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Connecting ALS

Connecting ALS is a weekly podcast produced by The ALS Association in partnership with CitizenRacecar. We aim to discuss research and technology developments, highlight advocacy efforts, and share the personal stories woven through the community.


"Where the Fight to Protect Access to Telehealth Goes Next…" 28:14 09/23/2021
"Fight for AMX0035 Approval Moves Forward With Amylyx NDA Announcement..." 22:23 09/16/2021
"Finding Ways to Reduce Caregiver Burden and Harms…" 41:31 09/09/2021
"Helping Students Affected By ALS Overcome Financial Hardships…" 38:07 09/02/2021
"Identifying an Earlier Domino in Cellular Breakdown Connected to ALS…" 21:43 08/26/2021
"Optimizing Care Through A New Partnership With VA…" 18:50 08/19/2021
"Living With ALS When A Natural Disaster Hits…" [Replay] 35:44 08/12/2021
"Taking the Fight Against ALS to the Halls of Congress…" 29:22 08/05/2021
"Midyear Checkup on the Fight Against ALS…" 19:40 07/29/2021
"Summer Vacation and ALS…" 42:54 07/22/2021
"Drawing Inspiration from Eddie Ilarazza…" 09:29 07/15/2021
"Recruiting New Researchers to the Search for Treatments…" 22:29 07/08/2021
"Recent Developments on Drug Development at FDA…" 21:07 07/01/2021
"Checking in on the Global Fight Against ALS..." 12:44 06/24/2021
"Health Care Disparities and ALS…" 18:19 06/17/2021
"Making ALS A Livable Disease By Finding New Treatments…" 20:59 06/10/2021
"Next Steps in Speeding Up the Drug Development Process…" 28:13 06/03/2021
"Continuing to Fight for Access to Promising Treatments…" 25:05 05/27/2021
"Managing the Financial Impact of an ALS Diagnosis…" 17:30 05/20/2021
"Every Moment Matters…" 18:47 05/13/2021
"Engaging Kids in the Fight Against ALS…" 18:47 05/06/2021
“Exploring the Connection Between CTEs and ALS…” 21:04 04/29/2021
"Expanding Access to Telehealth for Speech-Language Pathology…" 17:02 04/22/2021
"Supporting Young Caregivers…" 25:27 04/15/2021
"Walk Your Way to Defeat ALS…" 27:09 04/08/2021
"A New Season Begins in Baseball’s Longstanding Commitment to Fighting ALS…" 18:19 04/01/2021
"Gearing Up for Another Big Year in ALS Advocacy..." 20:14 03/25/2021
"Focusing on the Best in Patient Care in Hospital and Clinic Settings…" 29:02 03/18/2021
"Maintaining Good Nutrition With ALS…" 17:00 03/11/2021
"Finding Hope on the Horizon Through ALS Research…" 22:12 03/04/2021