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Speaking Municipally

Taproot Edmonton presents a weekly discussion on key stories in municipal politics. We pay attention to City Council so you don't have to! Join us as we delve into conversations about the context surrounding decisions made at City Hall.


Neighbourhood pools are Cloves'd 33:58 11/20/2020
Local businesses going OniOnline 33:48 11/13/2020
Not every surprise is Mandelicious 31:11 11/06/2020
All of a Spudden, Second Wave 31:35 10/30/2020
The solar installation stops Fern nothing 34:16 10/23/2020
Seething about EATing at the outdoor sEATing without hEATing 33:50 10/16/2020
The new OrchKid on the block 33:43 10/09/2020
Councillor Walters on the room where it HaPennes 48:20 10/02/2020
Aloe to 100! 38:29 09/25/2020
The Gon-bananas-a plan 52:39 09/18/2020
Asking questions to Butter our election coverage 34:05 09/11/2020
EGGregious violation of the code of conduct are... fine? 35:53 09/04/2020
The Walters treetirement plan 27:53 08/28/2020
A special council meeting to see if you’ve been naughty or rice 30:36 08/22/2020
The mask ex-hemp-tion card program goes up in smoke 34:06 08/14/2020
Making our city plan a little more Currant 48:20 08/07/2020
$11 million is all council is willing to Pear from the EPS budget 36:24 07/10/2020
It’s like graaaaaaaaaaaaiiiin, on Canada Day 31:22 07/03/2020
Cheryl Johner? More leek Cheryl GONER 32:18 06/26/2020
The status quo can't romaine 49:24 06/12/2020
Taking a ReBite out of our carbon emissions 29:26 06/05/2020
You Butter slow down, the popo is coming for you 33:15 05/29/2020
Iveson puts a summer transit shutdown on the Taber 28:54 05/22/2020
Foreign Minterference in a Dog Election 36:46 05/15/2020
Setting your property taxes is a Tart form 41:23 05/08/2020
We've Grazed taxes... or have we? 32:47 05/01/2020
Special: What the pandemic can teach us about the climate crisis 39:25 04/28/2020
Hey, maybe just pumperNickel the brakes there, councillor 43:54 04/24/2020
No more Base-bale or lemon soc-curd 31:44 04/17/2020
Buy online, don't wait in Limes 31:31 04/10/2020