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AppForce1: news and info for iOS app developers

Weekly podcast discussing the latest updates, tools and events relevant to iOS app developers. I will also have a couple of reoccurring show sections to spread the word on fellow iOS developers doing fun and interesting things. On top of that I am working hard to do interviews with people relevant to iOS app developers. Think peers, teachers, bloggers who will have an open discussion with me so you can see what passion, hard work and a great community can do for your personal work and success.


Ulf Schwekendiek, Founder & CEO at 54:42 12/02/2021
Some SwiftUI and mostly boilerplate style code 12:53 11/30/2021
Denise Nepraunig, working at Volkswagen to keep you connected to your car at all times 44:58 11/23/2021
Just a quick one this week 10:43 11/23/2021
Tim Oliver, working on Bluetooth hardware integration at DriveMode 52:07 11/16/2021
SwiftUI first impressions, happy birthdays, speaking at a conference 11:02 11/15/2021
Bobby Bobak, creator of coffee app Filtru 66:05 11/11/2021
SwiftUI Environments with curves and surfaces 16:53 11/09/2021
Tunde Adegoroye, Lead Software Developer and YouTuber 62:57 11/02/2021
Some handy steps on installing RBEnv and friends. 13:54 11/02/2021
Dmitry Bespalov, technical lead for Gnosis Safe 47:27 10/28/2021
Cool stuff going on, recorded this one super quickly 15:40 10/25/2021
Peter Friese, Developer Advocate at Google on the Firebase team 56:10 10/21/2021
One year in review 20:05 10/18/2021
Matteo Manferdini, teaches advanced iOS concepts. 43:23 10/14/2021
A Kaleidoscope of topics this week 16:52 10/12/2021
Mihaela Mihaljevic Jakic, she loves to code and loves to go in depth on coding topics 46:09 10/07/2021
Note taking, presenting and then solving crashes… 13:53 10/04/2021
Mechanical keyboards 52:48 09/28/2021
This is my iOS podcast Centennial 13:33 09/27/2021
Daniel Jilg co-founder of TelemetryDeck, analytics with a native mac and iOS dashboard 56:56 09/23/2021
Stack view and micro app architectures… 15:33 09/20/2021
Austin Blake, ready to take on the world with Mitynote 35:57 09/16/2021
Actors, Swift Regrets and some other subjects 14:14 09/13/2021
Jordan Morgan writer of Best in Class iOS app 39:33 09/08/2021
The quest for SwiftUI knowledge continues along with an awesome Xcode tip… 12:42 09/06/2021
Danijela Vrzan, 1st a civil engineer then a software engineer 37:53 09/02/2021
SwiftUI week it seems, and a great debugging tip too… 10:04 08/30/2021
Mohammad Azam, trainer and teacher 44:56 08/26/2021
Switching switches and considering my pitches 15:59 08/23/2021