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Speaking Municipally

Taproot Edmonton presents a weekly discussion on key stories in municipal politics. We pay attention to City Council so you don't have to! Join us as we delve into conversations about the context surrounding decisions made at City Hall.


A provincial vaxiccine passport 35:36 09/17/2021
AfreDon't defund supervised consumption 45:36 09/10/2021
Two steps forWorcestershire, one step Baklava 32:02 09/03/2021
Leaf EPCOR alone!!!!!! 29:53 08/27/2021
Is it nuts to make the river valley a NUTional Park? 36:43 08/20/2021
The best questions Sur(vey) la table 35:12 08/13/2021
Fishing for answers about our river 33:45 08/06/2021
The best part of the pie is the INFILLing 44:47 07/30/2021
Pining for more trees 42:05 07/23/2021
If the current day ends in a y, the funicular is fondue for maintenance 33:38 07/16/2021
Gondolas and high Seed trains 35:17 07/09/2021
I Cayennen't remember what it's like to feel cool 34:01 07/02/2021
The stench of council's proceDurian bickering 30:54 06/25/2021
Discussing better, more vibrant pastures with the Downtown Business Grassociation 45:38 06/18/2021
Edmonton's playing Ketchup in smart fare implementation 33:21 06/11/2021
Not AnonyMoose: Edmonton's Deer football team gets a new name 28:19 06/04/2021
Why is there no public art on the new GrOat bridge? 41:25 05/28/2021
Acorning to WEM, they don't have to pay for that bridge 30:28 05/21/2021
The pun so Mandelicious we used it twice 38:32 05/14/2021
The former big cheese on inteGRATED infrastructure 36:17 05/07/2021
Leduc's photo radar is a BroccoLIE 30:59 04/30/2021
The transit fare increase is Tarragon, for now 30:52 04/23/2021
InSalting and demeaning the po po-boys 31:18 04/16/2021
Council's ambitious decision to kick the can is history in the Baking 32:18 04/09/2021
Pickling a retiring councillor's brain 41:14 04/02/2021
Papaya-ttention to bus route changes 32:24 03/26/2021
Knack's dancing to the AmarBeet 29:47 03/19/2021
Speaking with the new ETS Branch Mandaringer 40:08 03/12/2021
Another CRL? Chia, right! 34:23 03/05/2021
The province is still catching flax for headwater pollution 27:33 02/26/2021