Show cover of CRO.CAFE: Award winning CRO Podcast

CRO.CAFE: Award winning CRO Podcast

Award winning podcast with real life stories about Conversion and Customer Experience Optimization. Discover new trends, tactics, tools, people and businesses doing remarkable work in the world of Conversion Rate Optimization. Past guests include Lukas Vermeer (, Els Aerts (AGConsut), Roger Dooley (Brainfluence), Casandra Campbell (Shopify), Andre Morys (konversionsKRAFT), Dave Powell (TomTom), Bart Schutz (Online Dialogue), Stephen Pavlovich (, Weiwei Liu-Schröder (Google) Brian Cugelman, Tim Ash and Craig Sullivan. I’m a cognitive psychologist and consultant myself so we dig deep into human behavior and CRO: business and technical challenges, growth stories, UX research, e-commerce, content & more. All to keep you up-to-date and full of inspiration for your own optimizations!


CRO Salaries: Agency vs Client-side vs Freelance 14:27 11/24/2020
Experimentation at ecommerce SaaS company Shopify, with Casandra Campbell 40:33 11/23/2020
How to run copy experiments & why you should differentiate, with Peep Laya 43:43 11/15/2020
How to embed experimentation into Agile product development 59:23 11/08/2020
Are you a movie critic? You might be great at CRO! 54:28 11/01/2020
Book launch: Online Influence, with Bas Wouters 45:02 10/25/2020
Optimizing Consumer-to-consumer marketplaces, with Emily Oliver from musicMagpie/Decluttr 28:48 10/18/2020
Switching gears when the pandemic upends your traffic, with Dave Powell (TomTom) 33:56 10/11/2020
Main pitfalls for CRO Agencies when working with clients, with Ricardo Tayar López (Flat101) 53:35 10/04/2020
How to become a better CRO professional, with Abi Hough & Craig Sullivan 31:28 09/29/2020
CRO in a post-cookie world, with Lisanne Maatman & Dumky de Wilde (DEPT) 47:06 09/28/2020
The 6 soft skills that CROs need to master, with Elise Maile 50:32 09/20/2020
Why your experimentation programme needs a risk profile, with Stephen Pavlovich ( 42:03 09/13/2020
Server-side experimentation, with Tom van den Berg & Ruben de Boer (Online Dialogue) 50:10 09/06/2020
Copywriting for Conversions, with Joel Klettke 49:47 08/30/2020
[NL] Soft Persuasion: katalyseren ipv overtuigen, met Mischa Coster 44:00 08/23/2020
Make creativity a priority in your CRO process, with AJ Davis 36:56 08/16/2020
Data architectuur, Splunk en ITP, met Jos IJntema 45:45 08/09/2020
Why empathy is probably the most important skill for any CRO pro, with Amrdeep Athwal 44:31 08/02/2020
Why statistical knowledge is still crucial when running experiments, with Georgi Georgiev 43:52 07/26/2020
Datascience can do what? with Emily Robinson (Warby Parker) & Lukas Vermeer ( 30:20 07/24/2020
Things that are always broken in Analytics, with Arnout Hellemans & Charles Meaden 30:15 07/21/2020
Contentsquare Virtual Breakfast Panel, with Fabian Kersten, Bas van Dijk & Lucas Vos 16:58 07/21/2020
Building and scaling your (CRO) agency, with Steven Pavlovich and Daniël Markus 22:23 07/20/2020
How you can motivate your organization to adopt CRO, with Ruben de Boer (Online Dialogue) 40:11 07/19/2020
[NL] Data Bedreven Marketing, met Danny Oosterveer (Burgers' Zoo) 46:58 07/12/2020
The Art and Science of Converting Visitors into Customers, with Khalid Saleh (Invesp) 45:32 07/05/2020
[NL] Master Data Driven Business @ Hogeschool Utrecht, met Ronald Voorn 46:09 06/28/2020
Find CRO gold using an SEO crawler, with Luke Carthy 29:48 06/21/2020
[NL] Zoekmachine om je CRO hypotheses op psychologische theorieën te baseren, met Sander Volbeda 30:53 06/14/2020