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Speaking Municipally

Taproot Edmonton presents a weekly discussion on key stories in municipal politics. We pay attention to City Council so you don't have to! Join us as we delve into conversations about the context surrounding decisions made at City Hall.


This will be the best summer ever, I'm positive 31:05 07/08/2022
Our burning carbon questions 26:13 07/01/2022
Pitching in on encampments 34:37 06/24/2022
Fi-Fa-Oh... Um... Let's just play hockey instead 37:51 06/17/2022
Mini-stories east of downtown 37:20 06/10/2022
The Chinatown plan, down to the Letter 44:26 06/03/2022
Shandron't defund the police - or else 44:56 05/28/2022
It works everywhere else in Alberta, but could it work here? Police say no. 42:51 05/20/2022
Taxes have snow where to go but up 32:17 05/13/2022
Five Hundred Eighty Six Thousand Three Hundred Dollars (how do you measure an election loss) 34:51 05/06/2022
The way we treat municipalities is aPaulaIng 36:12 04/29/2022
Watching the watch... people 49:14 04/22/2022
Speaking Municipally goes to school 52:27 04/15/2022
Infilling the missing middle of council coverage 47:30 04/08/2022
Have your downtown recovery and eat it too 37:17 04/01/2022
A public washroom strategy lost in transitlation 33:54 03/25/2022
The second annual Speaking Municipally transit update 47:11 03/18/2022
Masks are SO fifth wave 33:39 03/11/2022
Number 168 on the list 43:34 03/04/2022
COPS 54:09 02/18/2022
Unless council's ask is passed, passports will be past 31:45 02/11/2022
If you drink a mug or shot in a park, EPS will know 31:40 02/04/2022
Retraction: Qualico is making headway with its pedway 34:38 01/28/2022
Qualico was making headway and now we're taking away their pedway 49:10 01/21/2022
Troy lost a bet 50:28 01/14/2022
Twas the week after budget 39:08 12/22/2021
Their Formers Worship play Jeopardy 2021 50:11 12/17/2021
His Chief concern is that he can't police for McFree 34:30 12/10/2021
Taking Valley Line completion off our photo radar 30:22 12/03/2021
I made my greenfield developers disappear 34:30 11/26/2021