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A considered life is meaningful, reflected, and sustainable. In a world of accelerated ambiguity, distraction, overload, and uncertainty, Marc Kilian explores the foundations, principles, habits and actions for leading a considered life.


The Considered Life with Jim Van Allan
He is an accomplished speaker and trainer for schools and organizations across the US. He is also a Professor of Communication Studies with Keiser University. He is the host of the podcast 'Communicate To Motivate' which focuses on different areas of communication applied to real life. His goal is to turn personal experiences into powerful learning moments with engaging stories, research, and takeaways.Jim Van Allan is a communication trainer, coach and Jon Gordon certified speaker.In this episode we talk about pursuing dreams, life after reaching goals, starting a marriage with $0 and no car, the power of mindset, the importance of communication, and human freedom.
52:09 3/11/21
The Considered Life with Daniel Bruce Levin
He walked away from the opportunity to run a multi-billion dollar dollar company to hitchhike around the world to find happiness and inner peace. He studied 5 years in a seminary and left 1 day before being ordained and lived as a monk in a monastery for 10 years. He led the growth of Hay House, the world’s largest publishing company in the self-help and self-development category, from 3million a year in sales to 100 million a year in sales.Daniel Bruce Levin is a rare blend of businessman and mystic.He sat with the richest people in the world and the poorest of the poor and he has seen that everyone wants the same thing and we are going to find out what that is.He is the author of The Mosaic, the touching story about Mo who lost is father, and we are going to discover more about it in this episode.In this episode we talk about how losing one's parents early on profoundly impacts the entire life, the reality of perception, how we create stories and why they are important and detrimental at the same time, how walking into a room full of three piece suits and calling out sh*t can save a company, the importance of listening, and many other things.
83:02 12/18/20
The Considered Life with Tim Davis
Tim Davis is the author of "TRIPOLAR: The Story of a Bipolar Triathlete", which chronicles his journey from childhood trauma into multiple addictions until finally recovering and discovering triathlons and ultrarunning as important tools to help him stay sober and in recovery. He is a high school science teacher and coach in Los Angeles, CA.  He’s happily married with 3 amazing children. He has been competing and coaching in triathlons and endurance races for over two decades.  He has completed 12 Ironman triathlons, seven 100-mile endurances runs, 1 double-ironman triathlon, and several 24 hour races. He is a strong and proud advocate for mental health and mental health awareness.In this episode we talk about addiction, bipolar disorder, how to balance spirit, mind, and body, and why this is important so that you can thrive, the use of training logs, and many other topics.As usual supplemental resources are linked in the shownotes on
46:58 12/16/20
The Considered Life with Daniel Gefen
Join me in this conversation with Daniel Gefen, owner of Gefen Media Group and author of the bestseller "The Self-Help Addict".We talk about intention, priorities, ruthlessness, craving for attention, three key ingredients for living the high life, JK Rowling, how actions create feelings, readiness fear and many others.Head over to for more detail and the shownotes.
57:14 12/11/20
Ask Me Anything - about the considered life
In this Ask Me Anything episode I answer listener questions and talk aboutwhen and how to be kind to yourself (and when not)how to trade between the need-to's and the want-to's of adult lifewhat makes bad habits form quicklyhow inertia is a habit
27:05 12/4/20
How to effortlessly achieve limitless performance and unconditional focus or: Do you believe in unicorns?
This episode discusses how 4 things to become better at doing 7 things to improve 3 things in your 1 live just don't work. Seriously, this episode talks about foundational principles for peak performance and why they are so important.
27:56 11/25/20
The tiring human brain and what it means for everyday life
We all know that we become tired over the day. Besides the phenomenon called "sleep pressure" that is related to the stacking of certain hormones, there are also other mechanisms that are significantly impacting us. Science calls them "ego depletion" and "decision fatigue". While they are related, they are not exactly the same thing.In this episode, I talk about these phenomena, how they affect our everyday lives and strategies to cope.
32:39 10/19/20
Why marshmallows taste better now than later and trance-induction is great for wake-up calls
What is it that makes us postpone execution to never-ever-land? Pushing out have-to-dos until the very last minute? It is our brains screaming for immediate rewards. In this episode, I'll explain the intertemporal discounting, why it happens, and how to get over it.For the shownotes / transcript, head over to more information and a free sample of my upcoming book "The DART Principle", head over to my peak performance website
17:08 9/20/20
Why climbing a mountain is cool until it hurts and going to the gym after work sucks
Have you ever not executed on a decision? You almost certainly have. Haven't we all? Honestly. We decide to act and then when things get tough we question our decision. Sometimes we even question our decision before starting to act. Just think about that moment when you look into the mirror and see yourself out of shape. That moment, when you decide to go to the gym in the afternoon. Then comes afternoon and somehow your priorities shifted.In this episode, I'll explain the decision disconnect, why it happens, and how to get over it.For the shownotes / transcript, head over to more information and a free sample of my upcoming book "The DART Principle", head over to my website
14:15 9/4/20