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The Advisor Development Show is a digital mastermind network for the best financial professionals across the country. Join your host, Karl Hoover, as he interviews the brightest minds across the financial landscape every episode. Karl has been with Financial Independence Group for more than 20 years and is a senior vice president who enjoys leading advisors through the the worlds of marketing, practice management, product R&D and the various challenges financial professionals face trying to grow and maintain their practices. This show is all about sharing ideas and experiences to help you overcome obstacles and become a better financial professional. Contact: or 800-527-1155 or


S3 E11: Tax Planning with the Power of Zero
Over the past 20 years, David McKnight has helped put thousands of Americans on the road to a zero percent tax bracket and has received national recognition for his work. He mentors hundreds financial professionals across the country who specialize in the Power of Zero retirement approach, and if you’ve spent anytime in this industry, you’ve likely seen or heard him discuss this program he’s built. Today he joins the show to share his journey, explain his philosophy on taxes, and break down the trajectory our country is on in terms of tax rates. Here’s some of what you’ll learn from this episode: Why a speech from President Bill Clinton sparked his interest in debt and launched this journey. (3:32) David’s definition of the Power of Zero and what it means to him. (8:27) Why it’s so important to take advantage of the historically tax environment in and how you do that. (12:23) The role that life insurance plays in the Power of Zero plan.(17:32) Annuities have been a great tool for guaranteeing income in retirement but be careful not to make these mistakes.(25:13) How an advisor can get involved in his program if they’re interested. (35:55) The relationship FIG and POZ have shared through the years. (37:30) What’s the most important thing David thinks advisors should focus on. (39:06)   ABOUT OUR GUEST:   MORE INFORMATION:
42:44 08/17/2022
S3 E10: The Authentic Story of Struggle and Success with Marques Ogden
You might know Marques Ogden as the football player who enjoyed a five-year NFL career, but he’s completely re-wired himself since leaving the league. Today, you’ll find Marques leaving his footprint all across the business world as an inspirational keynote speaker, podcast host, business coach and consultant, and best-selling author. We were able to catch up with him recently to pick his brain on some of the areas where he’s really excelled and hopefully glean a little wisdom along the way. Once you hear his journey and all of the lows he had to experience before reaching the highs, you’ll have a better appreciation for all he’s accomplished. Here are a few of the things you’ll learn on this show: His journey from a football player to successful businessman, which included a struggle with drugs and alcohol, a successful business taken down by his ego, and even a job as a custodian making $8.25/hour. (2:45) How self-absorption and putting too much energy into external factors lead to self-destruction. (10:09) Why he places such an emphasis on true collaboration and teamwork in his business and how he made diversity a priority. (15:39) What does being authentic mean to him and why is that so important in sales and marketing. (23:39)   Learn more about Marques Ogden and his current ventures:    Visit us online and connect here:
34:53 08/03/2022
S3 E9: Staying Truly Independent with Co-Chief Executive Officer at FIG
The Co-Chief Executive Office at Financial Independence Group joins us today to discuss his journey to a leadership role, how FIG gives advisors a competitive advantage and much more about the future of advising at FIG. Mike began his tenure at FIG in 2002 after graduating from UNC Chapel Hill. Starting in the trenches as an annuity consultant, he quickly developed a passion for helping advisors better serve their clients. With his team, Mike helps to drive the strategic vision that better equips our financial professionals to thrive in the financial industry.   TIMESTAMPS: 3:05 – Favorite TV show as a kid? 7:03 – FIG is a family 8:37 – What makes FIG different? 9:54 – We are still small but successful 12:38 – What is the future of the FMO and IMO Field? 15:40 – Our growing tech team 17:31 – Better serving our clients 20:29 – The next 100 years 23:55 – A life lesson   MORE INFORMATION:
27:52 07/06/2022
S3 E8: Leadership Learned Through a Decorated Naval Career
Today we’re taking a break from the financial services industry and turning our attention to leadership. There aren’t many places where you’ll find better examples of this than our military, where officers are some of the best leaders in the world. Let us introduce you to Navy Commander Charlie Hoover. From Navy flight instructor to commanding officer, Hoover’s incredible journey is one to be celebrated and recorded, which we will do on this episode. Find out what it was like to land a jet on an aircraft carrier, what it took to be awarded high honors in the Navy, his two favorite flight stories, and lessons in leadership.   TIMESTAMPS: 1:41 – Welcome Charlie 2:51 – Favorite fishing story 4:21 – Journey to earning Navy wings   17:25 – Flight instructor in Penscola 19:34 – First solo flight on aircraft carrier 24:52 – Night landing 27:40 – Becoming a great leader 30:12 – Differences between props and jets 33:43 – Winning the Naval Battle “E” Award 37:55 – Two favorite flight stories 43:02 – Hoover shares a life lesson     MORE INFORMATION:
45:11 06/15/2022
S3 E7: Faith-Based Planning Strategies with Crystal Clear Finances
Today we welcome the founder and CEO of Crystal Clear Finances to the show to share her passion for financial planning and education. Crystal and her business have a very unique way of constructing portfolios by using life insurance and faith-based investing, and that separates her from other professionals. Plus, you’ll get to learn more about how Crystal utilizes the Circle of Wealth system. Along with planning, Crystal Clear Finances has a clear and successful marketing strategy that we’ll discuss as well. If you want to get a better idea of how to move prospects through the sales funnel, you’ll want to listen to what Crystal has to say on the show.   TIMESTAMPS: 1:41 – Welcome in Crystal 2:09 – Favorite running race memory 5:09 – Her financial journey 9:17 – How she leverages public events 11:42 – Moving people through the sales funnel 15:31 – A new strategy they’re using 17:43 – How she views life insurance 22:00 – Proper mixture of assets 24:29 – Circle of Wealth system 29:43 – Her Instagram show 32:19 – What is Faith-Based Investing 37:11 – The partnership with Crystal Clear 41:37 – One life lesson   ABOUT OUR GUEST:    MORE INFORMATION: 
45:01 06/01/2022
S3 E6: Taking Ownership of Your Career with NFL Coach Pete Hoener
Winning a football game is a lot like winning in business, there are a lot of parallels between these two industries and we are going to explore those similarities today with our guest, sports legend and NFL Coach, Pete Hoener. Working for teams like the 49ers, Cardinals, Carolina Panthers, and more, Pete has worked with various football stars to improve their skills and resilience in the game. Overcoming obstacles is something both NFL professionals and business owners face. On today’s episode, Pete will break down his journey to the NFL, the lessons he’s learned working in this industry, leadership characteristics, and more.   TIMESTAMPS: 2:54 – Who’s the most interesting player you’ve worked with? 5:38 - Overcoming obstacles 6:54 – What was your journey to the NFL like? 11:37 – Working with stars 12:49 – What characteristics do you look for? 18:01 – Example of leaders in the game 19:15 – How do you train to be the best? 22:23 – Continuing to get better and taking ownership 24:32 – Being accountable to your teammates 28:41 – What’s the day in the life of a coach like? 32:33 – Characteristics of a good team 36:13 – What was it like going to the Super Bowl? 39:27 - How did you develop a winning culture? 42:09 – Managing through losses and expectations 47:00 – What are your favorite NFL players of all time? 50:12 – What plays would you take back in your career? 52:25 – How are you taking accountability?   MORE INFORMATION:
54:19 05/18/2022
S3 E5: Making the Most Out of Your Marketing Plan
The Director of Marketing at FIG’s marketing agency, All Points Media joins us on today’s episode to unpack marketing trends and strategies independent advisors need to be aware of when it comes to gaining leads. Tom is helping FIG advisors make the most out of their marketing plans and the money they put into those plans. His department is blended into three teams: corporate meetings and events, internal marketing, and advisor marketing. Marketing is here to make phones ring and they make sure an advisor's process is efficient and effective. Every financial business is different, Tom and his team believe in customization that matches those differences. Join us today as we further explore All Points Media, data-driven marketing, Elevate marketing platform, and more!     More about All Points Media:!/MarketingBranding   TIMESTAMPS: 1:33 – Favorite TV show as a kid 2:22 – What is All Points Media? 3:46 – How does their process work? 5:58 – Our process versus competitors 9:09 – Data-driven best practices 11:31 – Custom marketing tracker 13:14 – Headspace and data 15:15 – Elevate marketing platform 18:13 – You need many funnels 20:15 – Enhancing a business 22:29 – Metrics of key performance 27:54 – Having one more appointment stick 30:18 – Marketing trends you should be aware of 34:00 – One life lesson from Tom   MORE INFORMATION:
35:50 05/04/2022
S3 E4: Facts and Logic in Marketing and Sales
On today’s episode, the Founder of Windows of Opportunity and the Logic Trac system joins us to discuss how he’s helping advisors increase their revenue and how they can change the lives of their clients in a positive and impactful way. Coach Bill started Windows of Opportunity to teach advisors about marketing, lead generation, and growing their business. His mission then expanded with Logic Trac, which helps individuals make logical decisions in the emotional field of investing and financial services. Engaging clients should be about using logic instead of fear or strong-arming. Join us today as we explore using facts and logic within your sales process to improve lead generation and business growth.  Learn more about Logic Trac:   TIMESTAMPS: 1:58 – Favorite food dish? 2:40 – Windows of Opportunity and Logic Trac 6:39 – Language in marketing materials 9:45 – Facts and logic in sales 13:53 – Checklist exercise 18:36 – Process is critical 21:54 – Our definition of critical 25:45 - Getting commitment at first appointment 32:00 – We are not losing people 35:14 – Coaching and strategic partnership 40:53 – How do you get involved? 44:22 – How to get in touch directly   MORE INFORMATION:
48:15 04/20/2022
S3 E3: Using First Party Data with Lone Beacon
On today’s episode, we are joined by a pioneer at Lone Beacon who is revolutionizing their marketing platform with a turnkey digital solution. Mike has helped develop one of the leading independent advisor marketing tools in the industry.  As financial professionals and advisors, we often want to attract the right type of clients. Lone Beacon is assisting advisors to expand their reach within their target markets. We’ll be discussing what Mike is seeing in the market, the value of first-party data, Lone Beacon’s relationship with FIG, and more on today’s show.  Lone Beacon:   TIMESTAMPS: 1:29 – Last show you binge-watched? 3:10 – Journey to lone beacon  4:28 – Working with lone beacon  5:45 – The efficiencies of direct mail  9:04 – Shared list and first-party data  10:51 – Challenges we are seeing  12:07 – Lone Beacon and FIG partnership 17:04 – Intelligence dashboard  21:48 – Everyone is moving to video  24:06 – Lead aggregation study  29:32 – The other 99%  33:31 – Getting to the next level  36:15 – Respectfully question everything    MORE INFORMATION:
39:25 04/06/2022
S3 E2: Becoming an Integrated Advisor with Alphastar
Alphastar Capital Management is a FIG partner and registered investment advisor firm, that started nearly 10 years ago as they recognized the convergence of wealth management and insurance. Strategically they run portfolios, manage risk, and help advisors focus on what they’re great at - developing relationships with their clients.  They are truly helping the next generation of advisors become integrated advisors. On today’s episode, Sean, the Chief Sales officer at Alphastar Capital Management joins us to discuss his journey to Alphastar, risk protection, structured notes, unique solutions for wealthy clients, and more.   Alphastar Capital Management:   TIMESTAMPS: 1:34 – Most common app you use? 1:59 – Special family traditions 2:45 – His journey to Alphastar 7:24 – What is Alphastar?  8:57 – What strategies do they use? 12:18 – How is Betashield different? 16:42 – 5 different portfolios 17:36 – Protecting your clients 18:32 – Structured notes 20:59 – Getting into an overpriced market 22:34 – Addressing taxes and real estate 28:20 – Providing better income solutions 30:00 – What makes Alphastar different? 33:34 – Being a partner with Alphastar 34:33 – Developing a strong mindset   MORE INFORMATION:
39:23 03/16/2022
S3 E1: Business Growth Practices with Strong Family Financial
If you are just getting into the financial industry we highly recommend working with a coach or experienced professional like the people at Strong Family Financial. The market has been rapidly changing over the past few years and it’s not an easy business professionally or personally, having a guiding hand can mean the difference between success and failure.    On today’s episode, we welcome the Vice President of Strong Family Financial, Allie. Strong Family has had explosive growth over the past few years in recruiting and production. Allie is going to share his experience, advice, and best practices that he has learned throughout this growth.     Strong Lyfe Podcast:   Strong Family Financial:   Contact:   TIMESTAMPS: 2:30 – Allie’s favorite dinner dish 4:38 – Favorite sports team of all time 5:57 – Background and journey 8:22 – Growth and struggles during covid 10:09 – Strong Family background 15:41 – Strong Lyfe podcast 16:37 – The culture Strong Lyfe creates 20:28 – What kind of training is involved? 24:39 – Importance of your attitude 30:23 – Implementing YouTube and Tiktok 32:30 – YouTube #2 search engine 33:29 – Being educated and teaching 35:00 – Live every day being grateful 36:43 – Being grateful and being humble   MORE INFORMATION:
40:37 03/02/2022
S2 E11: Advanced Planning with a FIG Strategist
How do we better serve our high net-worth clientele? On today’s show Jeremy, a FIG strategist, joins us to discuss advanced planning, working with high net-worth clientele, the sale of large assets, and much more. Advanced planning or wealth management builds off of an advisor’s basic duties by combining higher-level planning strategies for clientele with more complicated assets. So, what is the best way to provide these services? Jeremy has over two decades of experience in estate and business planning. He is helping advisors integrate key aspects of advanced planning into their businesses. For example, if one of your clients is selling their business, this is a huge event in their life and you want to be adequately prepared. When it comes to these clients, planning is much more complicated so bringing in an expert will certainly help.    TIMESTAMPS: 1:32 – Jeremey’s favorite football team 2:23 – Journey in the financial industry 2:59 – His different designations 6:27 – Part of a three-judge program 7:57 – Experience in advanced planning 9:41 – What is a CRUT? 10:52 – What is an advanced planning strategy? 12:19 – How does he work with FIG? 14:08 – Letting advisors have control 16:17 – Working with high-level cases 19:47 – Legal changes and life insurance 21:25 – Jeremy’s thoughts on 7702 22:54 – Similarities in cases 25:45 - The importance of listening   MORE INFORMATION:  
28:00 02/16/2022
S2 E10: Data Driven Marketing with Leading Response
If you are a business owner relying on marketing to drive leads and revenue, using data as part of your marketing strategy is a must. Our guest on today’s show is the business development manager with Leading Response. Mike is helping financial experts plan and execute successful marketing strategies through empirical response data. As a partner with FIG, Leading Response focuses both on digital and mail marketing, thinking outside the box to help advisors grow their lead generation. To them each business is a unique scenario with its own goals and values, their marketing material should reflect that. We’ll discuss data marketing, topics for seminars, direct mail, and more.   TIMESTAMPS: 1:30 – Favorite football team 2:11 – Leading Response 3:07 – Journey to Leading Response 4:46 – Why do they stand out? 5:50 – How they use data   10:19 – Marketing report 11:50 – Market saturation 14:54 – Pandemic changing direct mail  17:02 – Topics for dinner seminars 19:50 – Best practices for direct mail 24:10 – Topics to stay away from 26:40 – How to market events 28:58 – Leading Response partnership with FIG 30:14 – Removing your ego     ABOUT OUR GUEST:   MORE INFORMATION:
33:43 02/02/2022
S2 E9: Offering Customized Insurance with the President of IPCG
On today’s episode, the President of IPCG a national property and casualty brokerage group, joins us. As a partner of FIG, he is helping clients have access to customized coverages that match their needs. Independent Property and Casualty Group, has become an outlet for advisors to offer PNC to their clients without being PNC clients themselves. These services ensure your clients have the opportunity to shop around coverages with an added level of service and client experience. On today’s show, Matt and Karl will discuss, how IPCG can make you stand out in the market, maintain client retention, and add an additional revenue stream to your business.   Get additional information:   Timestamps: 2:00 – Favorite football team 4:05 – Favorite player of all time 4:52 – His background and journey 8:14 – Having FIG in a transition 9:06 – What is IPCG and how does it work? 11:15 – PNC and generational planning 14:19 – An additional revenue stream 16:38 – A couple of success stories 19:09 – Protecting clients against devastation
22:48 01/19/2022
S2 E8: Video Marketing with Greg Prinz, Founder of Chapter One Films
As advisors, we often don’t have the time, money, or expertise to focus on marketing and branding as much as we’d like to. But you still have a story that needs to be told. Today, we are joined by Greg Prinz, the owner of Chapter One Films, to tell his story and how he’s helping advisors use video in their marketing strategy. He specializes in branding and storytelling, allowing advisors to connect with their target audience and expand their reach. A few years ago, Greg moved to North Carolina and started his business, Chapter One Films. He brings marketing ideas and strategies to the table, without putting creative pressure on advisors. On today’s episode, we’ll discuss how Greg is using video to help small advisors differentiate themselves in the market, how his process works, and how video can play a role in your business.   Get additional information:   More about our guest:   What we discuss today:  2:05 – What is his favorite sports team? 3:05 – Helping his father’s business with video 6:56 – Greg’s background and how he got into film 9:12 – How did Chapter One begin? 11:47 – The challenge of branding a small business 15:56 – How does the video branding process work? 21:01 – Traveling to an advisor’s location 22:11 – What goes into editing and why is it important? 26:35 - How should we leverage videos? 30:00 – A life lesson: your story is valuable 
33:29 01/05/2022
S2 E7: The Value of Life Insurance
Life insurance is a quickly evolving asset for our clients. From death benefits to tax-free sources of income, how can you implement life insurance into the services you offer? You're busy maintaining your business and keeping up client relations, that's why we have people like Andrew the VP of Life Insurance on Karl's FIG team to help you along the way. He understands the products, tax processes, and changing laws and litigations surrounding life insurance. It can certainly be a differentiator in your business. Join us as we discuss the history of life insurance, its tax implications, and the benefit it has for your clients.   Get additional information:   More about our guest:   What we discuss today:  2:48 – Favorite college football team 3:35 – Favorite NFL team 6:18 – His journey in the financial industry 8:51 – How has life insurance changed? 18:19 –7702 revision 21:03 – Life insurance as a differentiator 25:12 – Benefits to those in retirement 27:56 – Tax mitigation for clients 30:10 – Premium financing 32:43 – Advanced strategy team 35:09 – How medical works 38:52 – Enjoy the moment
41:12 12/15/2021
S2 E6: Hiring Practices with the Director of Talent Solutions
In today’s job market, hiring can be difficult. Finding the right talent for your team is important in growing your business. Today, Lori, the director of FIG’s Talent Solutions joins us to talk about the hiring process and how Talent Solutions can help. Whether you are looking for a consultant or a full recruiter, FIG Talent Solutions can do both. They’ll help you find the right leads and hires that match your company's culture. COVID has changed the job market a lot, what are people looking for in jobs now? It might be different than it was a few years ago. Join us today as Lori shares her insight and tips for FIG advisors.   Get additional information:   More about our guest:!/TalentSolutions   What we discuss today:  2:18 – Introducing Lori 4:36 – How did she get into the business? 7:01 – How does Talent Solutions work? 11:05 – Strategies Lori uses 14:16 – How has Covid changed hiring? 17:40 – Positions harder to fill 20:27 – Tips from Lori
25:38 12/01/2021
S2 E5: Marketing Practices with Mark Gaffney of M.E.G. Services
In today's market, a strong marketing plan based on data and client research is essential to your financial business. Today, we welcome Mark Gaffney on the show, the founder of M.E.G. Services, a boutique marketing service specifically tailored for financial advisors. Starting his marketing career in 1994 he has over two decades in the field. Mark is bringing his expertise on the podcast today to discuss the importance of live events, using data-driven marketing, and brand development. As an avid promoter of seminars and webinars, Mark's insights will be indispensable to any advisor looking to grow their marketing impact.   Get additional information:   More about our guest:   What we discuss today:  1:40 – Welcome to the Show Mark 2:34 – Who is your favorite band? 4:07 – How did you get in the business? 7:02 – What is M.E.G.? 11:10 – Data-driven practices & sharing information 13:48 – Three marketing funnels 14:55 – Live events and webinars 19:04 – Database marketing 23:33 – Brand development  26:49 – Reaching our audience 30:40 – Topics for live events 34:35 – Seminar best practices 40:20 – Connecting with M.E.G. 44:25 – Life lesson with Mark
46:35 11/17/2021
S2 E4: Marketing Trends with Retirement Inside Out
A lot of advisors have seen growth in the past few decades and especially in the past few years. With these changes come new market trends and developments. We are mixing it up today and spotlighting Karl’s interview on another FIG podcast, Retirement Inside Out. Karl and Tom, the host of Retirement Inside Out, will be discussing their careers at FIG as well as the marketing trends they’ve noticed throughout the years. From referrals to webinars you need to stay on top of marketing trends by using multiple avenues to reach clients and potential clients.    Get additional information:   What we discuss today:  1:50 – Karl’s backstory and FIG model 8:52 – Working with the local market 13:27 – Development and coaching advisors 19:27 – Client referrals and digital marketing 23:46 – Affinity Group & Tip of the Triangle
26:57 11/03/2021
S2 E3: Finding Balance with Dr. Travis Parry
Finding the ideal work-life balance can be difficult, especially for financial professionals. It is easy to get swept up in your work and forget to prioritize and set boundaries. Today we have Dr. Travis Parry joining us to speak on some myths about stress and productivity. He will discuss how we can approach a work-life balance in a healthier way. At one time, Dr. Travis Parry was a financial advisor like many of us, but since then he has gone on an educational journey to learn how to address stress. We go in-depth on some of his ideas and techniques for a healthier and happier career and personal life.   Get additional information:   What we discuss today:  1:32 – Welcome Dr. Travis Parry 2:41 – His favorite guitar player 4:05 – ‘Achieving Balance’ book 6:59 – His experience as a financial professional 12:48 – Stress vs balance 14:00 – The myth of balance 16:49 – Finding priorities 18:46 – Setting S.M.A.R.T. Goals 20:40 – Viewing values 24:21 – The myth of productivity as a ‘magic pill’ 28:00 – Using your calendar 33:00 – The myth of personal development 39:58 – Fear vs faith 42:55 – Make time method 46:37 – One life lesson
50:57 10/20/2021
S2 E2: Providing an Excellent Client Experience with Cornerstone Wealth Management
Providing a great client experience can make a difference in the growth of your business. On today's episode, we are speaking with Anthony from Cornerstone Wealth Management in Las Vegas, Nevada. Cornerstone is leading the industry with innovative ideas. Their investment approach is providing clients with consistent income in their portfolios. By keeping things simple for their clients, conducting seminars, and keeping up to date on trends, they are making meaningful connections on a personal and financial level.      Read and learn more:   Learn more about our guest:   What we discuss:  1:45 – Favorite thing to cook? 2:10 – Favorite Lakers player 2:56 – How he got into the business 5:39 – Role at Cornerstone Las Vegas 9:11 – What makes Cornerstone different? 12:10 – Fixed index annuities 15:44 – Structured notes 21:10 – Software and technology  26:00 – Trends in marketing 27:22 – Ambassador program 28:55 – Partnership with FIG 31:20 – Share a life lesson 
33:36 10/06/2021
S2 E1: Dressing for Success with Duncan Ham
How we dress has a lot to do with how we are perceived as financial professionals. Today, we welcome on Duncan Ham, the Senior VP at Tom James Company in Charlotte, North Carolina. Established in 1966, they found success through providing quality convenience to clients. They serve business executives with their custom suits to ensure they look the part. Duncan goes in-depth on how clothing affects those around us, our business, and our success.   About our guest:    What we discuss on this episode:  1:27 – Welcome Duncan 4:22 – How he got into clothing sells   7:30 – What makes Tom James Different 11:45 – Why what you wear affects the subconscious 16:35 – Dressing for leadership 18:12 – Clothing staples for financial professionals 26:11 – Colors sending signals 28:45 – Clothing budget 30:46 – New trends 39:00 – Tips on packing 44:00 –  Share a life lesson   Contact Karl: 800-527-1155
47:45 09/15/2021
S1 E11: Building a Financial Machine with the Help of Lone Beacon
The financial industry, like the rest of business, has evolved with the rise of digital media and stronger data. Today we explore this shift with John of Lone Beacon. This partner of FIG has been building a company that connect investors with advisories that can truly help them. They have an elite grasp of buying behavior, media habits, and appetite for content, and that’s why they work with most elite institutions across the country. Join us as we learn more about their processes, their results, and the trends that happening now.   About our guest:    Key Points:  1:26 – Welcome in John    2:51 – Favorite thing about Boston 3:48 – Favorite Red Sox player 4:45 – The year Boston broke the World Series curse 6:33 – How he got into the business   10:57 – Scope of services they offer   14:44 – Nurturing your prospect list 20:38 – Why branding is critical 25:58 – Strengths Weaknesses Opportunities Threats (SWOT) 32:26 – Website as the central hub 38:44 – Better customer analytics   46:00 – Marketing automation   50:18 – Trends in financial services marketing   53:00 – Partnership with FIG     Contact Karl: 800-527-1155
55:42 09/01/2021
S1 E10: Creating a Championship Mentality in Business with Jon-Eric Sullivan
No matter what line of work you’re in, many of the same underlying principles will help you become successful. That’s why we’re stepping out of the financial world this episode to speak with someone who’s not in the industry but knows exactly what it takes to have a championship mentality. Jon-Eric Sullivan, Co-Director of Player Personnel for the Green Bay Packers, works with one of the world’s great sports franchises and he joins us to talk about success, his favorite memories, and much more.   About our guest:   What we discuss on this episode:  2:26 – Top 3 favorite football players   5:38 – How his football career began   8:23 – How he got into the front office for the NFL 11:34 – What makes Green Bay different from other teams?    13:18 – How he structures the day   16:45 – Favorite schools     19:03 – Work-Life Balance   21:48 – Interaction with players   26:05 – Looking back on the Super Bowl    32:15 – Relying on the team for success   35:04 – Championship mentality   37:33 – Most challenging and rewarding part of the job   40:14 – If you could take back one play and re-run it   43:01 – Share a life lesson     Contact Karl: 800-527-1155
44:48 08/18/2021
S1 E9: The Evolution Of A Top 1% Firm with Jim Brogan
Today we welcome on noted Jim Brogan, founder of Brogan Financial in Knoxville, Tennessee. This dedicated Vols fan has enjoyed plenty of success in the financial world throughout his 20-year career. Not only does he oversee his business as the CEO, Jim also dedicates a lot of his time to providing financial education in the classroom and across different mediums for people across his region. His passion and expertise are evident through his day-to-day work and we hope to share some of that with you today.   About our guest:    What we discuss on this episode:  2:53 - Top 3 Tennessee Volunteer Athletes 7:33 - How Jim Got Into The Business 9:15 - Importance Of Early Planning 10:51 - Developing His Organization 13:55 - FIG Talent Solution 16:16 - Jim’s Turning Point 20:42 - Wake Up Call 21:01 - Paradigm Shift 26:05 - Continuing College Courses Throughout The Pandemic 32:43 - Impact of COVID 40:42 - More Living Radio Show 45:19 - Partnership With FIG 46:37 - Life Lesson 47:21 - Favorite Episode Of Smokin’ With Jim?   Contact Karl: 800-527-1155
50:51 08/04/2021
S1 E8: Lessons From Renowned Mentor Elyse Archer for Elite Female Sales Professionals
We’re excited to welcome on our next guest, Elyse Archer, who we’ve been learning from for many years. This incredible mentor behind She Sells has helped female sales professionals build trust, instill confidence, and grow their bottomline. Now she joins the show to share that experience, explain why women are so effective, and give us some incredible insight on balancing work and life.   About our guest:   What we discuss on this episode:  1:45 – Background on Elyse 6:28 – Differences between males and females 11:45 – Past experiences affecting sales 15:17 – Female view of money 17:52 – Having empathy 20:12 – Surprising factor that can impact earnings 23:14 – Building trust and gaining confidence 27:22 – Her favorite systems for sales follow-ups 32:03 – Being authentic 37:18 – Thoughts on money and happiness 43:06 – Work-life balance   Contact Karl: 800-527-1155
51:58 07/14/2021
S1 E7: How To Harness 80 Years Of Knowledge with Kevin Beauchamp
Schechter Wealth in Birmingham, Michigan, is a third-generation wealth advisory and financial services firm that we’ve come to know really well. The exclusive relationship we’ve built with this incredible team has allowed FIG to plug into their resources and write some of the largest life insurance cases in history. Today we’ll introduce you to Kevin Beauchamp, Vice President and Director of Strategic Partnerships, and find out what makes this business an enduring success.   About our guest:    What we discuss on this episode:  1:56 - How Kevin Got Into The Business 4:52 - Story Behind Schechter Wealth 7:55 - Knowledge Tagline 8:31 - Investment Philosophy 10:33 - Private Capital Offering 12:44 - Advanced Life Insurance Design 18:04 - Making The Transition To Life Insurance 20:46 - Partnership Process 28:45 - Examples Of Cases 31:27 - Example Of Partnering With A Financial Professional 42:12 - Win-Win Situation 47:00 - Working With FIG 49:19 - Life Lesson 50:34 - 2007 Appalachian State Vs Michigan   Contact Karl: 800-527-1155  
53:02 06/30/2021
S1 E6: Stories That Stick With Kindra Hall
Karl is excited to feature a recent interview between best-selling author Kindra Hall and Financial Independence Group's Tom Lamendola. Karl will preview what to expect on the show before turning over the microphone where you'll hear Tom and Kindra discuss why stories are so important in business today. They'll also explore why financial professionals can benefit from video storytelling on their websites and share tips on how advisors can tell their "Value Story". About Kindra Hall: Kindra is the Chief Storyteller Officer at Success Magazine. She's an entrepreneur and the best-selling author of the book "Stories That Stick." Website: Book: Success Magazine: Key Moments: 0:37 - Karl previews the interview. 1:55 - Kindra Hall interview begins. 2:44 - How Kindra became a national champion storyteller. 4:49 - Kindra underscores how important "The Founder's Story" is for every company. 8:19 - How advisors can leverage their "Value Story". 14:37 - Tips for advisors who want to integrate video marketing into their practices. 18:58 - Is video marketing an expectation now? 21:02 - Kindra shares some ideas for entrepreneurs who are just starting their business journey. 25:28 - Asks Kindra to outline what she personally would look for in a financial professional. Contact Karl: 800-527-1155
31:44 06/16/2021
S1 E5: How To Use Brain Science To Improve Your Practice With Chris Abeyta
We are making decisions every day of our lives. It can be small things like what we eat for lunch, or something more heavy like who we trust our life savings to. Even though everyone has a different way of arriving at a decision, we all contain chemicals in our brains that influence the choices we make. Today, Karl talks to Chris Abeyta about the concept of Brain Science and the positive results that his practice has gained from using this method.   About Chris Abeyta: Chris actually launched into the financial services industry after getting laid off. Finances were an interest of his for a long time, but this obstacle set his dream into motion and inspired him to work for himself. Chris is one of the owners who helped launch Accelerated Wealth, and is also the author of Retirement Confidence In An Uncertain World.   What we discuss on this episode:  3:56 - How Chris Got In The Business 6:46 - Retirement Confidence In An Uncertain World 14:24 - Transition To Assets Under Management 16:31 - One Of The Greatest Benefits 19:05 - Brain Science 25:01 - The Checklist 29:49 - Results On Closing Ratios & Bottom Line 33:40 - Engagement Letter 35:54 - How To Attract Higher Net Worth Clients 38:24 - How To Get Started With Brain Science 41:19 - History With FIG 42:48 - Chris’s Life Lessons   Contact Karl: 800-527-1155
49:16 06/02/2021
S1 E4: Embracing Self-Advocacy With Michael Kitces
Karl is pleased to feature a recent interview between renowned financial planning professional Michael Kitces and Financial Independence Group's Tom Lamendola on this episode. Karl will set you up for what to expect in the interview that ranges several topics from Michael's viewpoint on the messaging as it pertains to the retirement dilemma in the US to delving into the best practices for financial professionals to fish for new clients. You'll also hear discussion about what financial professionals and investors alike should focus on in today's fast-changing financial world. About Michael Kitces: Michael is the Publisher, Editor-In-Chief, and Chief Financial Planning Nerd at He's also the head of planning and strategy at Buckingham Wealth Partners and the co-founder of several additional ventures in the financial services space. He's also the host of the Financial Advisor Success Podcast. Website: Podcast: Buckingham: Key Moments: 0:37 - Show starts and Karl previews the interview 2:05 - Michael Kitces interview begins 3:03 - What's behind the "Kitces Blue"? 6:11 - Michael reflects on how marketing for financial professionals has changed during the Coronavirus pandemic. 11:26 - Should you try to be everywhere you possibly can from a marketing perspective? 17:37 - Is there a nationwide retirement dilemma facing us today? 27:10 - Michael looks back at an old 60 Minutes segment that painted an inaccurate picture of the financial services industry and what it takes to be prepared for retirement, and the lessons that can be learned from that today. Contact Karl: 800-527-1155
33:41 05/19/2021