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Simple steps anyone can take to help improve the world's current environmental and political situation


Episode 24 You Have The Power!!!
Just in time for the Holidays, a way to be a little tiny bit optimistic about humanity.  Yes. Good news.  From the honoring of Colin Kaepernick to the lifelong Republicans in Alabama who have yes, already voted for Doug Jones to the wondrous, generous, life saving action being taken by the Clinton Foundation in Puerto Rico.  There are angels among us, and if, like me, you sometimes (ok maybe 92% of the time) feel despair about the state of things....its awfully nice to realize that goodness exists.  So, tune in for a quick blast of uplift then return to whatever you are doing for the holidays!    
13:11 12/9/17
Episode 23
  Episode 23 Green Holiday Gift Guide !!! Please email feedback to ME!!! I’d love to hear from you! Communicate with the show via Twitter or Facebook! What’s this one all about? This episode looks at all the wonderful new companies out there that are selling ONLY sustainably produced gifts! I’m talking gorgeous clothes, sumptuous handbags or messenger bags, shoes your feet (and Anna Wintour) will love, toys for every little elf on your list, home and garden gifts, kitchen gifts, books, ideas for gifts to make at home and give in (OF COURSE) recycled glass gift containers! Why, if you can’t do all your shopping from this list of websites you aren’t human! So venture back in time with me to our imaginary magical department store and get all your shopping done in one fell swoop! Show topics ! Gift guide! Links to recipes  THE GREATEST GREEN GIFT GUIDE IN THE WORLD!!     CLOTHES AND ACCESSORIES Pact Yoga and leisure and underwear! Amour Vert, fashionable clothing for the green fashionista Athletic Wear Shoes made out of what??? Backpacks, messenger bags, handbags made out of ????? TOYS! TOYS! AND TOYS!! Brilliant Eco Toys made from wood Magical Woodland Toys made for your sprite Toys for the bath, the pool, the garden and healthy sustainable play dough sets HOME AND GARDEN!!! Rodales Bambeco Viva terra Toilet Paper for every Woodland Creature! And The Claus’ Ho Ho Ho Organic Gardening Supplies The Life Without Plastic store The huge one stop enviro gift site Organic Sheets that won’t break the bank Independent Books on the Web RECIPES FOR HOMEMADE GIFTS Greatest Easiest Granola Recipe in the World Nigella Lawson’s Alcoholic Hot Chocolate Limoncello for the rest of us! Adorable recycled glass bottles for your special Limoncello brew Help us all save the world! If you found this episode helpful kindly go over to iTunes and make sure that you are subscribed. If ratings are your thing, a rating would do wonders to help more people learn all about how to save the world! How to find the transcript? Easy peasy lemon squeezy. Just head on over to to look at all the show notes, or the transcripts or here! and look for the Episode 23 Transcript post. Connect with the show! Facebook Twitter Email:  
41:11 11/16/17
Episode 22 Disaster Prep for the Worried Environmentalist
Episode 22   Disaster Preparations for the Worried Environmentalist Please email feedback to ME!!! I’d love to hear from you! Communicate with the show via Twitter or Facebook!  What’s this one all about?      Worried about a flood, a fire, an earthquake, a tornado or any other climate crisis related disaster coming to a neighborhood near you? Join me as I make quick work of getting ready for come what may! (Ok, maybe not THAT quick when you actually have to spend an afternoon doing it...but come on, just taking one measely afternoon to prepare yourself so you don't have to panic in an emergency situation is pretty quick!) Here in one handy dandy place is everything you need to read, print out, and squirrel away to protect yourself and your family in case of disaster.      I have tried to be as comprehensive in my amassing of info as I can be. I have tried to make this as easy a process for you to do as possible. If you can, take a look at all these links..make a few decisions. Put together some kits on your own, and buy a few add-ons. Be prepared. Don't kid yourself, the way things are going, you will be glad you listened to my eternal nagging. SHOW TOPICS Fema must-have’s and suggested add-ons for your emergency go bag. My Personal add-ons—what I think I will need, and suggest you might consider including. And hey…what the hell will you do with all the poop your family will undoubtedly be generating during a crisis! The Red Cross, not just a place to give and get blood anymore! Solar ovens, Solar back-up generators Life Straws! What is non-perishable food and why do I want some? Book Report–A New Segment! This month its all about Jayber Crow and Wendell Berry New Product Report–“Who Gives A Crap” NO not about the new product..the new product IS Who Gives A Crap Bamboo Eco Toilet Paper!!! Hear all about it! Links mentioned on the show! Guys, please, please, please, click on some of these links! Info Sites for Emergency Prep: Fema’s Emergency Prep Must-have lists Federal Guidelines for Planning ahead for an emergency Fema sample print out of how to create a family emergency plan Red Cross—go check out their site. Its not just about donating blood. You can even become a volunteer in your area. And sorrowfully–What to do if there is a Nuclear Blast Poop Solutions–Read this and print out PDF even if you don’t plan on going any further The Twin Bucket Emergency Toilet Yes, there is an app for this! 10 Apps you can download that will keep you safe LINKS TO SUPPLIES YOU CAN/SHOULD BUY Red Cross 72 hour Emergency One Person Backpack      *  Emergency Bivvy Rechargable Hand Crank AM/FM/NOAA Weather Alert Radio–remember this also will recharge your cell phone and comes with a solar panel for charging as well Life Straw–get one for every member of your household Portable Solar Oven Another Portable Cooking option The KellyKettle–its a tiny stove that runs on whatever fuel you can scrounge up, pinecones, twigs, leaves, anything. and finally—in case you didn’t get a stove despite my nagging here is the guide to print out how to make one out of a tin can. How To Make A backpacking Stove Let there be light, PLEASE! I’d advise getting at least 3 of these. One for each go bag, and one for your at home nightmare scenario big duffel bag prep kit.LuciMpoweredSolarLanterns FOOD PREP Word to the wise. You can order all sorts of freeze dried food supplies from places as diverse as REI, COSTCO and/or Walmart. You can also download lists of what you need, and go to the supermarket. 72 hour Emergency DIY food kit VegetarianMenuPlan and list of supplies for 3 days or 1 week A Book to buy read and tuck into food storage box A GREAT WEBSITE, not just for Vegetarians (lets face it, who is going to be hauling around legs of lamb during an apocalypse?) SolarOvenRecipesPDF How to make your own Solar Oven at home if you didn’t follow my advice and buy one. Print out this pdf, and at least keep the supplies to make one of these in your duffel bag. SOLAR BACK UP POWER *The Tesla FABULOUS power wall. If you are really flush and/or really need to rely on back up power Portable Solar rechargable Power Packs GoalZero *READ UP BEFORE YOU COMMIT AND BUY! Off Grid Solar System in a Box HOME-WIDE portable solar power generator. $$$$ but you will have power. And that may make all the difference. You won’t run out of fuel either. Hello? Sunlight!!!! Be Prepared 2500 Watt 24V Solar Generator with Solar Array   BOOK REPORT “JayberCrow” by Wendell Berry New York Times Book Review in case you want to get more info then my teeny tiny book report link to purchase it via Indiebound   NEW PRODUCTS Who Gives A Crap Bamboo Eco Toilet Paper Beth Terry’s blog post all about this fabulous world saving toilet paper so you can get all excited before you order it! Help us all save the world! If you found this episode helpful kindly go over to iTunes and make sure that you are subscribed. If ratings are your thing, a rating would do wonders to help more people learn all about how to save the world! Connect with the show! Facebook Twitter Email: howyoucansavetheworld(at)  
48:27 10/13/17
Episode 21 Worry Globally, Act Locally
Sorry show notes so skimpy, had a slight emergency.  But here is the link to Palisades Beautiful   Will update all show note info when I return.    Best, Barbara
57:15 8/20/17
Episode 20 Jon Ossoff! What I learned, who I saw, who I met Canvassing in Georgia's 6th District
  Episode 20 Come with me to meet Jon Ossoff! What I learned, who I saw, and what is the future of Georgia’s 6th District!! Please email feedback to ME!!! I’d love to hear from you! Communicate with the show via Twitter or Facebook! What’s this one all about? Join me as I venture forth into Georgia’s 6th district! Yes, your intrepid podcasting friend hopped on a plane, and went to canvas for Jon Ossoff in the final weekend before the big election! This episode is about my experience—a blue state democrat in a red state republican district. I realized in the editing of the show….which is, in the main, about the special election—- that it is actually about a much bigger picture. So, here’s a disclaimer….this episode IS about the Ossoff campaign, but it is also in many ways the experience I had, bumping into a culture that is manifestly different then my own. If I offend anyone at all, I’m deeply sorry. If I seem condescending or smug in my Blue State Elitism….I am even MORE sorry. I have tried to tell the story of my time there….and what it was like to drop into a world where the act of canvassing door to door in an affluent Republican stronghold felt like those who were doing it were taking a true risk. Was it like marching across the bridge in Selma? No, obviously it was not. But…I’ve lived all my life in places where my idea of justice, of the law, of spirituality, of community—was inclusive, color blind, and had the stated and implicit goal of being fair. To suddenly be operating in a land where the underpinnings of the society are so different—-was a shock. I know this election didn’t turn out as we wanted….but….this episode is all about the inspiring democrats I met and worked with. Listen in and vicariously experience the excitement, the ups, the downs, and the hopes the locals have for the future of this once solidly Republican bastion. I promise…you will feel better after you tune in. Links mentioned on the show!  *Wall-of-Us *Washington Post Article by Jon Ossoff: Lessons for Democrats from the Georgia election *FiveThirtyEight podcast episode analyzing election results *Pave it Blue Help us all save the world! If you found this episode helpful kindly go over to iTunes and make sure that you are subscribed. If ratings are your thing, a rating would do wonders to help more people learn all about how to save the world! Connect with the show! Facebook Twitter Email: howyoucansavetheworld(at)  
64:34 7/3/17
Episode 19 Fear and Loathing in America
Episode 19         Fear and Loathing in America Please email feedback to ME at howyoucansavetheworld@gmail I’d love to hear from you! Communicate with the show via Twitter or Facebook! What’s this one all about? This episode looks at the link between the life and death struggle our planet is engaged in, and the ambient fear we are all reacting to. Can animal and vegetable alarm pheromones trigger fear in humanoids? Additionally what about the unprecedented high levels of CO2 we are all suddenly trying to live with? If high concentrations of CO2 make mice frightened, what on earth is it doing to us? I explore the science behind the possibilty that our heightened fear responses may be triggering a vengeful return to tribalism that threatens both our common sense as well as our survival as a species. Take a xanax, or a belt of bourbon, and tune in!!!! Show topics  Human fear pheromones, they exist!! How does a pheromone work, for crying out loud? (its an invisible sensory telegram exuded in sweat, urine, or even tears–sent by one organism to another.) After message is received, how do humans behave when afraid? Taking refuge in tribalism—the first step towards the undoing of civil society. How do we refrain from being frightened, and act from our reason, not our amygdala? Links mentioned on the show!!! Guys, please, please, please, click on some of these links! The scientists and political scientists, and researchers and writers I site are wayyyyyy smarter then I am! You will learn SO much if you just take a moment to click on a few of the links. Their research is incredible.            Invisibilia Episode "Disappearing Fear" Dr. Liliane Mujica-Parodi, sky divers, and fear pheromones “The Smell of Fear is Real, say Scientists” “The Neurobiology of Olfaction”–or the evidence that fear pheromones cross species lines World’s Vanishing Glaciers Put Millions at Risk What the hell does melting permafrost have to do with me? “The trees that make Southern California Shady and Green are Dying. Fast.” How much CO2 is in our atmosphere? “Carbon Dioxide Set an All-Time Monthly High” Fear. “How Your Body Responds to Fear” “Powerlessness and the Politics of Blame” by Martha C. Nussbaum "How Tribalism Overrules Reason and Makes Risky Times More Dangerous by David Ropeik “Tribalism is tearing America Apart” by Robert Reich YouTube A.C.T. therapy video ….how to use the tools of Dr. Russ Harris to separate your reason from your automatic fear response Professor Jon Kabat-Zinn Mindfulness teacher, writer and scientist, and the program he designed at UMass called Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction. The super cool, super neat Muse bio feedback meditation teaching device you can use at home! Help us all save the world! If you found this episode helpful kindly go over to iTunes and make sure that you are subscribed. If ratings are your thing, a rating would do wonders to help more people learn all about how to save the world! Connect with the show! Facebook Twitter Email: howyoucansavetheworld(at) >
49:19 6/14/17
Episode 18 ALL ABOUT TREES!!!!
Please send feedback to! I’d love to hear from you! Communicate with the show via Twitter or Facebook! In this episode I talk to Clarissa Boyajian and Linda Eremita of TreePeople all about their organization and about trees! Tons of info on why you should plant a tree in the age of Trump ESPECIALLY. How planting a tree is the single best thing you can do right away to help stop global warming as well as to add more oxygen to the atmosphere. Breathing is good, right? Show topics at your disposal! Tree Planting Humans who have made a difference. * Hubnath Pandrey * Felix Finkbeiner (?) * Andy Lipkis Interview with Clarissa Boyajian and Linda Eremita of TreePeople The science behind why a tree is so wonderful. How to plant your own tree. Links mentioned on the show! Inspiring Humans Who Are Planting Gazillions of Trees! Professor in Mumbai who is a tree-planting genius The 9 year old who launched the planting of over 14 billion trees! Want to help Felix plant a tree? The Los Angeles Teenager–now 62 year old wizard who has transformed and created how we think about the urban forest References To the Science behind the statements!! TRUE FACTS!! How many trees are required to produce oxygen for 1 measely person? Namely, you!! How trees product oxygen? How much CO2 can a tree actually take out of the atmosphere, and other fun things trees do! What can you expect climate change to do to your neck of the California woods? Type in your zipcode here! Need to find an urban forestry organization in your city if you DON’T live in Los Angeles? Info about how YOU yes YOU can actually plant your tree today!!! The right tree for your zipcode! Video on how to plant a fig tree! I love this company. They provide so much helpful info in the form of blog posts as well as videos. You can really learn a lot about how to plant anything on their site, and it helps that the plants you order from them are 100% organic and EXTREMELY healthy. My blueberries are insane! Step by step video and blog post on how to plant a tree More info on how to plant a tree How to tell what kind of soil you have in the area you want to plant your tree! The right tree for the right soil!!! THIS IS IMPORTANT. Take 10 minutes to read this BEFORE falling in love with your tree. Help us all save the world! If you found this episode helpful kindly go over to iTunes and make sure that you are subscribed. If ratings are your thing, a rating would do wonders to help more people learn all about how to save the world! Connect with the show! Facebook Twitter Email: howyoucansavetheworld(at) >
62:35 5/12/17
Episode 17--EMERGENCY BROADCAST re: Comey Firing
Episode 17: Emergency Broadcast Please send feedback to! I’d love to hear from you! Communicate with the show via Twitter or Facebook! This brief podcast is a response to the firing of James Comey. A few words of wisdom, inspiration, and ideas for what you can do. Links mentioned on the show! 3 Senators Save Methane Regulation Emergency Episode of The Lawfare Podcast Department of Justice Website Hotline re:act newsletter A list of some of the folks I follow on Twitter: Claude Taylor @TrueFactsStated Scott Dworkin@funder Spread the Vote @SpreadTheVoteUs InspiredJen @inspiredjen Michael McFaul @McFaul LouiseMensch @LouiseMensch Malcolm Nance @MaclolmNance PhilippeReines @PhilippeReines Oliver Willis @owillis Celeste P. @Celeste_pewter Blake Hounshell @blakehounshell Darvid Rothkopf @djrothkopf Ian Millhiser @imillhiser Jonathan Capehart @CapehartJ Neera Tanden @neeratanden Steve Clemons @SCClemons Kurt Eichenwald @kurteichenwald Evan MCMullin @Evan_McMullin Lawrence Tribe @tribelaw Susan Hennessey @Susan_Hennessey Lauren Duca @laurenduca Sarah Kendzior @sarahkendzior Ari Melber @AriMelber Josh Marshall @joshtpm David Corn @DavidCornDC Joan Walsh @joanwalsh Help us all save the world! If you found this episode helpful kindly go over to iTunes and make sure that you are subscribed. If ratings are your thing, a rating would do wonders to help more people learn all about how to save the world! Connect with the show! Facebook Twitter Email: howyoucansavetheworld(at)  
12:06 5/10/17
Episode 16--It's STILL up to US!!!!!
Episode 16    IT'S STILL UP TO US !!!   Please send feedback to! I’d love to hear from you Communicate with the show via Twitter or Facebook This week I talk about ways to stay sane while continuing to be a committed and effective social activist. I was lucky enough to get us an interview with the creator and editor of one of the best Weekly Social Activism To Do sites The down and dirty recap! An interview with Jenn Hofmann of The Weekly Action Checklist for Democrats, Independents, and Republicans of Conscience. George Lakoff, FINALLY we discuss that term thrown about on every news program, ‘the narrative’. It actually means something important…especially if you have Trump Voter friends/foes/relatives in your life! Oh the joys of the Bullet Journal! Time Management and your new extra bonus career as a social activist! If you do this…you will keep on keeping on. My Go-To sources for weekly social actions: Jenn’s Weekly Action Checklist re:act Flippable Spread the Vote 5 Calls a Day Indivisible Go to a meeting a protest, or a townhall for your own sanity’s sake. Swing Left–Adam Green KINDNESS COUNTS How to help an immigrant re-settle into the US International Refugee Assistance Project How to not lose your marbles… Zen and the Art of Activism Who said that? “Never Give Up, Never Surrender” “Fear is the path to the dark side. Fear leads to anger. Anger leads to hate. Hate leads to suffering.” (and yes, I totally got the quote wrong when I was speaking to myself in the episode!! Bonus points if you noticed that! All the links!!! Jenn Hofmann’s Weekly Action Checklist for Democrats, Independents, and Republicans of Conscience George Lakoff Bullet Journal GREAT article on how to set up your bullet journal re:act flippable Spread the Vote 5 Calls A Day Indivisible New York Times Article about How to Help Refugees In the United States Info on online course to help refugees at International Refugee Assistance Program A Zen Master’s Advice on Coping With Trump Help us all save the world!      If you found this episode helpful, kindly go over to ITunes and make sure that you are subscribed. If ratings are your thing, a rating would do wonders to help more people learn all about how to save the world! Connect with the show! Facebook Twitter email:  
58:01 4/5/17
      Yes Virginia, Global Warming is real, and our planet IS heating up! Yet…wintertime and chilly days still abound. How then do you stay warm, without cooking the rest of the earth?  This episode is ALL about the DIY tips and the science behind staying warm without burning fossil fuel to do so. This episode is not about suffering in a chilly home for the sake of the common good! Its about as cozy as a cup of hot chocolate with a marshmallow on top! All about the warmth! Episode 15 warm and toasty recap! What actually happened to our communal home climate-wise this past winter? How to understand the enviromental cost in the different ways you can  heat your home. Quick and dirty tips for lowering your heating bill AS WELL your CO2 emissions. What else you can burn in your fireplace to stay warm? (and no, it isn’t your furniture!) Gorgeous Alternative Fireplace warming options!  (real facts, not alternative ones!) What is a fireplace balloon and why should everyone get one? HEAT PUMPS? Geo-thermal heat pumps? What on earth....Hmmmm? DIY–the remarkable invention of the flowerpot heater! THE EGLOO, why you want one! Why I love them! EGLOO EGLOO EGLOO Making totally carbon neutral soy tealight candles for fuel! Meet Jack Monroe, British Budget Food Blogger, and doyenne of how to keep warm in a freezing UK apartment! Tons of DIY Tips from her and her readers on ways to amp up the cozy. INSULATION. Not such a sexy topic, except, who feels amorous when they are freezing? I ask you? There is a reason more people go to tropical islands for their honeymoons then Reykjavik. Really easy and odd DIY techniques I guarantee you have never thought of to insulate your windows, and your home all by yourself! ALL THE LINKS!!!!  Facts about energy usage worldwide compared to US use! Info about how much energy goest to heating and cooling our very own homes! How to understand the cost to the planet of how you heat your your home! Wood burning fireplaces and stoves, friend or foe??? Cool info on Bioethanol FP you, yes you can get for wherever you live, even a yurt How much energy, heat, and money, goes right up your chimney! The Chimney balloon, where to get one! The Chimney balloon, how to use one! Buying a new heater/ac/water heater? All about the geothermal heat pump! Even St. Pats has gone green! Read about the geothermal heat pump saving NYC’s spiritual environment! Do geothermal heat pumps cost you more moola in your electric bill? Myths and Facts about the heat pump! All the info you need! EGLOO! Buy it here!!![ How to make a flowerpot tea-light heater for your room! How to make a different version of a flowerpot heater Where to get carbon neutral candle making supplies! Meet Jack Monroe and her list of DIY tips for staying warm—read the comments as well! How Norway stays warm, and it isn’t only snuggling with other blondes! DIY tips to insulate a drafty apartment! More great info and DIY keeping warm tips and ways to insulate your home or apartment      
52:45 3/19/17
014 It's Up To Us
It’s Up To Us This episode is all about how to be an effective social activist in the age of Trump. In it I discuss how to move from panic mode and fretting to taking the small actions that will really make a huge difference, politically. Not only is the show full of political activism tips, it also outlines suggestions for how to stay sane while taking those actions. Additionally there are interviews with Alexander Edelman, political campaign consultant, as well as with James Atkinson, social activist. I discuss with both men what the road ahead looks like for those of us who want to take back our Democracy. Links and articles mentioned on this episode How To Be Calm Under Pressure: 3 Secrets From A Bomb Disposal Expert Sarah Kendzior’s info: website, twitter, text of her tweet The 2018 Town Hall Project Spread Sheet of schedule for all Congress’s town hall meetings 5 Calls a Day Re:act Newsletter mentioned on the show How to subscribe to the re:act newsletter Flippable Countable Swing Left Alexander Edelman’s article on Medium Here is a link to the site which will tell you exactly who your State Senator and State Assemblyperson is. Remember, these are the elected officials in charge of gerrymandering districts! You want to keep your eye on these races, and flip them blue. How Venezuela dealt with the takeover of their government by the extreme right. Very useful. If you have time…read it. Air Purifying Vertical Forest Building being constructed in China Here is James Atkinson’s sample list of organizations in Los Angeles that you can volunteer in to make a huge difference: If you’re concerned about politics/social justice, and you want to get involved, there are lots of opportunities in LA. Here’s a list of organizations. I’ll update with more later. AMERICAN CIVIL LIBERTIES UNION civil liberties group volunteer: donate: contact: 213–977–9500 ANSWER antiwar / antiracism group volunteer: donate: contact: 2936 W 8th St Los Angeles, CA 90005 (2nd floor of the First Unitarian Church) COUNSEL ON AMERICAN-ISLAMIC RELATIONS America’s largest Muslim civil liberties organization donate:… volunteer: contact: 2180 W. Crescent Avenue, Suite F Anaheim, CA 92801 714–776–1847 DEMOCRATIC PARTY - LOS ANGELES COUNTY LACDP conducts Democratic Party campaigns in Los Angeles County volunteer: donate: contact: 3550 Wilshire Blvd. Suite 1203 Los Angeles, CA 90010 213–382–0063 DEMOCRATIC SOCIALISTS OF AMERICA multi-issue, non partisan socialist group join: donate: event calendar: contact: 323–496–6604 DIDI HIRSCH MENTAL HEALTH SERVICES mental health, substance abuse, and suicide prevention services volunteer: donate:… contact: 888–807–7250 (M-F 8:30 am - 5:00 pm) DOWNTOWN WOMEN’S CENTER helping women overcome poverty volunteer: donate:…/rc_connect__campaig… contact: 442 S San Pedro St Los Angeles, CA 90013 213–680–0600 LA WORKS calendar of local volunteer opportunities volunteer:… donate: contact: 323–224–6510 LOS ANGELES LGBT CENTER LGTB advocacy group volunteer: donate: contact: 1625 N. Schrader Boulevard Los Angeles, CA 90028–6213 323–993–7400 LOS ANGELES MUSEUM OF THE HOLOCAUST provides free Holocaust education to the public & houses precious artifacts volunteer:…/job-opport…/volunteer-opportunities/ donate: contact: Los Angeles Museum of the Holocaust 100 S. The Grove Drive Los Angeles, California 90036 323- 651–3704 MEXICAN AMERICAN LEGAL DEFENSE & EDUCATION FUND Latino legal civil rights organization volunteer: donate: contact: 634 S. Spring Street Los Angeles, CA 90014 Phone: 213–629–2512 MIDNIGHT MISSION services for the homeless to reach self-sufficiency volunteer:…/spring–2…/volunteer/step–1/ donate: contact: 601 South San Pedro Street, Los Angeles, CA 90014 USA 213–624–9258 NATIONAL ORGANIZATION FOR WOMEN multi issue women’s rights group join: donate: OPERATION HOPE financial literacy for the poor volunteer: donate: contact: Youth Empowerment, Los Angeles 707 Wilshire Boulevard, 30th Floor Los Angeles CA 90017 213–891–2900 PLANNED PARENTHOOD ADVOCACY PROJECT LOS ANGELES COUNTY public policy & advocacy wing of planned parenthood, the reproductive health care provider volunteer:…/los-an…/volunteer-with-ppap.html donate: contact: PUBLIC COUNSEL pro bono law firm that serves people at or below the poverty line volunteer: donate:…/donation-welcome-page contact: 610 South Ardmore Avenue Los Angeles, CA 90005 Tel: (213) 385–2977 RAPE, ABUSE & INCEST NATIONAL NETWORK anti-sexual violence organization that helps survivors and advocates policies volunteer: donate: locations: SIERRA CLUB environmental organization volunteer: join:…/rc_connect__campaign_desi… donate: contact: Sierra Club, Angeles Chapter 3435 Wilshire Blvd, #660 Los Angeles, CA 90010–1904 213–387–4287 TREVOR PROJECT crisis intervention & suicide prevention for LGBTQ youth volunteer: donate: contact: PO Box 69232 West Hollywood, CA 90069 310–271–8845 Thank you To…. Alex Moothart, web design and social media Elsie Escobar, mentor and fairy godmother extraordinaire!  
64:05 2/18/17
13: The naked environmentalist gets dressed
Episode #13 Cotton is more than what you wear. This huge crop and the pesticides sprayed on it are also in what you eat and drink. We look at sustainable clothing and how your wardrobe can save the world. Includes an interview with Rebecca Burgess from Fibershed.   Information on Fibershed Company Website Fibershed Affiliates, perhaps one is near you! Retailer directory Information on Cotton “Chemical Cotton,” Rodale Institute  The Deadly Chemicals in Cotton,” Environmental Justice Foundation “Sustainable Agriculture: Cotton,” World Wildlife Foundation “Conventional Cotton Statistcs,” EcoChoices “Consumer Guide to Organic Cotton Clothing and Bedding,” “Who Grew Our Clothes?” Fibershed Sustainable Cotton Project Information on Pesticides “Is Roundup killing our honeybees?” Natural news “Cotton and Pesticides,” National Wildlife Federation Products The amazing Krumpers Solar Blinds Follow us on Facebook and Twitter Email us at
65:36 6/15/16
12: Stop global warming from your kitchen
From farm to table, how does the food you eat impact the environment?  We look what it really means to buy organic and the best ways (if at all) to consume meat.   Links Food Information Michael Pollan’s Netflix series, Cooked Jennifer Chait article: “Environmental Benefits of Organic Farming” The Guardian: “Want to have a real impact on climate change? Then become a vegetarian” The Guardian: “10 ways vegetarianism can help save the planet” American Nutrition Association: “Eat Organic and Combat Global Warming” The Environmental Working Group: This year’s update of EWG’s Shopper’s Guide to Pesticides in Produce & The Dirty 15 Good Food on a Tight Budget Books Michael Pollan Maria Rodale: Organic Manifesto: How Organic Food Can Heal Our Planet, Feed the World, and Keep Us Safe Recipes Maria Rodale’s Tomato Soup Cooking on a Bootstrap Pam Anderson: How to Cook Without a Book: Recipes and Techniques Every Cook Should Know by Heart Lettuce vs. Bacon Controversy  Think Progress: “No, Lettuce Is Not Worse For The Environment Than Bacon” “Debunking Claims that Lettuce is 3 Times Worse Than Bacon”  
54:54 4/29/16
11: Green apartment living
From windows to appliances to baking bread, we look at all the ways you can save the world from your apartment.  Includes interviews with Diana Livshits (Krumpers Solar Blinds) and Erik Knutzen (Root Simple).   Links Appliances  5 Tips on Organizing Your Fridge- The Kitchn Discover info on energy saving tips for dishwasher usage as well as to discover info about Peak Energy Usage/Time Varied Rate Plan- Energy Upgrade CA Laundry Information- Michael Blue Jay How to Replace the Gasket- Family Handyman Dryers- Michael Blue Jay Ovens- Michael Blue Jay How to Caulk Windows- Cooking 5 Reasons to Use a Bread Machine- Apartment Therapy How to bake no-knead bread in a slow cooker- YouTube Oatmeal No-Knead Bread- Garden Form Sweet Potato Greens Cooking Info- Epicurious Products Wool dryer balls- EcoNuts Solar Screens- Mobile Screens, Etc Eco-Solar Window Blinds- Krumper’s Solar Blinds Chargers- Belkin RootSimple Link to Kelly and Erik’s website, RootSimple Their book: Making It: Radical Home Ec for a Post-Consumer World  Useful Information Airplane Travel Offset Info: Sierra Club, Carbon Footprint, Carbon Fund Planes, Trains, and Automobiles: Counting Carbon- The ICCT   The first world’s first solar-powered airport is in Cochin, India- Daily News
70:30 4/2/16
10: It's all about the bees
Pesticides and habit changes are killing honeybees.  What can we do to rescue these vital pollinators?  We talk honey, hives, gardening, and "the birds and the bees" in this month's episode.  Interviews with Jessica Lamden and Kirk Anderson.   Helpful bee information What does a honey bee eat and how do they collect it?  -Catskill Provisions  Why do honey bees need pollen? -Bee Pollen Products HoneyLove, urban bee keepers (website of the McFarlands, authors of Save the Bees with Natural Backyard Hives) The Orchard Mason Bee: The Life History, Biology, Propagation, and Use of a North American Native Bee  by Brian L. Griffin (Author), Sharon Smith (Illustrator) Bee friendly plants  Suggestions for planting a bee garden from Honey Bee Conservancy Natural Resources Defense Council information on saving the bees Nature Conservancy’s page on bees  Suggestions for planting a bee garden from Honey Bee Conservancy Kirk Anderson’s Apiary Apricot Lane Farms Call to Action Contact the biggest manufacturer of Neonics, Bayer I could not, of course, locate an actual address for the CEO of Bayer but here is his snail mail address.  I’d just write a note addressed to the CEO of Bayer MY research indicates that this is: Dr. Marijn Dekkers, 51368 Leverkusen, Germany, Phone: +49 214 30-1 Monsanto, thee US’s the biggest ahem, home grown, polluter.  Their website claims they are a “sustainable corporation.”  Contact them and tell them what you think Two websites to find your congressperson and/or your senator and/or your state senator so you can email all of them about banning Neonics and saving the bees:
58:26 2/26/16
09: Urban Homesteading: old fashioned solutions to the problem of climate change
From gardening to canning to keeping chickens, we look at the ways of urban homesteaders and how this method of sustainable living keeps you healthy while reducing your carbon footprint.  Includes an interview with Erica Strauss, author of The Hands-On Home: A Seasonal Guide to Cooking, Preserving & Natural Homekeeping. Find us on: Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr Email us with suggestions or tips at Links Erica Strauss’ Website Northwest Edible Life Websites Little House in the Suburbs Books Just a  note, whenever you can, buy titles from local bookstores, like Diesel Book Store for those of you based in Los Angeles Little House in the Suburbs: Backyard farming and home skills for self-sufficient living by  by Deanna Caswell  and Daisy Siskins Farm City: The Education of an Urban Farmer by Novella Carpenter The Quarter-Acre Farm: How I Kept the Patio, Lost the Lawn, and Fed My Family for a Year by Spring Warren The Hands-On Home: A Seasonal Guide to Cooking, Preserving & Natural Homekeeping by Erica Strauss and Charity Burggraaf
44:19 1/31/16
World Saver Spotlight #2: Beth Terry
In our new segment, we look at one person’s amazing endeavors to save the world. Our second installment features an interview with Beth Terry, creator of My Plastic Free Life.   Find us on: Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr Email us with suggestions or tips at
26:26 12/17/15
08: How to have a happy green holiday
Is it possible to have an environmentally friendly holiday season?  Barbara Edelman looks at all the ways you can celebrate with e-cards, lights and candles, trees, and amazing gifts.  You can do it all and still save the world.  Seasons greetings indeed.   Find us on: Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr Email us with suggestions or tips at   All the information from this episode: Articles The environmental cost in the UK of a typical holiday season (Independent) Are your holiday cards bad for the environment? (Mashable) Are candles bad for the environment? (Naked Scientist) Soy candles vs paraffin (Zuna) Christmas Tree Debate: Real vs. Fake? (The Nature Conservancy) LED Christmas Lights Versus Regular Christmas Lights (Christmas Tree Market) LED Christmas Lights Guide (Christmas Lights, Etc.) Light Pollution Harms the Environment (Department of Physics, Florida Atlantic University) Products Beeswax Chanukah Candles from Beeswax Candleworks Candy canes from Spangler Candy Luci, solar powered lanterns from Mpowerd Black+Blum Thermo Pot Gift Guides Earth Easy: Carbon neutral gifts along with blogs and every other neat thing for house and garden. Waldorf Supplies: For wooden toys that expand the mind. TOMS: Products that benefit the environment and gives back to those in need. China Berry: Great books and toys. Hearth Song: A toy company, especially great for kids 9-12, Isabella Catalog: Wonderful for the woman in your life and make sure to look at the Enessa beauty products. They are all packaged in glass (yay, no plastic!).   Rodales: The winner in the fabulous catalog department. We defy you to NOT find a gift for anyone on your list.
62:31 12/2/15
07: Hot environmentalists chill out
The world is getting hotter and you need to stay cool.  But how can you do that and save the world?  We look at air conditioners, fans, and all the other ways you can save energy and money.  Includes an interview with Daniel Payne from Payne Air Conditioned Heating and Service. Find us on: Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr Email us with suggestions or tips at     All the information from this episode: This Episode’s Guest Payne Air Conditioned Heating and Service Energy Links Energy Star: Save Energy at Home US Department of Labor: average energy prices  Michael BlueJay  Home Power: “Cheaper, efficient cooling with whole-house fans” “Cool your house with negative pressure ventilation” Energy Calculators Rapid Tables: watts to kWh calculator EPA: Greenhouse gas equivalences calculator  Products Gila 10386589 Platinum Heat Control Peel and Cling Window Film  AirScape 3.5e WHF Ergodyne Chill-Its 6602 Evaporative Cooling Towel
63:16 10/29/15
06: Carbon, carbon, everywhere
What can you do to rid the world of excess CO2? We talk about food and farming solutions with Courtney White, author of “Grass, Soil, Hope.” Yes, there really is a solution to global warming!  For show notes visit Email us at Find us on: Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr Email us with suggestions or tips at     All the information from this episode:   Articles Limited Progress Seen Even as More Nations Step Up on Climate (New York Times) Ex Machina: No Techno-Fix For Irreversible Ocean Collapse From Carbon Pollution (Climate Progress) Acid Test: Rising CO2 Levels Killing Ocean Life (Op-Ed) (Live Science) Books by Courtney White Grass, Soil, Hope Two Percent Solutions for the Planet To purchase cover crops Grow Organic  A call to action! Email or mail a letter to Gehry Partners, LLP to ask that the renovation of the LA River include a plan to sequester carbon.  Sample letter can be found here.   I personally think that anyone getting a real live letter might actually read it, rather than just toss it unread into the trashcan.  You yourselves know that emails from organizations or people you don’t know immediately get tossed in the electronic trash can–so give writing a real letter a try!
53:24 10/6/15
World Saver Spotlight #1: Dr. George Fenwick
In our new segment, we look at one person's amazing endeavors to save the world. Our first installment features an interview with Dr. George Fenwick, President of The American Bird Conservatory, and his work saving birds and their habitats.   Find us on: Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr Email us with suggestions or tips at    
20:47 9/17/15
05: A little bird tweeted
How can bird feeders and plants turn your backyard into a species saving sanctuary?  This episode we travel to Sedona’s Hummingbird Festival to learn how we can keep these small and important birds off the endangered list. Includes interviews with Dr. H. Ross Hawkins (Founder and Executive Director of The Hummingbird Society) and Noelle Johnson (AZ Plant Lady). Find us on: Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr Email us with suggestions or tips at       All the information from this episode:   Useful information on birds The Hummingbird Society 2016 Hummingbird Society Calendar  Iowa Nature Mapping- Developing Your Observation Skills Noelle Johnson, AZ Plant Lady Gardening suggestions, and tips. Contact her if you have any questions or need a consultation. Check out Noelle’s articles on Houzz Birds and Blooms Site with tips on how to create a bird friendly backyard Products mentioned in the podcast The Bees by Laline Paull  Product review: Birds and Beans coffee Saving birds through a cup of delicious coffee.  A variety of roasts, delivered to your door.
69:11 8/28/15
04: A little dirt never hurt anyone
What is methane gas and how can you reduce it through composting?  We look at the power of dirt and worms in this month’s episode.  Includes interviews with Justin Perkins and Larry Heliker. Find us on: Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr Email us with suggestions or tips at     All the information from this episode:   Overview of Compost Basics What is soil/dirt? RecycleWorks website of San Matteo County  How to make a basic compost heap Compost Methods The Lasagna Method  Green Cone How to use a Green Cone How to buy a Green Cone Worms A basic overview Gardener’s Supply Store (to purchase worm bins) (to purchase accessories) New Product Review Green Cycler  Helpful Links Plastic Chart What number is what and what can be recycled A Girl Called Jack  A neat food blog from the UK, that actually saves you money. Fabulous recipes and via her Instagram account, we found the idea for the dried citrus ‘butts’ fire starters
64:50 7/28/15
03: Rub-a-dub-dub environmentalists in a tub
In our continuing attempt to rid the oceans of plastic, we see if we can make our own beauty and cleaning products.  The question is, do they work and how much money can you save?  Including an interview with BeakerBabe. Find us on: Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr Email us with suggestions or tips at      All the information from this episode:   Books My Plastic Free Life by Beth Teri Better Basics for the Home by Anne Berthold Bond (includes recipe for glass cleaner mentioned in the episode) Recipes  Toner (Ashley’s Homemade Adventures)  Hand soap (Ashley’s Homemade Adventures) . Floor cleaner wipes (Live Simply) Products  Lush’s Toothy Tabs Lush’s Shampoo Bars Eco Nuts Laundry Detergent Beaker Babe    @beakerbabe 
48:50 6/29/15
02: Into the deep blue sea
A look at the ocean and the environmental impact of our addiction to plastic. Includes interviews with Captain Charles Moore (Founder of Algalita, Marine Research and Education) and Lisa Kaas Boyle (environmental attorney and Founder of Plastic Pollution Coalition).   Find us on: Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr Email us with suggestions or tips at      All the information from this episode:   Movies Films to further educate yourself on the plastic pollution problem: Creating Art from Plastics in the Ocean (National Geographic) Plastic Paradise (Angela Sun) Trashed (Jeremy Irons) Helpful Articles “22 Facts About Plastic Pollution (And 10 Things We Can Do About It)”From EcoWatch “The Link Between Plastic Use and Climate Change: Nitty-gritty”From Stanford Magazine   Plastic Facts from the EPA  “Phytoplankton on Decline in Southern Ocean” From The New York Times “Mediterranean Sea ‘accumulating zone of plastic debris'” From BBC “Surprise Finding Heightens Concern Over Tiny Bits Of Plastic Polluting Our Oceans” From Huffington Post “Exposure to harmful phthalates from processed foods and soft drinks” From “Ocean Acidification: A Global Case of Osteoporosis” From Discover Magazine “Got Science? Nine Surprising Signs Momentum Is Building for Climate Action”From Huffington Post   Helpful Sites “How much fossil fuel has been used in your lifetime?” See how much fuel we are burning and how much CO2 is going into the atmosphere per second. Right now. Bottled Water Fact Sheet  A guide to recycling plastics My Plastic Free Life Environmental Organizations Mentioned in this Podcast Plastic Pollution Coalition  Algalita  5 Gyres  NRDC  Sierra Club  GreenPeace  Oceana  Ocean Conservancy  Surfrider  TreePeople  Products Mentioned Sustainable NYC Kishu Charcoal Life Factory water bottles Kleen Kanteen water bottles
63:19 5/27/15
01: Let there be light
How You Can Save the World is a podcast about the simple steps anyone can take to help to save the environment. In our first episode, we begin by looking at energy in the home, comparing the benefits to the environment and your wallet when you replace your lightbulbs with LEDs. Find us on: Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr Email us with suggestions or tips at    All the information from this episode: Greenhouse Gas CalculatorDetermine your energy savings Look at your energy bill, determine your cost per kilowatt hour (kwh).  Mine is 11 cents.Go to Micheal Bluejay, and plug in your energy usage cost, per one  bulb, per hours burned, to his calculator.  That will give you, the cost to operate one bulb per month.  Then multiply that by 12 (a year) and multiply that by how many bulbs you use in your house.   Micheal Blue JayAdditional energy saving calculators Where to buy bulbsLight Bulbs Unlimited (interviewed in podcast)Home Depot California Public Utilities Commission Find out where you can recycle your bulbs Environmental Defense Fund  DIY sites to make solar lanternsThis Old House (mason jar solar lanterns)Put it in a JarFree People Products ReviewedSunJar (Suck.UK)Water Battery Powered Clock (Bedol Water Clock)
42:59 4/22/15

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