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Superhumanize and learn how to transform and transcend your human experience, and achieve the highest potential of mind, body and spirit. Our host Ariane Sommer brings you deeply insightful interviews with the global thought leaders in health, personal development, business, biohacking, science and spirituality - to inspire YOU to live your best life ever. Ariane is a published author, vegan biohacker and wellness entrepreneur, journalist and keynote speaker. Born in Germany and growing up in diverse places including Sierra Leone, India, Spain, the UK and the United States, Ariane has a unique global perspective on our individual struggles, as well as the challenges we face as the collective human family. The Superhumanize Podcast was born out of Ariane’s passionate quest to create the ultimate human experience, merging the best of ancient wisdom with cutting edge scientific discoveries and advanced technologies.


Quantum Energy and Energy Healing Explained with Philipp Samor von Holtzendorff-Fehling of Leela Tech. 48:18 05/20/2022
Jillian Richardson On The Loneliness Epidemic And How To Find Our Tribe And Create The Community We All Crave 22:04 05/11/2022
Doug Evans: Sprouts Are Nature’s Ultimate Superfood! How To Enhance Your Health, Longevity And Vitality And Start Sprouting! 32:06 05/04/2022
Dr. Zoe Chance: Influence Is Your Superpower, How To Make People Say Yes, Win Hearts, Spark Change And Make Good Things Happen 92:01 04/27/2022
Microdosing, Mushrooms, Psychedelics, Sex Magic, and More with Bijoulea Finney 49:00 04/20/2022
Dr. Jeremy Loenneke On Blood Flow Restriction Applied to Muscle Size, Strength and Recovery 34:35 04/13/2022
Jessica Fern on Healing Our Relationships, Consensual Nonmonogamy and Reclaiming a Secure Attachment 56:56 04/06/2022
Michael Rubino aka The Mold Medic, Talks About Mold Toxicity, Air Quality, Mycotoxins, and Mold Remediation 36:58 03/31/2022
Heal Your Gut and You Will Heal Your Life: Dr. Stephen Cabral on Antibiotic Overuse, Naturopathic Detox Protocols and Cleanses, and Destroying Biofilm 50:30 03/23/2022
Nadine Artemis on Holistic Oral Health, Fluoride and Glycerin Dangers, Oil Pulling, Mercury Filling Side Effects and More 47:38 03/17/2022
Adrienne Jezick on Deliberate Cold Exposure, the Morozko Method, and Everything About Ice Baths 53:32 03/09/2022
Ryan Glatt on Exercise for Brain Health and Preventing Cognitive Decline 42:35 03/02/2022
Joe Cohen on Bio-Hacking, Business Building, Self Hack, and Self Decode 54:09 02/23/2022
Anne-Maartje Oud on Human Behavior, Effective Communication, Leadership and Influencing Others 52:28 02/16/2022
Vegan Body Building Power Couple Giacomo Marchese and Dani Taylor Talk About Nutrition and Peak Performance and Much More! 71:27 02/09/2022
Sarah Peyton on Healing Intergenerational Traumas, Naming Your Emotions, and Neuroscience 55:21 02/02/2022
Kato Wittich On Rosen Method, Family Constellations, Epigenetics And The Power Of Resonance 74:27 01/26/2022
Darshana Avila on Erotic Wholeness, Eco-Sexuality, Cultural Scripts for Sexuality, Invitations for Deeper Intimacy 51:56 01/19/2022
Dr. Michael Snyder: Wearable Electronic Devices, Genome Sequencing, Glucose Monitors, Big Biometric Data 49:20 01/12/2022
Wendy Myers Talks about Toxicity, Heavy Metals, Bioenergetic System, Detoxification, and More! 46:54 01/05/2022
Fiona Oakes on Elite Marathon Running to Promote Veganism, Tower Hill Stables Animal Sanctuary, the Longevity and Versatility of an Ethical Vegan Lifestyle and More! 77:32 12/29/2021
Dr. Sandra Kaufmann on Anti-Aging, Extended Life Spans, Seven Tenets of Aging and How to Decelerate the Aging Process 66:15 12/22/2021
Professor Avi Loeb on Alien Intelligence, Artificial Space Objects from Other Planets, The Galileo Project, Funding for Science, and Preparing for First Encounters with Extraterrestrial Life 64:04 12/15/2021
Joel Greene on Immune-Centric Approach to Anti-Aging and Health, Gut Health, Ad Libitum Eating, Oxygenation, Steering Macrophages and More! 48:03 12/08/2021
Rabbi Mordecai Finley On Divine Breakage to Find Our Life’s Work, Why Precision in Language is the First Step to Salvation, Letting Go of Tribalism And Why Repressing Our Souls is the Root Cause of Ou 53:51 12/01/2021
Kim Anami On The Importance of Sexual Fulfillment, Orgasmic Birth, Junk Food Sex vs Gourmet Sex, 11 Different Types Of Orgasms And Much More! 59:15 11/24/2021
Dr. Anna Lembke On Dopamine Dependency, The Problem With Avoiding Negative Emotions, The Interconnection Between Pleasure And Pain, And Why We Get Addicted 55:55 11/17/2021
Dr. Dean Radin: Magic Is Real and Science Can Prove It, The Role Of The Mind In Shaping Our World, The Connection Between PSI And Magic, Global Coherence And How To “Ask” The Universe To Help You Achi 70:47 11/10/2021
Dr. Bill Dorfman On Building a Billion Dollar Brand, The Power of Mentorship, Copying Genius And Building a Brillant Team 30:02 11/03/2021
Matt Maruca On Light Therapy, Mitochondria the Human Battery, Why Humans Have Disconnected From Our Greatest Energy Source And Suppressed Science that Helps Us Understand Human Physiology 80:40 10/27/2021