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The Incidental Songwriter

Conversations and music from both veteran and up and coming songwriters as they navigate their way through the murky waters of today's DIY music business.


Ep 11 - Ryan Egan
Ryan Egan is an American songwriter living and making music in Paris. He released a series of EPs and singles when living in NYC, and is now poised to release his first album due in April. Ryan talks about breaking into the Paris music scene, about his plans for releasing a new record, and about his process as a working songwriter. 
49:15 11/23/21
Episode 10 - Tyler Meacham
Tyler Meacham is a talented songwriter from my hometown, Richmond, VA. I had the chance to talk with her recently about her experiences from performing at open mics around town to putting a band together and touring, and of course, about songwriting. Tyler's next album is slated for an early 2022 release, and she shares the inspiration behind some of the songs as well as the process of taking them from ideas to finished songs. Five of Tyler's songs are featured in the episode.
55:42 9/19/21
Episode 9 - Mike Herz
In this episode, award winning New Jersey singer/songwriter, Mike Herz, talks about his journey as an independent artist in today's music landscape. Five songs are featured in the episode including the first single from his new band, Part-time Custodian. 
58:40 9/12/21
Episode 8 - Carlin Tripp
This episode features music from and conversation with Rhode Island songwriter Carlin Tripp. Carlin talks about collaborating with a west coast producer and making music remotely during the pandemic, and about his experiences writing and performing throughout New England. 
54:45 6/26/21
Episode 7 - Billy Shaddox
This episode features conversation and music from Colorado songwriter, Billy Shaddox. Shaddox discusses his latest album, The Heartbeat Retreat, making records at home, and finding the joy in making music simply for the love of making music.
54:00 6/22/21
Episode 6 - Kim Moberg
Award winning songwriter, Kim Moberg, talks about overcoming severe stage fright, breaking into the open mic and folk scene, and about the importance of building relationships as a DIY artist."They say that music cures all ills and has a way of uplifting the soul when it is down.  The very first time I heard Kim Moberg at the NERFA 2017 Suzi Wollenberg Folk DJ showcase, that very thought came to mind.Kim has a way of uplifting the spirit when it's down and filling one's heart and mind with hope. She is a fresh voice on the scene and  definitely wows a crowd. The world is a much brighter place with Kim Moberg." -Jon Stein, Hootenanny Cafe, WTBQ Orange County, NY
59:55 5/27/21
Episode 5 - Grant Lee Phillips
Grant Lee Phillips has been writing and releasing critically acclaimed records since the early 1990s. His band, Grant Lee Buffalo, released four albums and toured extensively around the world before disbanding at the end of the decade. In 1995, he was named the critic's choice for best male vocalist, and in 1998, the GLB song, Truly, spent 13 weeks on the Billboard Charts, peaking at number 11. Phillips has released ten records as a solo artist to date, the most recent, Lightning Show us your Stuff, during the height of the pandemic in 2020.In this episode, the renowned songwriter talks about the songwriting process, the records he's made since moving to Nashville, and about life as a working musician during a global shutdown.  
57:50 5/13/21
Episode 4 - Salim Nourallah
Dallas songwriter and producer, Salim Nourallah, talks about the writing process, co-writing with Rhett Miller, performing as a solo artist, and his work as a producer.Songs features in this episode:Misanthrope1978Jesus of SadGoddamn Life
57:00 1/1/21
Episode 3 - Karen Jonas
The Fredericksburg, Virginia country artist talks about her latest album, songwriting, touring, and how she manages a full time career in music with four young children. 
59:00 11/24/20
Episode 2 - William Russell Wallace
William Russell Wallace talks about his origins as a songwriter and touring musician, his struggle with addiction, and sheds some light on the inspiration and stories behind songs like Mormon Cocaine and Charlie's Blues. 
55:00 11/11/20
Episode 1 - Paulo Franco
A conversation with singer/songwriter, Paulo Franco, on his journey so far and on the challenges of being an independent artist in today's music world. 
59:00 10/17/20