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RPGamer’s weekly podcast looks at the latest happenings in the world of Role Playing Games. From video to pen and paper, all is fair game as we go through the week’s news, latest releases, and reviews to keep you up to date on the best gaming genre out there.


RPGCast Episode 657 – “Well-Seasoned Blobber”
It's one final week of JCServant "Phil-ing" in! Chris plays Podcast: Painkiller Enhanced Edition, and probably needs a nap. Anna Marie picnics with some ham sandwiches, while her Pokémon are gettin' busy.
113:43 12/04/2022
RPGCast Episode 656 – “He Fought a Bridge!”
Phil is not a Privitere, and is NOT playing Pokemon. Anna's little community manager heart flutters, while Kelley learns that it IS a Chain Chomp.
113:04 11/20/2022
RPGCast Episode 655 – “You Kick Puppies!”
Phil Willis is back and while he's not Chris, he plays him on the podcast. Anna Marie is wondering why her cat, Scamper, is losing his mind. Kelley is compensating for suck, and we're all anxiously awaiting the launch of Pokémon this week.
83:21 11/14/2022
RPGCast – Episode 654: “You Canadian”
It's Extra Life Weekend baby! Phil puts Chris in a closet while Anna states that it's not because she's Canadian, it's because she's a cheap bitch. Meanwhile, the treasure chest looks back at Kelley with an expression that says "...Bruh."
84:43 11/06/2022
RPG Cast – Episode 653: “What Really Sank Sega?”
Tragedy strikes Kelley on the Beetle core. Phil doesn't expect the balloon inquisition. Chris brings his standard issue cat. And you all get to just sit there and wonder when the next Persona will come out.
108:20 10/29/2022
RPG Cast – Episode 652: “Because Dragons”
Josh is bringing Rabbids back. Also, RIP Kelley as her kitty goes on a rampage. Chris is a human in real life, but still has MMO sickness.
120:34 10/22/2022
RPG Cast – Episode 651: “I’m Sub-Entitled”
Kelley annoys her cat by looking at her feet. Chris scratches his nose with elbow spikes. Josh wonders how fast his computer can emulate Saturn. And Phil needs surgery because of Monster Hunter.
126:42 10/15/2022
RPG Cast – Episode 650: “The Yodagrinch”
Chris wonders if Pokémon is the future where the vegans win? Kelley just notices Josh's discord avatar is Joshua. Josh asks, "What is a mana game, but a miserable pile of menus?"
109:16 10/08/2022
RPG Cast – Episode 649: “Away With You, Stadia!”
Kelley is a complicated person when it comes to PC gaming. Josh is a quiet English man, slightly constipated. And Chris takes a Steam Deck to the face.
93:18 10/01/2022
RPG Cast – Episode 648: “Flawless Were-Cat Loaf”
Chris bangs his crotch on a keyboard. Kelley plays Alice Simulator on her not-laptop for portable gaming. And Robert makes the hard decision of filet mignon or 3 day old McDonalds.
114:30 09/24/2022
RPG Cast – Episode 647: “Stellar Eve for When You Don’t Feel Fresh”
Kelley is creeped out by grown men in diapers. Josh can't name a kaiju that isn't Godzilla or Mothra. And Chris gets an Elden Pacifier since he's never happy.
119:48 09/17/2022
RPG Cast – Episode 646: “You Have to Butter Your Sphinx”
Kelley carries her Vita with her, but then realizes she can't play the games in public. Josh practices his dramatic Yakuza shirt ripping skills. And Chris uses an AI to generate a new Soul Hackers map.
104:52 09/10/2022
RPG Cast – Episode 645: “Rob Zombie’s Drag-Gula Lost”
Kelley hoards all the PS5s. Chris needs a build for the I'm Bad playstyle. And Josh gets treatment for his cat's demon tapeworm.
111:08 09/03/2022
RPG Cast – Episode 644: “Is That a Demon Machine Making a Pizza?”
Kelley watches the American Sailor Moon pilot acid trip fever dream. Tam is going off to get 800 glamour shots. Chris gets carded while trying to buy a Mara.
109:18 08/27/2022
RPG Cast – Episode 643: “Kinky Chemical Engineer”
Congested Kelley goes HONK! Chris runs over old people in GTA while distracting Anna Marie with Octopath. RPGamer tip of the week: If your game has more than 12 currencies, it's main stream.
67:34 08/20/2022
RPG Cast – Episode 642: “We Are Not Bringing Up Your Cat Fountain”
Chris is not an automated phone system. Josh has been delayed until 2023. And Kelley gets cases for her Star Wars cases.
80:40 08/13/2022
RPG Cast – Episode 641: “It’s a Vestigial Wheel”
Chris takes his horse in for an oil change. Kelley droplifts bootleg amiibos at Target. Josh fantasizes about Nopon Tom Cruise.
108:46 08/06/2022
RPG Cast – Episode 640: “Does Your Task Bar Need Fiber?”
Chris's 3DS battery is swol. Johnathan educates us on the retro market. Kelley poopsocks like a three-legged kitten. While Josh waxes poetic about his Madden otome dating sim.
138:24 07/30/2022
RPG Cast – Episode 639: “Can We Just Kill This Guy and Get a New Hero”
Kelley thinks like a cat. Chris experiments with broccoli. Josh sells weed with Snoop Dogg. Don't tempt the mouse.
95:14 07/23/2022
RPG Cast – Episode 638: “F for Josh’s Inventory”
Kelley runs to Benny Hill theme music. Chris is imprisoned in the dimension of PS Plus madness. And Josh gets a new harness.
103:50 07/16/2022
RPG Cast – Episode 637: “Alice Ate My Licorice”
It's a duo show this week as Chris wants to try the fancy feast, while Kelley is deceived by that Oreo cookie look from her devil of a cat.
81:00 07/09/2022
RPG Cast – Episode 636: “Cloud Is a Winter SOLDIER”
Kelley kabongs all the monsters. Anna Marie summersaults with her warhorse. And Chris learns that two times zero is still zero.
129:24 07/02/2022
RPG Cast – Episode 635: “TMNT Is an RPG Now”
Kelley dodge rolls into graves in Elden Ring, Chris is tempted by the Diablo FOMO, and Anna Marie is spreading fake news? Yep, it's the weekly RPG Cast.
97:20 06/11/2022
RPG Cast – Episode 634: “That Bea Arthur Wig Gives Me a +5 to Int”
Anna gets her tentacle on, but doesn't notice any performance issues. Chris learns what a wheelbarrow is while putting his sink on the ceiling. And Kelley covers Vahn with cats and steals the unexpected Dragon Age: Inquisition!
95:38 06/04/2022
RPG Cast – Episode 633: “Your Cat Sharts on the Rainbow Bridge”
Kelley is better at Elden Ring than Chris. Anna Marie shows off her deck. And Chris hates sand. Time to go play with the HD-2D you have at home.
91:54 05/28/2022
RPG Cast – Episode 632: “I’m Done Dating Weapons”
Kelley enters the phlegm dimension. Chris thinks he's an Elden Lord. Josh summons another cat. You, unfortunately, went to E3 programming camp and are now a slave for EA. Sorry.
109:34 05/21/2022
RPG Cast – Episode 631: “God of Diablo”
Josh uses a cat carrier as an impromptu shield. Kelley learns that her husband's Steamdeck RNG is improved if she's not around. Meanwhile, Chris's turtles are always having mating season.
84:08 05/14/2022
RPG Cast – Episode 630: “Deus Gex”
Josh doesn't absolutely hate the font. Robert plays Burger Mecha Time. And Chris goes to date some double jointed dragon tanks.
89:36 05/07/2022
RPG Cast – Episode 629: “Legally Distinct Ghost Rider”
Kelley goes down the Sega Strategy Game Rabbit Hole. Chris becomes a doily shill. And Josh wants Sega to release Valkyria Chronicles as many times as it takes until people like it!
83:02 04/30/2022
RPG Cast – Episode 628: “Air Conditioning for Your Feet”
Josh has a decently sized angry cat burrito. Kelley butters the wolf in Rune Factory. Chris wonders if people have phones. But we all agree the new trend in game graphics should be soulshading.
125:20 04/23/2022