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DeltaV Spectral PAT for Life Sciences Podcast
In this podcast, Emerson’s Jorge Costa and Bruce Greenwald join Jim Cahill to discuss the application of PAT technologies not only within the Life Sciences but across many of the process and hybrid manufacturing industries.
21:51 4/17/24
Episodio48: Gestión de aire comprimido en manufactura discreta
La gestión y uso adecuado del aire comprimido es un reto para la industria, sobre todo en la manufactura discreta. Tenemos un invitado especial, Alejandro Jaime Nolasco quien nos compartirá sobre nuevas tecnologías desarrolladas para facilitar a la industria el manejo de su aire comprimido de forma segura y con bajo impacto ambiental. Conozcamos Aventics, cuyo innovador portafolio de productos ofrece sensores inteligentes con beneficios tanto operativos como en términos de sostenibilidad.
13:07 4/9/24
Quick, Painless Technology Gains for OEMs Podcast
In this podcast, Evan Jubb joins me to discuss how the DeltaV SaaS SCADA system (formerly known and referred to as the Zedi SaaS SCADA system in this podcast) helps OEMs provide the level of service required to meet and exceed their customers' expectations.
19:03 3/28/24
Episodio47: Tecnologías de medición y variables críticas para la minería
En este episodio los expertos en instrumentación industrial, Jorge Espinoza y Martín López nos comparten sobre las tecnologías de medición y monitoreo para variables críticas en la industria minera. Exponen sobre los más recientes avances en medición para incrementar la seguridad, la eficiencia y la rentabilidad de los procesos mineros. Te invitamos a ver o escuchar el episodio completo y suscribirte a nuestro canal para conocer más sobre innovaciones en automatización industrial.
24:01 3/25/24
Impact of Tightening PHMSA Regulations on US Gas Pipeline Operations Podcast
Phani Kanakamedala joins podcast host Jim Cahill to discuss the "Mega Rule" & its impact on gas pipeline transporters. He shares the challenges and the role of automation technology in addressing these regulations while improving overall pipeline performance.
23:37 3/25/24
Data Integrity in Life Sciences Podcast
In this Emerson Automation Experts podcast, Michalle Adkins and Hilary Mills-Baker join me to discuss the challenges of achieving the required data integrity and solutions to drive performance improvements.
19:44 3/18/24
Measuring Progress on Environmental Sustainability
Emerson Chief Sustainability Officer Mike Train joins Jim Cahill in this podcast to discuss Emerson’s progress as measured through the CDP program and ways it’s helping its customers drive their environmental performance.
14:44 2/16/24
Introducing the DeltaV™ PK Flex Controller Podcast
Juan Carlos Bravo highlights how the DeltaV PK controller enables greater flexibility and scalability to subscribe only to the size and functions you require for your project for reduced capital costs and project risks.
14:04 1/29/24
Lowering the Carbon Footprint by Optimizing Liquids Pipelines
Emerson's Jennifer Worthen joins podcast host Jim Cahill to discuss ways to drive more optimized liquids pipelines performance.
16:56 1/15/24
Emerson’s New DeltaV Edge Environment Propels Operational Performance By Maximizing Access to Secure, Contextualized Data
How the DeltaV Edge Environment enables greater use of operational data scattered across various systems and software applications to help you improve overall performance in safety, efficiency, reliability, and sustainability.
12:24 1/8/24
Quality in Emerson Education Services Podcast
Modern digital technologies are vital in driving manufacturing and production performance improvements. Getting the most out of these technologies requires the knowledge and skills specific to their use. Educational courses help in upskilling personnel. The quality of that education helps determine how successfully the learned skills will be applied. Emerson's Sandra Schwarz joins me in this podcast to discuss how quality and compliance with standards are embedded across the broad range of education services and training from Emerson. Give the podcast a listen and visit the Education Services & Training section on for ways to increase your employees' knowledge and skills with a full range of training options. Transcript Jim: Hi all, thanks for joining us today. In this Emerson Automation Experts podcast, we'll look into some of the reasons that customers come to Emerson because of the quality and reliability of our products, solutions, and services. Emerson products conform to many industry codes and standards such as ASME, ASTM, and ISO 9001, and educational services are no different. Today, I'm catching up with Sandra Schwartz, Senior Manager of Education Services. Sandra will share with us more about quality standards for Emerson's Education Services. Welcome, Sandra. Sandra: Hey, thank you for having me, Jim. Jim: Well, it's great that you're here with us. So, Sandra, how would you describe quality from an education perspective and what does it involve? Sandra: Great question. For Emerson, Quality in education is giving our customers the best learning experience possible. So, this means experience about how they learn and enrolling in our courses. It's everything like coming to our facilities and then also having like professional and qualified instructors. And, most importantly, that the content is relevant and engaging. So, to do all of this, we have to have quality standards that include policies and processes that have to be followed by everyone that touches Education for our customers. Jim: Well, that certainly seems like it incorporates that lifecycle from, you know, signing up for it to the instructors and teaching it, and that the content is very relevant to what they're trying to get out of it. So what would you say our customers' primary concerns are regarding quality standards? Sandra: Well, our customers' primary concerns are that they want to be able to fully utilize the functionality and the capability of Emerson products that they've purchased. So, many times, a customer will ask about our processes before ever coming to a learning event. Once we share that we are IACET accredited and that we offer CEUs with many of our courses, then, you know, customers feel more confident that the people that they send to our training events will have a great experience and they know that we at Emerson are dedicated to their success. Jim: That's interesting. So how is Emerson ensuring and addressing high-quality standards for courses? Sandra: Well, you know, great question again. And we do this through our accreditation with IACET. And that stands for International Accreditation of Continuing Education and Training. This is an accreditation that Emerson has maintained since 2008. And this accreditation standard holds Emerson to a higher quality to design, develop, and deliver our training. It also ensures that we have different systems and solutions in place, you know, for us to enroll students to track their progress. To evaluate, are they learning what we intended for them to learn? And we have the ability to report on all of this and look at that data so that we're constantly improving for future customer events. So we have to be audited every year and through those standards and policies, that's how we are able to ensure that high quality for our customers. Jim: Yeah. It sounds like that collection of data and being able to apply that in a continuous improve...
14:23 11/30/23
Episodio 46: Instrumentación para la industria de litio
Conozca en voz de nuestros especialistas, las tendencias en automatización para la industria de litio. Abordaremos principalmente las innovaciones en cuanto a medición y monitoreo de variables del proceso críticas. Te invitamos a ver el episodio completo y suscríbirte a nuestro canal para conocer más sobre las diferentes innovaciones en automatización industrial. ¡Disfruta del videocast!
12:51 10/25/23
Maximizing Workforce Performance Podcast
In this podcast, Caressa Kendall joins podcast host Jim Cahill to highlight the advantages and capabilities within the MyTraining section of MyEmerson to help manufacturers and producers upskill their workforce for improved operational performance.
07:26 10/23/23
Emerson Education Services Overview Podcast
Emerson Education Services offer innovative, scalable, and customizable training solutions that enable you to strategically use workforce development to sustain growth in highly competitive industries. And to better understand how, Adelina Decean, Education Services Manager for Emerson joins us.
11:33 9/15/23
Accelerate Your Digital Transformation with Flexible Automation Infrastructure Podcast
In this Emerson Automation Experts podcast, Molly Firkins, DeltaV Product Marketing Manager for Batch Solutions, joins me to discuss these trends and ways technology is supporting these manufacturers as they address increasing capital projects that use modular manufacturing equipment, switching to single-use equipment in smaller, more customized production, and pushing toward continuous manufacturing where possible.
24:01 7/31/23
Simplify Your Path to Optimal Control with REVAMP Podcast
In this Emerson Automation Experts podcast, Jim Cahill speaks with Emerson’s Aaron Crews who leads the modernization team. Aaron discusses a new application, REVAMP which is a groundbreaking, cloud-based, advanced software solution that helps manage the transition of legacy applications to optimal control.
15:03 7/14/23
Episodio45: Soluciones digitales que ayudan a las industrias en sus objetivos de sostenibilidad: Aspentech
Conoce Aspentech, un aliado en la digitalización de tus operaciones. En 2022, Emerson anunció la adquisición de la mayor parte de las acciones de esta compañía, con miras a ofrecer a sus clientes un valor agregado a través de las tecnologías de inteligencia avanzada de Aspentech que complementan el portafolio de digitalización de Emerson. En este episodio el experto en soluciones de sostenibilidad Gerardo Muñoz nos detalla los beneficios que aportan las soluciones digitales de esta adquisición, en los objetivos de sostenibilidad de las empresas. Te invitamos a ver el episodio completo y suscribirte a nuestro canal para conocer más sobre las diferentes innovaciones en automatización industrial.
17:25 5/30/23
Episodio 44: Solución a la detección de fugas en ductos, conozcamos Pipeline Manager
En este episodio la especialista Esther Solano nos presenta Pipeline Manager de Emerson. Una solución que permite monitorear, tener control y dar seguimiento a los ductos de gas natural e hidrocarburos líquidos. Conversamos sobre la importancia de los modelos de simulación en tiempo real. Abordamos la tecnología Pipeline Manager, en cuáles aplicaciones se puede utilizar; ventajas que aporta esta solución a la industria; las consideraciones o requerimientos para optar por esta solución, así como los beneficios de contar con mediciones precisas y confiables. Te invitamos a escuchar el episodio completo y suscribirte a nuestro canal para conocer más sobre las diferentes innovaciones en automatización industrial.
12:17 4/19/23
Episodio43: Conoce Guardian un servicio de prognosis diseñado para optimizar la confiabilidad y el desempeño de sus sistemas
¿Qué pasaría si tuvieras acceso a soporte experto las 24 horas del día, los 7 días de la semana para ayudarte a responder preguntas a medida que surgen problemas o dudas propias o del equipo? Nuestro especialista en Servicios al Ciclo de Vida de Sistemas de Control Carlos Acosta, nos presenta Guardian, un sistema que permite abordar las necesidades integrales del ciclo de vida para la administración de suscripciones, la conexión con el soporte de productos y la combinación de software y servicios de ciclo de vida. Suscríbete a nuestro canal para conocer más sobre las diferentes innovaciones en automatización industrial.
20:15 3/27/23
Engaging in the Ecosystem on the Path to Net Zero Podcast
Collaboration & engagement are required in driving toward Net Zero goals. Join us to listen to the perspectives of LyondellBasell’s Jennifer Jewson, Artemis Energy’s Bobby Tudor & Emerson’s Denka Wangdi on sustainability initiatives to advance these goals.
33:59 3/14/23
Increasing Gas Pipeline Operational Efficiencies with Agile Automation Podcast
In this Emerson Automation Experts podcast edition, Martha Rendon joins Jim Cahill to discuss the role automation plays in driving greater operational efficiencies across the natural gas transportation and distribution supply chain.
22:14 2/21/23
Conoce más sobre Controles Volumétricos y la solución de Emerson
Control Volumétrico, lo que necesita saber para cumplir con las obligaciones fiscales. Actualmente en México todos los contribuyentes que se dedican a la industria de hidrocarburos o petrolíferos deben cumplir con nuevas obligaciones fiscales de controles volumétricos.
12:25 2/13/23
More Efficient, Scalable and Reliable Wireless Communications Podcast
Jim Cahill is joined by Spearix Technology VP of Sales & Marketing Juan Conchas and Emerson VP & General Manager for Pervasive Sensing Laura Schafer to discuss wireless communications innovations and how they will meet the challenges of increased communications bandwidth, device energy consumption, and continued reliability.
35:04 1/10/23
Advanced Pipeline Leak Detection Podcast
In this Emerson Automation Experts podcast, Jim Cahill speaks with Emerson’s Greg Morrow to discuss how real-time transient models (RTTM) in the PipelineManager software application help pipeline companies maintain high performance levels.
18:00 12/15/22
Recycling Lithium-Ion Batteries at Scale
Podcast host Jim Cahill is joined by Li-Cycle’s Chris Biederman and Emerson’s Nathan Pettus to discuss how the collaboration between the companies is helping to bring the process online sooner and enable scaling for future recycling processes across the globe.
34:58 12/6/22
Remote Services Drive Business Performance Podcast
In this Emerson Automation Experts podcast, Emerson’s Vladimir Nitu joins me to discuss how remote services can help drive business performance improvements in many areas—sustainability, reliability, safety, and production.
15:31 11/24/22
Simplifying Control System Modernization with DeltaV IO.CONNECT Podcast
In this podcast, Emerson's Aaron Crews joins me to discuss the innovative DeltaV IO.CONNECT which simplifies the process of modernizing control & automation systems from many different suppliers.
15:11 10/11/22
Solutions for Hydrogen Movement and Dispensing Podcast
Brandon Bromberek and Marc Buttler join Colorado Hydrogen Network host Brian DeBruine to discuss the measurements in moving and dispensing hydrogen through the supply chain.
29:29 9/8/22
Trends, Challenges and Solutions in Biofuels and Biomaterials Podcast
As a part of our Asia-Pacific Sustainability & Decarbonization podcast series, Emerson's Sanjay Thakker joins Jim Cahill to discuss the trends, challenges, and solutions in the Biofuels & Biomaterials sector to achieve circular economy goals.
26:13 9/7/22
Project Management For Your Digital Transformation Podcast
In this Emerson Automation Experts podcast, Emerson’s Robert Surwilo discusses how Zedi SaaS SCADA projects are implemented from project kickoff through post-project support to enable digital transformation initiatives.
20:23 8/30/22

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