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The Awkward Mom Stage

The Awkward Mom Stage is a lifestyle podcast created by Lola Nicole where she talks to friends and experts about life, motherhood, and everything in between. Every week Lola brings her monotone humor along to discuss topics that we all struggle with whether you're a parent or not. No matter what you juggle on your plate of life every day, things can get messy. Join Lola as she awkwardly navigates through millennial mom life. If you feel stuck in an identity crisis, struggling with imposter syndrome, feeling like your life lacks direction, or your goals feel distant. You're not alone. This podcast celebrates life for exactly what it is, AWKWARD! If you're about getting you life together while sharing the awkward moments and dropping the occasional F Bomb, you're in the right place. Hit the follow button because life is much easier with friends along for the ride. Join Lola and sometimes a guest or two as we go through this awkward thing called life together.


"I Can’t Be the Only One?!" Taking Care of You with Kim Keane 58:11 07/01/2022
"Who’s Taking Care of You?" Mental Health Check-In 27:47 06/24/2022
"I'm Really Not Trying To People Today." Social Interaction as an Introvert 26:05 06/17/2022
"I Can Tell The Universe is Testing Me" Staying Positive During a Letdown and Creating a Life Plan 16:05 06/10/2022
"Let's Talk Positivity" Inviting More Abundance Into Your Life 20:46 06/03/2022
"Are You Ok?" Mental Health Check-In: Creating a Healthy Work Life Balance 23:49 05/27/2022
"Am I Doing This Right?" Women's Pelvic Floor Health with Yarlap Co-Founder MaryEllen Reider 55:41 05/20/2022
"Even Introverts Need to go Outside" Managing Your Mental Health While Working From Home 28:31 05/13/2022
"Sometimes My Brain Thinks Too Fast" How to Journal and Write For Personal Growth 24:23 05/06/2022
"My Brain is Like on Autopilot!" How to Generate Great Ideas When You Have None 21:09 04/29/2022
“Why is it so hard to accept myself?” Why Accepting Yourself is So Hard & Building Self Confidence 30:38 04/22/2022
"I Know Exactly What I Want and Need" Manifestation, Intention Setting, and Positive Visualization 27:55 04/15/2022
"My Allergies Just Won't Let Me Be Great!" Self Love, Setting Boundaries, and Overcoming Burnout 24:44 04/08/2022
"Comparison is the Thief of Joy" Unleash Your Creativity in 30 Minutes or Less 26:23 04/01/2022
“Netflix Trippin But Anyway…” How to be The Main Character of your Life 21:03 03/25/2022
"What is going on in the world?!" Breaking Free of Negative Patterns 25:05 03/18/2022
"Guess What? I Was Figuring Myself Out!" Phone Calls with Lola 41:43 03/11/2022
“You gotta find things you love” Finding Your Own Happy 47:55 03/04/2022
“The Final Step” Creating your “THAT GIRL” Evening Routine 27:26 02/25/2022
"Let’s Get to Work” Building your THAT GIRL Work Routine 23:26 02/18/2022
“Hello New Year! Let’s Build a Morning Routine” 39:53 02/11/2022
Welcome to the Awkward Mom Stage Podcast! 01:27 01/20/2022
Season 2 Finale Note 08:06 12/31/2021
"Pt. 2" Holiday Bs with Kevin 31:29 12/24/2021
"Guess Who's Back!" Holiday BS with Kevin 34:06 12/17/2021
“Am I like invisible?” Navigating Perpetually Single life with Sarah Nazim of EMOTIVE Coaching 59:53 12/10/2021
“Where You Been?” The Catch up and Rant Episode 29:00 12/03/2021
"Women Should Get an Award for Not Killing Their Husbands" Fatherhood Questions with Kevin 38:47 10/15/2021
"You Aren't Alone in the Overwhelm" Helping The Overwhelmed Mom with Melissa Salmeron 58:25 10/08/2021
“It’s All About Give and Take” How To Make, Keep, and Strengthen Your Friendships 21:05 09/24/2021