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The Potter Discussion is the ultimate Harry Potter podcast, giving you weekly discussions on the most exiting topics in Harry Potter, Fantastic Beasts, and beyond! In each episode, we talk about a new topic within the Harry Potter and Fantastic Beasts fandom, in addition to the occasional quiz or breakdown of a character. If you are a PotterHead and a Harry Potter super-fan, this podcast is for you! Sit back, subscribe, and let's dive into the unknown!


The Core Themes of Harry Potter and How They Are Represented in the Story! | Death, Sacrifice, Courage
Send us a Text Message.In this episode, we discuss some of the core themes of Harry Potter. Enjoy!Topics/Summary:·      Listen to episode 236, QuizMaster: Sirius Black here!·      3:25 Death. Death is a huge theme in the story and it is very influential in every boo. However, the meaning of this theme is sometimes farther from the surface of the text that we think. In the Chamber of Secrets, Harry fights the memory of Tom Riddle who is dead but becoming alive. In the Prisoner of Azkaban, Harry fights hundreds of dementors who are the very embodiment of death itself.·      Listen to episode 231 about undeserved deaths in the Battle of Hogwarts here!·      15:44 Sacrifice. This isn’t death as one might imagine, but there are parallels. For example, Harry sacrifices his life at the Dursleys to go to Hogwarts. He isn’t leaving a warm, loving home, but he has had more turmoil that necessary and he gave up another status quo. At the end of the story, Harry sacrifices his own life to destroy the final horcrux and eventually win the war. ·        23:59 Courage. This is much more positive than the previous two, and also perhaps one of the most prominent. This had been a theme throughout every book and is often the deciding factor between life and death. Harry fights off dementors at once, goes down the Chamber of Secrets, and during the third task of the Tri-Wizard stood his ground and fought Voldemort.Having anything you want to hear or say? Click here for a voice submission or here for text. on InstagramSign up for The Quill and Ink
29:58 6/16/24
QuizMaster: Sirius Black! | Escape from prison, Pettigrew, family, More
Send us a Text Message.In this episode we test our knowledge on Sirius Black. Enjoy!Topics/Summary:·      1:33 Warm Up Round·      4:17 Question 1·      9:12 Question 2·      12:16 Question 3·      16:18 Question 4·      20:41 Question 5·      24:06 Question 6·      26:38 Question 7·      30:44 Challenge QuestionHaving anything you want to hear or say? Click here for a voice submission or here for text. on InstagramSign up for The Quill and Ink
31:46 6/9/24
The Trapdoor Sucks so Let's Make a New One | Chess, Fluffy, Devil Snare, More
Send us a Text Message.In this episode, we discuss the good and bad parts of the trapdoor and replace the worst obstacles. Enjoy!Topics/Summary:·      2:20 Fluffy. He doesn’t really do anything. Playing music to put him to sleep is a weakness that is far too easily exploited to be considered an effective obstacle.·      7:32 Devil Snare. This is a very good choice. In order to escape, the wizard must know what it is and how to defeat it. In addition, death is the punishment for failure. This is a puzzle that must be completed by someone who know knows what they are doing.·       12:35 Potions. Snape’s room has fire at the front and back and the wizard must choose the right potion to get through. This is terrible! Logic is a good skill to have, but they could just put out the fire or blast the wall down. Instead, they should be poisoned when they walk in and must make an antidote.·      17:35 Flying Keys. This room is a thumbs down for sure. It tests how well you can play quidditch, not use charms. A better room would be to lock them in the room with protective charms around it. They would have to figure out how they can escape. ·      22:08 The Chess Game. Thumbs up! As long as we are sure that the wizard cannot leave during the game, this is a good task. Chess is one of the bests tests of brain power and thinking ahead.·      24:14 A boggart. The troll for Defense Against the Dark Arts is a terrible task, so replacing it with a boggart is perfect. The door is open, so you have to have courage to walk past it to make it further.26:10 Mirror of Erised. This is a very clever task, but there is an asterisk. There is nothing stopping someone taking the stone after someone who didn’t want it already got it. Harry got it from the mirror and then Quirrell could have just taken in. If it only gave the stone to one person would be best. This is of course all to say this: the smartest change of all would be to put the stone somewhere else.Having anything you want to hear or say? Click here for a voice submission or here for text. on InstagramSign up for The Quill and Ink
32:41 6/2/24
Unsung Heroes of Hogwarts! | Fat Lady, Percy Weasley, Madame Pomfrey, More
Send us a Text Message.In this episode, we discuss some of the unsung heroes of Hogwarts. Enjoy!Topics/Summary:·      2:25 The Fat Lady. We never hear from her despite having such an important tole. She is the guard of the secret common room of the Gryffindors When Sirius Black attacks the school, she doesn’t let him in and sacrifices her portrait to make sure he can’t make it in. The other guards of the tower didn’t do the same thing.·      9:37 McGonagall. Don’t get mad here because by no means is McGonagall unsung. She teaches classes and defends Hogwarts and we know it, but what she does on the back end is what is unsung. She is Dumbledore’s fixer. If he wants something done on the DL, she can handle it. We don’t hear about some of the biggest problems at the school for a reason…·      15:27 Percy Weasley. It is difficult for the readers to look past the fact that he is stuck up and ambitious, but the misconception here is we think that means he doesn’t care. In actuality, Percy does all these things and bosses people around because he cares about what happens to his peers and values things like the rules and respect.·      21:24 Professor Grubbly Plank. She stepped in when Hagrid was unable to teach and later when he was on a mission for Dumbledore. Further, she asked no questions and filled the role without a second thought. She is fair and to the point. It is no small task to come teach at a moment’s notice. ·       25:10 Madame Pomfrey. She takes care of the entire castle! If Dumbledore needs a medical solution to a problem, Pomfrey is well up to the task. She can regrow bones and cure illness and do anything else the students need. She also has been at the castle for a long time and helps during the Battle of Hogwarts.Having anything you want to hear or say? Click here for a voice submission or here for text. on InstagramSign up for The Quill and Ink
30:30 5/26/24
Rewriting the Tri-Wizard Tournament! | Fleur is a stronger competitor, Krum isn't on the side, More
Send us a Text Message.In this episode, we rewrite the Tri-Wizard Tournament. Enjoy!Topics/Summary:Listen to The Tri-Wizard Tournament is the smartest and dumbest competition of all time here·      2:16 Cedric should get hurt in the first task. This would be a good way of foreshadowing his death, but further, it would show the dangerous nature of the competition. None of the champions receive terrible injuries that shock the schools into realizing that this is no joke, so a moment where the audience goes silent after a blow would go a long way.·      6:55 Fleur should come out stronger. She is the bottom of the pack character and she doesn’t do well in any of the tasks. If she were to do well in the first task, it would set her up as a stronger competitor. More importantly, it would create more of a buzz around the times when she is stopped like when she was attacked in the lake and then again in the maze.·      15:38 Harry and Cedric should switch places. Harry stays behind to make sure every prize is brought up and Cedric arrives second but doesn’t hesitate to go up and gets first. These two should be switched. Harry should get a leg up and shown to be in the tournament for the win. It would also make Cedric’s loss so much worse if she was shown to be a truly good person and willing to stay behind and sacrifice first place.·      19:23 Giving Krum and Fleur less sideline parts. Their big moments aren’t very central to the story and it might make for a more interesting task if they were involved. Maybe Harry and Krum work together to find the settlement because they both want to find Hermione. Maybe Fleur arrives late and they all have an underwater conversation about what kept her and they all go up after that.·      24:34 Cedric should have put up a fight. He was killed far too easily. Pettigrew walked out, got the order from Voldemort, and Cedric was killed. If someone walked out from a building in a graveyard and yelled “Kill the spare” I wouldn’t stick around to find out what he meant. Cedric’s end in wrought too easily for the caliber of character which he brought. He deserved and much more fitting end.Having anything you want to hear or say? Click here for a voice submission or here for text. on InstagramSign up for The Quill and Ink
31:09 5/19/24
Harry's Worst 'Eyebrow Raisers' | Going after Sirius, not preparing for the second task, More
Send us a Text Message.In this episode, we discuss Harry's worst eyebrow raising decisions. Enjoy!Topics/Summary:·      2:01 Harry forgetting the invisibility cloak after handing off Norbert. Moving the plot forward is important, but this was a ridiculous mistake. It was the only thing he couldn’t forget being the sole barrier between him and a lot of trouble which he eventually finds himself in. ·      8:14 Harry attacking Umbridge to get the locket. Yes, he had to take is by force eventually but this was perhaps the worst way to do it. He does it in front of everyone and then has to fight his way out of the entire ministry from the very deepest point. He couldn’t have somehow gotten her alone and then taken in much more quietly?·      14:20 Not preparing for the second task. It is the one thing he has to do! There are no other responsibilities on his shoulders than to prepare for the Tri-Wizard Tournament and his just doesn’t. He deserves to have some rest after the first task, but after weeks of doing nothing we have to start asking. ·      18:30 Going to the ministry to save Sirius. He went for a good reason except for the fact that it was a complete lie. He even goes as far as to acknowledge that it is possible that he is walking into a trap, but should he tell anyone or get backup? No.·      21:54 Not taking occlumency seriously. Voldemort uses Harry’s vulnerable mind to put memories and thoughts and vision that can manipulate him. Occlumency is the perfect way to try and repel it, but with Snape teaching it Harry was doomed to fail. The first time Snape pushed too far and Harry fought back, they were done.·      25:02 Returning to Godric’s Hallow. It is a perfectly reasonable thing for him to assume that the sword is there, but the reason why it is on this list is because he didn’t recognize the signs. There were so many things before Nagini showed up that could have been a red alarm blaring tip off to Harry that something was wrong, but he ignored it. It was only when Bathilda started turning into a snake that he thought to do something. Having anything you want to hear or say? Click here for a voice submission or here for text. on InstagramSign up for The Quill and Ink
31:24 5/12/24
Undeserved Deaths in the Battle of Hogwarts | Fred, Lupin, Crabbe, More
Send us a Text Message.In this episode, we discuss who didn't deserve to die in the Battle of Hogwarts. Enjoy!Topics/Summary:·      2:08 Fred. Harry walks into the Great Hall and sees all the Weasleys gathered around a cot. The twins were always the life of the party and had a joke to say at every turn. Killing one of them was very grim indeed. Fred had such a bright future at the joke shop and he would never get the chance to see it.·      11:15 Lupin. His spot is undisputed. Lupin understands people, situation, and he is all around a good guy. The reason why he is on this list is he has lost so much already. His friends were killed and he has had to live as a werewolf, all to be capped off by being killed for his efforts. ·      17:10 Crabbe. He was among the casualties and I felt unexpectedly sorry for him. This wasn’t his battle to fight and he didn’t deserve to die for a cause that he wasn’t personally invested in. Someone told him where to stand and to kill people so that’s what he did.·      22:13. Collin Creevey. Collin was too young to die. We think of him as a little kid with stars in his eyes as he spends his days gazing at his idol, Harry. Collin snuck back to the castle to fight alongside his hero and he was killed for it. He had too much more life to live.·       24:00 Snape. This spot was made out to Snape from the very beginning. He is on this list because he was the one who sacrificed the most for the battle. Harry and he only made that moment of connection at the very end of his life and they never had the chance to be together as two people who had gone through the same things.Having anything you want to hear or say? Click here for a voice submission or here for text. on InstagramSign up for The Quill and Ink
30:50 5/5/24
Underrated Professors! | Snape, Slughorn, Binns, More
Send us a Text Message.In this episode, we discuss some of the most underrated professors at Hogwarts. Enjoy!Topics/Summary:·      Audible Announcement·      2:38 Slughorn. With all the events of the Half Blood Prince we look over his appointment as the potion’s professor after a while, but that is a mistake. He introduces us to many facets of magic that become important later and his guidance in potions becomes quite valuable.·      8:36 Flitwick. We talk about our favorite charms professor often, but not about how much he gave Harry. Some of the most basic and most important spells that the trio and the rest of the students use come from charms class. He also conducts the school’s frog chorus.·      12:36 Snape. We discuss Snape a bunch, but not how hard he works and how much he is vilified. We see him as the big bad professor that exists to put Harry down and be a big bully. It is a real shame that it takes until after his death to realize that he was working hard for many years to keep Harry safe.·      17:30 Binns. What a guy. First of all, he teaches a boring class according to the students and he is very dedicated to the history of magic. He is so dedicated in fact that one day he died and he just kept on teaching. He left his body behind and continued on.·      19:57 Sinistra. The astronomy professor is one who we never talk about. She works in the background and in completely invisible. But she has to wake up very late a lot of teach the students a fascinating part of magic.·      22:39 Madame Pince. The library is extremely important! And we never talk about the librarian. If you need to find a book or find some piece of knowledge, she is the one to talk to. She also probably keeps Dumbledore up to date on the status of the library.·      26:06 Madame Pomfrey. She heals all and can bring a quick fix to any problem with a student’s health. She grew Harry’s arm back! Without Madame Pomfrey, we would be reading about a much more deadly castle.Having anything you want to hear or say? Click here for a voice submission or here for text. on InstagramSign up for The Quill and Ink
30:45 4/28/24
What Makes Hogwarts Hogwarts? | The sorting hat, quidditch, horrible events, More
Send us a Text Message.In this episode, we discuss what things and places make Hogwarts what we know it to be. Enjoy!Topics/Summary: ·      1:44 The Owlrey. This is one of the most British wizarding systems thing there is at Hogwarts. They use owls to send messages and the Owlery is where the owls live. It is the boundary between the Muggle and wizarding world, and is made all the more magical because it can also be found in the Muggle world. ·      8:11 The great hall and the sorting hat. These two things are very symbolic of Hogwarts. When Bellatrix runs through the castle in the sixth book she destroys the great hall. The sorting hat was the beginning of everyone’s journey at Hogwarts, but it was also the end when Neville pulled the sword out of the hat. The final duel between Harry and Voldemort took place in the great hall.·      14:25 The moving staircases and the moving portraits. Without these, would moving around in Hogwarts be the same? No. The moving staircases don’t seem that important, but they act as the symbolic bridge between the beginning and end of the story. The portraits are the nod to the readers and students that even when a character dies, they may live on in a portrait like Dumbledore.·      21:40 Quidditch. This is one of the most important parts of the castle. They are side by side for the entire story, and the quidditch pitch is where Harry found his passion. Hogwarts wouldn’t be even close to the same without this magical sport. Much of the story occurs around quidditch like when Quirrell tries to curse Harry off his broom or when Cedric catches the snitch in the storm and tries to give it back. It is important to every member of the magical world, especially in Hogwarts.·      26:40 Deadly events. Without all the opened chambers, horrible creatures on the lose, spies, imposters, double crosses, and Death Eaters, would Hogwarts be the same?Having anything you want to hear or say? Click here for a voice submission or here for text. on InstagramSign up for The Quill and Ink
31:12 4/21/24
Hermione Deserves More Credit
Send us a Text Message.In this episode, we discuss why Hermione deserves more credit in honor of Emma Watson's birthday. Enjoy!Topics/Summary:·      1:54. Absolutely she does. This episode is not to decide if she does or not, but to find some of the best examples of where she works in the shadows and didn’t receive the credit she deserves. For example in the Prisoner of Azkaban, it is Hermione’s skill with the time turner is why they manage to save multiple lives. She knows to hide and knows how to time their exits and entrances so no one knows that they are there and they can do the things they need to do.·      9:20 She figures out the Chamber of Secrets. She had the paper in her hand crumpled up from the beginning! Harry and Ron just didn’t see it for a very long time and it was only when they found Hermione’s discovery that they began to make progress on the case. Without her, they wouldn’t have made it in time and Ginny might be dead. ·      13:09 The trap door was all Hermione. She saw it, first of all, when they were running away from Filch after the midnight duel. Then it was her who saved the other two from the devil snare. She also figures out the logic puzzle and propels Harry to the rest of the challenges. Most importantly, she recognizes that it is bravery and friendship that make a good wizard.·      18:14 She doesn’t get in the middle of Harry and Ron. In the Goblet of Fire, Harry and Ron have an argument because Harry’s name found itself in the Goblet and Ron felt betrayed. Hermione had the smarts to stay out of it. ·      20:24 Dumbledore’s Army. In the Order of the Phoenix, the idea for the DA came from Hermione. She convinced Harry and set up the ledger, the gold coins, and decided the leader. She was the one who incited it and kept it going. ·       24:23 The woods in the Deathly Hallows. She cooks and cleans, casts the protective spells, brings the other’s things when the leave the wedding, and she has just about everything in the extended bag of hers. Would they have gotten even half as far without her? Even Harry and Ron agree: not even close. Having anything you want to hear or say? Click here for a voice submission or here for text. on InstagramSign up for The Quill and Ink
29:30 4/14/24
Filius Flitwick vs. Minerva McGonagall
Send us a Text Message.In this episode, we pit Flitwick and McGonagall head to head to see who would win. Enjoy!Topics/Summary:·      1:33 Why them? We don’t know Flitwick very well, so this could be an interesting pair. We do know a good amount about McGonagall, so putting them against each other could be a good contrast for Flitwick. ·      6:36 Flitwick’s strengths and weaknesses. He is a sharp dude. He knows how to articulate what spells he wants to cast and has them all on the top of his mind at all times. In a duel, he could use that to keep his opponent on their toes and make sure he always has the upper hand. He was also a dueling champion in his youth which certainly doesn’t hurt. However, he doesn’t have a commanding presence or a huge amount of confidence which is a weakness. ·      14:09 McGonagall’s strengths and weaknesses. She is very direct and means every spell she casts. It takes a certain drive in a person so cast powerful spells and McGonagall is in large supply. She is also very competent. She knows what she is doing and knows the theory and practicality of dueling. In addition, she is fierce and wants to protect the people she cares about. That could turn into a weakness however. ·      18:04 Battle of Hogwarts. They meet on the battlefield and draw their wands. The wind’s blowing and a tumbleweed goes by and they look into each other’s eyes. With this one, Flitwick is coming out on top. This is a stressful situation that McGonagall wouldn’t stay on top of. Flitwick’s speed comes in handy and his ability to duel as a second nature.·      22:06 Something on the line. If the loser of the duel’s family will die, who would win here? Absolutely McGonagall. One of her greatest strengths is her protectiveness and her drive to save the ones she loves. ·      24:39 Flat plane. There is nothing inside, there is nothing outside. Who wins? It’s difficult, but Flitwick would win. McGonagall is a master of wizardry, but Flitwick is a dueling master and no one could rival his speed.Having anything you want to hear or say? Click here for a voice submission or here for text. on InstagramSign up for The Quill and Ink
31:45 3/31/24
Flip the Script: Dumbledore doesn't know everything that goes on 'round here
Send us a Text Message.In this episode, we discuss what would change if Dumbledore wasn't as intelligent. Enjoy!Topics/Summary:·      1:43 Harry would have died when he found the Sorcerer’s Stone. Dumbledore swooped in at the very last moment after realizing that he had received a fake message from the Ministry. Her passed Hermione and Ron and warded off Quirrell and Voldemort just in the nick of time. But if he wasn’t as smart, he wouldn’t have had that chance so Harry would have died.·      7:10 Sirius would have been executed. The intense operation that saved him was carried out by Hermione and Harry but put in motion by Dumbledore. If he didn’t have the same intelligence, it wouldn’t have worked. It took a huge amount of planning and preparation that only an intelligent Dumbledore could have done, so there is no chance for Sirius to survive.·      13:50 In the Order of the Phoenix, Harry almost goes to Azkaban. He is attacked by two dementors alongside Dudley in an underpass. However, he is underage and goes to trial. The trial goes smoothly and Dumbledore manages to get him out of any punishment. If Dumbledore wasn’t as able to defend him, Harry would have been charged, tried, and convicted. Listen to Breakdown: Fudge here.·      19:13 He wouldn’t find and destroy horcruxes. However, it took a lot of planning and skill to find them. Dumbledore is the person who knows Voldemort the best and that’s why he can start looking for them and finding them, getting closer to defeating him. The absence of intelligence would mean Dumbledore wouldn’t look for the horcruxes and Voldemort would surely win.·      23:00 Dumbledore would have lived past the Half-Blood Prince. The reason why Dumbledore was dying was he had touched the ring which was a horcrux and he became cursed. Snape gave him a year to live, so Dumbledore decided to use it to his advantage. However we just discussed that Dumbledore wouldn’t go looking for the horcruxes if he was less smart, so he wouldn’t be cursed. And further, he wouldn’t be able to recognize that his death at Snape’s hand would be infinitely more valuable than his staying alive. Having anything you want to hear or say? Click here for a voice submission or here for text. on InstagramSign up for The Quill and Ink
29:40 3/24/24
The Dursleys Aren't That Bad | What they did for Harry, family connections, parting, More
Send us a Text Message.In this episode, we discuss why the Dursleys aren't that bad. Enjoy!Topics/Summary:·      1:46 They showed Harry right and wrong. Harry saw what a dysfunctional family looked like. He could appreciate the good relationships is later began to make. They also taught him the social norms of the muggle world that came in handy later. Muggle studies is a class at Hogwarts for a reason. Most importantly, he didn’t develop a big head. He went to Hogwarts as a humble person and that helped him the most because he could blend in and stay in the background as well as he could.·      11:58 Harry and Petunia are family. This is commonly overlooked. We know this very well of course, but it’s something that we don’t think about. Petunia knew Lily very well and Harry values having someone like that close. Harry is the closest thing to Lily that Petunia has left and as cold as they might be to each other, they are still family. Petunia might feel guilty about leaving Lily because they didn’t get along and she hated James, so Harry is a way to make up for it.·      17:04 They parted as equals. For a long time, the Dursleys have been the enemy and Harry has dreaded returning every summer. By the seventh book and they’re saying goodbye, we realize that they had grown much closer. It is much harder to say goodbye to someone who you respect as an opponent than value as a friend. This is similar to the Tale of Three Brothers where the third brother took off his invisibility cloak at the end of his life and parted this life with Death as equals.·      23:39 They protected him just like Lily and James would have done. They didn’t want to expose themselves and that was the motivation at the start, but as the story went on and they warmed up to each other, it also became about protecting Harry. Harry and the Dursleys grew closer than we or they realized.Having anything you want to hear or say? Click here for a voice submission or here for text. on InstagramSign up for The Quill and Ink
30:57 3/17/24
Breakdown: Lockhart! | Strengths + Weaknesses, Role, Fitting End, More
Send us a Text Message.In this episode, we break down the character of Gilderoy Lockhart. Enjoy!Topics/Summary:·      1:37 Who is he? Well, Lockhart was the DADA teacher in the Chamber of Secrets. He was part of the Dark Forces Defense League, an Order of Merlin Third Class, winner of the Witch Weekly’s Most Charming Smile Award five times in a row and his favorite color is lilac. What a guy.·      3:53 What was his role in the story? For Lockhart, he is an imposter so his role is fairly complicated. He never does real magic and wears many hats to fit in. To sum it up, he is a tool to propel the story forward and provide a moral contrast. He vanishes the bones in Harry’s arm and sends him to the hospital wing where Harry hears very important information. At the end what Lockhart is scrambling to run away, Harry and Ron bring him to the Chamber and they all go in. We also see him making questionable choices and lying through his teeth which gives us a better perspective on some of the other characters. ·      11:20 Strengths and weaknesses. Let’s start with strengths. His big one is he can lie and act. He is constantly putting on a character and his actin g as someone else, and after so many years he becomes very good at. He can also cast a mean memory charm which comes in handy. His weaknesses far outweigh his strengths, however. Firstly Lockhart can’t do magic for the life of him. As skilled as he may seem, there is no skill behind it. His ability to lie is the only reason why no one calls him out. He also can’t see the bigger picture of even if he can’t fix a situation, others would see him as a greater wizard if he didn’t push it if there was risk and sought those who could help. Could he fix Harry’s arm? No. Did he try and fail? Yes. Case and point right there. ·      22:04 If we could change him, would we? Absolutely. He has so many things that we could improve. We would stop him from lying so much for starters. He wouldn’t be saying how unlucky it was that he wasn’t there because he knew just the counter curse or that he knew exactly where the Chamber was. No, he wouldn’t say anything of that. He would also recognize his weaknesses and step back for others to do the things he knew he couldn’t. ·      26:21 Did he receive a fitting end? No. As bad as he was and as many horrible things that he did, he didn’t deserve to loose all the things he stood for. He was put together and flashy and always knew what to say and do, but then became a shell. We thank him for his wonderful lines and the story he gave us and bid him farewell.Having anything you want to hear or say? Click here for a voice submission or here for text. on InstagramSign up for The Quill and Ink
30:36 3/10/24
Which Characters Could be Evil? | Hagrid, Snape, Dumbledore, More
Send us a Text Message.In this episode, we discuss which characters could be evil. Enjoy!Topics/Summary:·      2:20 Dumbledore. This would be interesting. Dumbledore has a lot of power and information that would prove extremely useful to him. But he might not work with Voldemort because it has been made clear that he isn’t aligned with him. Dumbledore is working to take down Voldemort in the story, so the cool thing is that wouldn’t change one bit. Taking out Voldemort would mean less competition, so he would be just as motivated to do it. ·      9:23 Hagrid. This would be a good one because it would heart wrenching. Hagrid is kind and considerate and the last person we would expect to be a double agent. That would make him the perfect spy. Who would suspect him? A more reasonable story would be blackmail because Hagrid would have to be a completely different person than we know to be working for Voldemort. Hagrid could work in the shadows and give the Death Eaters an in to the ground every once and a while, or pass along information.·      14:16 Arthur Weasley. No one would know this one. Voldemort would understand the value of planting a close friend near Harry, and Arthur is the perfect one to do this. He would get close to Molly and once Voldemort needed it, they would send Ron to Hogwarts and stack the deck so they meet and become friends. Suddenly Ron is passing information to Voldemort through Arthur and no one suspects a thing. ·      18:08 Slughorn. Slughorn makes a good spy because Dumbledore came to him and asked him to be on the staff, giving Voldemort a source of information in the castle. Slughorn is a part of the discussions of defense and trying to find Voldemort, so he could give false information and Voldemort could stay ahead of the Order and the Ministry. Slughorn could also take a look at Dumbledore’s private letters and get a lay of the land. ·      22:34 Snape. How cool would it be if Snape was a triple agent? We could explore what Voldemort offered Snape to start working for him. But if Snape were discovered by Dumbledore, he would have to scramble. In order to keep under the radar he would have to be very convincing which could then lead to Voldemort becoming suspicious.Having anything you want to hear or say? Click here for a voice submission or here for text. on InstagramSign up for The Quill and Ink
30:30 3/3/24
Best Quotes in Harry Potter and Fantastic Beasts! | Neville, Newt Dumbledore, more
Send us a Text Message.In this episode we discuss the very best quotes in Harry Potter and Fantastic Beasts. Enjoy!Summary/Topics:·      1:43 “Why is it always me?” What a good one. This not only acts as comic relief, but also this quote points at a great question: why is is always Neville? It could be that he is a magnet for problems because it shows his character arcs. We see his struggles early on in the story, but then at the end he is fighting hundreds of Death Eaters. This quote acts as contrast between the person he was and the person he is.·      7:37 “Worrying means you suffer twice.” This quote strikes such a chord because it is the truth. One of Newt’s best traits is his honesty, and this quote puts that on display. Newt says this to Jacob when they are prepared to capture the erumpent, and Jacob is freaking so Newt is trying to calm him down. He doesn’t sugar coat it and he doesn’t lie. All he says is the truth. ·      13:18 “If you want to know what a man’s like, take a good look at how he treats his inferiors, not his equals.” Sirius is right. Voldemort is a horrible leader and he will kill any one of his followers if they speak too loudly. Dumbledore gives everyone and voice and cares for every person below him. That is the difference between these characters and highlights the victory in the Battle of Hogwarts. ·      19:05 “It takes a great deal of bravery to stand up our enemies, but just as much to stand up to our friends.” Dumbledore says this to Neville when he awards Neville just the right amount of points to win the house cup. Some of the worst conflicts in the story were between friends, like when Harry and Ron fought in the Deathly Hallows. Fighting with one’s friends is much more difficult, but also more valuable when needed.·      23:02 “There are no strange creatures. Just blinkered people.” This fits Newt’s character. It shows his love of beasts and his distaste of humans, and also shows how he thinks most of the problems in the world come from humans.·      25:35 “Happiness can be found even in the darkest of times if one only remembers to turn on the light.” All Dumbledore is saying is as bad as life seems, just relax and turn on a light. Often times, problems loom far smaller in the light than the dark.Having anything you want to hear or say? Click here for a voice submission or here for text. on InstagramSign up for The Quill and Ink
30:21 2/25/24
Queenie and Tina's Unbreakable Bond and Queenie's Descent into Darkness!
Send us a Text Message.In this episode, we discuss Tina and Queenie's unbreakable bond and Queenie's descent  into darkness and Grindelwald. Enjoy!Summary/Topics:·      2:07 Tina and Queenie’s backstory and bond. They were born in the early 1900s and lost their parents to dragon pox when they were very young. The sisters only had each other to lean on going through life and had to find their own way in New York while trying to navigate the treachery of MACUSA. They have formed a very strong bond and they have grown very close and have gotten to know each other very well. The difficulties they have overcome have only brought them closer together.·      7:46 What did Queenie join Grindelwald? The big overarching reason is Jacob. In this time, it was forbidden for magical people to be romantically involved with Muggles. Queenie had never had someone like Jacob before, so when they met, they were both enchanted. Queenie knew they couldn’t be together and it tore her apart. She joined Grindelwald because in a moment in inspiration, she thought that he wanted what she wanted and she flipped sides.·      14:35 Queenie’s torment came from when she tried to return, not from when she left. This is a difficult topic to discuss because there is no one moment when her thoughts flipped to Grindelwald. The moment when she left was painful, but in that moment she believed herself to be correct which helped her along. It really became horrific when she realized that she was wrong in supporting Grindelwald and she had made a huge mistake and burned her bridges for nothing. She was along again.·      20:06 What did the separation do for her relationships? Her separation with Jacob was probably the worst. They had already gotten to know each other when Queenie left, but they hadn’t had the bond the Tina did with her. They still ended up loving each other, but there was a moment when it was broken. For Tina, it likely wasn’t broken even once. Tina understands Queenie to such a degree that even though they were separated, Tina knew that Queenie was regretting her decision. Tina knows what its like to be alone and she couldn’t bear to do that to Queenie. ·      24:51 Queenie and Tina’s relationship is unbreakable. They were too close and had been through too much together to break apart just when they needed each other the most. Having anything you want to hear or say? Click here for a voice submission or here for text. on InstagramSign up for The Quill and Ink
29:46 2/18/24
Ranking Magical Creatures! | Dragons, Bowtruckles, Nifflers, more
Send us a Text Message.In this episode, we discuss different magical creatures and rank them. Enjoy!Summary/Topics:·      Listen to QuizMaster: Gringotts here!·      3:44 #8 Dragons·      7:35 #7 Kneazle·      10:24 #6 Niffler·      15:24 #5 Bowtruckle·      18:28 #4 Phoenix·      22:24 #3 Houselves·      24:35 #2 Centaurs·      26:05 #1 HippogriffsHaving anything you want to hear or say? Click here for a voice submission or here for text. on InstagramSign up for The Quill and Ink
28:58 2/11/24
QuizMaster: Gringotts Bank!
Send us a Text Message.In this episode, we test our knowledge on Gringotts Bank. Enjoy!Summary/Topics:·      1:53 Warm-Up Round·      3:50 Question 1·      7:41 Question 2·      14:12 Question 3·      17:52 Question 4·      23:04 Question 5·      26:00 Question 6·      30:18 Question 7 and Challenge QuestionHaving anything you want to hear or say? Click here for a voice submission or here for text. on InstagramSign up for The Quill and Ink
35:21 2/4/24
The Funniest Characters in Harry Potter! | Hagrid, Ron, Neville, More
Send us a Text Message.In this listener suggested episode, we discuss the funniest characters and moments in Harry Potter. Enjoy!Summary/Topics:·      2:26 #7 Kingsley Shacklebolt. The reason why Kingsley is so far up on the list is his famous line: “You may not like it, but Dumbledore’s got style.” It is just perfect. The perfect ending to such an intense scene where Dumbledore is threatened with Azkaban. He is part of the Ministry, but he is also part of the Order.·      8:03 #6 Ron Weasley. It should come as no surprise that Ron is on this list. I’m sorry to say he gets progressively less funny as the films go on. That’s not because Rupert’s acting took a dive, but because his lines work for a young kid the best, like in the Forbidden Forest when he asks Harry permission to start panicking or when he is freaking out while being strangled by the devil snare down the trap door. ·      14:20 #5 Filch. Everything about Filch in the films are perfect. Even when he is trying to be menacing and scare the students, Filch has some pretty funny physical comedy. One of my favorites is when Filch runs into the Great Hall in the Deathly Hallows screaming, “Students out of bed! Students in the corridors!” It was the peak of his career, but to no avail because they were supposed to be there.·      19:55 #4 Dumbledore. This is a deserving spot right here. But what makes Dumbledore so funny? In my opinion, it is his age. He is well past 110 in the story, but he still has such a young soul. He is a glass half full kind of person, and that shows with the cheerful way he takes his defeats. “Alas, ear wax.” He is calm when talking about quite consequential events that makes his every line so funny.·      24:17 #3 Neville. Neville is such an innocent character who has some very cool lines. When he collapses the bridge in the Deathly Hallows, we think at first that Neville died. But he pulls himself over the edge and says, “That went well.” Similarly in the Goblet of Fire, Harry eats the gillyweed and jumps in the water and Neville starts to panic. “Oh my god! I’ve killed Harry Potter!”·      29:40 #2 Hagrid. What a funny character. First of all, he is so kind and caring for all of his friends, but that doesn’t stop him from making the occasional funny mistake. When the trio and him are talking about the trap door, Hagrid accidentally tells them how they can get past Fluffy and delivers the famous “I should not have said that.” He also has had some other good ones that make his character pop. ·      33:12 #1 Professor McGonagall. Without a single doubt, McGonagall is the funniest character in the entire series. Maggie Smith is the perfect actress, she received many of the good lines, and she was funny in the books. This combination makes up the perfect mixture of comedy that creates the funniest character in the entire series. “Boom!”Having anything you want to hear or say? Click here for a voice submission or here for text. on InstagramSign up for The Quill and Ink
37:22 1/28/24
Impossible Would You Rather Pt. 2! | Molly Weasley, Hagrid, more
Send us a Text Message.In this episode, we discuss more would you rather questions. Enjoy!Summary/Topics:·      Listen to Would You Rather Part 1 here!·      1:40 Would you rather kill Professor McGonagall or Molly Weasley? Let’s weight the pros and cons. McGonagall has a very strict moral compass and values that drive her to do the right thing. She knows the ground of Hogwarts and can defend it if she has to. Molly is such a kind person, acting as a mother figure for Harry. She will defend her loved ones till her very last breath. As wonderful as Molly is, it makes more sense to kill her because without McGonagall, the Battle of Hogwarts would be very different. ·      9:19 Would you rather Snape or Draco be a friend to Harry from the beginning? Both tortured Harry for his entire time at Hogwarts, and though they both became friends of Harry’s at the end, getting there at the beginning could be a big change. Draco might make more of a difference. Snape perhaps came to like Harry more than Draco at the end, so if Draco was Harry’s friend the story would be changed for the better. ·      16:33 Would you rather Muggle studies or care of magical creatures be required for students to take? Both subjects are a joke among the students when taking at least one would be hugely beneficial. Muggle studies would give wizards a perspective on Muggles that might reduce prejudices. Care of magical creatures would give a new look at magical nature. However, Muggle studies might help resolve more problems so that is the subject that should be required.  ·      20:23 Would you rather werewolves or house elves get another chance in society? Werewolves are hated and feared, and house elves are seen as nothing, just a way to do the laundry. The reason why house elves is the right choice is werewolves can still lead a normal life. A werewolf can still have friends that support them, but a house elf is all on their own.·      23:36 Would you rather Umbridge stays or Hagrid goes? We get a taste of both. Umbridge presides over the school in the Order of the Phoenix, and it wasn’t very pleasant. Hagrid wasn’t there in the same book and that also wasn’t very nice. However, Umbridge staying would be the worst. She led with fear and pain, torturing the students to get her way and forcing them to follow the rules. Having anything you want to hear or say? Click here for a voice submission or here for text. on InstagramSign up for The Quill and Ink
28:28 1/21/24
Harry Potter vs. Hermione Granger | Versus Series
Send us a Text Message.In this episode, we discuss who would in a duel: Harry or Hermione. Enjoy!Summary/Topics:·      1:51 Why them? Besides the fact that this episode was a suggestion, Harry and Hermione know each other. They have been friends for years and they know each other’s personalities and habits. In a duel, that connection could be interesting. They know more about each other than the average duel.·      6:26 Harry’s strengths and weaknesses. His biggest strength is his general ability to duel and read his opponent. He has had a lot of practice and he knows what spells to use when. He is fluent in the language of casting spells. He is also quite smart in a situation like a duel. His major weakness is his emotions. If he is fighting someone like Hermione, he might not to hurt her which would give her an opening to attack.·      14:48 Hermione’s Strengths and weaknesses. Her biggest strength is her ability to use many kinds of magic. She uses all kinds of spells, not just a certain vein like Harry might. She also knows Harry enough to guess his patterns and spells that he would stick to. Her weakness is she is a jack of all trades. She is skilled in every arena, but not specifically in dueling. That might count against her.·      20:57 Dumbledore’s Army duel. Harry wants to demonstrate a duel to the other students in the DA, so he asks Hermione to be his dueling partner. Who would win? Either Harry would win or Hermione would find an opening and get the upper hand. However, Harry winning is more likely.·      24:19 Meeting on the battlefield. If Harry and Hermione are enemies and they meet on the battlefield, who would win then? This one would be Hermione. Harry would see Hermione and focus in on winning and nothing else which would give Hermione the perfect opportunity to find an opening in Harry’s furious attacks and gain the advantage. ·      27:41 Flat plain. With no outside circumstances, who would win? Without a doubt, it is Harry. The situation is what decided the other victories, but without a situation, there is nothing that stops Harry from using his superior skill to win. Nice job. Having anything you want to hear or say? Click here for a voice submission or here for text. on InstagramSign up for The Quill and Ink
31:54 1/14/24
Thought Provoking Question in Harry Potter! | Room of Requirement, Potions, Mirror of Erised, and more
Send us a Text Message.In this episode, we discuss some very though provoking questions. Enjoy!Topics/Summary:·      2:00 What does the happiest person in the world see in the Mirror of Erised? Dumbledore claims they would see themselves exactly has as they are, but I don’t agree. Happiest doesn’t mean completely happy first of all, but also, there is a very little chance that there is a person in the world who really doesn’t want anything more. The only time it would be a mirror is when the person looking in it truly wanted to see a mirror image of themselves.·      9:01 What are the limits of an animagus? The rules themselves have really never been defined, so could someone turn into air? We’ve seen switching spells work with air, so it could be possible. Also, humans are technically animals too, so could a person become an animagus of another person?·      12:56 Possible ancient alien intervention = magic? There are many theories today about huge structures like the pyramids of Giza, but what if it is really magic in the wizarding world? That would make perfect sense. It is really the kind of canon that seems like it would be upheld by the author. It does make sense after all.·      17:26 Why are some spells unforgivable and others completely allowed that can kill just the same? I could cast a spell that can explode a building and kill a hundred people and that certainly wouldn’t be allowed, but the casting of the spell wouldn’t be the offense. But with an unforgivable curse, it is the act of casting it that is horrible. Maybe that’s because of what it does to the caster, not the target. It is really personal and you really have to mean the spell when you cast it.·      22:00 Why weren’t potions used in the Battle of Hogwarts? They were throwing crystal balls at the Death Eaters so the least they could do is throw a few potions as well. Why didn’t they? It could have been the short notice because Harry gave them a heads up just a few hours before the battle started, but shouldn’t they have been preparing weeks or months before Harry arrived?·      26:40 Is there a magical creature that is considered close enough to human that they can occupy the Room of Requirement? There have certainly been magical creatures in the room at the same time, but what if it was a centaur? Is their intelligence enough to occupy it? But then what about a dragon? They are very intelligent, but would they do it?Having anything you want to hear or say? Click here for a voice submission or here for text. on InstagramSign up for The Quill and Ink
32:02 1/7/24
Impossible Harry Potter Would You Rather!
Send us a Text Message.In this episode, we answer some difficult Harry Potter would you rather questions. Enjoy!Summary/Topics:·      1:58 Would you rather save Sirius or Dumbledore? Yep, starting off strong. Sirius is the closest thing Harry has to a father and his death was a wrenching situation for Harry. Dumbledore was one of Harry’s closest friends and the person who lead the defense against Voldemort. All in all, I think though Harry would be hurt if Sirius died, the rest of the world would be damaged in Dumbledore died, so Dumbledore is the best choice.·      10:47 Would you rather save Fred or Dobby? This is a tough one. Dobby was a free elf who didn’t deserve to be killed. He had his whole free life ahead of him. Fred with a close friend of Harry that died in the Battle of Hogwarts. Harry hated seeing everyone dying for him, which pushed him to go to the forest. It is for that reason that we should choose Dobby. Harry seeing Fred and knowing he died for him was why Harry went to the forest. If that happens, Harry wins. We know this. If we asked Fred, “Would you trade your life for a victory?”, he would say yes every time. Plus, Dobby didn’t deserve what he got and choosing him would guarantee victory.·      17:42 Would you rather McGonagall or Hagrid be a secret spy for Voldemort? Both people are in support of Dumbledore through and through which is why it would be such a huge shock if one if them were to be a spy. The deciding factor is this: Dumbledore always says he would trust Hagrid with his life. Also, McGonagall is sharper and would be a better spy, which is why she is the better choice. ·      22:16 Would you rather Snape really be on Voldemort’s side or Pettigrew really be on Dumbledore’s side? Which would be the most interesting for the story? One of Snape’s driving characteristics is his willingness to risk his life every day and act as a double agent. We never would think of Pettigrew as a double agent, but maybe that is exactly why he would be the best at being one. So which would be more interesting for the story? Probably Snape. It would be such a good reveal if at the end we realized that Snape was working for Voldemort.·      27:07 Would you rather have a TV show or an 8th film? This is a real-life question. With a TV show, we could go much farther into depth than the films ever could. We could meet new characters, see things that were overlooked, and really get to know another side of the characters.  An 8th film would be a continuation of the story to see where the characters go and the aftermath of the battle. Without question, a TV film would be so much more valuable. Having anything you want to hear or say? Click here for a voice submission or here for text. on InstagramSign up for The Quill and Ink
32:42 12/31/23
Which is the Best Christmas in Harry Potter?
Send us a Text Message.In this episode, we rank every Christmas in Harry Potter. Enjoy!Topics/Summary:·      2:15 Deathly Hallows. This is the Christmas on which Harry and Hermione met “Bathilda Bagshot” who was really Nagini. Voldemort showed up and tried to kill them, all this being after Harry saw the graves of his parents. His wand broke, many attempts were made on their lives, and they didn’t find the sword or anything else for that matter. Not their best.  ·      7:18 Chamber of Secrets. This might be a bit better than book seven, but it’s not great. This is the holiday season where Hermione turns into a cat and Ron and Harry turn into Crabbe and Goyle to question Malfoy, which was a complete disaster. They had a hilarious exchange around stomach pain and ran out.·      13:24 Goblet of Fire. The Yule Ball might seem cool at first glance, but it really didn’t end very well. Hermione managed to have a good time, but Ron was man that Krum chose Hermione over him and he had to destroy their nights. On top of that, Harry and Ron weren’t very kind to their own dates (“Do you want to dance?” Harry and Ron: “Naw”). ·      18:51 Half Blood Prince. This is middle of the road because there are some good and some bad events. The main bad reason is Harry’s spying on Malfoy. He ducks out of Slughorn’s party early just to spy on him! However, he does have a good time and also goes to the Burrow. Not a loss, not a victory.·      21:13 Order of the Phoenix. In both the book and film, this Christmas is spent very well. In the book, they spend a lovely dinner with Sirius at Grimauld Place, then they head to St. Mungo’s to see Arthur. In the film, Arthur is with them and they have a merry time. No complaints there.·      23:41 Prisoner of Azkaban. This is a good Christmas because of the Firebolt. Quidditch is one of Harry’s favorite things in the world, and this broom is the key to even more enjoyment out of it. Malfoy tries to catch him out and points out the fact that he has a broom, but he can’t do anything about it because it is completely allowed just like he tried to in the first book.·      26:14 Sorcerer’s Stone. There is nothing wrong with this one. It is the very first time we see a magical Christmas. There are no evil people to fight or huge problems that need solving. It’s just enjoying a fantastic Christmas with Harry’s best friend. He receives the invisibility cloak which turned into one of the most valuable things he has. There are so many good things happening here and it is hard to fault. Having anything you want to hear or say? Click here for a voice submission or here for text. on InstagramSign up for The Quill and Ink
30:48 12/24/23
Flip the Script: Peter Pettigrew is on Dumbledore's Side!
Send us a Text Message.In this episode, we flip the script to explore how the story would be different if Peter Pettigrew was on Dumbledore's side. Enjoy!Topics/Summary:·       1:59 Dumbledore would have another line to Dumbledore. Snape is an effective and worthy spy, but have two perspectives on information is very valuable. They could find out if Voldemort was planning something he didn’t want Snape to know. Peter is also much more low profile and he can turn into a rat. It would be easier for him to sneak into situations and listen in on more conversations. One line of intelligence is pretty good, but two is priceless. ·      7:23 Voldemort’s return would be different. This is a crossroads. It is Peter that helps Voldemort return the most, but if he’s on Dumbledore’s side, why would he? On the surface, it doesn’t make sense. But it might be a good move. Knowing Voldemort it makes sense that he would find a way to come back even without Peter’s help. So they can bring him back and install Peter as his right hand man and control his return in the process. Is it a good deal?·      12:38 Sirius might not go the Azkaban. Or, he might go for a specific reason. If Pettigrew was on his side and he knew it, why would be break out in the first place? But then again, he was put away because he killed many muggles and, apparently Peter. If he knew they were on the same side, why would he? But what if Dumbledore didn’t say anything to Sirius? They would still have the same fight and Sirius would be arrested. Then Dumbledore could prove it was Peter and Sirius would be released. Peter could then run to Voldemort as a criminal on the run, join with him and become a spy. ·      18:24 Malfoy Manor might be a little different. Peter owes Harry his life in the story, but things might shake out differently if they’re on the same side. Harry might not even end up there in the first place. But again even if he did, they could use it to their advantage. Peter could be the one to call Voldemort to prove his innocence and then create an escape, blaming someone else. 23:16 Peter might be a better person. If he’s on Dumbledore’s side, there’s a good chance that he has different morals and he cares about lives and being good. No matter if he’s on Dumbledore’s side so he becomes a better person or he’s a better person so he’s on Dumbledore’s side, it is a swell situation either way.Having anything you want to hear or say? Click here for a voice submission or here for text. on InstagramSign up for The Quill and Ink
30:23 12/17/23
Enemies that Could Have been Friends!
Send us a Text Message.In this episode, we discuss some enemies that could have been friends. Enjoy!·      2:11 Harry and Dudley. Watch the deleted scene here. The main benefit of this friendship would be an ally for Harry on Privet Drive. Every summer, he dreads the return and getting bullied by Dudley, but if he had a friend in Dudley instead, he might not find his summer home so horrible.·      9:12 Harry and Bellatrix. If Harry and Bellatrix were friends, the story would be very different. When she kills Sirius, would Harry begin to hate her guts like he did when she was his enemy from the start? Their storyline would be much more interesting if Voldemort forced Bellatrix to kill Sirius. We have to assume that Sirius and Bellatrix were on good terms before that which only adds another layer of complexity. This could never happen! But if it could…·      14:56 Snape and Hermione. This occurred to me because I never understood why Snape never saw Lily in Hermione as well as Harry. This is something that should have come out because though Harry is more closely related to Lily, Hermione is much closer to her at face value. It would be an unlikely friendship for sure, but it is one that could help bridge the gap of hate between Harry and Snape.19:04 Dumbledore and Voldemort. One of the most interesting parts of the Fantastic Beasts films is the relationship between Grindelwald and Dumbledore. If Grindelwald was replaced by Voldemort, how would the story change? Dumbledore would probably find the war more difficult because instead of fighting an evil wizard he’s fighting the little boy from the orphanage who is angry at the world. Having anything you want to hear or say? Click here for a voice submission or here for text. on InstagramSign up for The Quill and Ink
29:53 12/10/23
The Tri-Wizard Tournament is the smartest and dumbest competition of all time
Send us a Text Message.In this episode, we discuss the pros and cons of the tri-wizard tournament. Enjoy!Topics/Summary:·      2:10 Cheating is promoted. The point of the competition is to think on your feet and adapt to any situation, but if the champions know everything about the challenges before they even stat, there is no point to any of it and the only challenge becomes who can learn the most about the task beforehand. ·      5:11 Cheating is promoted. Genius! Cheating takes the competition out of the tasks and creates and more year-round event. If cheating is part of the tradition, it only tests more skills of more low profile work that the champions may have.·      10:02 It puts the students in danger. The risk of death or injury is remarkably high and even if everyone escapes unscathed (which they didn’t) they might not come out the same as Dumbledore said. It is difficult the justify this competition if the lively hood of the students is put into the question to such an extreme degree. ·      12:35 It brings the students together. Look at Hogwarts! With Cedric as a champion, every house was united against Harry which has never happened. Something powerful enough to get three of the four houses working together is worth mentioning. And the students from Durmstrang and Beauxbatons were cheering for their school’s candidate.·      15:49 It pulls the teachers apart. They were all in uproar when Harry was chosen and they didn’t want to give Dumbledore an unfair advantage. The teachers are also all competing to get the most information to their champion. For them, the whole point is to win. That’s it.·      19:16 A huge source of magical cooperation. Ministries work together and, though they might compete, the teachers meet and judge together. The students get the chance to meet others like them from different parts of the world and learning about a different way of life. Bill met his wife! They all have a common goal and interest that can promote magical harmony. ·      23:43 So is it worth the trouble? Absolutely not. The pros outweigh the cons and the only way to get rid of all the cons is to get rid of the tournament. There are other sources of magical cooperation that the ministries can work together on and if a competition is really what the students want, there is certainly one that can be thought up that doesn’t seriously put the students at risk.Having anything you want to hear or say? Click here for a voice submission or here for text. on InstagramSign up for The Quill and Ink
30:41 12/3/23
Top 10 Spells!
Send us a Text Message.In this episode, we rank the top 10 spells in Harry Potter. Enjoy!Topics/Summary:·      2:23 Honorable Mention and #10 Engorgio·      5:10 #9 Incendio·      7:10 #8 Immobulus ·      9:50 #7 Protego·      12:47 #6 Disillusionment charm·      16:22 #5 Bubble Head Charm·      18:54 #4 Wingardium Leviosa ·      20:59 #3 Expecto Patronum·      24:02 #2 Stupify·      26:00 #1 ExpeliarmusHaving anything you want to hear or say? Click here for a voice submission or here for text. on InstagramSign up for The Quill and Ink
30:19 11/26/23
Breakdown: Dobby!
Send us a Text Message.In this episode, we break down the character of Dobby. Enjoy!Summary/Topics:·      2:12 Dobby’s role in the story. Simply put, he started out as a solution for problems and a way to move the story along, but he became someone who stood up against the forces of evil and the weights that had previously held him back for so long. It is a real shame that he didn’t have the chance to come full circle and lead to house elves to victory against Voldemort. ·       10:22 Strengths. One of Dobby’s greatest strengths is his loyalty. Harry is the person that freed him from the Malfoys and he is forever thankful and loyal to Harry for doing that for him. Because of that, Dobby is willing to do anything for Harry. This works well in combination with another strength: being a house elf. He is a field agent of sorts that can go behind enemy lines and infiltrate   places that would be otherwise unavailable to Harry. ·      15:30 Weakness. Dobby has many just like any other character, but he main weakness is being in a position that wasn’t meant to make it to the end of the story. This isn’t his fault, but he is in the perfect place to be killed. He escaped his previous life which he hated and had made it so far, and began helping the people he truly cared for. That is just the right moment to take him out, right at the point where is hurts the most. ·      19:40 How would the story be different without him? The characters that benefited from his services would have to figure out how to do it themselves. This could lead to some pretty interesting story lines. For example, Aberforth. If he couldn’t send Dobby, he would have to find a way to get into the Malfoy Manor himself. And Moody couldn’t use Dobby to get the gillyweed to Harry. Instead, he could have to find a way to get it to Harry himself. ·      24:03 What was Dobby’s defining moment? When he was first set free. Lucius handed him the sock-filled diary that Harry had given a few moments before, and Dobby was free and he didn’t hold back. He said some things that he would never before and sent Lucius flying down the hallway. This set the scene for his defiance and his drive to fight for the right people. Having anything you want to hear or say? Click here for a voice submission or here for text. on InstagramSign up for The Quill and Ink
29:51 11/19/23

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