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CX Connoisseur, Steve Pappas, shares his insights on how to turn your customers into loyal brand ambassadors. Known for his relentless pursuit of all things 'customer', Steve knows how to help your business and create experiences that customers respond to. Listen to Steve's insights. Learn to grow and accelerate your business. Learn more:


Roy Osing: From a Startup to $1 Billion 44:50 05/20/2022
Peter Iansek: Why is "Why" So Important in Contact Centers & Beyond 39:54 05/18/2022
Dave Carruthers: Making CX Data Gathering More Effective with Video 38:33 05/13/2022
Justin Varuzzo: Marketing and Service 48:32 05/11/2022
Reynaldo Santana: Does It Make Sense to Setup a Not For Profit Too? 35:49 04/22/2022
Janine Hamner Holman - Unengaged Employees Lead to Very Poor CX 53:56 04/20/2022
Joe Welu: FinTech CX Leader Talks on How to Build a Total Solution 39:26 04/15/2022
Bruno PeŇ°ec: Intuition + Insights + Data = Better Decisions 43:25 04/13/2022
Stormie Andrews: Lead Gen Challenges in a CX-Centric World 40:16 04/08/2022
Terry Begue: You Have My Permission to Nit Pick 38:55 04/06/2022
Matt Ward: Is There Anything Better than Word of Mouth 41:10 04/04/2022
Ben Bressington: Unlock the Code to Personality & Influence 46:53 03/30/2022
Glenn Rudin: Would You Do Business With You? 41:44 03/25/2022
Ravi Pratap: Brands Now Have a Simple Secret Weapon To Win at CX 40:56 03/22/2022
Heather Bennett: Better Qualified Connections Through Personal Branding 37:56 03/16/2022
Will Haire: What Does Success Look Like as an Amazon Seller 44:20 03/11/2022
Peter Christian: Stories From a Great Career 47:01 03/09/2022
Mike Hicks: Evolving Employee Engagement and Experience 45:58 03/04/2022
Michael Buzinksi: Rule of 26 37:39 02/28/2022
Michael Unbroken: How to Think Unbroken 36:17 02/25/2022
Howard Tiersky: Winning Digital Customers 43:42 02/18/2022
Dr. Lance Knaub: Patient Experience in a Healthcare Business 33:00 02/16/2022
Paul Ruppert: Why The Mobile Phone Business Grew at Lightning Speeds 48:34 02/11/2022
Peter Voss: How a Serial AI Founder Sees the Future of AI 35:33 02/09/2022
Tom Shapiro: Rethink Lead Generation 48:23 02/04/2022
Patti Mara: UpSolutions (Customer Experience Before it Was a Term) 35:43 01/31/2022
Charlotte Crabtree: If You Care Enough About Investing In Your Team's EX 40:43 01/28/2022
Rama Sreenivasan: Remote Video is the Way to Your Customer's Hearts and Minds 35:30 01/14/2022
Dave Erickson: Service CX - Match Customer Types to the Right Service Person 35:34 01/12/2022
Mike Malatesta: An Entrepreneur's Career Experiences 40:20 01/07/2022