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Invisible Women

Invisible Women is about eight women who worked in espionage during World War II. They were from different countries, cultures and backgrounds. What they had in common was the opportunity to step outside societal norms, while at the same time working in the shadows. This podcast is an opportunity to hear their stories, to explore their roles in society and discover what we can learn from these stories, that is relevant today.


Heroine’s Journey
Episode 8: In this episode you'll hear Jennis’s story. She was a young American woman who started out translating Japanese documents, and ended up being recruited by the OSS to become an espionage agent in India.
39:39 6/11/21
Episode 7: In this episode you'll hear Celine's story. She was a young French woman, trained by the British Special Operations Executive, who parachuted back into France to coordinate underground groups.
57:48 5/11/21
Episode 6: In this episode you’ll hear Zosia's story. She was a young woman who couriered for the Polish resistance in 1939, went into forced labor and found strength in the teachings of the Black Madonna of Częstochowa.
42:40 4/11/21
Episode 5: In this episode you’ll hear Pet’s story, a young woman who lived in Amsterdam. She couriered for the Dutch resistance, traveling into the countryside carrying documents and funds for downed Allied pilots.
39:02 3/8/21
Shadow Projections
Episode 4: In this episode, Diane explores Shadow Projection. And we'll hear Ayla's story. She was a young Jewish women who took incredible risks to provide intelligence for the Free French Army.
36:18 2/11/21
Episode 3: In this episode, the patriarchal monopoly on power is easily exposed in the Allied propaganda of the era. In juxtaposition to this power, Liliana’s story reflects her authentic contributions.
55:45 1/11/21
Spy Craft
Episode 2: What is it about secrets and spying that holds such interest, curiosity and energy for us? In this episode meet Garnet, who was decoding enemy messages in the secret facility at Bletchley Park.
33:07 12/11/20
Service Zero
Episode 1: When real life stories have been kept secret for over 60 years, it’s difficult to coax them into existence. We begin with Edie’s story, a young woman who worked for Service Zero, a large resistance cell in Belgium.
48:50 11/11/20
Introducing Invisible Women
Host Diane Greig spent years researching, finding, and interviewing women who worked in espionage during World War 2. She invites you to meet them on this podcast series, launching November 11, 2020
00:54 10/27/20