Show cover of Making Conversations Count: Honest, relatable conversations with business leaders

Making Conversations Count: Honest, relatable conversations with business leaders

We're Making Conversations Count each week thanks to our honest, relatable conversations with business leaders and entrepreneurs. The "Making Conversations Count" podcast features fascinating people from the world of business who reflect on career-defining and life-changing conversations. They share one of their own conversations that became the turning point for them, in the hope that it could help and inspire YOU! Some people call it their 'pivotal moment'. We call it those conversations that 'count'. It can be invaluable for an aspiring entrepreneur or business person to hear the journey of industry professionals. It can help shape their own path to success. When we realise the challenges we face are all similar, we can learn from these conversations. Host Wendy Harris is a highly experienced telemarketing trainer and loves conversations. As a business leader and owner herself, working in the conversations space, Wendy's passionate about everything to do with conversations. Wendy understands the value of sharing these conversations with a goal of encouraging others to build valuable relationships. Click the play button, and listen in on one of the many conversations that transcend topics like mental health, stress, parenting and money. One of these conversations just might change your life. Your host, Wendy Harris is founder of WAG Associates, who has become an expert in her field of opening conversations in business and is the best selling author of "Making Conversations Count", available at Amazon! Feel free to reach out on all the social media platforms via


000 Trailer - Making Conversations Count: Promo - Subscribe via your favourite podcast app 01:28 10/19/2020
001 Paula Senior. How far would you go? #Sleepout20 YMCA - Making Conversations about homelessness count 28:11 11/05/2020
002 Nat Schooler. Making conversations about influencing & entrepreneurship count! 19:14 11/05/2020
003 Azam Mamujee. Where did the time go, my lovely? Making conversations about tax count! 18:13 11/05/2020
004 Jenny Procter. Should I...? Making conversations about marketing for introverts count! 14:02 11/12/2020
005 Andrew Deighton. How do you fancy moving to Singapore? Making conversations about teams count! 19:14 11/19/2020
006 Nicky Pattinson. Making conversations about personality count! 24:21 11/26/2020
007 How many sliding doors are there in life? Making conversations about self belief count! 26:17 12/03/2020
008 James Daniel. Please answer the door to the Cable guy. Making conversations about copywriting count! 22:03 12/10/2020
009 Henny Maltby. How can we help? Making conversations about digital marketing count! 23:14 12/17/2020
010 Kim Walsh Phillips. Who are you serving? Making conversations about social selling count! 11:39 12/24/2020
011 Amelia Thorpe. Would you journey to the other side of the world to find yourself? Making conversations about mental wealth count! 22:41 12/31/2020
012 John Attridge. Do you want a new customer & a banana? Making conversations about capacity count! 14:25 01/07/2021
013 Clara Wilcox. Have you got permission to do that? Making conversations about returning to work count! 28:57 01/14/2021
014 Dr Ivan Misner. Who's in your room? Making conversations about networking count! 21:03 01/21/2021
015 Janine Coombes. Are you a feminist? Making conversations about Branding count! 12:32 01/28/2021
016 Lizzie Butler. Can you alter your internal communication? Making conversations about presentations count! 21:12 02/04/2021
017 Jem Hills. Are you available? Making conversations about Bullying count 24:50 02/11/2021
018 Peter Howard. Do I go left or right? Making conversations about inventing count! 27:21 02/18/2021
019 Taz Thornton & Asha Clearwater. Hindsight is a wonderful thing! Making conversations about partnerships count! 39:18 02/25/2021
020 Vicki Carroll (formerly O'Neill). Why not do it now? Making conversations about sacrifice count! 18:52 03/04/2021
021 Talking to a Linkedin 'boss' and business coach in Portugal and making conversations about abuse count 23:46 03/10/2021
022 Effective sales communication asking the correct questions on Linkedin, as well as making conversations about divorce count 25:23 03/18/2021
023 A life changing accident that almost claimed a life but actually birthed a mindset shift, and led to a career of making conversations about speaking count 32:17 03/25/2021
024 We reflect on how this business man helped his poorly mother solve a household challenge which led to a career of making conversations about ideas count 29:10 04/01/2021
025 Marketing and 'messaging'. Do you hate it? Not as much as Jonny hates marketing! In this episode, we're making conversations about messaging count! 26:43 04/08/2021
026 Cold-calling. The enemy of the introverted business owner. In this special episode, host Wendy Harris shares her own story. We're making conversations about cold-calling count! 28:49 04/15/2021
027 Paying it forward. Acting from a position of generosity and giving within the law of reciprocity. We're making conversations about wealth count! 19:44 04/22/2021
028 Do you speak the language of purpose? Identifying what you're here to do. In this episode we're making conversations about language count! 29:25 04/29/2021
029 Need a cuddle? You might need to learn all about the 'Cuddle Monster'. We're making conversations about cuddles count! 20:11 05/06/2021