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Club Soda helps you live well by being more mindful about drinking. Our podcast brings you news, drinks recommendations, advice and interviews to support your changing drinking habits.


Mel Pegley on mindfulness, meditation, and support to change your drinking 56:09 01/14/2022
More tips for a month off booze 59:34 01/07/2022
Advice for taking a month off drinking this January 58:24 12/31/2021
Christmas with the Club Soda team 56:53 12/24/2021
Club Soda opens London's first alcohol-free off-licence 25:22 12/17/2021
Who am I if I'm not a drinker? 71:42 12/10/2021
The alcohol-free version isn't a non-drinker's only option 63:30 12/03/2021
How to stop drinking at home 69:49 11/26/2021
Discover great alcohol-free drinks with Tom from WiseBartender 61:38 11/19/2021
What's on during our Global Mindful Drinking Festival October 2021 19:35 09/29/2021
Get involved with Sober Student Societies with Club Soda & #BeRebelAF 24:31 09/22/2021
How to drink sustainably with Binary Botanical 57:14 09/15/2021
Sugar, sweeteners, diabetes and an amazing mojito with Urban Cordial 47:58 09/09/2021
What is normal drinking? With Dr. Emma Davies 36:51 09/01/2021
Sober clubbing with Dr Avi from Move4Love 30:09 08/25/2021
Alcohol and trauma with Mark and Victoria Escott 44:32 08/17/2021
Sober Empowerment with Harriet Waley-Cohen, Janey Lee Grace, and Ian Young 44:54 08/09/2021
Meet the makers of the best non-alcoholic beer of 2021 24:27 08/05/2021
Authentic Relating with Drew Larson, Chris Gray, and Dr Margo Greenwood 41:55 07/28/2021
Dry July Down Under With Australian Experts Andy Moore and Shanna Whan 40:06 07/22/2021
Black and white thinking is a barrier to moderation - Stephanie Chivers 42:57 07/14/2021
Sunshine Warm Sober: Catherine Gray on sustaining long-term change 26:26 07/08/2021
Clare Pooley on finding your passion through sobriety 33:22 07/01/2021
What is the relationship between alcohol and creativity? 47:59 06/23/2021
Ex Korn guitarist Wes Geer on music and sobriety 45:23 06/16/2021
In Conversation with Adrian Chiles 54:33 06/09/2021
Drinking in Moderation: Sip Less, Enjoy More 48:37 06/03/2021
In conversation with J.F. Benoist, author of Addicted To The Monkey Mind 49:33 05/27/2021
Harriet Waley-Cohen, Ian Young, and Drew Lawson on connection with self 57:15 05/19/2021
Luke Worsfold on addiction, anger, and emotional disconnect. 34:48 05/13/2021