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Massage Tools Podcast’s mission is to inspire massage and manual therapists. We’re mainly based around our interviews with some of the coolest and unique individuals in the field. We will also be adding continuing education course reviews to the mix in the near future.


How to Become a Massage Therapist at the Olympics/Paralympics
Have you ever wanted to work with Team USA at the Olympic/Paralympic Games? Have you ever waned to work with a National Governing Body (like USA Soccer or USA Bobsled)? This is the podcast for you! Our guest is Taryn Pennington of the United States Olympic and  Paralympic Committee and we discuss the Sport Medicine Volunteer Program. We cover the application process, what makes a good applicant, what's involved in a rotation, and potential opportunities that can arise from participation. Sports Medicine Volunteer Program: Links:Instagram: Playlist:
33:58 10/23/21
CEU Review: Myofascial Decompression Level 1
Check out our review of Myofascial Decompression Level 1 Online course. If you're a Massage Therapist, Athletic Trainer, Physical Therapist, Occupational Therapist, Chiropractor, etc considering a cupping therapy course, see if this is right for you.Follow us on Instagram: the write up: Decompression Level 1 available at:
20:23 9/13/21
Episode 20: My Tokyo Olympics Experience
Flying solo for this podcast, I talk about my experience at the Tokyo 2020 Olympics (held in 2021). I talk about some logistics, the role of massage therapy, the bigger picture, athlete reactions to Games, and of course sushi. Website: www.massagetoolspodcast.comInstagram:
20:35 8/24/21
E19: Sport Tools - Wade Alberts
Wade Alberts is back! This time we jump into his Sport Massage experience. We cover topics such as  breaking into or increasing opportunities with teams and the importance of communication with our athletes. Topics: Communication with Athletes, Never Split the Difference,  Breaking into Sport Massage Catch Wade on social media:Instagram: Massage Tools onlineInstagram: Facebook:
27:37 7/14/21
E18 Industry Tools - Wade Alberts
This weeks episode features Wade Alberts of Wellness by Wade. We cover a variety of topics including great Con Ed, the challenge of moving from the big city back to a small town, and the most important thing of all: trust.  Topics: Business, Client Communication, Active Release Techniques (ART),  George DaviesWade Alberts:Instagram: Tools Podcast:Instagram:
33:17 7/7/21
E17 Bonus: Anti-Icing Discussion
This bonus content from our interview with Bob McAtee.  Springing off an idea from A Tooth from the Tiger's Mouth (a book by Tom Bisio) we broke into a discussion on the anti-icing movement and how we approach it with athletes.
08:02 11/22/20
E17: Sports Tools - Bob McAtee
This weeks guest is Bob McAtee, owner of Pro-Active Massage Therapy in Colorado Springs, Colorado. He is the author of Facilitated Stretching and Sport Massage for Injury Care.  We talk about some of the content from his books, his 38years in the sports massage world, plus a lot of our mainstay questions. Although it’s a bit of a long one, but it is jam-packed with information. Also  be sure to check out our bonus episode where Bob and I talk about the anti-icing movement. Bob McAtee: @bobmcatee
63:25 11/22/20
E16: Diamond in the Rough - with Irene Diamond
This episode we talk with Irene Diamond, the "Pain Reliever and Mover Improver". She's a 2013 Massage Hall of Famer and a triple threat, as a clinical, massage system founder/instructor, and business coach. She shares her journey of joining the massage field and how that helped her develop the Active Myofascial Therapy - Diamond Method. We also talk a lot about the business side...or lack there of... of the massage field. She highlights lots of areas for improvement and there's tons of actionable advice throughout the episode.  Also she's offering a free mini business course called "How To Attract Affluent Appreciative Clients" at Tools Podcast:Instagram: Playlist:
50:34 11/11/20
E15: Branding, Logos, and Athlete Sponsorship with Vincent Bounds
This week we have Vincent Bounds of Myology Sport Massage.  We discuss finding your brand, where to put logos, and a fairly unique idea of athlete sponsorship. Plus we hit some of our hallmark questions about the massage field. We hope you enjoy!Vince Massage Tools PodcastInstagram: Playlist:
39:12 10/28/20
E14: Bill Helm - Traditional Massage Therapy in Modern Times
This week's guest is Bill Helm. He's a bodyworker/massage therapist, taoist priest, Chen style Taichi teacher, and our host's first massage instructor.  We discuss Tuina and traditional massage practices and how they fit into the modern world. Plus he delivers some solid advice to anyone in the massage and manual therapy career. We hope you enjoy his no-nonsense sage wisdom.Bill: Instagram: Playlist:
30:01 10/21/20
E13: How to Choose Your First IASTM Tool
Interested in Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue Mobilization (aka IASTM, Gratson Technique, Gua Sha, Scraping Therapy, etc)? In this episode our host discusses some criteria you'll want to consider when purchasing your first..or next tool. We hope you join us for this short episode, but we'll be back soon with more interviews.  
10:43 10/7/20
E12: Working with Adaptive and Amputee Athletes - Gay Koopman
Gay Koopman, the OG sport massage therapist for adaptive athletes joins us this week. She discusses working with this unique population, her time with Amputee Soccer, and some other special populations she works with regularly.  Plus she  provides great advice on continuing education, general sports massage, and areas the industry needs to grow. Gay Koopman: us on Social Media:Instagram: Playlist:
44:55 9/30/20
E11: Sports Tools - Tony Poland
We're back with another Sports Tools segment. Tony Poland tells us about his experience with USA Volleyball, Beach Volleyball, and working the Recovery Center at the 2016 Olympic Games. He gives some great advice on those first few days with a new team. We also talk about Functional Range Conditioning, RockTape/RockBlades, and the Shoulder Sphere. Tony PolandInstagram: - LinksInstagram: Playlist:
25:17 9/23/20
E10: Industry Tools - Tony Poland
We cover some great ideas in this episode. Tony dives into his philosophy on stretching and its nuances. Plus he tells us about a fantastically simple and powerful drill for develop a better sense of touch/palpation. This last one is huge for students, newer therapists...or anyone who palpates.  Tony's Social Media Tools Podcast:Instagram: Playlist:
22:18 9/16/20
E09: The Introduction
This is probably what should have been episode 00. Due to listener input, is this a short podcast about the host and the mission of the podcast. Instagram:
09:11 9/10/20
E08: Bonus Episode - Qiana Thompson - Coaching
Qiana goes more in depth on her coaching business. If you curious about leveling up your massage business under her guidance, tune in here! @bodyrealmcenter
03:07 9/2/20
E08: Industry Tools - Qiana Thompson
Massage Tools Podcast Episode 8: Qiana ThompsonAre you interested in running a six-figure income massage practice? Tune in.We welcome this week's guest all the way from San Fransisco. We first heard Qiana talk on Maestro on the Mic Podcast (episode 146: Leveling Up as a Massage Therapist) and I knew we needed her on our podcast. We talk about finding being authentic, communication styles, and building a loyal how to take the profession to the next level!Don't forget you can watch the interview on our YouTube channel.Qiana:Insta: @bodyrealmcenterwww.bodyrealmcenter.comMassage Tools PodcastInstagram & Facebook: @massagetoolspodcastwww.massagetoolspodcast.comYouTube:
49:48 9/2/20
E07: Sport Tools - Tom Benson
Tom is back! In this segment we get into some depth about working with sports teams. If you've got an interest in massage with collegiate and professional teams, or being on a medical team at an international event, there are a some great pearls throughout this episode. If event/team massage doesn't appeal to you, Tom still delivers advice on his clinical approach...and with 52 years in the industry he's got it down pat.    Instagram: Interview:
33:33 8/26/20
E06: Industry Tools - Tom Benson
We are back with another Industry Tools segment and this is a big episode.  Tom Benson is trying to distill 52 years (that's not a typo, fifty-two years) of experience into one conversation.  He does a fantastic job with advise on practice and it was so much fun talking with him. We hope you enjoy!Come find us online:Instagram: Playlist:
35:42 8/19/20
E05: Sport Tools - Amy Murry
We have Amy Murry back! Working with the National Teams of wrestling, swimming, plus having served Team USA at the 2016 Olympics and 2018 Paralympics, she has tons of information to share with us. We talk continuing education, tips and advice for working with elite athletes, and how to potentially break into the field of sport & competition massage.Amy's linksBusiness: Instagram:
24:47 8/12/20
E04: Industry Tools - Amy Murry
Venturing back to our Industry-based interviews, we bring in Amy Murry. She owns Human Body Work in Olympia Washington. We talk valuable continuing education like Myofascial Decompression, RockTape/RockBlades, and more. She drops insight into business ownership in the time of a pandemic, ethics, and hiring practices. It is all wrapped up with ideas on how the industry needs to, and should shift, in the next few years. She's such a wealth of info, so don't miss it. See the interview on YouTube:'s linksBusiness: Business Instagram: Tools Podcast:Instagram:
29:55 8/5/20
E03: Sport Tools - Kenzie Rogers
Kenzie and I discuss sport massage with athletes/teams at competitions, how to break into the field, plus some fun anecdotes of our experiences. We hope you enjoy!Kenzie's Info: @promassage16Our Contact:Instagram: @massagetoolspodcastFacebook:
18:01 7/29/20
E02: Industry Tools - Kenzie Rogers
Episode 2 - Kenzie Rogers, of Pro Massage, joins us. I have to admit, this is one of the most inspirational talks I've had with a massage therapist. I hope this moves you just as much it moved me.Kenzie's Info: @promassage16Our Contact:Instagram: @massagetoolspodcastFacebook:
19:20 7/22/20
E01: Industry Tools - Carl Christie
Join us as we interview Carl Christie. He's an Atlanta-based Neuromuscular Therapist. Don't know what that is? Check out our interview and find out. Massage Tools Podcast. Your home for cool interviews and reviews. Our mission is to inspire the field of massage and manual therapy. Hear from some of the unique and interesting powerhouses in industry. Get our host's feedback on products and the coveted Continuing Education course reviews you really want. Originally Recorded Mar 2020Instagram: @massagetoolspodcastFacebook:
27:53 7/18/20

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