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Kickass Boomers is THE PLACE to find inspiration and motivation for boomers from 55-100 to help them live a "Life Inspired". Terry interviews boomers who Refuse to Age and are living a life of purpose and passion into their 60's, 70's, and beyond. Subscribe now for your weekly dose of inspiration.


#97: Charlie was a commercial fisherman until he decided to write stories about ancient legends of yesterday! 43:57 08/15/2022
#96: Have You Ever Thought of Moving To Another Country? Don't Worry Mike Can Help You! 37:25 08/08/2022
#95: Laura felt like a loser until she watched a documentary on the Navy Seals! 41:53 08/01/2022
#94: What is a Trauma-Induced STE & How is it Similar to a Near Death Experience? Listen to Marni's story to find out! 48:58 07/25/2022
#93: How Peter's 21st birthday gift from his father helped him secure success! 37:38 07/18/2022
#92: Would You Have The Courage to Start a Business in Your Sixties, If it was Your Passion? 48:38 07/11/2022
#91: Happy 4th of July & Independence Day America from Terry! 05:13 07/04/2022
#90: Episode Replay - Judith Stevens Explains Who Edgar Cayce Is & Why You Should Care 42:50 06/27/2022
#89: Are you a baby boomer planning on downsizing in the next year? 06:46 06/20/2022
#88: From Engineer to Mystery Novel Writer 31:34 06/13/2022
#87: Spyder and His Entertaining Senior Fitness Guide is Today's Hot topic! 32:52 06/06/2022
#86: An Inspiring Documentary About Friendship, Veterans, and Keeping Memories Alive 30:34 05/30/2022
#85: It's Never too Late to Laugh, Have fun, and Learn New Techniques to Build Your Confidence & Change Your Life With Jane Marla Robbins! 30:45 05/23/2022
#84: This is a rebroadcast of Ep#57 with Katharine a Best-Selling Author and an Activist for Aging Well, Living with Purpose, and Being Unexpectedly Happy! 38:29 05/16/2022
#83: Betsy Wurzell founded a new group on Facebook called Kick Alzheimer's Ass Movement! 39:00 05/09/2022
#82: What services are on the top of your list when researching senior care facilities for yourself or a family member? 45:10 05/02/2022
#81: James had the great granddaughter of a Titanic survivor on his podcast "Your History Your Story". We discuss this & more on Kickass Boomers today! 43:39 04/25/2022
#80: At 77 years young Kathleen Sinclair published her first book "F#ck Aging" 43:20 04/18/2022
#79: Encore interview with teen idol Bobby Rydell who passed away on 4/5/22. This is in tribute to his multifaceted life. R.I.P. Bobby WE Love You and Always Will! 56:24 04/11/2022
#78: We as grandparents have the chance to use reading to build better relationships with our young grandchildren! Find out how. 29:14 04/04/2022
#77: When Joann's husband had a heart attack she used his recovery time to start writing again. 47:07 03/28/2022
#76: As a boomer, are you drawn to art? Would you consider taking art lessons to engage your creative side? 23:45 03/21/2022
#75: Today's podcast speaks to the transformative power of giving - those who give often end up receiving a gift they never expected! 40:27 03/14/2022
#74: Your daughter asks you to write to her everyday at summer camp so you write a story about an alien visiting a camp! 27:09 03/07/2022
#73: When Lisa watched her blind father do things he shouldn't be able to do she began to look at life & business from another perspective! 31:49 02/28/2022
#72: A special President's Day guest, Ryan Garrett is dedicating his retirement to support our military, past & present and their families 32:50 02/21/2022
#71: Happy Valentine's Day from Dave & Dara Feldman, listen to Ep#71 and claim your FREE Virtues Cards App!! 43:00 02/14/2022
#70: Mia Altieri is the real life person who witnessed an urn being buried in her yard and that is just the beginning of the story! 28:31 02/07/2022
#69: "There's a Dead Girl in My Yard" and "Suddenly Single Sylvia: Plus Boomer Dating Guide" author Angela Page joins me today! 24:05 01/31/2022
#68: What is The Grief & Happiness Alliance & how can it help you if you are grieving the loss of someone close to you? 27:18 01/24/2022