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Welcome to 'Truth, Lies, Shenanigans' with your hosts Liz-E, RoB b Rok, Gianni Storm, and Nio Nyx. Each week, we dive into a range of thought-provoking topics from social debates to timeless mysteries, to the latest cultural phenomena. Expect a blend of serious analysis, deep insights, lively banter, and playful humor as we explore the issues from each of our unique viewpoints, ultimately answering the question "Is it Truth, Lies, Shenanigans?Subscribe on PODZ Network for your weekly dose of knowledge and fun and be sure to leave comments!! Also, join us on social media @TLSLiveShow or at Engage, think, and enjoy the shenanigans with us!


Taking Ozempic is Cheating (Part 2)
Nio Nyx, Gianni Storm, and Rob B are back with the explosive second part of our deep dive into the world of Ozempic and other weight loss drugs. In this episode, find out what Nio wanted to "disclose"—he's using Ozempic/Wegovy himself. Hear his real-life experience with these drugs as we tackle the ethical dilemmas, societal impacts, and personal stories that make this topic so heated. Are these drugs a revolutionary health breakthrough or just another shortcut? Tune in as we argue, laugh, and maybe even agree on whether taking these medications for weight loss is truth, lies, or just pure shenanigans!Support the
25:31 5/24/24
Taking Ozempic is Cheating (Part 1)
In this thought-provoking episode of TLS Podcast, Nio Nyx stirs up a controversial discussion: Is using weight loss drugs like Ozempic and Wegovy cheating? Dive deep into the ethics and implications of medical shortcuts for shedding pounds. With Gianni Storm and Rob B adding their insightful perspectives, this episode is a must-listen for anyone curious about the shortcuts in our health routines. Is this truth, lies, or shenanigans? Join the debate!Support the
26:10 5/16/24
Marriage Has No Future (Part 2)
Back for seconds? So are we! Join Gianni Storm, Nio Nyx, and Rob B as they dish out another serving in our marriage series. This episode stirs the pot on how skipping the altar might affect the kiddos. Are we raising a generation of commitment-phobes or pioneers of personal freedom? And speaking of freedom, what about deal-breakers? Tune in as we slice through the layers of modern matrimony with our signature blend of banter and brains. Is the evolving face of marriage a quirky trend or a lasting transformation? Is this truth, lies, or shenanigans?Support the
29:22 5/9/24
Marriage Has No Future (Part 1)
In the latest juicy episode of "Marriage Has No Future (part 1)," Nio Nyx, Gianni Storm, and Rob B dive into why Gen Z and some Millennials are giving marriage the cold shoulder, opting instead for solo cups over champagne glasses. Is it the social shifts, the cash crunch, or just a cultural makeover that's pushing matrimony to the back burner? Join us as we unpack the personal and societal stakes of ditching the "I Dos." Are we witnessing a true evolution or just love's labor lost? "Marriage has no future,"—is this truth, lies, or shenanigans?Support the
25:08 4/30/24
Expiration Dates for Politicians?
This episode dives into the heated debate surrounding the age of politicians in leadership roles. With President Biden running for another term, questions are circulating about the effectiveness and challenges of having older political leaders. Hosts Rob B., Gianni Storm, and Nio Nyx explore the implications of age in governance, comparing the experience and wisdom older politicians bring against concerns about their health and adaptability. We’ll discuss notable figures like Biden, Mitch McConnell, and Donald Trump, asking whether age should be considered a benefit or a barrier in political office.Support the
17:28 4/24/24
Global Warming is a GOOD Thing
Your hosts Nio Nyx,  Gianni Storm and Rob B, embark on a provocative exploration of global warming from an angle you've likely not considered. In this episode, titled 'Global Warming is a GOOD thing!', the discussion veers into the seldom-acknowledged benefits that global warming might offer. From the potential for biodiversity to thrive, to new agricultural advancements and forward-thinking in sustainability. This is a compelling conversation that challenges the conventional narrative surrounding climate change.  Could global warming actually herald positive changes for our planet? Decide for yourself: Is this truth, lies, or shenanigans? Go on PODZNetwork to leave your comment. Don't forget these are opinions! Support the
26:14 4/11/24
The Paradox of Fear
In "The Paradox of Fear," hosts Nio Nyx, Gianni Storm, and Rob B Rok dive deep into the intricate nature of fear—a force that both safeguards and restrains us. This thought-provoking episode unravels how fear serves as a primal instinct protecting us from danger while simultaneously acting as a barrier that confines our life experiences. Through a blend of analysis, personal narratives, and societal reflections, our hosts explore the delicate balance between caution and bravery. Featuring stories of resilience from individuals who've confronted and mastered their fears, "The Paradox of Fear" invites listeners to ponder: Fear not only keeps us alive but also keeps us from truly living. Is this truth, lies, or shenanigans?Support the
29:49 4/4/24
Support Pets: Coping or Codling?
In this thought-provoking episode of 'Truth Lies Shenanigans,' Gianni Storm takes us on a deep dive into the intricate bond between pets and their owners. Amidst the backdrop of increasing mental health awareness, we explore the therapeutic benefits pets are touted to provide. From emotional support animals aiding those with PTSD to everyday pets offering companionship, the question arises: Do pets truly serve as a source of solace, or are we, as a society, leaning into a dependency that masks deeper issues of loneliness and isolation? With expert opinions from psychologists, testimonies from pet owners, and a look into the booming pet care industry, we dissect whether this trend signifies a healthy coping mechanism or a band-aid solution for broader societal challenges. Join us as we navigate the nuanced roles pets play in our mental well-being and confront the controversial question: 'Is relying on pets for emotional support a sign of societal loneliness and dependency issues? Is this truth, lies, or shenanigans?Support the
19:14 3/29/24
The Border Crisis is a Good Thing?
In this revealing episode of "Truth Lies Shenanigans," we dive deep into the complexities of the border crisis, examining the immediate challenges and uncovering the substantial long-term benefits. From the economic revitalization to cultural enrichment This episode explores how immigration impacts border states and beyond. Through expert insights and compelling stories, we challenge the prevailing narratives, asking: Are we too focused on the immediate at the expense of the future? Join us as we dissect the nuanced realities of border crossings, shedding light on the often overlooked or misunderstood positive outcomes. Is the border crisis a short-term hurdle or a long-term opportunity for economic growth and cultural diversity? This episode prompts a reevaluation of our perspectives on immigration, the border crisis, and their true impact on society.Support the
26:36 3/19/24
The End is Near
Is Doomsday really coming? Or is it just lies and fear-mongering? We dive deep into the divisive debate on the reality of doomsday. Are these predictions merely fear tactics, or is there truth to the prophecies that foretell our future? Join Rob B, Gianni Storm, and Nio Nyx as we explore historical and modern predictions of global cataclysms, examining evidence and perspectives that challenge our understanding of the end times. From ancient prophecies to scientific forecasts, this episode confronts the legitimacy of doomsday claims and their impact on society and culture. Engage with us in this thought-provoking discussion: Is the end nigh, or are these warnings a manifestation of our collective fears? Is this truth, lies, or shenanigans?Support the
30:47 3/13/24
Memories in Your DNA?
Join Rob B, Gianni Storm, and Nio Nyx on a captivating journey through the echoes of our ancestors in 'Genetic Echoes: Can Memories Be Inherited?' Dive into the intriguing world where science and legacy intertwine, exploring the groundbreaking idea that our DNA carries more than just physical traits—it may also hold the memories of those who came before us. From the mysterious realms of genetic memory to the heartwarming stories of inherited experiences, our hosts unravel the scientific truths and speculative myths surrounding the memories encoded in our genes. Whether it's a tale passed down through generations or the scientific evidence that supports these theories, Rob, Gianni, and Nio bring their unique perspectives and insights to the table. Get ready to be enthralled by their discussions on how these inherited memories impact our identity, the connection to our ancestry, and the possibility of possessing recollections from a past we never lived. 'Is this the key to understanding our deepest selves, or merely a genetic whisper from history?' Tune in to discover—is this truth, lies, or shenanigans?Support the
25:23 3/6/24
Star Trek or Star Wars?
Join Rob B Rok, Nio Nyx, and Gianni Storm in an intergalactic showdown as they navigate the cultural, technological, and societal impacts of two titanic sci-fi franchises: "Star Trek" and "Star Wars." This episode of "Truth Lies Shenanigans" delves into how each series has shaped our understanding of science fiction, inspired technological innovation, and left an indelible mark on global pop culture. From the philosophical explorations of "Star Trek" to the mythic saga of "Star Wars," our hosts engage in a spirited debate to determine which universe has exerted a more significant influence on society. Featuring expert insights, fan perspectives, and a deep dive into the legacy of these iconic series, "Star Trek or Star Wars?" promises to be an epic journey through space and time. Tune in and decide for yourself: Is the preference for one over the other truth, lies, or shenanigans?Buzzsprout - Let's get your podcast launched!Start for FREEDisclaimer: This post contains affiliate links. If you make a purchase, I may receive a commission at no extra cost to you.Support the
28:19 2/27/24
Power and Privilege - Can Nothing be Done?
Dive deep into the fight for equality with Gianni Storm, Rob B Rok, and Nio Nyx on "Truth Lies Shenanigans," the podcast that dares to dismantle the walls of power and privilege. This episode tackles the burning question: can we truly break free from these deeply ingrained systems?Join the hosts as they peel back the layers, unveiling:The hidden costs of unearned advantage: How privilege impacts individuals, communities, and society at large.Beyond celebrity scandals: Unmasking the systemic roots of corruption and abuse of power.Actionable steps for change: Powerful voices share concrete strategies for dismantling systemic barriers.Is real change possible? Engage in a crucial conversation, sparking thought, debate, and action.Keywords: power, privilege, inequality, injustice, social justice, systemic racism, corruption, exploitation, activism, empowerment, solutions, experts, diverse perspectives, actionable steps, critical thinking, change, dialogue, Gianni Storm, Rob B Rok, Nio Nyx.Support the
22:07 2/20/24
Unconditional Love: Is it a Fantasy?
Is unconditional love a real or an idealized fantasy? This episode of Truth, Lies, Shenanigans explores the complexities of love that knows no bounds, diving deep into its biological roots, cultural influences, and societal expectations. Therapist Ciara Simonson joins us to unravel the layers of unconditional love across romantic partnerships, parent-child bonds, and deep friendships.Uncover the:Science behind unconditional love: Explore the biological and neurological factors that influence our capacity for deep connection.Cultural baggage: Examine how societal expectations shape our understanding of love and set unrealistic standards.Pitfalls and triumphs: Navigate the potential disappointments and celebrate the true power of unconditional love.Authenticity in relationships: Learn how to cultivate healthy love that embraces both flaws and strengths.Join us and discover:Is unconditional love truly attainable?How can we navigate its challenges and reap its rewards?What does genuine love look like in today's world?Perfect for anyone who's ever questioned the very nature of love and its place in our lives.[Listen Now]Keywords: unconditional love, love without conditions, relationships, romance, family, friendship, therapist, Ciara Simonson, authenticity, expectations, disappointment, reality, truth, myth, debunk, explore, biological basis of love, cultural norms, love dynamics, emotional bonds, parent-child bond, romantic love, deep friendshipsSupport the
32:07 2/13/24
Grief: Everyone's Different. (Part 2)
In the conclusion of this two-part series, "Grief", the hosts Rob B Rok, Nio Nyx, and Gianni Storm delve deeper into the multifaceted nature of grief, exploring how cultural, personal, and societal differences influence the way we mourn and heal. This episode expands on the personal narratives shared in Part 1 by incorporating perspectives from a diverse range of guests, including psychologists, cultural experts, and individuals who have navigated their unique paths through grief. This episode sheds light on why there is no one-size-fits-all approach to coping with loss.If you are feeling alone and having thoughts of suicide—whether or not you are in crisis—or know someone who is, don’t remain silent. Talk to someone you can trust through the 988 Suicide & Crisis Lifeline. Call or text 988 or chat the lifeline.Support the
24:39 2/6/24
Grief: The Price For Love (Part 1) [S5E3]
In this first of a two-part series, hosts Rob B Rok, Nio Nyx, and Gianni Storm engage in a deeply personal exploration of grief. They share their experiences with life's most challenging losses, from the anguish of miscarriage to the profound impact of losing family members and grappling with the aftermath of suicide. Through their stories, they offer insights into the varied ways individuals experience and cope with grief. This episode provides a space for raw and honest conversation about the emotional journey of loss and healing. Don't miss the continuation of this poignant discussion in next week's episode, available on the Podz Network.If you are feeling alone and having thoughts of suicide—whether or not you are in crisis—or know someone who is, don’t remain silent. Talk to someone you can trust through the 988 Suicide & Crisis Lifeline. Call or text 988 or chat the lifeline.Support the
25:42 1/30/24
'Terrorists' or 'Resistance'? (Part 2): Is Media Bias Intentional? [S5E2]
Building on our in-depth exploration of the Israel-Gaza conflict, Part 2 delves into the controversial realm of media bias. Is the coverage of Israel in the global media landscape skewed by an intentional agenda? This episode seeks to unravel the complex web of media narratives surrounding Israel and Gaza. Our hosts Rob, Gianni, and Nio will examine key instances of media coverage, contrasting different news sources and dissecting their underlying tones and perspectives. We aim to understand whether these biases are a product of deliberate choices or inadvertent reflections of broader societal views. Expect a critical analysis of the language, imagery, and framing used in reporting, as well as insights into how these factors might shape public perception. Join us as we dissect the layers of media influence to uncover the truth behind what we see, hear, and read about this enduring conflict.Disclaimer: This episode examines the media's portrayal of Israel and Gaza. We focus on the policies, actions, and tactics of countries and organizations, not religious groups or individuals. Our aim is to promote understanding and dialogue, not to perpetuate hate or bias against any group.Support the
28:10 1/23/24
'Terrorists' or 'Resistance'? (Part 1): Is Hamas the Resistance? [S5E1]
This episode dives into the heart of the Israel-Gaza conflict, questioning whether Israel is the oppressor and Hamas the resistance. With a blend of historical analysis, current geopolitical insights, and in-depth discussion, our hosts unravel the complex narratives surrounding this age-old conflict. They explore the delicate balance of power, the impact of historical events, and the realities faced by those living in the midst of this ongoing struggle. Don't miss this journey through history and current affairs as Rob, Gianni, and Nio dissect the layers of information and misinformation, aiming to shed light on the truths behind a conflict that resonates across the globe.Disclaimer: This episode contains opinions about Israel, Palestine, and various other countries, states, and organizations. These opinions are directed at countries and organizations and their policies, actions, or tactics,  not religious groups or people. Nothing in the episode is intended to be anti-Semitic or anti-Muslim because we are all anti-hate. Support the
40:06 1/16/24
Halloween Special: "Glimpses of the Grim" with Low Bar Productions
Dive into the eerie world of micro horror films with our special Halloween episode! We sit down with Dustin Moore and Richard Barlow of Low Bar Productions to discuss their spine-chilling project, "Glimpses of the Grim." Uncover the secrets behind their unique approach to horror and get a behind-the-scenes look at their creative process. Don't miss this haunting episode that's sure to give you goosebumps! Follow them on Instagram @lowbarfilmproductions and search for Low Bar Productions on YouTube to catch their latest films.Support the
34:27 10/31/23
Tupac's Tragic Tale, Sia's Surgical Saga, and Cloudy Contaminants
It's the Season 4 Finale! This Episode we delve into the latest twists in Tupac Shakur's unsolved murder case, including new arrests and a controversial confession... Should Suge Knight finally speak up? Then, we tackle Sia's recent facelift... Is going under the knife the new norm, or should we celebrate aging gracefully? We cap it off with the alarming discovery of microplastics in the clouds.... What does this mean for our health and the planet? Don't miss this season's final episode, packed with hot topics and spirited debates.Support the
67:54 10/8/23
Musk's Monkey Madness, Artful Absconding, & NYs Drug Dilemma
Dive into the ethical maze of Elon Musk's Neuralink Monkeys, New York's Drug Problem, and a Danish artist's audacious act—all in this week's TLS episode. In this episode, we dissect the controversies surrounding Neuralink's treatment of monkeys. Is it groundbreaking science or just plain cruel? We also delve into a heart-wrenching day-care tragedy in the Bronx and discuss the drug crisis affecting even the youngest among us. Lastly, we debate a Danish artist's bold move that's got the art world buzzing. Don't miss out on this rollercoaster of debates!Support the
55:53 9/30/23
Wrestling with Heart. Plus, Bidens' Blunders, Union's Uproar, and iPhone Intrusion
Get ready for a jam-packed episode of Truth, Lies, Shenanigans! We're thrilled to welcome Stanley Karr, host of the "Wrestling with Heart" podcast, as he steps into our ring to discuss the wondrous world of wrestling. But wait, there's more! We're also unraveling the complexities of Hunter Biden's recent indictment. Gianni shocks us with a disturbing tale of an airline attendant's 'janky' iPhone camera setup to film 14yo in a bathroom. And Rob? He's shifting gears to talk about the United Auto Workers Union. Don't miss this rollercoaster of hot topics, debates, and yes, shenanigans. Hit that subscribe button now!Support the
60:45 9/23/23
Kunis Kutcher Apology. Plus, Spain's Soccer Smooch and a Cop's Canoodling.
In this episode of Truth, Lies, Shenanigans, we're putting Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis under the microscope for their controversial letters of support for Danny Masterson. We're asking the hard questions: Were they sincere or just saving face? Also on deck, we discuss Spain's soccer smooch saga and a Maryland cop's canoodling caught on camera. Tune in for a no-holds-barred conversation that you won't want to miss.Support the
61:59 9/16/23
Coco, 'Angry Black Woman'? Plus, Burning Man & Sister Sesh
In this episode, we dive deep into Coco Gauff's recent tennis match controversy and explore whether the "Angry Black Woman" stereotype played a role. We also discuss the unexpected natural challenges faced at Burning Man and how event organizers and attendees can better prepare. Our special guest is Kat Henson, the host of the Sister Sesh Podcast, who talks about cannabis culture, personal growth, and her transformative mental health journey. Don't miss this engaging conversation!Support the
72:00 9/8/23
Trump's Joker Jailed, the Suicide Salesman, and That Show That F*cked Me Up
In this gripping episode, we unpack the arrest and Joker-like mugshot of Trevian Kutti, Kanye West's ex-publicist,  because of her involvement in Trump's RICO case in Georgia. We also dive into the morally complex tale of a Canadian chef selling euthanasia kits. Special guest Marielle Vizcarra, the creative mind behind "That Show F*cked Me Up," joins us to offer her unique insights.Check her out at:*cked_me_up!_Disclaimer: This episode discusses sensitive topics, including suicide. If you or someone you know is struggling, please seek help immediately. The National Suicide Prevention Lifeline is available 24/7 at 1-800-273-TALK (1-800-273-8255).Support the
62:19 9/1/23
Careless Air Canada, OnlyFans Fundraising, and Museum Mockery
Join us for another episode of Truth, Lies, Shenanigans where we dive into the hot topics of the week! We're discussing Air Canada's questionable pricing during wildfires, the audacious fundraising efforts on OnlyFans, and the irony surrounding the British Museum's stolen treasures. Don't miss out on this lively debateSupport the
53:13 8/26/23
Tory Lanez' Lockup, Anthem Alterations, and Tip Tensions
Join us for another episode of Truth, Lies, Shenanigans, where we're dishing out a smorgasbord of sizzling subjects! First, we explore Bobby Flay's tipping tensions and the chaos surrounding service charges and gratuities. Then, we harmonize over the proposed changes to "O Canada" – a lyrical debate that's sure to strike a chord. We lead off with Tory Lanez's legal limbo and his ten-year sentence for shooting Megan Thee Stallion. Is justice being served, or is it off-key? Tune in for a whirlwind of debates, chuckles, and, of course, a dash of shenanigans!Support the
55:32 8/18/23
Lizzo's Legal Limbo. Plus, Guest Aaron Whitfield and the Battle of Tech Titans.
In this episode of Truth Lies Shenanigans, we delve into the controversy surrounding Lizzo's recent legal battles and the allegations of weight discrimination.  We also explore a playful debate on the proposed cage fight between tech moguls Musk and Zuckerberg. And we welcome special guest Aaron Whitfield to discuss his projects, what Mu.Fa.Li means, and whether Jaime Foxx should apologize. Find out more about Aaron Whitfield at Buzzsprout - Let's get your podcast launched!Start for FREEDisclaimer: This post contains affiliate links. If you make a purchase, I may receive a commission at no extra cost to you.Support the
56:53 8/11/23
Librarians, Legislators, Legacies, and Gold Diggers
In this episode, we explore a law that almost put librarians on Arkansas' most wanted list, debate the question of age limits in Congress, discuss the audacious exploits of a modern-day gold digger, and delve into a controversial decision about love and legacy. Join us for lively debates, unexpected insights, and a few laughs along the way.Support the
56:53 8/5/23
The Kubli Brothers. Plus, Trans Rights and TV Strikes
We're joined by the Kubli Brothers, We'll be discussing the controversial ban on transgender women in Miss Italy. We're also getting into the recent TV and film writers' strike, and the impact it's having on the industry and viewers alike. Join us for a lively discussion where we'll be seeking the truth, calling out the lies, and giving you some shenanigans.Support the
47:27 7/29/23

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