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Invisible Women

Invisible Women is about eight women who worked in espionage during World War II. They were from different countries, cultures and backgrounds. What they had in common was the opportunity to step outside societal norms, while at the same time working in the shadows. This podcast is an opportunity to hear their stories, to explore their roles in society and discover what we can learn from these stories, that is relevant today.


Heroine’s Journey 39:39 06/11/2021
Embodiment 57:48 05/11/2021
Madonnas 42:40 04/11/2021
Sisterhood 39:02 03/08/2021
Shadow Projections 36:18 02/11/2021
Propaganda 55:45 01/11/2021
Spy Craft 33:07 12/11/2020
Service Zero 48:50 11/11/2020
Introducing Invisible Women 00:54 10/27/2020