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Welcome to Fowl Players Radio- the Official Podcast of The Fowl Players of Perryville! This Podcast is an oral history of art, music, entertainment, and pop culture featuring interviews that tell the stories of those who made it happen. Authors, artists, musicians, actors, directors, filmmakers, media personalities- you name it, we've got it! Stop by and check it out!Let's have some fun!Hosted by Actor/Musician Michael Spedden.Fowl Players Radio is a production of The Fowl Players Group.For more information on the Fowl Players of Perryville- information, bookings, etc., you can contact us at 443-600-0446 For more information or to contact Michael Spedden 443-600-0446


Season 8 Episode 32- Dave Thomen- Magician- "D's Magic" 72:58 12/18/2021
Season 8 Episode 31- Red Die Number Nine Returns!!! 58:18 12/16/2021
Season 8 Episode 30- Wes Henson- a.k.a- "Captain Dee-Fense" Baltimore Ravens Super Fan!! 54:27 12/15/2021
Season 8 Episode 29- David DeBoy! Actor, Singer, Celebrating 40 Years of "Crabs For Christmas"!!!! 69:52 12/07/2021
Season 8 Episode 28- Mike Tramonte- He and Family Owned Washington DC's "The Bayou" from 1953-1980 103:12 11/30/2021
Season 8 Episode 27 Jennie De La Cruz- Author- "Ecology For Kids: All About Ecosystems" 40:24 11/23/2021
Season 8 Episode 26 John Piette of "August" Returns!!! 61:52 11/15/2021
Season 8 Episode 25- Mike Brilhart- Baltimore Radio Personality and Nightclub DJ- 100.7 "The Bay" WZBA, 97 Underground, Hammerjack's The Network, The Zu 83:15 11/08/2021
Season 8 Episode 24 Actress Debra Lamb Returns for a Special Halloween Episode!! 74:03 11/01/2021
Season 8 Episode 23- Actress Laura Meadows Returns!! "The Butcher" "Amityville Vampire" "Macabre Mansion" and others!! 59:27 10/30/2021
Season 8 Episode 22- Actors Shannan Wilson and Ken Arnold return to talk about "Sno Babies" current projects, and favorite horror movies!! 81:28 10/21/2021
Season 8 Episode 21 Sean Paul Murphy Returns!- Author "Chapel Street", Film Maker, Producer 77:21 10/18/2021
Season 8 Episode 19- A Chat with Baltimore's "Hons"- Stacey Hurley, Judy Templeton, and Bonnie Hockstein 59:35 10/13/2021
Season 8 Episode 18- Air-Ik and The Garrgoyle from "Deathcryptopia"- an Experimental and Conceptual Black Metal Project 58:04 10/12/2021
Season 8 Episode 20- Kim Yates RETURNS AGAIN!!! A new haunt season at KIM'S KRYPT, Scarlet Angel news, and MORE!!! 51:48 10/07/2021
Season 8 Episode 17 Michael Moutsatsos- Film Maker- "Ravage", "The Butcher" also- played one of the "Baseball Furies" in "The Warriors" 81:08 10/06/2021
Season 8 Episode 16 Siobhan Beckett- Actor, Singer, Makeup Artist and Professional Zombie!!! 118:24 10/04/2021
Season 8 Episode 15- John Vorhaus- TV Writer, "Married with Children", "Charles in Charge", "The Flash", "Head of the Class",Author 60:38 09/29/2021
Season 8 Episode 14 Nestor Aparicio- "Baltimore Positive" Podcast Host, Sports Writer, Music Critic, Radio Personality 62:36 09/27/2021
Season 8- Episode 13 Darren Dowler- Singer and Musician- "Paul Revere and the Raiders", "The Lettermen", "Chuck Negron"; Actor- "Hancock", "Rock and Roll:The Movie" and more!!! 55:49 09/23/2021
Season 8 Episode 12 An Interview with "Havre de Haunts" Ghost Tours Owner, Lisa Lopez! Havre de Grace, MD 40:27 09/20/2021
Season 8 Episode 11- Alexandra Lopez- Actress- "Gotham", "Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt", "Gossip Girl", "In The Heights", "The Blacklist" and more! 38:35 09/16/2021
Season 8 Episode 10- Vanessa Collier- Singer and Saxophonist- 2 Time BMA "Horn Player of the Year Winner", 7 Time BMA Award Nominee 43:31 09/14/2021
Season 8 Episode 9- Alexandra Hewett- Actress "Mother Therapy", "Mortified", Lee Doll Films 69:34 09/08/2021
Season 8 Episode 8 Shannan Wilson Returns!!! Actress- Sno Babies, Halston, and more!! 38:29 08/26/2021
Season 8 Episode 7- Doug and Kris Macuch- "Diamond Alley", and much more! 86:27 08/23/2021
Season 8 Episode 6- Richard King- Drummer- "King's Music" Restorer and Seller of Vintage Drums 71:41 08/18/2021
Season 8 Episode 5 Jess Paul- Actress-"Fang", "The Immaculate Reception", the Award Winning "Funnyman" and more!! 54:41 08/17/2021
Season 8 Episode 4- Marc Morales- Filmmaker- "521 N. Main St", "It's Crazy Out There" and more!! 61:55 08/11/2021
Season 8 Episode 3 SJ Childs- Children's Author- Books about Autism, Dyslexia, Physical Differences, Anxiety and more!! 40:22 08/10/2021