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Connecting event professionals around the world by sharing real-life experiences, insights, event planning tips and more. In each episode, we break down a different challenge or discuss a new idea to uncover the latest industry trends.


#53 - Building an influencer marketing strategy for events
Is influencer marketing right for your event? Don't know where to start? What influencer is right for your brand? On this episode, our guest is an expert on all things influencer and brand marketing strategies, Katrina Xavier; founder of Blitz Marketing. 
18:33 11/10/22
#52 - Building and growing a nonprofit
Michelle Jewsbury, CEO and Founder of Unsilenced Voices, shares advice for nonprofit founders and those trying to start or build their organizations.  With tips on collaborations, sponsor relations, fundraising and more.   Unsilenced Voices (UV) is a global 501(c)3 nonprofit that empowers survivors of domestic violence, sexual assault, and human trafficking in multiple countries using financial assistance, community education, and revolutionary blockchain technology.
23:57 10/28/22
#51 - A Discussion on Creating Accessible Events
Award-winning speaker and advocate for mental health and invisible disabilities, Kristin Light, joins the show to help navigate mental illnesses and events. Topics include creating an accessible registration page, event website and marketing campaigns as well as different types of disabilities to consider.  
21:26 10/20/22
#50 - Building a purpose-driven brand and growing your business
Meg Prejzner, CEO and Founder of Hackett Brand Consulting, joins our 50th episode with advice on growing a business and brand. From identifying your target audience, branding and marketing strategies, to aligning your events with your brand...we cover it all!
22:59 10/13/22
#49 - Teaching: Tips for performing arts instructors and events!
Founder and Director of Momentum Music and Arts, Mindy Kay Smith, joins the show with advice for teachers! From Broadway to adult and theater classes in public schools, she provides advice for current performing arts instructors as well as ones just starting out.  
22:52 10/6/22
#48 - Planning destination events and travel post-COVID
Want to learn more about what it takes to plan destination events? Or how to get guests traveling again post-COVID? Valerie Bihet, founder of the VIBE Agency and industry expert, joins the show with tips for professional event planners around the world. 
17:03 6/30/22
#47 - The fundamental steps to building goals that are attainable
Debra Eckerling, creator of the D*E*B Method for Goal-Setting Simplified and the KEEP System for Employee Retention, joins the show! Discussing her strategies and fundamentals for setting effective goals; for event planners, business owners, personal aspirations, etc. 
30:29 6/23/22
#46 - Organizing virtual tastings and in-person food tours
It's time to talk CHOCOLATE! Founder and Chief Chocolate Officer of Cocoa Beantown Tours and Events, Victoria Kichuk, joins the show. As an expert in coordinating tasting events, she shares her experience pivoting to virtual tasting events and tips for running them. As well as advice for organizing in-person tasting events and tours. 
38:44 6/16/22
#45 - Hiring event speakers and tips for becoming one!
Looking for keynote and public speakers to perform at your events? Mark Grimm, experienced keynote speaker, seminar host and founder of Mark Grimm Communications, joins the show to provide tips for finding and hiring event speakers, speaker management, collaboration and more advice! 
30:36 6/9/22
#44 - Transparent marketing strategies and crisis communication
Channing Muller of DCM Communications joins the show, with years of expertise and experience in the event industry to share with our listeners. Everything from uncovering the traits that make a successful event to crisis planning and transparent marketing when dealing with COVID-19 and other hiccups along the way. 
40:42 6/2/22
#43 - The Doctor of Fun on creating memorable meetings
Megan Bendtzen, speaker, consultant, fun specialist and Doctor of Fun, joins the show to discuss a serious matter...FUN! In this episode, Bendtzen talks about the different strategies for creating meaningful meetings, and advice on increasing engagement within in audience. 
25:59 5/25/22
#42 - Outsourcing virtual teams for events
Outsourcing Director at MMCY Tech, Valerie Bowden, discusses the top jobs event planners should outsource and the benefits of outsourcing remote teams. With advice for current businesses and event planners working or looking to work with virtual teams.
16:58 5/12/22
#41 - Selling events the smart way, not the hard way
Founder of Endless Events and host of the EventIcons, Event Brew, and Event Tech Podcast, Will Curran, joins the show! With his expertise and event experience, we uncover smart ways to market events that reduce stress and make selling tickets easy. 
28:41 5/4/22
#40 - Finding speakers for events: Who is right for you?
Mollie Plotkin, owner of The Mollie Plotkin Group, represents thought leaders, motivators, business experts, professional athletes and other speakers for virtual and live events. In this episode, we are breaking down the process of finding and booking speakers, and tips on selecting the best speakers for your events.
18:28 4/20/22
#39 - Attracting media and effective promotional event timelines
President of Corbett Public Relations, Bill Corbett, breaks down the timeline of promoting events and building a personal brand. He includes advice on attracting media, as well as how to prepare for a successful media interview. 
35:33 4/13/22
#38 - Team building activities - should you be doing them?
Outback Team Building and Training's Senior Event Manager, Dolena Matthews, joins the show to discuss the long-term benefits of team building events. Plus, hosting activities with virtual teams and navigating time zones. 
16:24 12/2/21
#37 - Creating a captivating experience for a digital audience
Ike Singh Kehal, CEO of an event platform for virtual and hybrid experiences, talks the future of events. All about the benefits of networking events online, and how to keep an audience engaged in a digital space. 
27:26 10/20/21
#36 - The dos and don’ts of party planning and making $$$
Known as the Party and Profit Goddess and one of the top party planners in LA,  Marley Majcher talks not just about planning, but how to make money and budgeting tips. With topics like outsourcing staff versus volunteers, food at events, and tips for entrepreneurs, we had a lot to talk about.
38:07 9/29/21
#35 - Event Partnerships - Sponsors, speakers & contracts
Tiffany Allen, founder of AEA Consulting Firm, a full service corporate event management company, joins the show discussing her background in the event space. Drawn from her 15 years of public sector experience as a contract manager, Allen advises on how to reach out to sponsors and event speakers, tips for contract management and creating effective sponsorship packages. 
31:31 9/16/21
#34 - Athletic Director on digitizing school sports
Director of Operations at Millwood Public Schools, A. Shannon Hayes, discusses the transition back as schools return to in-person. With advice for Athletic and Operation Directors, we discuss how he has been running contactless sporting events, live streams, and digitizing their entire event process. 
35:19 8/19/21
#33 - A party planning platform with everything you need!
Founder of Sugar & Rind, Philly Mackinnon, is here to make throwing parties ridiculously easy. A platform that has everything you need, from cocktail and bar packages to decorations and DJS. Mackinnon shares her top tips for the first time planners and a list of must-have party essentials. 
25:45 8/5/21
#32 - The science behind repeatable event success
Expert in event methodology, Heather Mason, discusses the science behind what makes a successful event. Mason, Founder and CEO of Caspian Agency, shares some of her steps to planning a strategic, repeatable event and the science behind event success. 
38:48 7/15/21
#31 - Videographer's advice for filming events
Daniel Hess, owner and founder of To Tony Productions shares his experience as an event videographer. With tips for filming large scale events, mistakes to avoid on site, and what to look for when hiring a videographer for your event. 
24:57 7/7/21
#30 - Having onsite medical staff at your event
ParaDocs Worldwide is a service that provides medical support to local, national and global events. Founder and CEO, Alex Pollak, shares the importance of having medical staff standing by ready to provide care at events and projects. Reminding us why these types of services should be at the top of our list when planning an event, not the bottom. 
22:14 6/30/21
#29 - Marketer's advice for global event planners
With extensive experience heading up global events, Laura Holton shares her advice on planning experiences! In this episode, we talk about planning across time zones, platforms for global evens, collaboration tools, hybrid potential and more. 
38:02 6/9/21
#28 - Increasing brand exposure - Advice from CEO
Brigette Young, the Founder of The Modern Muse Company, a marketing agency, joins the show to share her marketing expertise! With  advice on mini pop-up events, brand partnerships, and marketing strategies for 2021 as events make their comeback. 
30:03 6/1/21
#27 - Preparing for a safe event site as live events return
Principal at The Event Ally, Andrea Ramsey, joins the podcast to discuss event safety as live experiences start to return. This episode is all about getting back to live events and creating safe event sites beyond COVID-19 concerns...but in-person safety in general. The Event Ally is a collective of Subject Matter Experts poised to provide you with the insight to safely move your events forward in the era of COVID-19.
42:18 5/26/21
#26 - Captivating audiences in a virtual world
SVP of Allied Global Marketing, Matthew Glass, talks about how brands can stand out in a virtual world. From working with celebrities and influencers, to understanding the difference between marketing in-person and virtual events. 
25:23 5/19/21
#25 - A mobile solution for event screenings (Health Pass by CLEAR)
Throughout the pandemic, EDM Maniac has hosted CDC compliant in person experiences as well as live stream productions. Founder of the company, Devin Lezama, shares their success behind events in 2021 and the changes they’ve implemented in order to hold COVID safe, in person experiences. Also discussed is their recent partnership with Health Pass by CLEAR as a mobile solution for effective health screenings.
24:07 5/13/21
#24 - Pensacon founder discusses convention planning
Experienced convention planner, founder and CEO of Pensacon, Mike Ensley, talks about what it takes to plan a convention. The episode includes topics on coordinating mass event parking, weekend passes and VIP packages, working with celebrities, app building software and more. 
23:24 5/6/21