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'In Honor of' is a podcast driven by the unique success of past and present iconic individuals and cultural delights. Simply put, it's a podcast honoring really cool things and people that we have admired.


Abbey Craigg
Abbey is able to share a lot of insight into her story and career path for the last decade. We discuss a wide range of things including her current role and future aspirations. Abbey has to be heard and is always enjoyed. Enjoy this episode!
31:41 12/09/2021
Lopez H. Davis
In this episode Lopez and I are able to enjoy talking about the trials and tribulations of life and taking everything in moderation. Lopez is as talented as he is funny and I know you guys will enjoy this tribute to him.
24:28 12/02/2021
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00:59 11/22/2021
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00:50 11/17/2021
Chance Sigler
In this episode, I get to connect with long-time friend and classmate, Chance. Chance has served in the U.S. Marine Corps and is currently a police officer. In this episode, Chance is able to share just how complicated life can be sometimes while encouraging self care. Anyone can learn something from this conversation. Here is my tribute to you Chance.
31:26 11/17/2021
Jana Ozanich
(SORRY EDITING MISSHAP) In this episode, Jana and I briefly catch up after many years past working together at a camp. Jana, a mostly full time photographer, speaks out soft-spokenly with her actions of service to others. Jana shares some of her inspirations for photography and how life is changing even now with a little one on the way. Here is a tribute to you Jana.
25:16 11/17/2021
Robert (Bob) Kshywonis
In our official reboot of the podcast, I get to sit down with Bob who has been active and learning most all of his life. As I try and pay tribute to a small portion of his life he discusses his faith, family, and work journey up until this point. Tune in and enjoy.
39:14 11/17/2021
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00:30 11/17/2021
The Great Intermission
Listen to this episode and don't worry: Cue Arnold's voice (I"ll be back).
03:49 06/04/2021
The Boys (Amazon Prime Original Show, Feat: Sam Barrick)
Sam helps us pay tribute to a very relevant and gritty show that has earned a lot of attention. This show is one for the books and deserves some tribute even if it isn't necessarily for everyone's viewing pleasure.
20:51 05/13/2021
Regina Spektor (Feat. Hannah Morgan)
For the start of our third season we are opening up with one of my personal all time favorites in the realm of media and the arts. Singer-songwriter Regina Spektor is well worth the tribute as my sister helps us give Regina rightful recognition. I hope you can enjoy as we both share why she is our favorite of all time.
23:39 04/29/2021
Scott Nishimura, Chandler Eriksen, and Elizabeth Hickman (Feat: Scott Nishimura and Chandler Eriksen) Season 2 Conclusion
In this episode I try and pay tribute to all three of the great co-hosts that have made our Season 2 possible! Thanks to them so much for their conversations and topical interests. Next episode will be the start of our Season 3!
13:47 04/22/2021
Pope Francis (The Pope: Feat. Elizabeth Hickman)
In a special request by Shannon, we pay tribute to someone who already has been talked about by a lot of people since 2013. The Pope represents the head of the Catholic denomination and we do our best to pay tribute to him in this episode.
17:54 04/09/2021
Hades (Video Game: Feat. Nick Gautreaux and Chandler Eriksen)
This roguelike action role-playing game has been given enough praise by others that it's high time we pay tribute to it on the podcast. Special guest Nick Gautreaux and Season 2 regular Chandler Eriksen helps us scratch the surface as to why this game is so well loved.
30:25 04/02/2021
The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers -Continued- (2002 Film: Feat. Scott Nishimura and Renee Flagg) Part 2
The finale of our conversation!
14:39 03/26/2021
The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers (2002 Film: Feat. Scott Nishimura and Renee Flagg) Part 1
We do what we can in this (first time ever) two part episode to pay tribute to an incredible movie within the Peter Jackson triology! We share a lot of points and celebrate just how epic of a movie this is! Part one is the bulk of the episode with part two bringing in the finale!
44:22 03/26/2021
The Walking Dead (TV Show)
This AMC Studios franchise is one to invest some time into if you haven't already. Not a show for everyone but I believe it could be for anyone (depending on your age and interest in gore). I have wanted to pay tribute to this for a long time so I hope it can be enjoyed in a brief 15 minute episode as I hope to sway the fanbase back into action!
15:29 03/24/2021
Amy Poehler (Feat: Elizabeth Hickman)
As a hall of fame SNL member, Amy has been growing an audience since her improv beginnings. Elizabeth helps us pay tribute to someone who has been a joy to watch and follow through the years and is still sharing genuine comedy.
25:40 03/12/2021
Hercules (Disney Film: Feat. Chandler Eriksen)
What a classic but yet unique production. Chandler and I do our best to pay it tribute. No explanation should be needed and if you haven't seen it, do yourself a favor and watch it!
27:03 03/03/2021
Final Fantasy (Game Franchise: W/ Scott Nishimura)
With over millions of copies sold across the world, this game franchise has stetched over thirty years and is still bringing new content to fans. Long time fan Scott Nishimura helps us understand why we should pay tribute to this vast video game franchise.
30:52 02/24/2021
Jack Johnson (Feat. James Barton)
As simple as it sounds, he is worth listening to. In this special guest episode with James Barton, we discuss our love for this amazing singer-songwriter. Enjoy!
23:33 02/19/2021
Serena Williams (Feat. Elizabeth Hickman)
Serena Williams is without a doubt one of the most dominant athletes of all time and in this episode, long time fan Elizabeth Hickam helps us pay tribute to her in a variety of worthy notes to mention. If you haven't watched her play there is a slim chance that you wouldn't know her name. Serena Williams is worthy of our tribute.
24:18 02/12/2021
Baker Mayfield (Feat. Chandler Eriksen)
A force of nature during his collegiate days, Baker Mayfield was the face of a Browns team that left so many people in admiration of this past 2020 season. Chandler helps us understand just why a quarterback like Mayfield (who wasn't always liked) is to be paid tribute.
29:52 02/03/2021
Hans Zimmer and Koji Kondo (Feat. Scott Nishimura)
Scott and I pay tribute to two of the most profound musical composers who have done work from the 1980's until now. One being in the realm of video games (Kondo) and another primarily in the food industry (Zimmer). Hope you guys enjoy!
29:35 01/26/2021
Just a general update to let you all know we are still kicking!
02:53 01/15/2021
Nier: Automata (W/ Scott Nishimura)
An action role-playing video game that came out in 2017, this game is one of the most unique games of the 21st century and definitely deserves our respect and tribute. Scott and I do our best to share this game with you guys (spoiler free) with the hopes that you can find some connection to it! Everything else to be said is in this episode!
34:10 01/05/2021
National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation (With Chandler Eriksen
A movie that couldn't be passed up with this Christmas season, Chandler helps us dive into the "why's" and the "what's" about this classic holiday film. Probably Chevy Chase at his best, this movie has captured hearts in a more direct way for a lot of family traditions. Enjoy and Merry Christmas!
23:29 12/23/2020
Beyonce (W/ Elizabeth Hickman)
Elizabeth helps us with some quick facts about the icon and legend, Beyonce. We are only able to briefly touch upon the vast impact she has had on our culture and so many others but we do our best to pay tribute to her!
23:06 12/18/2020
The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild (W/ Renee Flagg and Scott Nishimura)
In this weeks episode (posted multiple days late), we have special guest Renee Flagg alongside Season 2 regular Scott Nishimura pay tribute to another incredible game that falls under the category of "open world". Scott and Renee do their best to pay tribute to this unique game that was in the making for five years!
41:47 12/15/2020
Elf (2003 Film W/ Chandler Eriksen)
To start off the last month of 2020, Chandler helps us smile in gratitude as we think back on just how memorable this film was. Will Ferrell's character and Christmas spirit help most any viewer of this film to have a positive outlook with a high probabiliity of laughing.
28:54 12/04/2020