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Upon Arrival is a podcast for the people creating unforgettable travel and event experiences for corporate clients. This community thrives on inspiration, ideas and strategies which are needed now more than ever through a pandemic. No one really knows when this travel-dependent industry will truly revive. But the drivers for incentive travel are still strong and it’s just a matter of finding where the success stories are. Upon Arrival aims to uncover these stories to see how the strategists amongst us are learning new ways of doing things and even discovering new destinations and experiences that might not otherwise have been considered. We talk about mindset, personal development, pivot ideas and of course, what's happening with the travel and events industry.


Ep 81 How too many events are missing key pieces to improve engagement and ROI, with Jonathan Kazarian
In-person events may be back but virtual is no longer the poor cousin of events. Still, how do you get the most out of the dynamic and interplay between in-person and virtual? What are future-thinking entrepreneurs and companies doing to generate leads today? And what or who is the missing opportunity for the majority of events? Jonathan Kazarian is the Founder and CEO of Accelevents, a leading virtual and hybrid event management platform recently recognised by Inc. 5000 as one of America's top 100 fastest-growing private companies. Under Jonathan's leadership, the company grew from US$300k to $9m in under 8 months by leveraging the virtual space.  Quotes from this episode:"You can't get away with bad content today, and that's a good thing for the industry.""Events make up (at least) 25% of B2B marketing budget.. and it's at a time where everything is so data-centric right now (that) for organisers to be putting on these events and not have the data to show what action they drove, they're doing themselves a disservice"."Companies are moving towards this model of essentially being a publisher, being a media agency themselves, because that's how they're building their brand."-Jonathan KazarianConnect with Jonathan:Website: www.accelevents.comLinkedIn: jkazarianEmail: jkazarian@accelevents.comJonathan's book recommendation:Extreme ownership: How US Navy Seals Lead and Win by Jocko Wilink & Leif BabinConnect with Adelaine:Email: uponarrivalpodcast@gmail.comRecord interviews remotely with 15% off your subscription with code: AdelaineHost your podcast on $20 Amazon gift card.Edit interviews like a word document with's game-changing podcast production AI tool
48:20 09/29/2022
Ep 80 How adventure travel transforms leaders and answers their toughest questions, with Mike Green
What happens when you hitchhike across America with no money or food? You learn a lot about people and yourself. And you learn even more when you've travelled to the world's seven continents, allowing the wildest experiences to bring out the best leader in you through a deep process of self-discovery.Adventure coach Mike Green puts high performance individuals and teams in situations far removed from their usual environment to find the version of themselves they've been looking for. From the elite golden eagle hunters of remote Mongolia to the mountain gorillas in Uganda, every experience is a lesson that draws from the courage found within. Mike has coached in 63 countries over the last 30 years.  Warning:This episode contains reference to hunting animals which may offend some listeners.Quotes from this episode:"I believe leaders are made or formed in the wild.""There is no escape from your own mind when you don't have any stimuli that you've been used to.""Your potential is limitless if you just believe in yourself a little bit more each day."-Mike GreenConnect with Mike:Website: mikegreenleadership.comMike Green's book:Wandermust: A Hero's Journey to Seven TruthsMike also recommends:Driven: Understanding and Harnessing the Genetic Gifts Shared by Entrepreneurs, Navy SEALs, Pro Athletes, and Maybe You by Dr Douglas BrackmannConnect with Adelaine:Email: uponarrivalpodcast@gmail.comRecord interviews remotely with 15% off your subscription with code: AdelaineHost your podcast on $20 Amazon gift card.Edit interviews like a word document with's game-changing podcast production AI tool
59:54 09/16/2022
Ep79 Succeeding at the inner game for entrepreneurs and telltale signs you have a money block, with Jack Delosa
Mastering the inner game of entrepreneurship is sometimes confronting work. But those who do the work are rewarded in spades, in both life and business. So how does our inner world impact our outer world? What are our most common blocks to success and what do we need to know about the personal psychology of money making unconscious decisions for us? Jack Delosa is a 5X Australian Financial Review Young Rich Lister, 2X best-selling author and the founder of The Entourage, Australia’s largest business coaching and training provider for entrepreneurs with a community of 650,000 members. Jack is also a serial investor, including in one company that became what’s known in Silicon Valley as a ‘unicorn’ or a business that goes from $0 to $1 billion within ten years.Quotes from this episode:"When you are so good at playing that external game, you can go your entire life ignoring your inner world.""Personal health and wellbeing should not be about going on a retreat every now and again, coming back, going into work mode, grinding yourself into burnout and going on another retreat, which is what some people do. It's more about integrating these practices into your every day.""No great entrepreneur was born. This is a whole paradigm shift we need to have as a culture. You look at some iconic figures that have achieved larger than life legacies (Richard Branson, Nelson Mandela, Michelangelo or Oprah Winfrey)... History has a way of holding these people up to make them seem superhuman. And they're not. They're just people who made a decision to continuously improve themselves and develop the skills required to make the impact that they wanted to make."-Jack DelosaConnect with Jack:IG: @jackdelosaWebsite: the-entourage.comJack's books:UnProfessionalUnWrittenThe other book mentioned by Jack:The Happiness Advantage by Shawn AchorConnect with Adelaine:Email: uponarrivalpodcast@gmail.comRecord interviews remotely with 15% off your subscription with code: AdelaineHost your podcast on $20 Amazon gift card.Edit interviews like a word document with's chosen podcast production AI tool
56:19 08/31/2022
Ep78 Simple, no-cost tactics for transformational leaders during the Great Resignation, with Dr Troy Hall
The number one reason why people leave an employer is because they feel a disconnect from their supervisor. But there are many things leaders can implement to prevent the talent bleed, especially needed at a time when the Great Resignation is at play and there's an acute shortage of hospitality workers around the world.Dr Troy Hall is a global expert in Talent Retention Strategies and author of Cohesion Culture. He has spoken at global conferences globally and been featured on media including the Today Show, ABC and CEO World. An award-winning culture strategist, Dr Hall is passionate about how cohesion culture can transform businesses.Quotes from this episode:"We are spending $7 trillion globally on correcting teams somehow some way. When you do have a cohesive team, here's the good news: You get an uplift of 50% of your creativity and productivity when you have a team operating cohesively.""You know as well as I do, culture eats strategy for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks on it somewhere in between.""People get confused about team building and team bonding. They're two different functions, two different words. We might use them synonymously, but they're not."-Dr Troy HallConnect with Dr Troy:LI: Dr Troy HallFB: @drtroyhallIG: @drtroyhallYouTube: Dr Troy HallWebsite: drtroyhall.comFree book on Cohesion Culture: Troy's books: Cohesion CultureFanny RulesMission MattersDr Troy's other book recommendations:Dare To Lead by Brene BrownThe Go-Giver by Bob BurgThe Go-Giver Leader by Bob Burg and John David MannDifferentiate Or Die by Jack TroutGrit by Angela DuckworthConnect with Adelaine:Email: uponarrivalpodcast@gmail.comRecord interviews remotely with 15% off your subscription with code: AdelaineHost your podcast on $20 Amazon gift card. Edit interviews like a word document with's podcast product
59:28 08/15/2022
Ep77 The Million Dollar James Bond and other ultimate travel experiences, with Shane Mahoney
What's involved in creating the world's Ultimate James Bond Experience and who would you have to kill to make it happen? Jokes aside, Shane Mahoney has left no stone unturned in putting together what would make the dreams of James Bond's biggest adventure fans a reality. But Shane doesn't just want to be known for his Bond creation. He is passionate about the many more ways you can elevate your travel experiences when you have the right approach.Shane Mahoney is a serial entrepreneur, luxury lifestyle specialist and founder of Lugos Travel, an agency that believes in making luxury travel attainable. He has travelled to 22 countries and has dedicated his life to connecting and re-connecting loved ones by crafting travel experiences that surprise and delight. Shane also founded the Entrepreneurial Travel Club for entrepreneurs who network through travel experiences.Quotes from this episode:"You really only have your memories. And if you haven't put those coins in the bank, so to speak, you don't have anything to draw on, there's nothing there. And you get to the point where it's too late and your choices are taken away at some point of your life." "We didn't become Virtuoso or Signature because honestly, I felt like I could do a better job of putting my clients in good hands (rather) than somebody in a corporate office many, many states away pulling contracts with hotels to put champagne in rooms.""If you're only focused on price, you've already lost. I want people to focus on value. Price is what you pay, value is what you get. And if you focus on what you get, you can actually get much, much more for the dollars than you would expect."-Shane MahoneyConnect with Shane:shanemahoney360.comLugos Travel:lugostravel.comEntrepreneurial Travel Club:'s book recommendation:Principles by Ray DalioConnect with Adelaine:Email: uponarrivalpodcast@gmail.comRecord interviews remotely with 15% off your subscription with code: AdelaineHost your podcast on $20 Amazon gift card.  Edit interviews like a word document with's podcast production game changer!
64:42 07/27/2022
Ep 76 How to grow a movement, defeat the naysayers and Stay Gold with Stef Mariani
Can you trust your intuition to lead you out of the most difficult circumstances and into a life of joy and fulfilment? Award-winning artist and movement leader Stef Mariani believes you can, having experienced personal tragedy and learning how to move herself from being shut down to playing at the top of her game in just a few years.Stef Mariani won awards as a negotiator and business strategist based in Hawaii, closing over US$100M in real estate deals. She also won Hawaii's Na Hoku Hanohano Award for her album Stay Gold In 2018. Stef has produced live events and attended many high profile ones herself including the Grammys. Her current focus is to grow her international movement of people committed to staying true to themselves despite the worst circumstances such as the financial impact of COVID and the war in Ukraine.Quotes from this episode:"The key with events (and if this is the only thing you do, it will make all the difference) is your mindset. When you walk in, you need to take time to really think about why you're there and who your audience is and why you care about those people.""It's hard to throw a bomb at somebody who you feel connected with, because if I hurt you, I hurt myself. You don't open fire at schools. If you feel connected. You don't throw a grenade. You can't even participate in war, be a soldier if you feel connected. And the fact is we are all connected.""If you care about people, it doesn't matter what you do, you're going to do really well."-Stef MarianiMusic Use My Imagination played with permission from Stef Mariani.Connect with Stef and join Stay Gold for free:Website: www.thestaygoldmovement.comFB Group: StayGoldMovementStef's non-profit for Hawaii-based artists:Website: //staygoldhawaii.comUse My Imagination (No More War) music video: with Adelaine:Email: uponarrivalpodcast@gmail.comRecord interviews remotely with 15% off your subscription with code: AdelaineEdit interviews like a word document with
45:27 06/29/2022
Ep 75 Regaining your life with flexibility after a disappointing post-pandemic reset, with Dr Karen Morley
The promise of a post-pandemic reset has been underwhelming for many people juggling work and home life. As long as expectations at the office haven't changed, overwork is here to stay. So what can you do to take back some control of your work-life balance? And what is the real cost of not dealing with stress properly?Dr Karen Morley is an executive leadership psychologist and coach, whose vision is to help leaders get more impact with less effort. She has held executive roles in government and higher education, and is a thought leader on gender and inclusion. Her new book FlexAbility: How high achievers beat burnout and find freedom in an overworked world is written for a post-pandemic flexible working wold. Quotes from this episode:"I think, in a technical sense, not everybody is necessarily feeling burned out... feeling somewhat cynical about your work and feeling that you're not effective. But I do think that many people are feeling exhausted and that's more than enough to be concerned"."There's very clear findings from the World Health Organization around the impact of chronic stress and overwork, and burnout at work. And that is you're more likely to die.""We don't have an issue with resilience. We have an issue with recharging. We have an issue with how we manage our energy and our expectations."-Dr Karen MorleyConnect with Dr Morley:LinkedIn: Karen Karen Morley's new book:FlexAbility: How high achievers beat burnout and find freedom in an overworked worldConnect with Adelaine:Email: uponarrivalpodcast@gmail.comRecord interviews remotely with 15% off your subscription with code: AdelaineEdit interviews like a word document with
44:13 06/09/2022
Ep 74 Why you're not further ahead than you thought you would be by now, with Luke Harlan
Everything we want to achieve is an inside-out job. The difficult truth is, the reason why we aren't as successful as we'd like to be can often be found in the way we think... much of it unconsciously. How can we recognise the things that hold us back and give ourselves the best chance of moving forward?Luke Harlan is a transformational mindset coach. He helps people become the best versions of themselves by freeing up the common myths and misconceptions and the limiting beliefs that are holding them back from truly achieving what they want. Quotes from this episode:"What I found was is that many of the things that I wanted to do externally needed to be solved internally.""We get about 7,000 pieces of information, external stimuli coming at us every day and our brain has to dismiss most of that other or it would explode. So 95 plus percent of all of our decisions are made subconsciously. Now, what if some of those automatic behaviors were procrastination or fear or explosive act or to a stimuli or a yelling?""There is no creativity in negativity. If you are (just) trying to survive or you're in that pain threshold, there is no connection to the larger universe."-Luke HarlanConnect with Luke plus free Masterclass:www.lukeharlan.comLuke's recommended books:The 15 Commitments of Conscious Leadership by Jim DethmerThe Four Agreements by Don Miguel RuizConnect with Adelaine:Email: uponarrivalpodcast@gmail.comRecord interviews remotely with Riverside: 15% off your subscription with code: AdelaineEdit interviews like a word document with
60:32 06/02/2022
Ep 73 How music can unite teams in unexpected ways with SongDivision's Andy Sharpe
Music has often played a fan-favourite role in team-building exercises that take participants from unfamiliar territory into a new space of connectedness. But it's become even more important now with many companies going through mergers and acquisitions, leaving staff unsure about their future. How can enrolling members who are even slightly suspicious of each other into a lyric-writing exercise change that?Andy Sharpe is the CEO and founder of global sensation SongDivision, which has hosted more than 2,000 team bonding events globally since 2020, making them one of the most successful corporate event companies of the COVID era. His musicians have worked with top artists like Cher and Justin Bieber. Andy has been named one of Eventex’s Top 100 Most Influential People in the Event Industry.This interview was recorded at AIME, The Asia Pacific Incentives and Meetings Event 2022, where SongDivision brought the vibes and turned word suggestions into songs, on demand.Quotes from this episode:"I can't tell you how many conversations I've had with CEOs of companies who have just gone through a big merger and acquisition...We get them to create music together, flood their brains with oxytocin, and then they relax and can have conversations about the future rather than being paranoid about what the future is going to be.""The joy that we see from our audiences and the people that we're working with online is the same joy that we have in person. It's a different design for a different need.""I've had conversations with people over the years where the idea of team building is just a waste of time and cheesy. They've never thought about corporate values and purpose. I don't try and win those people over."-Andy SharpeDon't Miss:-How an opportunity to work with indigenous kids started Andy's SongDivision journey-The science and art of why music is so effective in team building-Taking participants from feeling intimidated to confident-Leading the company through the pandemic-Why soft skills matter in leadership-SongDivision's new direction in Leadership and Human ResourcesConnect with Andy:LinkedIn: AndySharpeSongDivision: songdivision.comConnect with Adelaine:Email: 
35:06 05/25/2022
Ep 72 K-Pop saves events in Japan and how a pink suit can save you from LinkedIn shame, with Tyron Giuliani
Being an entrepreneur in a foreign market presents unique challenges and opportunities.  But if you can make it against all the odds, you can position yourself as the only logical solution for the services you offer.  A similar approach can be taken to how you connect with people on LinkedIn.Tyron Giuliani went from being an army officer in Australia to running several successful businesses in Tokyo. By necessity he had to turn his weaknesses into strengths and make his foreign-ness work for him rather than against him. Tyron's story includes turning to K-Pop when the pandemic hit his wedding dress business, and becoming a client acquisition expert on LinkedIn using a D.A.N.C.E. and Pink Suited method. His clients have included Amazon, Apple, and Ogilvy & Mather.Quotes from this episode:"The K-pop space is amazing. It's led by super fans. They call them masters. And each band has multiple masters and these people have huge audiences in Japan"."Our structure used to be very commission-based, so the sales people would get the highest bonuses and that led to a lot of conflict in the company. We then changed our whole comp structure, where it was truly company-based targets, so that the cleaning staff, the prep staff, the admin staff, they would get a chunk of reward when the salespeople hit (the sales targets) just lifts everyone"."People have a choice when they see a complex question (on social media), they have to (ask), 'For me to answer this and not look stupid, I'm going to have to write like five to 10 sentences. Ah, I can't be bothered." -Tyron GiulianiConnect with Tyron:FB Group: LinkedIn Sales Funnels for EntrepreneursTyron's favourite LinkediIn tool:PipedriveTyron's book recommendation:The Road Less Stupid by Keith J CunninghamConnect with Adelaine:Email:
63:33 03/17/2022
Ep 71 The very bumpy road of startup stories and secrets with John North
John North has had to pivot multiple times when things kept crashing and burning through no fault of his own. By necessity he's transitioned to a serial entrepreneur, digital marketing strategist and app developer.  He's also written seven #1 Best-Selling books along the way, including  Startup Secrets, where he outlines five steps to fast track from an idea to a business.John is the CEO of Evolve Systems Group and has created many products and services designed to empower business owners and entrepreneurs, including Evolve Global Publishing, and He is passionate about helping business owners become smarter and more strategic about their marketing efforts.Quotes from this episode:"Own your own brand... The business that I had to sell, cost me a million dollars to lose that business. And the reason why it cost me all that money was I didn't own my own brand.""Go in an experimental mindset (where) you don't care about winning or losing so much. You care about what happens." "You've got to value your time to start with. Do I have the time to spend on that (course / program)? Or is it just pretty and shiny and I think I'm solving a problem?"-John NorthConnect with's book recommendation:The E-Myth EnterpriseConnect with Adelaine:Email:
72:53 03/02/2022
Ep 70 Why New Zealand considered staying closed for another year and how it could lose out to Australia, with Joanna Fountain
Two months ago, New Zealand's tourism minister, Stuart Nash, told the country's tourism industry players to prepare to have no international tourists for another year. Then, the government said it would start opening in stages. But the 7 day isolation requirement stays, meaning it's still not viable for most tourists to visit, which is devastating for the industry. So what's behind the reluctance to re-start the country's No.1 export earner? Joanna Fountain is an Associate Professor and researcher in tourism at NZ's Lincoln University, Christchurch. She has published multiple research papers on tourism issues and has been a consultant on tourism-related projects in the country.Quotes from this episode:"New Zealand has done such a good job of keeping (Covid) out (that) there are a large proportion of the population who are just saying, 'Close the borders. Just let us live our lives here without any international visitors'.""Some destinations are doing better... against all expectation. Businesses that have been usually reliant on international visitors have found that in domestic visitors, they have more loyal guests who are staying longer and actually spending more money.""I'm kind of not sure what the difference is between now and another year. It's already had such a massive impact - two years without our number one export earner. I'm not sure what difference another year will make."-Joanna Fountain Connect with Joanna:Email: with Adelaine:Email:
40:14 02/20/2022
Ep 69 Novak Djokovic, Pandemic tourism, and 20 Case Studies with David Beirman
With Omicron and messy fiascos like the Novak Djokovic - Australian Open saga, you might be tempted to think that Covid 19 pandemic disruptions won't be letting up anytime soon to allow tourism to recover. But there's hope we'll learn from past mistakes. A look through the lens of how government and the media have historically  dealt with tourism crisis can inform us of the variables that lie ahead for the industry.Dr David Beirman is a tourism crisis, risk and recovery expert from University Technology Sydney whose views have been highly sought after by both local and international media. His new book, Tourism Crises and Destination Recovery, looks at some 20 cases of comeback from crisis in the tourism industry, including a whole section on the current pandemic, to give us some perspective to the challenges the industry is facing today. Quotes from this episode:"One of the interesting things about COVID-19 overall has been the incredible level in which government has dominated every aspect of the agenda.... And that that's had a huge effect, of course, not only on tourism, but pretty much every aspect of our life.""Cruising, in my humble opinion, has been given a really, really difficult time by governments... and the thing that makes it so unfair is that the cruise sector has probably done more to try and minimise the risk of COVID-19 than probably any sector in  all of the tourism and hospitality industry." "There were pictures of people in Hong Kong running around in surgical masks. And in Singapore, the reality was 95% of the cases in Hong Kong actually occurred in five apartment blocks. The media never mentioned that." -Dr David BeirmanDon’t miss:- Reasons to be optimistic about tourism in 2022.- Does Australia have an image crisis after the Novak Djokovic saga?- The PR mistake the cruising industry could have avoided.- How airfares could change to make the aviation business viable again.- Key lessons from 20 cases of tourism crises and recovery.- The media's relationship with tourism and how it treats crisis stories.- The pragmatic way destinations can reopen their borders for tourism recovery.David's book:Tourism Crises and Destination RecoveryConnect with David:LinkedIn: David BeirmanEmail: with Adelaine:Email: 
64:19 02/03/2022
Ep 68 What the world's highest achievers understand about performance and going the distance with Donna McGeorge
Superstar performers like Hugh Jackman and Carl Lewis know how to leave something in the tank for the moments they will need the extra boost most. This is a little discussed secret that can be applied to how we manage our time and schedules. It's called the 15% buffer or adaptive capacity that will not only help reclaim some of your time back but also help you achieve more. This is part two of a two-part episode.Donna McGeorge makes work work. She is a productivity coach, best-selling author, trainer, and facilitator. Her focus is on helping individuals, managers, and teams work smarter, build collaborative relationships, and make efficient use of time. She has written 10 productivity books, with The 1 Day Refund  published this month.Quotes from this episode:"I tell everyone to start at the end of the day.  So if you're swamped, you drowning... You're at risk of failing at the important things....  I'm going to say protect the last hour of your day or whatever is possible in your busy world.""Does it start with I'll trust you first and give you a crack? Or do you have to prove (yourself), and then I'll trust you? I think it's the former"."If we're operating at 100% we've got no room to move... We should be operating at that 85% more consistently to feel better, do better and actually achieve more."-Donna McGeorgeDon’t miss:- Why Donna doesn’t believe in New Year’s resolutions- The solution to feeling busy but not feeling productive-  The 15% buffer or adaptive capacity- Thinking, breathing, living and working space- Breaking the habit of always being busy- How to be more essential but less involved- How to protect your timeDonna’s book:www.the1dayrefund.comDonna's free 1 Day Refund productivity with Donna:LinkedIn:Donna McGeorgewww.donnamcgeorge.comConnect with Adelaine:Email:
29:21 01/27/2022
Ep 67 How to get A Day Back from every week of your life this year, or a 1 Day Refund with Donna McGeorge
Have you found yourself asking, where has all the time gone? Or why did I feel so insanely busy last year but not more productive, even when I worked from home and in theory should've had more time to spare? Fortunately, you can get back in control of your time with some intentional strategies and a formula for reclaiming time. That's right, it's time to get your time back and here's how, in the first of a two-part episode.Donna McGeorge makes work work. She is a productivity coach, best-selling author, trainer, and facilitator. Her focus is on helping individuals, managers, and teams work smarter, build collaborative relationships, and make efficient use of time. She has written 10 productivity books, with The 1 Day Refund  published this month. Quotes from this episode:"The tendency for all of us is to say, I need more time or I need more space,  more capacity. Actually, we've got enough. We just need to be clever about how we use what we've got.""Decision fatigue... impacts our willpower. And so if I'm trying to make too many decisions about how I'm going to do my world, when it gets to the time of day where I have to jump on the Peloton or go to the gym or whatever I'm choosing to do, it's just that much harder.""It's much easier just to say here, do this, but in the long-term you're creating a culture of learned helplessness."-Donna McGeorgeDon’t miss:- Why Donna doesn’t believe in New Year’s resolutions- The solution to feeling busy but not feeling productive-  The 15% buffer or adaptive capacity- Thinking, breathing, living and working space- Breaking the habit of always being busy- How to be more essential but less involved- How to protect your timeDonna’s book: www.the1dayrefund.comDonna's free 1 Day Refund productivity with Donna:LinkedIn: Donna McGeorgewww.donnamcgeorge.comConnect with Adelaine:Email:
26:55 01/18/2022
Ep 66 Christmas was weird - A personal year of highs and lows
A short reflection on what went well and what didn't for me this year. Things don't automatically improve at the stroke of midnight into the new year. I'm still recovering from 2021 and I suspect I'll still need healing way into 2022.Connect with Adelaine:Email:
03:58 12/31/2021
Ep 65 How to create the Ultimate Office Christmas Party with Lisa Wiles
How do you create the ultimate office Christmas party? There are some simple but big ideas that can make your event a great success, whether the idea of being volunteered to organise the big year-end event at your workplace fills you with excitement or dread. For example, if you know what to do with lighting and the size of your props, that’s more than half the battle won.Lisa Wiles is the founder of Sydney Party Planner, a company she launched in 2001 after working in the events industry for global companies for over 20 years.  She has professionally organised hundreds of themed Christmas parties and loves a challenge, which has included venues from country barns to secret warehouses.Quotes from Episode:"Anyone can do events but it's the people that love it that bring the extra.""People talk about decorations but I think lighting is way more important than decorations"."There's this guy... it's in an industrial wasteland of warehouses and near the airport, and his life passion is to restore carousels and penny arcade circus games. The whole venue just absolutely blows your mind when you walk in". -Lisa WilesDon’t miss:-Lisa’s most challenging Christmas party assignment and how she solved it-From Cuban to Gatsby to Beach themes-How to use lighting effectively in a party-What to do if you’re given a blank canvas-Career destroying moves at Christmas parties-How the event industry and party suppliers are affected by Covid-Can you save a party if not enough people turn up?Connect with Lisa:IG: @sydneypartyplannerLinkedIn: Lisa WilesConnect with Adelaine / Sign up for her newsletter:Email:
51:06 12/21/2021
Ep 64 How the pandemic helped Australia's Northern Territory thrive with top events with Tim Watsford
Smaller or lesser known destinations have achieved some pretty amazing things for events. Can Australia's Northern Territory surprise and wow event planners who've seen it all? It certainly wowed the Australian Event Awards & Symposium for Parrtijima – A Festival in Light, which awarded Northern Territory Major Events Company (NTMEC) the Best Regional Event this year.Tim Watsford is the CEO of NTMEC, joining the business events tourism industry from a cricket and rugby background.  Over the past 18 months, Tim has led the NTMEC team in new directions as they navigate an events sector profoundly affected by COVID-19 restrictions. The result has seen the team successfully deliver several large-scale major events in the Territory that have attracted national and international attention, and record attendance numbers.Quotes from Episode:"If you haven't been to the Territory, you'll never experience what we have to offer... Everything from chasing the elusive barramundi all the way to the river systems in the Top End . Kakadu National Park has to be seen to be believed.""We've got a very starved industry that wants to get back in and get in big. I'll be quite honest, there are some challenges for us coming into next year. We hope we've proven what the territory can offer." "The two lessons I've learned as a CEO  or leader is, one, people are your most important asset... I've learned that in droves and two, back yourself."  -Tim WatsfordDon’t miss:-How moving from the big city life to the Northern Territory was transformational -There's more to discover in Australia's Top End than crocodiles.-Why events in the NT thrived during the pandemic.-Leadership lessons managing a transient staff.Tim's resource recommendation:Leaders Eat Last by Simon Sinek (and anything by Simon Sinek).Connect with Tim:LinkedIn: Tim WatsfordConnect with Adelaine / Sign up for her newsletter:Email:
29:09 12/16/2021
Ep 63 Unconventional leadership: The one thing that defines your success that is really not about you, with Geoff Donaghy
Your leadership will be exposed when tough times come knocking. Who will you be looking out for when the ground underneath is crumbling? Interestingly, by genuinely prioritising others, you may end up securing your own success.  And the kind of leader you become can be traced back to, and be greatly influenced by your environment and mentors during your younger years.  Geoff Donaghy is the CEO of ICCSydney, Group Director (Asia Pacific) at ASM Global and  Deputy Chair of Business Events Council of Australia.  Some of his former roles include  President of the International Association of Congress Centres, CEO of Suncorp Stadium and Managing Director of Cairns Convention Centre. Geoff was inducted into the Event Industry Council's prestigious Hall of Leaders  in October 2021.Quotes from Episode:"Running and operating a venue is  a little bit like sending a rocket to the moon. If the aim is out by a thousandth of a degree, you miss the moon by thousands of miles. So your goals and your targets... those goals have to be precise and they have to be understood by everyone, otherwise  if not everyone understands them and  buys into them, you won't reach them.""While occasionally it's valuable and useful to appear angry, whatever you do, never get angry".“It's amazing what you can achieve if you don't care who gets the credit.”-Geoff DonaghyDon’t miss:-How Geoff's early experiences shaped his leadership values.-Leadership and emotional intelligence.-There is a solution to everything and  two variables involved.-The 5Cs of successful leadership.-How to grow a loyal team, even if you have to fire some of them.-The destination package required for attracting successful eventsGeoff's book recommendation:7 Habits of Highly Effective People by Stephen R CoveyConnect with Geoff:LinkedIn: Geoff DonaghyConnect with Adelaine / Sign up for her newsletter:Email:
43:12 12/08/2021
Ep 62 There Has To Be More: Personal growth and your workplace culture with Rachel Service
The Great Resignation? Not so fast, and we'll see why in this episode. Millions of people are expected to quit their jobs after the pandemic, thanks to this unprecedented time of change. What does this mean for you if you're an employer? Are you about to have almost half your workforce walk out on you? Or what if you're the employee already hatching a plan for your great corporate escape? How does your personal growth affect your career?Rachel Service is a workplace culture expert and CEO of the Happiness Concierge. Her award-winning approach to personal and professional growth has been featured in the BBC, Financial Review, Sydney Morning Herald and The Age. Her TED talk, How to Break Up With Your Public Identity, was internationally syndicated on the official TED website in 2020. Rachel's new book is There Has To Be More: The Essential Guide to Personal Growth.Quotes from Episode:"A lot of leaders are afraid to have the conversation of, 'Are we all in or are we half in, half out?' Because countless studies show, if you've got people with one foot in the boat and one foot out, they're actually just treading water and not adding any value. So number one, have the conversation. Don't be afraid to lose people who aren't completely invested anyway." "There's this romantic idea that I'll quit my job and start a business. And for some people that would be a sexy proposition. It's exciting. And I'm here to say it's a heck of a ride if that's appealing to you. For the majority, 94% or 95% of people in my care, they don't want to start a business. They just want to make a change. They want to feel valued in their job.""My belief is personal growth fuels business growth. And what I've learned is how we show up in any context influences what happens next." -Rachel ServiceDon’t miss:-The perfect storm that created The Great Resignation. But why it won't happen as quickly as pundits suggest-What employers can do before the workforce tide shifts-How you can decide whether your workplace is right for you -The danger of staying somewhere you've outgrown-How to work with the parts of your brain that will help you succeed-The loss aversion phenomenon and how it influences your decisions-How to navigate personal growth-What being  overwhelmed and bored simultaneously means Rachel's website with audiobook and video resources:www.rachelservice.comRachel's book:There Has To Be More: The Essential Guide to Personal GrowthConnect with Rachel:Email: rachel@happinessconcierge.comLinkedIn: Rachel ServiceConnect with Adelaine / Sign up for her newsletter:Email:
50:12 12/02/2021
Ep 61 How to get the Chinese tourist to spend more money with you happily with Wolfgang George Arlt
Why are we talking about China? Well, there are a lot of reasons to talk about China but for our purposes, we're most interested in the country's changing travel appetite. Like it or not, China's massive population and growing wealth is a great attraction for many countries looking for tourists. At the time of this recording, China's borders remain firmly shut and they practise a Covid Zero policy. But China's residents are raring to go abroad as soon as they're allowed to. In the second of a two-part series, Professor Wolfgang Georg Arlt shows us where many countries, especially Western, misunderstand the needs of the Chinese tourist and are  misfiring in their marketing efforts to attract them. Professor Arlt is the German-based founder and director of the China Outbound Tourism Research Institute (COTRI), and a member of the United Nations World Tourism Organization (UNTWO) Panel of Tourism Experts.  Quotes from Episode:"There was a clear focus on quantity of arrival numbers...This has been a trap. This development looked very nice for the tourism ministers or their annual press conference. But if you look from the industry point of view, how happy have people been with this large group of Chinese visitors or guests? Not very." "We had a lot of Chinese people that  were interviewed in the last year where they said, 'I actually came back to China with some money in my pocket. I wanted to spend more, but I couldn't find a reason'.""Everybody says the Chinese market is very important, but they have no idea about who are their customers, what their customers really wanted, what they actually really did. And you could see, wow. It boils down to  this not very outlandish idea: Know your customer"-Wolfgang Georg ArltDon’t miss:-The size of China's group travel post pandemic isn't the biggest issue-Why a marketing strategy for China needs to go far beyond WeChat and Weibo-The shift of influencer power from Key Opinion Leaders to Key Opinion Consumers -The sales app being created for Chinese tourists so they don't have to carry all those souvenirs home-How the Chinese tourist has changed during the pandemic-Wolfgang's top 3 tips for destinations that enjoyed high numbers of Chinese visitationWolfgang's book recommendation:Getting Along With TheChinese: For Fun and Profit by Fred SchneiterConnect with Wolfgang:LinkedIn: Wolfgang Georg ArltCOTRI China Outbound Tourism Research Institute:china-outbound.comConnect with Adelaine / Sign up for her newsletter:Email:
33:20 11/19/2021
Ep 60 How the Chinese will return to travel post pandemic with Wolfgang Georg Arlt
If there was one country that all destination bureaus are most curious about during this pandemic period, it's China.  The country which is probably the world’s most significant source of tourism has been locked in for almost two years with a Zero-Covid policy. So how have Chinese travel trends and preferences changed in this time? Professor Wolfgang Georg Arlt is the German-based founder and director of the China Outbound Tourism Research Institute (COTRI), and a member of the United Nations World Tourism Organization (UNTWO) Panel of Tourism Experts.  In the first of a two-part series, he pulls apart the curtains behind China's great wall of information for a sneak peek into the changing Chinese attitudes towards travel and experiences.Quotes from Episode:"There is an opportunity for many small places. If you offer a nice product, if you give people a reason to come, you can get Chinese tourists to places which are not on the main track, and also at times of the year where maybe it is low season... So there's opportunity, but also it means that for places like Paris or the Maldives, they have to work harder than before because the competition is growing." "I think it's the same for destinations and for luxury brands. It's getting harder. You have to be more knowledgeable about your specific target group."Recommendation marketing in China is the key. The Word of Mouth and the Word of (computer) Mouse..."-Wolfgang Georg ArltDon’t miss:-Why international destinations will be competing with China's local destinations for the travel market-China's new camping and  driving trend-The rise of meaningful tourism in China   -If shopping has lost its appeal in China, where's the money going? -The new countries Chinese tourists will pick when its borders re-open-The impact of political tensions on overseas tourismConnect with Wolfgang:LinkedIn: Wolfgang Georg ArltCOTRI China Outbound Tourism Research Institute:china-outbound.comConnect with Adelaine / Sign up for her newsletter:Email:
32:58 11/11/2021
Ep 59 Festivals by subscription with no ticketing fees coming to a live event near you with Ed Vincent
How would you like to never pay ticketing fees and always get a better deal to access live events? That's the promise of Festival Pass, which is the world's first live events subscription service across various experiences including music, film, food & wine, theatre, and tech & innovation. Launched in the US, the plan is for a truly global village of experiences as more countries ease restrictions to allow gatherings again.Ed Vincent is an entrepreneur with over 25 years experience in business, technology and management. Among his achievements was the founding of an e-commerce business in 1999 which was sold to a competitor in 2001. He also founded companies like SimplyEngage, myProducer, and Predict Ventures before starting and becoming the CEO of Festival Pass.Quotes from Episode:"What I'm most excited about is when somebody comes onto our platform and says, Hey, I'm in New York city but I can't get out ...and I want to see my favourite band in five places playing live tonight.... And I'm going to pay five credits,, maybe the equivalent of $5 or $10 to see them playing for a half hour or an hour in New York. And then I'll flip over to LA to the Viper room and I'll see my second favourite band playing live there.""It's not that our product is only for millennial and Gen Zs, it's that they're leading kind of the path of how to consume for the future."-Ed VincentDon’t miss:-The return of major festivals as the world lives with COVID-19-An offer to never pay ticketing fees and always get a better deal to experience live events-How technology for capturing live events has become affordable even for small players-How Festival Pass is like AirBnB meets ClassPass-Using credits to book hotels at cheaper rates than you can find online-Painful past failed subscription models and what they've taught Ed-How Gen Z is informing experience platforms for the futureWhat Ed is reading now:Nonviolent Communication by Marshall RosenbergConnect with Ed:LinkedIn: Ed Vincent Festival Pass:Website: www.festivalpass.comIG: festival_passFB: getfestivalpassConnect with Adelaine / Sign up for her newsletter:Email:
29:23 11/03/2021
Ep 58 Why your "I help" statement doesn't work on social profiles, and other marketing mistakes you could be making, with Shani Taylor
The rules for connecting authentically with your audience keeps changing and some of the new rules even contradict widely-held practice.  With so much conflicting advice from the gurus, who do you choose to believe?  How can we make sure we're speaking to our audience rather than at them?Shani Taylor is the Client Connection Consultant at Open to Grace. She specialises in showing entrepreneurs, coaches and consultants how to become visible to the right audience and connect with the right messaging.  She has also co-authored a new book, Intuitive: Speaking Her Truth.Quotes from Episode:"There is so much conflicting advice... but what the gurus are telling you is not the truth of how they became the guru, because if that was the truth, then every single one of us would be a guru because we would have followed their advice and it would have worked.""Social media is there to be social. So you need to know how to sell socially.""The number one thing that's getting in the way for individuals trying to use social media to share their message or to grow their business is their lack of ability to connect with other humans, and it comes back to that I-centricity". -Shani TaylorDon’t miss:-How a book started Shani's journey to helping coaches and consultants connect with their audiences -How to decide which advice to follow on social strategies when you're presented with conflicting knowledge -The area entrepreneurs struggle with the most in their messaging with online marketing-The FaceBook algorithm secret that could get your posts seen by a lot more people-What to do when you don't feel like you don't have anything valuable to share on your socialsBook co-authored by Shani:Intuitive: Speaking Her TruthShani's other book recommendations:How to Win Friends and Influence People by Dale CarnegiePower Vs Force by David R HawkinsHow To Write Copy That Sells by Ray EdwardsConnect with Shani:FB: Shani TaylorWebsite: with Adelaine / Sign up for her newsletter:Email:
39:53 10/27/2021
Ep 57 The 5 ways business and leisure travel will change as borders reopen with Henry Hooper
Travel dreaming has begun again as borders start to reopen across the  Asia-Pacific region. But travel has also changed during the pandemic, disrupting supply and demand patterns which could impact pricing. Henry Hooper identifies five major ways the industry is now different as people start booking their flights and hotels.Henry Hooper is the General Manager of Klook ANZ, one of the world's leading travel activities booking platforms, offering over 240,000 experiences in more than 500 destinations. Based in Singapore, Henry oversees the domestic strategy for ANZ, which includes both business development and marketing initiatives across all verticals, such as tours, activities, car rental, airport transfers and accommodation.Quotes from Episode:"I used to be able to wake up at 6am in Singapore and be on a 7.30am flight to Thailand. We're so far away from that happening. And I do think that's going to force people to say, do I really need to go on this trip or not.""FOMO, like fear of missing out is what's going to drive people to book upfront. Because they don't want to go there and not be able to have that experience." "QR codes were used in China for transacting and I'll never forget (as) I was walking down the street and there was unfortunately a homeless man and he said, can I have some money?  I said, I'm so sorry, I don't have any money and I'll never forget this. He pulled out a QR code and he said, no problem. You can give me money on WeChat."-Henry HooperDon’t miss:-How Klook has had to adapt to the changing needs of its app users during the pandemic-How Henry determines whether a change pattern will be permanent -Why business travel will be slow to return-Why airlines may lose while hotels win over the next year-How the way we book our travel experiences will change-How Klook stays ahead of the game in a competitive fieldHenry's book recommendations:Principles: Life and Work by Ray DalioThe Culture Map by Erin MeyerReinventing Organizations by Frederic LalouxThe Sales Acceleration Formula by Mark RobergeConnect with Henry:Email: henry.hooper@klook.comLinkedIn: Henry HooperConnect with Adelaine / Sign up for her newsletter:Email:
34:13 10/20/2021
Ep 56 The social media opportunity that most hospitality and events businesses are ignoring with Sabrina Meyers
You'd think that event profs and hospitality services aimed at business events would be lighting up their social media with their offerings and experiences. But while many have social media accounts, most of the feeds offer irregular and lacklustre content. Sabrina Meyers' mission is to inspire confidence in the industry with strategies to optimise their social platforms and win more clients. Sabrina Meyers is a visibility coach and strategist to the Event Industry on all things social media. She is the Founder of Hot Hospitality Exchange and The Get Visible Collective, an online community for event and hospitality professionals learning how to level up their social media to maximise online engagement, reach and growth. Sabrina is also an experienced speaker and event moderator for in-person, hybrid and virtual events.Quotes from Episode:"Do not post and ghost. You need to start engaging with people. You need to start going to other people within your space, within your industry, and say hi... It's still the same rules. If you're not going to engage with other people, they're not going to follow you.""(When it comes to social media with our industry), I want to say we're at fetal stage. That's bad. And I'm honest about it because I've been banging on about this for years. I don't think we  come anywhere near comparable to business travel or leisure travel.""It doesn't take that much to be visible, considering where our industry is at, in terms of adoption to social media. It's very low hanging fruit." -Sabrina MeyersDon’t miss:-How Sabrina's career evolved from working with the top hotels in London to becoming the industry's social media queen-How the absence of social content in event planning is a huge opportunity for smaller players right now-How venues can do so much more to expand their story  on social media-Social media as the best and easiest way to build your thought leadership presence-Can you get away with posting the same content on multiple platforms?-How to start building your presence on social media, if you haven't already-Going viral isn't your goal-How to be efficient with your time on social media-Every day is Event Day on social media Sabrina's Recommendations:Social PlatformsPlanolyLaterBufferHootsuiteSprout SocialFaceBook Business ManagerBooksInfluencer: Building Your Personal Brand in the Age of Social Media by Brittany HennessyThe Art of Social Media: Power Tips for Power Users by Guy Kawasaki and Peg FitzpatrickConnect with Sabrina:LinkedIn: @sabrinameyers Facebook: @hothospitalityexchange   YouTube: @hothospitalitye     Get Visible Collective: Connect with Adelaine / Sign up for her newsletter:Email:
52:55 10/14/2021
Ep 55: How business tourism is processing change and what change is doing to our mental health with Karen Bolinger
Will an industry known for its optimistic outlook and creative pursuits return with the same gusto it had before? It's an interesting question since society has made further mental shifts compared to even a year ago when we realised the Covid-19 pandemic was not going away as quickly as we'd hoped. And there are definite consequences for the industry, requiring new strategies for navigating customer experience. Karen Bolinger has a long history working in the events, tourism and hospitality services industry.  During her time as CEO of the Melbourne Convention Bureau, the MCB achieved its most successful years on record, including Victoria's highest ever economic contribution of A$500 million in one financial year.  She is currently Acting Chief Operating Officer for Destination Gold Coast and Strategic Business Consultant for PCMA (Professional Convention Management Association ).Quotes from Episode:"There (are) groups that want to go back to business as usual and think nothing has changed. And that is the nature of our industry. We love to meet. We love being in the industry because we like people. Now, our customers may think differently. And I think that's the conversation that we need to have as an industry.""The case numbers are bouncing back, they're bigger than ever before... So it's actually scary to see that the strategies that you thought would work aren't working. And so what is our strategy going forward and how do we actually prepare for that?"-Karen BolingerDon’t miss:-When Covid 19-strategies aren't working it has a further mental health impact-The pandemic's impact on innovation and dreaming in the industry-The need to be vulnerable to receive moral support-The importance of recognising where our customers' sentiments are as restrictions lift-Karen's new challenge and her strategies for Destination Gold Coast-How Karen decides on new opportunities while protecting her healthConnect with Karen:LinkedIn: Karen BolingerConnect with Adelaine / Sign up for her newsletter:Email:
27:41 10/07/2021
Ep 54: Why this year is harder than last year and what's working now with Georgie Stayches
When the only constant thing is sudden change, are your event plans ready to adapt and change course quickly? In this anniversary episode, Georgie Stayches shares tips on how the events industry can navigate uncertain times, as well as managing our emotions when demands are being placed on our mental health in unprecedented ways. Georgie Stayches is the Founder and Chief Engagement Officer of Fetching Events & Communications, an agency specializing in event management, communication, and volunteer management. An industry expert with over 20 years of experience, she is passionate about events and communications that make an impact on the community.Quotes from episode:“Your Covid-safe plans need to be really flexible and really dynamic because at any moment it can change… depending on what's happening… Everything moves really quickly and you've got to be ready for that.”“You're dealing with different expectations and different experiences with Covid compliance. And I think that's going to be a real challenge going forward. If the national plan takes this path that it's indicating that we will open up at 80%.... you're going to have a whole new education and behaviour process.""It's the strong people you've got to watch out for. Someone I work with said to me, "how are you doing?" And she said, "I know you are a rock, but rocks can crumble."  Because we pick up a whole lot of other people, but you know, who picks you up if you're the strong person or the go-to person?- Georgie StaychesDon’t miss:-How event plans can be dynamic and flexible-How different attitudes towards Covid can be a challenge when events reopen-The things that worked best in the industry during the pandemic-Public discussion topics and engagement techniques that currently work-How Georgie pulled through her lowest moments during the pandemic-Tips on navigating event cancellations in the new normal-How to keep motivatedGeorgie’s Recommendations:The Ride of a Lifetime: Lessons Learned from 15 Years as CEO of the Walt DisneyCompany by Robert IgerLights Out: Pride, Delusion, and the Fall of General Electric by Thomas Gryta and Ted MannShoe Dog: A Memoir by the Creator of Nike by Phil KnightThe Trend Forecaster's Handbook by Martin RaymondA Repurposed Life by Ronni KahnConnect with Georgie:LinkedIn: Georgie StaychesWebsite: with Adelaine / Sign up for her newsletter:Email:
47:26 09/30/2021
Ep 53: The magic business and outsourcing equation that works with the future with Morris Misel
What is the equation entrepreneurs and companies need to operate their business and resources to be effective today? Flexibility is now a minimum requirement in business. Whether you're a solopreneur or leading a company in the industry, the right blend of core operations, outsourcing and automation will keep you effective and agile.Morris Miselowski is a business futurist, founder and lead strategist at Eye on the Future. He’s also Australia’s first and only futurist in the Einstein 100 Genius (G100) alumni and an Adjunct Industry Fellow with Griffith University, heading a research division specialising in disability and resilience.Quotes from Episode:"Don't ask for certainty when my life is so uncertain. Ask for commitment. Ask for me to join you and to want to be part of the common direction we're going in.""When this epidemic hit us, we went looking for the lowest hanging fruit of technology - what's available now that we can repurpose and cobble together and use as best as we can... But they weren't built to do what we want in the last 12 months. There's been a huge investment, literally billions of dollars spent in the event, hospitality, tourism space to build specific tools from the ground up to actually cope with what needs to be done.""We need to remember that many of the people that are working for us or around us have not been through difficult times. It's been a decade or two since we've really had the GFC, which might've been the last real time that we saw this industrialized wholesale business difficulty."-Morris Misel Don't miss:-The business of turning physical into virtual-Are people actually Zoomed out?-Augmented, mixed reality and avatars -The business operations equation that works today for many in the travel trade industry-Leaders need to care for a pre-GFC generation that never lived through a global business difficulty-The need for commitment when certainty can't be promised-Why 'new normal' doesn't make senseConnect with Morris:www.morrisfuturist.comConnect with Adelaine / Sign up for her newsletter:Email:
50:44 09/23/2021
Ep 52: What's changed in business events tourism and travel trade publishing in the past year with Karen Yue
Reality check: How far has the industry evolved since Covid-19 first hit? Professionals have switched careers, we've changed the way we consume content, human connections have become more important than ever and the entire industry has been pivoting to cope. Karen Yue is the Group Editor at TTG Asia Media heading a team of editors, reporters and correspondents across the Asia-Pacific region. Founder of the TTG Content Lab which creates multi-platform content,  Karen also oversees titles such as  TTGmice, which has won several PATA accolades. Quotes“Prior to the pandemic, travel and tourism accounted for one in four of all new jobs created across the world. international visitors’ spend amounted to 1.7 trillion US dollars in 2019. But throughout 2020, the very tough year, it suffered a loss of about 44.5 trillion to 4.7 trillion US dollars... you can see that the data is quite heartbreaking.”“Fearless, farsighted, decisive leaders are always needed, especially in tough times. But I think people are starting to pay more attention to the hearts of leaders and to the heart of corporations… How leaders and corporations behave under challenging conditions define their reputation and influence consumer choices.”“The luxury market is seen as the ones to lead travel revival. In fact, we have seen studies conducted by ILTM Asia-(Pacific) that the luxury travel market has continued to grow even despite the pandemic…"Don’t miss:- How the pandemic has changed Karen’s professional and personal life- What makes a good mentor in the tourism and events space- Reasons to stay in the travel and business events industry- Pandemic impacts on travel trade magazines- The Singaporean government’s bold endemic Covid-19 strategy and complications for travel bubbles- Why pursue an education and career in the industry despite current challenges- How luxury and solo travelers will lead the recovery for tourismKaren is reading:Neither Civil Nor Servant: The Philip Yeo StoryThe Best I Could : Subhas AnandanConnect with Karen:LinkedIn: Karen YueEmail: karen.yue@ttgasia.comConnect with Adelaine / Sign up for her newsletter:Email:
36:42 09/15/2021