise the positive vibration of the planet by helping thought leaders increase their impact. Amy's best-selling book, The Gratitude Connection, features inspirational stories and practical tools to help you retrain your brain for happiness and success. UnleashYourInnerAuthor.com
36:13 11/19/2020
Stepping Into a More Confident You With Dolores Andrew
After losing her legal job in the 2009, she realized that there was a recurring pattern in her life that stemmed from a lack of being assertive and using her voice to communicate what she needed in her life and career.  She started a journey of reclaiming the parts of her that she had disassociated from and developed the skill of being assertive.  She is now an award winning Assertive and Empowerment Coach guiding women to achieve the confidence they need to live a fulfilled, authentic life.Womens Empowerment Podcast on Apple Podcasts Steps to Getting Your Confidence Back writing portfolio 
19:04 11/17/2020
(Re)Narrative (Re)covery With Andrew Williams
After being diagnosed with brain cancer, Andrew survived the tumor removal and started his miracle journey of recovery.  While recovering, he found his purpose of guiding others to utilize their trauma to move forward in their lives through his life coaching company.  Andrew is spreading his message far and wide, "Many times the door we search for cannot be found because we in fact are the door itself."
29:41 11/12/2020
The Power of Change With Bilitis Talagrand
After dedicating 10 years of her life to the upscale hospitality industry, she made a major shift in her life not only in her career but also her values, worth, health and purpose. Today, Bilitis Talagrand, is the founder of the YouTube Channel, Connexion, where inspiring individuals share their aspirations.  She is also a Life and Leadership Coach.  
35:20 11/03/2020
From Zero to Hero With Efrosyni Adamides
Efrosyni is a leading global business growth and sales expert who over the past 11 years has built a sales force of over 400,000 people, generating in excess of $1 Billion in revenue in over 50 countries.Her 15 years working in the corporate world led her to become one of the most sought after sales and marketing professionals in the film and media industry and since embarking on her own entrepreneurial journey in 2006, she has set up 3 successful businesses, all generating millions in revenue, found her passion for personal development and residual income, and has gone on to empower thousands of people to live a life of abundance and creating leaders.Efrosyni now shares her years of expertise by training and coaching organizations and business owners to create powerful sales teams with strong, loyal and winning attitudes helping them create incredible
36:01 10/27/2020
How to find your passion and to never give up With Carl Peter
Carl Peter is a motivational speaker, award winning body builder, and author of 3 books with the first to be published later this year.  Fan page: Facebook group: : Omz The Root 
31:18 10/22/2020
Forgive & Conquer With Carol Mortarotti
Former professional tennis player and New York Stock Exchange gal, Carol, went from having it all to losing it all after experiencing a devastating loss - her ex-husband’s suicide in 2011. But as a single mother, she never let herself give up, and she pushed herself to persevere through her hardships and win it all (and even more) back! Today, she helps women navigate through their own loss and, ultimately, regain their sense of freedom and win again in their life and career.
29:05 10/20/2020
How to be Super Confident With Martha Mok
Martha Mok is a super confidence coach, motivational speaker, entrepreneur, multi-award-winning International makeup artist & hairstylist and author of "Don't Survive...Thrive"She guides women who may have had a similar experience as she did, being in an abusive marriage, bullied at school since a young age and sexually molested by someone she trusted to find themselves again by not letting their past hold them back.She currently coaches in the areas of; life, business, self-worth and relationships. By using her knowledge and personal experiences, she helps others to improve their life situation and create happiness.With opting different strategies to unlock their fear and barriers, allows them to find the strength to face their challenges.Her mission is: No women should suffer in silence
45:54 10/20/2020
How to have a healthy baby at the age of 39+ With Kimberly Baca
Fibromyalgia from total incapacitation of walking to feeding myself to 100% vitality and painfree healthChange 360 degrees from high stress 6 figure fashion design director in Manhattan to health coach and rejuvenation specialist and strategistTrained as a leader and supported Tony Robbins as leadership and crew for events from 1997 to 2007Personal development trained in many aspects of human development and progression2 decades of health training, study and research and coaching in wellness for optimal healthPersonal experience and knowledge from application, research and testing for pregnancy health for women over 40. Created Masterclass Pregnancy Accelerator 12 week series for women seeking to have a baby over 39
22:49 10/15/2020
How to Thrive After the Loss of Your Child With Jessie Legent
Jessie is a deeply passionate, intuitive and authentic leader. Her mission is to assist you in living life on YOUR terms.  After the loss of her son, she rededicated her life to heal herself and help other bereaved mothers thrive.She holds a Bachelor’s degree in Human Relations from Concordia University. As well as Post-Master degree in Neuro-linguistic programming (NLP). As the CEO and founder of JL Coaching, she specializes in helping bereaved mothers thrive as well as personal development coaching sessions, workshops and conferences. Jessie offers strategic coaching that provides a personalized approach to her client’s needs.Website: IG: 
39:50 10/13/2020
My Story Part 1
Ready To Live Your BEST Life?Ignite your courage by putting your purpose on paper in 5-minutes or less HERE: 
15:47 09/16/2020
My Story Part 2
Ready To Live Your BEST Life?Ignite your courage by putting your purpose on paper in 5-minutes or less HERE: 
21:05 09/16/2020
My Story Part 3
Ready To Live Your BEST Life?Ignite your courage by putting your purpose on paper in 5-minutes or less HERE: 
11:59 09/16/2020
My Story Part 4
Ready To Live Your BEST Life?Ignite your courage by putting your purpose on paper in 5-minutes or less HERE: 
15:24 09/16/2020