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This podcast explores public health careers, epidemiology, and public health entrepreneurship. The episodes features conversations that encourage you to think creatively and use innovation, while also helping you see public health everywhere.


PHEC 348: The Interconnectedness of Public Health With Sandy-Asari Hogan, DrPH, MPH
Public health is irrevocably intertwined into every aspect of what we do in our daily lives, and everybody has a part to play in it. Our guest is an innovative public health leader with expertise in evaluation and social impact strategy. After her first appearance on this podcast five years ago, we are pleased to welcome back Dr. Sandy-Asari Hogan to share more of her journey with us today! Dr. Hogan is currently the Director of ORS Impact and is dedicated to raising the consciousness of the plight of marginalized populations by building bridges between evaluation, research, and practice that are culturally responsive and equitable. Along with her vast list of accomplishments and her background in public health, Dr. Hogan wears many hats—evaluator, health educator, and community builder. She combines her passion for community and public health by using creative mixed methods and collaborating across sectors and systems, all aimed at making meaningful and strategic social impacts. Join the conversation to hear more from Dr. Hogan about her journey into public health, where her heart and passion lie, and what her role at ORS Impact entails. We delve into why she believes public health is about social justice, the goal of public health, and how her understanding of epidemiology helps her serve her clients better. Don’t miss out on all this and much more, so tune in now.   Visit the PHEC Podcast Show Notes:   Grab Your FREE 10-Page PHEC Podcast eBook:   DrCHHuntley, Public Health & Epidemiology Consulting:   Resources for Public Health Entrepreneurs
30:15 4/16/24
PHEC 347: Being A ‘Disruptor’ In Public Health, With Rebecca Desir, MPH
Meet Rebecca Desir, an award-winning public health practitioner, the founder of the Black Health Commission, and the senior manager of community advocacy for AdventHealth in Florida. She joins us to tell us about her focus on the Black diaspora in her public health mission. Tuning in, you’ll hear all about Rebecca’s life as the daughter of Haitian immigrants, her career, her passion for the Black diaspora, and all the different things she is responsible for in her multitude of public health jobs. We delve into what the Black Health Commission is before Rebecca tells us about the Eagle Award she won recently. Lastly, Rebecca tells us how her knowledge of public health helps her impact her community. To hear all this and even be encouraged to keep an open mind when finding your way in this industry, press play now!   Resources: PHEC Podcast DrCHHuntley, Public Health Consulting  
25:51 4/9/24
BONUS: Ready For Something New?
Dr. Huntley announces the launch of a new podcast called Public Health Entrepreneurs. This podcast will focus on topics related to public health entrepreneurship and will provide resources and support for public health entrepreneurs at all levels. The podcast has its own website and is available on all major podcast platforms. Dr. Huntley encourages listeners to share the podcast with their networks to help others discover this resource. Public Health Entrepreneurs Podcast Links: Website Public Health Entrepreneurs Podcast in Apple Podcasts  Public Health Entrepreneurs Podcast in YouTube Music Public Health Entrepreneurs Podcast in Spotify
07:46 4/5/24
PHEC 346: Health Equity And Developmental Disability Awareness
How are you leading and engaging in health equity and developmental disability awareness conversations with the communities you serve? March is Developmental Disability Awareness Month, and we brought this topic to a panel of professionals in our recent Public Health Roundtable discussion with Linda Gordon, M.D., MPH, and Ericka Horne, MPH, CHES. We share that conversation with you in this episode, where you’ll gain insight into the need to increase access to information, increase developmental disability screening, improve morbidity, and increase data gathering. We also touch on the importance of combating stigma and supporting the development of emergency preparedness plans that are inclusive of populations with developmental disabilities. The opportunities that public health professionals have to make an impact in these areas is also explored. For all this and more, tune in! PHEC Podcast Show Notes  
28:59 4/2/24
PHEC 345: Proactive Caregiving, With Cynthia J. Hickman, PhD, MSN
For a while now, Dr. Huntley has been looking for a way to share her story with you of when she took care of her ailing mother, but the subject has just been too daunting for her to confront alone. So in this episode, we welcome Dr. Cynthia J. Hickman back to the show as Dr. Huntley’s companion, and the pair walk us through their personal journeys of being caregivers for loved ones in need. Dr. Hickman is a registered nurse by trade and she’s added author, educator, speaker, and consultant to her impressive list of professional capabilities. When Dr. Hickman saw the undeniable correlation between public health and community health, she knew that she had to get involved in public health in order to address the health crises of her community. She shares about the health conditions and community demographics that are closest to her heart. We discuss the value of aging in place, why caregiving requires preemption and proactivity, how to find the balance between allowing independence and providing care, the stories behind Dr. Hickman’s two books, and why now is the perfect time to read them.  To end, Dr. Hickman shares some advice that resonates heavily with Dr. Huntley, and we discuss the business side of caregiving before learning how to connect with today’s guest.  
44:10 3/26/24
PHEC 344: Behind The Scenes With Podcasting Expert, Carli van Heerden
Get ready for something different on this special episode of the Public Health Epidemiology Conversations! Dr. Huntley dives into a creative conversation that may feel like a bit of a brainstorming session, coming at you with a behind-the-scenes vibe. Joining Dr. Huntley on this episode is the founder and CEO of We Edit Podcasts, a full-service podcast production agency that has served as our editing team here on this podcast for the past several years. We are thrilled to welcome Carli van Heerden! Carli is also the host of her own new podcasting adventure, Business Beyond the Mic. Dr. Huntley hopes that this episode demonstrates the potential for creativity in public health. Tune in now for all this, and much more. Thanks for listening in!    
28:05 3/19/24
PHEC 343: Access To Quality Healthcare For The Underserved and Underrepresented, With Selena Smith, MPA
An advocate for access to quality healthcare, a student of socioeconomics and equity, and a seeker of equality in justice and among humanity. Selena Smith joins us on the podcast to discuss her career journey and current role as COO of GRO Community, a mental health organization specializing in providing mental health services and support to Black men, by Black men. Selena is passionate about ensuring that the support needed to educate underserved and underrepresented populations is present and available. Join the conversation to hear a detailed background on Selena including what catapulted her into a career in public health. Selena highlights what it means to her to be a part of the Black Caucus of APHA and she delves into her role as COO and the mission behind GRO Community. Mental health as public health is also discussed, why we should normalize visiting a therapist, and why we, especially Black women, should not operate on zero. To hear all this, and much more, be sure not to miss out on this great and insightful episode of the Public Health Epidemiology Conversations podcast. Thanks for tuning in! PHEC Podcast  
40:31 3/12/24
PHEC 342: Discussing Heart Disease, With Communities
Although February is American Heart Month, a time when the nation spotlights heart disease, it is an important topic to highlight all year long. Heart disease is the leading cause of death in the United States. In most cases, heart disease is preventable but there are often several barriers for many communities to access and easy-to-understand resources and information on the topic. We recently focused on this topic in our Public Health Roundtable discussion on LinkedIn. In this episode, we share that insightful discussion and tell you how you can join the conversation. Listen in as Dr. Huntley and Ericka Horne, community engagement expert, discuss strategies for hosting this topic within the communities you serve. Hear more ways to make resources for heart-healthy living more accessible, the value of meeting communities where they are, plus so much more! PHEC Podcast Public Health Entrepreneurs  
32:26 3/5/24
PHEC 341: Anti-Hunger Activism, With Rachel Cahill, MPA
Our guest is passionate about the heart of one of America's most critical issues, food insecurity. Joining Dr. Huntley on the podcast is Rachel Cahill, MPA, the principal consultant and owner of a policy and advocacy consulting firm serving anti-hunger and anti-poverty organizations across the country. Rachel is a nationally recognized expert in public benefits eligibility and enrollment policy, specializing in the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program, commonly known as SNAP. Rachel is passionate about making SNAP stronger, more accessible, and more equitable. They delve into how the public health industry has been integral in her advocacy journey and why she’s so passionate about anti-hunger and the SNAP program. They discuss where the tension lies in the anti-hunger activism sphere, how the knowledge of public health helps her better serve her clients and community, and the science that backs up SNAP. Through getting to know Rachel, Dr. Huntley hopes to showcase how public health overlaps with a lot of different industries and to see public health in action from a slightly different perspective!    PHEC Podcast
33:12 2/27/24
PHEC 340: Social Work, Grant Writing, And Public Health, with LaKeesha Morris-Moreau, MSW
The field of public health is so broad! In this episode, we are connecting it to social work and more specifically, grant writing to demonstrate how we can have a greater impact in the field of public health. Grant writer and founder of the Bell Tower Group, LaKeesha Morris-Moreau joins us to share about her public service work and how she brings value to her community. Tuning in, you’ll hear all about LaKeesha’s background, how she got into social work, why she started the Bell Tower Group, as well as the story behind its name. We discuss why she decided to niche her career and how contracts work in her industry. LaKeesha even shares some tips for anyone wanting to partner with contractors or become contractors themselves. Finally, our guest tells us how public health shows up in the work she does. To hear all this and be enlightened about how public health truly is everywhere, press play now!   Visit the PHEC Podcast Show Notes: Grab Your FREE 10-Page PHEC Podcast eBook: DrCHHuntley, Public Health & Epidemiology Consulting:  Resources for Public Health Entrepreneurs
28:47 2/20/24
PHEC 339: Public Health Through Faith-Based Organizations, With Dr. Braxton
On Public Health Epidemiology Conversations, we welcome back one of our guests from 2017, Dr. Juanita Braxton. She joins us to discuss how she is able to serve her community by providing public health education to faith-based organizations. Tuning in, you’ll hear all about Dr. Braxton and Dr. Huntley’s relationship, their conversation back in episode four, what made our guest so passionate about public health and faith-based organizations in particular.  We also delve into the importance of making public health education easy to understand before Dr. Braxton tells us all about her incredible organization, Imani Consultants. Finally, she shares some key advice for anyone who is looking to build a career in public health. You don’t want to miss this one, so press play now!   Visit the PHEC Podcast Show Notes:   Grab Your FREE 10-Page PHEC Podcast eBook:   DrCHHuntley, Public Health & Epidemiology Consulting:   Resources for Public Health Entrepreneurs
37:03 2/13/24
PHEC 338: Cervical Health Awareness Discussion
Did you know that cervical cancer is almost entirely preventable with proper vaccination, regular screenings, pap smears, and HPV testing? Yet, so many women across the US are still being diagnosed with cervical cancer. Join Dr. Huntley on the Public Health Epidemiology Conversations podcast, as she delves into the topic of cervical health and women’s health, alongside two innovative leaders, Erica Horn and Dr. Kristi McClamroch. We are passionate about having vulnerable conversations about important topics such as cervical health and women’s health in general and dive deep into how these topics affect women and the work we do in public health. We highlight the importance of empowering young women, especially in the Black, Indigenous, and People of Color (BIPOC) demographic, to both take action in their healthcare and learn to boldly advocate for themselves. We hope this talk is thought-provoking and continues the conversation on these topics. Thanks for tuning in!      
31:14 2/6/24
PHEC 337: Should We Explain It Once, Or Repeat?
If you work in public health, you’ve probably had to explain an industry term to the general public on more than one occasion. How often should we be doing this? How can we ensure that the information we’re conveying is understood by the broader community? Join Dr. Huntley as she explores the intersection of public health, communication, and community to answer this fundamental question: How often should we define public health terms for the general public before we can be sure that they get it? We unpack the many opportunities public health professionals have to improve their communication, how to engage with your community, why we should all be striving to learn from those we serve, and much more. Tune in to hear it all!
12:49 1/30/24
PHEC 336: What is a Chicken Coop?
You might think that the question ‘What is a chicken coop?’ is pretty straightforward and if you were to ask a farmer, you’d be right. However, if you posed the same question to a truck driver, there’s a high chance the answer would be radically different from anything you anticipated. So, what does all this have to do with public health? Also, what does it matter if farmers and truckers give two wildly different answers? In this episode, Dr. Huntley takes a closer look at the specialized terms we use as public health professionals, how this can often confuse those outside our field, and why learning to communicate clearly and effectively is so important. Tune in to find out how you can learn to improve your communication, listen to feedback, become more receptive to non-verbal cues, and more, in today’s informative and thought-provoking conversation!
14:20 1/23/24
PHEC 335: When Work Becomes Personal
Zuwena Plata, a member of our data team, joins us in her capacity as an important member of our data team to reveal the impact that her work has had on her personal life. After getting a sense of her professional background, Zuwena details the work she’s currently involved in before explaining how and why this work affects her personally. We discover what she’s learned from her many professional-to-personal spillovers, how this overflow has improved both her personal and professional life, and what she wants listeners to take from her experiences. DrCHHuntley LLC, public health consulting
32:05 1/16/24
PHEC 334: Healthcare, Technology, and Public Health, with Vanessa Guzman, MS
Today’s guest is working towards making healthcare accessible, intuitive, and empowering. Vanessa Guzman’s goal is to empower and mobilize healthcare organizations, their staff, and community partners to innovate and maximize value. She joins us to discuss how her company is bringing healthcare and technology together in a way that helps patients win. Vanessa is a biomedical engineer by training and the CEO of both SmartRise Health and Ella Es Health. Join us as we dive into her career, highlights from her journey that turned on her interest in public health, and the two areas of public health that fire up her passion. Vanessa also unpacks the mission that both SmartRise and Ella Es Health aim to accomplish and emphasizes how the understanding of public health helps them have a larger and more effective impact on their clients and community. To hear more from Vanessa, including her advice for anyone wishing to pursue a similar career, be sure to tune in now! PHECpodcast
32:31 1/9/24
PHEC 333: Our Focus For The Year Ahead
Many of us are setting goals for the year ahead. Today, we share what we’ll be focusing on in 2024, from the podcast to the work we do in our public health consulting firm. You’ll find out how we will continue to take action, build genuine relationships, innovate and disrupt, and clearly communicate our vision by engaging with and elevating voices in our community. For all this and more, don’t miss this special episode of Public Health Epidemiology Conversations! PHEC Podcast
11:23 1/2/24
PHEC 332: A Personal And Professional Recap Of 2023
Join Dr. Huntley as she recaps the highs and lows of 2023 in this special episode of Public Health Epidemiology Conversations. As we approach the end of the year, Dr. Huntley shares key highlights and takeaways, offering insights to prepare us for 2024. She delves into some of the travel she did this year, her big takeaways from the events she hosted, how personal development was a game changer for her, and so much more! Tune in now for this special retrospective recap episode! PHEC Podcast  
19:27 12/26/23
PHEC 331: Exploring Medical Epidemiology, With Rakhee Palekar, MD, MPH
The field of public health features a host of different career opportunities, and now we delve into the dynamic realm of public health through the unique perspective of a medical epidemiologist. Joining us on this episode of the Public Health Epidemiology Conversations podcast is Dr. Rakhee Palekar. She is here to talk to us about her career journey and current role as Chief Scientist for Public Health and Epidemiology at MITRE. The organization that everyone in public health should know about! Join the conversation to hear more about how Dr. Palekar came to a career in public health, what it means to be a medical epidemiologist, her gravitational pulls in the world of public health, and so much more.  Be sure not to miss out on the valuable insights talked about in this episode with Dr. Rakhee Palekar, so tune in now.  PHEC Podcast  
30:42 12/19/23
PHEC 330: A Whirlwind Of Activity, All At Once
Do you ever get the feeling that the room is spinning all around you and you can’t seem to keep up? Sometimes the chaos is super exciting! During this episode, Dr. Huntley offers an insight into the whirlwind of hosting workshops and launching open enrollment for the upcoming Public Health Consulting and Entrepreneurship Expo. Join us for a few nuggets of wisdom from the workshop she recently offered to her Mastermind Group.  Hear about the thought process behind offering an Early Bird Special, how to enroll, and what to do if you listen to this episode after enrollment has closed. Tune in for an informative conversation filled with unmissable details!  Public Health Consulting and Entrepreneurship Expo DrCHHuntley Dr. Charlotte Hughes Huntley on LinkedIn DrCHHuntley on LinkedIn PHEC Podcast  
17:07 12/12/23
PHEC 329: Public Health Roundtable on Diabetes with LaShonda Richardson
Welcome back to Public Health Epidemiology Conversations. In this episode, we share our conversation from the November Public Health Roundtable, which also happened to align with National Diabetes Awareness Month. For this special discussion, Dr. Huntley is joined by LaShonda Richardson, founder of EMERGE LLC, an organization dedicated to public health advocacy, education, and promotion. Tuning in, you’ll learn why diabetes is such a personal subject both for Dr. Huntley and LaShonda, and how LaShonda has been able to build trust in her community and offer support for diabetes management and prevention. Their conversation unpacks the lifestyle changes that can impact diabetes, why it’s not your fault if you are unable to reverse it, and why minimizing the negative implications of the condition is still a huge win, plus a whole lot more. To hear all of LaShonda’s insightful strategies, like celebrating small wins and meeting people where they’re at, be sure to tune in today! DrCHHuntley Dr. Charlotte Hughes Huntley on LinkedIn DrCHHuntley on LinkedIn PHEC Podcast  
30:25 12/5/23
PHEC 328: Nurturing Trust, Communication, And Relationships In Public Health
On this latest episode of the PHEC Podcast, Dr. Huntley reflects on her recent experience facilitating a workshop for tribal leaders. Sharing personal stories and key takeaways, she talks about the emerging themes of vulnerability, communication, relationship-building, and trust and how each of those themes play an important role as a community leader. Discover the power of flexibility, the significance of two-way communication, and the lasting impact of building genuine connections within the public health community.   PHEC Podcast Show Notes:  
19:32 11/28/23
PHEC 327: Software Interoperability And Public Health, With Andy Gregorowicz, MS
Welcome to another riveting MITRE episode where Dr. Huntley engages in an insightful conversation with Andy Gregorowicz, Department Chief Engineer at the MITRE Corporation. Andy shares his journey, transitioning from software engineering to the world of public health, where he focuses on system interoperability and patient matching. Discover his passion for public health stemming from the profound impact of vaccination campaigns and how that led him to valuable projects for the CDC, particularly the Childhood Obesity Data Initiative (CODI) project. From decoding data privacy to creating connections between clinical and community organizations, this episode is a compelling exploration of how technology can powerfully reshape public health initiatives and their impact on society.
25:32 11/21/23
PHEC 326: The Public Health Consulting & Entrepreneurship EXPO, 2024
Dr. Huntley announces the much-anticipated Public Health Consulting and Entrepreneurship EXPO 2024. In this episode, she clarifies everything you need to know about the EXPO: what it is, who it is for, why it exists, as well as the changes and additions for the upcoming year. Listen closely as she shares all the essential details for anyone who is curious about the event. Dr. Huntley hopes to provide a clear and informed understanding of what the EXPO is all about.  If you are interested in learning more about this exciting event, be sure to tune in.   Keep In Touch Dr. Charlotte Huntley on LinkedIn Public Health Entrepreneurs PHEC Podcast
14:52 11/14/23
PHEC 325: Defining Public Health, In Plain Language
There is an ongoing need to explain public health to the general public. Although it can feel  frustrating at times, this provides us the opportunity to get creative in working to meet this need. Additionally, it provides us with a number of ways to demonstrate our thought leadership, build genuine relationships with people, and grow our networks. In this episode, Dr. Charlotte Huntley together with three innovative and forward-thinking panelists, Zainab Shipchandler, LaShonda Richardson, and Ericka Horne came together to discuss how they go about Defining Public Health, In Plain Language within their communities. Bridging the gap in understanding between the field's complexities and practical explanations for the general public. Tune in as our panelist will delve into the importance of communicating the significance of public health, strategies to articulate its meaning, and practical examples to illustrate how it applies to everyday life.  Keep In Touch Dr. Charlotte Huntley on LinkedIn Public Health Entrepreneurs PHEC Podcast  
30:27 11/7/23
PHEC 324: How Has Remote Work Affected Your Communication Skills
The pandemic has changed the landscape of the workforce worldwide. It accelerated the shift to remote work, giving people the ability to do their jobs from the comfort of their homes. In this team-focused episode, Laura joins Dr. Charlotte Huntley to discuss their unique experiences and perspectives on the challenges and opportunities of working remotely. With a core team of five and clients worldwide, they talk about building a strong team culture, working through different communication styles, and balancing communication preferences and time zones. Dr. Huntley shares how she is aiming to build a personal connection with not only her team, but also through her consulting work as this helps create a sense of togetherness despite the physical distance.   Keep In Touch Dr. Charlotte Huntley on LinkedIn Public Health Entrepreneurs PHEC Podcast  
41:51 10/31/23
PHEC 323: When Life Happens: Navigating Loss, Growth, And New Beginnings
Full disclaimer, this new episode is full of really sad moments and happy moments as our host, Dr. Charlotte Huntley, opens up about some personal life updates and experiences, including the recent loss of her mother and her busy travel schedule. She shares how she’s dealing and processing grief while attending to her business with the help and support of the people around her. Despite the challenges and grief, she shares her journey of resilience, self-care, and professional growth, highlighting the exciting development of her public health entrepreneur community and having a supportive team behind her.  
18:53 10/24/23
PHEC 322: Public Health Informatics, With Brittani L. Harmon, DrPH, MHA
The technology that makes up the system and processes in public health may be lagging behind the course of innovation compared to other industries. This is where the challenges in public health informatics come in. But what is Public Health Informatics all about? Join us in another MITRE episode where Dr. Brittani L. Harmon, the Public Health Lead and Informatics Expert at the MITRE Corporation, joins Dr. Charlotte Huntley for another informative and value-packed conversation. In this episode, Dr. Harmon shares her journey from an aspiring medical doctor to discovering her passion for public health. She elaborates on her role at MITRE and the intersection between public health and informatics. Show Notes:
25:48 10/17/23
PHEC 321: What Can I Do With My Degree In Public Health?
Choosing a career in public health can be a daunting task, especially if you are a student who doesn’t have a full grasp of what career opportunities are available for you after graduation. In this episode, Dr. Huntley recounts her recent role as a career panelist at the CDC Lewis Public Health Scholars and Ferguson Emerging Infectious Disease Fellows 2023 Showcase in Atlanta, Georgia. She sheds some light on the array of inquiries raised by public health students, exploring some of their burning questions. Tune in as Dr. Huntley introduces a valuable resource designed to answer these questions and address the challenges students face when considering their career paths.  
20:18 10/10/23
PHEC 320: Understanding Public Health Versus Healthcare
As many have noticed, there is an ongoing need to explain public health to the general public. Dr. Huntley hosts a monthly roundtable discussing a variety of public health topics. During this episode, specialists LaShonda Richardson, Andrea L. Lowe, and Ericka Horne join Dr. Charlotte Hughes Huntley to share how they answer this question. To help distinguish the field of public health from other areas, the conversation centers around how public health differs from the healthcare field. Each guest shares her approach to answering this question in plain language, along with key similarities, values, and goals that each has in common with the other. Join us for an empowering public health roundtable equipping you to understand how these two fields interact with the common goal of creating health for all. Thanks for listening!    PHEC Podcast Public Health Entrepreneurs Public Health Roundtable
29:48 10/3/23

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