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Running is Cheaper Than Therapy

I created this podcast to educate, share my love of life and all that it entails, inspire, and promote movement in its various forms from a mental health aspect Also, I want to connect my listeners with others who will bring inspirational stories and experiences we can all relate to; people who have overcome obstacles to make it to their finish lines.


Ask The Doc- Common Traumatic Cycling Hand Injuries 21:24 12/01/2021
Dominique King: Lean In With The King-- A Lesson on Running, Marriage and Family 47:05 11/24/2021
Sandra Mikulic: Size Doesn't Matter 49:54 11/17/2021
Dr. Shannon Goode: All Things Work Together For Our Good 64:19 11/10/2021
Success, Okay?! Despite Multiple No’s With Kelsey Scott 42:45 11/03/2021
Anniversary Special: Reginald Smith - How Running Saved His Life 39:17 10/27/2021
Max Fennell: The First But He Doesn’t Plan to Be the Last 38:51 10/20/2021
Chris Tubbs: Triathlons - Why He Loves This Shi... 54:57 10/13/2021
Dillon Shije - The Native Runner: Professional Runner, Health Advocate, Community Leader 42:19 10/06/2021
The Doctor Is The Patient 33:52 09/29/2021
Sport Psychology: The Mind-Body connection with Alphonso Josiah Nathan 50:31 09/22/2021
Ironman Who Motivates An Entire City to live a Healthier Life with James Crumlin 53:03 09/15/2021
How a Date Turned into a Way of Life- Hiking with Heather Diaz 43:36 09/08/2021
Saddle Sores- What Are They? How to Prevent Them? How to Treat Them? 32:47 09/01/2021
It’s OK not to be OK 21:55 08/25/2021
REBROADCAST- Plantar Fasciitis: A Two Year Battle 27:30 08/18/2021
REBROADCAST--How Sports Can Change Your Life with Roderick Sewell 59:49 08/14/2021
REBROADCAST--Cycling - What Is Crit Racing and Why I Kind of Love It 23:57 08/04/2021
REBROADCAST--Breaking Down Barriers with Level Up Cycling  with Erica Davis 72:32 07/28/2021
The Importance of Listening to Your Body with Dr Dayo Kuku 73:42 07/21/2021
How Yoga is Therapy for Your Mind and body with Dayna Hamer 44:49 07/14/2021
Learn How to Eat, Move, and Live in Balance with Audra Anusionwu 48:46 07/07/2021
What is Runner's Knee 22:36 06/30/2021
Black With Endurance with Lani Woods 46:05 06/23/2021
What Are Your Reasons Why 31:08 06/09/2021
Sika Henry - Dreams Do Come True 67:11 06/02/2021
Dr Gina Meyer- ARC Every Women Has a Runner Within 42:11 05/26/2021
Reason I Became a Marathon Addict with Uche Anusionwu 46:59 05/19/2021
Treatment Tips for Sprained Ankle 26:07 05/12/2021
Dr. Catrise Austin- Cosmetic Dentist for CardiB! How an Orthodontist Changed Her Life 39:29 05/05/2021