Show cover of Chasing Hope with Katherine Abraham

Chasing Hope with Katherine Abraham

Chasing Hope is a new and inspiring podcast that has been created for the hopeful and the hopeless; for the faithful and the faithless; for the young and the old with the core idea of reviving, refining and re-defining the perspectives of Indians who are struggling to meet the Truth. With a heady mix of fact, history and archaeology, this new podcast has been initiated with a view to re-introduce Christians and Christianity to Indians by dispelling myths around the faith and the religion.


A Christian’s Life is His Message 13:06 05/29/2021
Wealthy and Christian? 13:11 05/22/2021
When a Christian is Betrayed 10:45 05/15/2021
Corona, Christians and Mental Health 13:32 05/08/2021
Why Do You Need to Consult God First and Learn To Wait? 13:40 05/01/2021
Surviving This Pandemic - Why Praying Alone Will Never Be Enough 15:12 04/24/2021
This is How Flawed People Can Still Achieve Great Success 10:16 04/17/2021
Why is it Rewarding to Fight for People’s Rights in the Light of Christian Persecution? 27:56 04/10/2021
The Still Small Voice - Is Your Conscience the Voice of God? 12:18 04/03/2021
One Simple Reason To Stop Believing Horoscopes 15:37 04/01/2021
Was Jesus’ First Miracle to Create Alcoholic Wine? 15:51 03/27/2021
How God Turned Two Years of Failure into an Epic Writing Opportunity 15:57 03/25/2021
All Prayers Uttered Have One of Three Answers 15:27 03/20/2021
More Than One Irrefutable Historical Record Shows Solomon Was Real 15:42 03/18/2021
Would You Entrust Your Child's Healing With Faith? 14:08 03/13/2021
Sabbath and Forgiveness - Find Out What These 2 Things Have In Common 14:20 03/11/2021
What Are the Stories Behind Bible's Magnificent and Powerful Heroes? 25:37 03/06/2021
What Do You Think Stories and Real Life Have in Common? 14:49 03/04/2021
How to Forget God if You Want to Remember Him 16:11 02/27/2021
Procrastination - How to Overcome this Problem 19:40 02/25/2021
Keep The Sabbath Day Holy - Which Day Is It Though? 16:31 02/20/2021
Sabbath and Sunday - These 2 Days aren't the Same and Here's Why 18:16 02/18/2021
Vulnerability Can be a Good Thing - Learn How and Why 15:50 02/13/2021
Chasing Our Dreams: One or More Things We Sacrifice in Exchange for Success 15:06 02/11/2021
One Intriguing Question About Faith: Where Is God When We Suffer? 17:59 02/06/2021
How Can God Be a Jealous God and Still Remain Sinless? 14:24 02/04/2021
Sharing Your Faith: A Sick Child, an Angry Father and a Faithful Missionary 15:58 01/30/2021
Gandhi's Grandson Speaks about Freedom of Religion in India 20:12 01/28/2021
The Thrilling Adventures of Joshua and Pieces of Evidence That He Is Real 13:44 01/23/2021
Life Choices Can Ruin Trust and Relationships: This Is How to Avoid It 15:40 01/21/2021