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Money In, Money Out

All 21st Century healthcare practices (dental, veterinary, chiropractic, and medical) use two software for a complete accounting system. Based on over 24 years of guiding these practices to a greater understanding in their financial organization and flow, and the book of the same name, Susan Gunn brings a voice of wisdom. Stay tuned for a wide range of topics and guests.


In The Embezzlement News: Can’t Make This Up - Insurance Fraud 46:08 07/11/2022
In The Embezzlement News: The Chrisley’s - Do They Know Best?   55:28 06/28/2022
Today We Remember 12:00 05/25/2022
To Whom Much Is Given 17:11 12/20/2021
Holiday Edition: Fruitcakes and Fraud 59:30 12/06/2021
Enticing or Frightening - IT”S A SCAM! 66:20 10/11/2021
The Importance of Team Dynamics 53:27 09/20/2021
Whistling Dixie in Dentistry 49:05 09/06/2021
Unforced Errors in Business 70:51 08/23/2021
In The Embezzlement News with Janice Janssen: Intriguing PPP & EIDL Loan Frauds 49:47 06/07/2021
Working with Your CPA Should NOT Be Painful 63:18 05/24/2021
Put Me In Coach with Lynne Leggett 53:31 04/26/2021
Money Left on the Table with Teresa Duncan and Dana Moss 47:54 04/13/2021
In The Embezzlement News with Janice Janssen: Faking Cancer for Gain 65:47 03/29/2021
Courageous Conversations Best Not To Avoid with Katherine Eitel Belt 75:15 03/15/2021
Rare Words (and actions) that start with Ph, like Philanthropy with Theresa Narantic 51:28 03/01/2021
Highlighting the Not-So-Ethical Shady Dental Practice with Teresa Duncan 62:47 02/15/2021
In The Embezzlement News: Dixon, IL with Janice Janssen 66:09 02/01/2021
How Do The Wealthy Become Affluent? 56:17 01/18/2021
Leading The Way Into The 2021 Unknown with Katherine Eitel Belt 65:41 01/04/2021
Closing Out The Year with Kate Willeford 54:00 12/21/2020
Lies Breed Lies 34:09 12/07/2020
How To Plan for 2021 Success During A Pandemic with Debbie Castagna. 53:31 11/23/2020
Payment For Service - What A Concept! 65:30 11/09/2020
Get A Grasp Of The Obvious 46:34 10/26/2020
Following Your Passion To Build A Viable Business 33:10 10/12/2020
Not All Banks Are Created Equally! 55:02 09/07/2020
Assuming Payroll Tax Deferral Liability? 12:26 09/04/2020