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Helping grass farmers learn from grass farmers. Topics include rotational grazing, multi-species grazing and discussion about grazing systems. Each episode features a different guest.


e45. Multiple Species Grass Farm and Internships with Jesse Straight
In this episode of The Grazing Grass Podcast, Cal talks with Jesse Straight of Whiffle Tree farm. We discuss his multiple livestock species and how he got started.  Also, we take a deep dive into the internships that are available on his farm.   
57:56 08/03/2022
e44. Getting Started on Ten Acres with Calahan Maynard
In this episode of The Grazing Grass Podcast, Cal talks with Calahan Maynard! Calahan and his family are new to raising grass finished beef.   They have ten acres and have purchased a few calves.  We discuss getting started, rotational grazing, and other aspects of just starting out. Show notes are available at https://grazinggrass/episodes/44.
80:56 03/23/2022
e43. The EZ Yoke Ranch with John Simmons
In this episode of The Grazing Grass Podcast, Cal talks with John Simmons of EZ Yoke Ranch! EZ Yoke Ranch is regenerative cow-calf operation.  In addition to John's journey and operation, we go on a couple tangents and discuss causal rotational grazing. Show notes at
65:39 03/16/2022
e42. From the City to Multi-Species Grazing with Juan Sanguinetti
In this episode of The Grazing Grass Podcast, Cal talks with Juan Sanguinetti of La Zoila!  We discuss his journey from being raised in the city to multi-species rotational grazing.  He and his wife started with a farm needing a lot of care and are building it into a substanible operation. Also, Juan is our first guest from Argentina.Show notes available at
51:59 03/09/2022
e41. Establishing a Cow-Calf Operation with Lillie Beringer
In this episode of The Grazing Grass Podcast, Cal talks with Lillie Beringer of Beringer Family Farms! We discuss her journey to rotationally grazing for her cow calf operation from establishing pasture to managing her cows and selling beef across the United States.More show notes at
49:58 03/02/2022
e40. Low Input Management with Ohio Land and Cattle
In this episode of The Grazing Grass Podcast, Cal talks with James Coffelt of Ohio Land and Cattle! We discuss low input management of the ranch's Angus cows, as well as, paddlefish and hunting.  Show notes available at
58:21 11/24/2021
e39. The Foggy Bottoms Boys Story
In this episode of The Grazing Grass Podcast, Cal talks with Thomas & Cody Nicholson Stratton of Foggy Bottoms Boys! Another must listen episode! We talk their journey and what they are doing now with a dive into fiber production for the Overgrazing Section.  Full show notes available at
84:55 09/22/2021
e38. The J&L Green Farm Story
In this episode of The Grazing Grass Podcast, Cal talks with Jordan Green of J&L Green Farm. J&L Green Fram raises grass finished beef, pastured poultry and forest raised hogs which is marketed directly to the consumer.  For the overgrazing section, we discuss the FarmBuilder program.  Show notes available at
66:33 09/09/2021
e37. The C&F Farms Story
In this episode of The Grazing Grass Podcast, Cal talks with Jared Frye of C&F Farms. C&F Farms is a third generation farm that has transitioned to a more regenerative approach. We discuss his farm journey and their practices. They have grass fed beef and pastured pigs.Show notes available at
50:16 09/01/2021
e36. Desiree Nelson - Multi-species Grass Farm in Minnesota
In this episode of The Grazing Grass Podcast, Cal talks with Desiree Nelson of Nelson Grass Farm. We discuss her farm journey and the multiple species grown on their farm then take a deep dive for the Overgrazing Section into chicken tractors. More show notes at
47:05 07/28/2021
e35. Becky Szarzynski - Transitioned to Beautiful Red Cows
In this episode of The Grazing Grass Podcast, Cal talks with Becky Szarzynski of Mountain Glen Farm. We discuss the transistor of the family farm to a grass based farm with South Poll cattle.  For the Overgrazing section, we dive deeper in to the South Poll cattle breed.  Show notes available at
46:48 07/14/2021
e34. Chase Jones - Custom Grazing for Financial Sustainability
In this episode of The Grazing Grass Podcast, Cal talks with Chase Jones of Ri-Zan Cattle Company. We discuss how he uses custom grazing on his fifth generation farm to achieve financial sustainability in Southwest Wiscosin. For the Overgrazing section, we dive deeper in to finances. Full show notes available at
54:53 07/07/2021
e33. Alex Bates - Chickens, Turkeys, and Wool Sheep, Oh My
In this episode of The Grazing Grass Podcast, Cal talks with Alex Bates of Chapel Ford Farm. We discuss brooding chicks for others, pastured poultry, pastured turkeys and wool sheep.  For the Overgrazing Section, we discuss how his off-the-farm job makes him a better farmer.  Show notes available at
55:43 06/30/2021
e32. Nick Rodgers - Veteran to First Generation Grass Farmer
Show notes available at
53:41 06/23/2021
e31. Rachel Wagoner - Multigenerational Family Farm in Transition
Show notes available at
61:53 06/16/2021
e30. Matt Sparacio - From Teaching to Farming
Show notes available at
59:40 06/09/2021
e29. the Shepherdess at Harmony Farms - Start as Small as Possible
Show notes available at
40:34 05/12/2021
e28. Leslie Svacina - Meat Goat Production in Wisconsin
Show notes available at
74:24 05/05/2021
e27. Ross Mathison - Craigslist Ad Gone Bad
Show notes available at
55:03 04/28/2021
e26. Travis Ellis - From Wool Sheep to St. Croix Sheep
Show notes available at
48:17 04/21/2021
e25. Ronel Visser - Cow-Share Dairy and Other Livestock in Tennessee
Show notes available at
33:50 04/14/2021
e24. Austin Troyer - Low input Ranching
Show notes available at
49:01 04/07/2021
e23. Loyd Borntrager - Grassfed Dutch Belted Dairy
Listen to this episode to learn more! [01:11] - About Loyd and his operation [03:31] - His backstory [06:11] - “If you want to be an organic farmer, you need to be grass farmer first.” [09:50] - Keeping the cows out longer by doing less tillage [10:25] - Why did he switch to Dutch Belted Cows from Holstein cow  [12:40] - Crossing purebred bull to Holstein cow [14:39] - Milking the cows [16:25] - The problem on milking the cows once a day [18:28] - The amount of milk production he is getting [19:19] - The number of cows he milk [20:15] - Marketing the milk [21:09] - Other dairy products that he sells [23:46] - The kind of parlor he has [25:01] - Feeding the cows when they are in the parlor [26:04] - About sprouted fodder [27:26] - Feeding the cows when the paddocks are growing [29:13] - Moving the cows to new pasture daily [30:16] - Annual rainfall in Yoder  [32:26] - Kind of pasture he has [35:34] - The kind of fencing he has [37:03] - Other livestock he has [39:43] - Marketing the rabbits [42:00] - The breed of chickens he has [43:04] - His favorite grazing grass related book [45:45] - Advice to new farmers Show notes available to
50:34 03/31/2021
e22. Logan Karcher - Raising Healthy Livestock and Building Healthy Soils
Show notes available at
61:04 03/24/2021
e21. Daniel Rose - You Can Farm to a Diversified Ranch
Listen to this episode to learn more! [00:57] - About Daniel and his operation [02:34] - His background [03:36] - How did he get his first livestock and farm [04:53] - Why is he not keeping sheep anymore [06:52] - About his grazing practices [08:52] - What he does when he moves north of the town [11:07] - With what cows he started with [13:57] - Breeding the cows [15:07] - The breed of cattle he has at present [17:27] - The kind of fencing he has [18:58] - Interior fencing and poly wiring [20:37] - The kind of forage he has on the land [25:00] - How does he manage the fescue [27:20] - Grazing the chickens [28:21] - How many chickens is he raising [28:43] - How big are his hoop houses [28:29] - About the chicken trailer [31:15] - Letting the chickens free during the daytime [32:20] - About the electric netting he uses [33:36] - Managing the hogs [37:08] - About his watering system [40:06] - His future goals [42:52] - His favorite grazing grass related book/resource [46:39] - Advice to new farmers Show notes at
50:34 03/17/2021
e20. Josh Ayers - Cattle, Hogs, and Poultry in Southern Ohio
In this episode, a new section called The Overgrazing Section is also added where Cal takes a deep dive into one of the practices of the guests.Listen to learn more![02:50] - The start of Joshua’s business[07:23] - What led him to South Poll cattle[09:46] - The climate in Southern Ohio[11:49] - Stockpiling fescue[12:57] - Angus cow and Cal[14:09] - Trouble with electric fences[15:31] - What fencing does Josh have[17:06] - Joshua’s perimeter for electric fencing[18:52] - How he does watering[20:03] - The grazing land for cattle[21:00] - Siphoning water line [22:39] - Other livestock Joshua has[23:03] - About the business of hogs[25:20] - His pasture poultry business[25:35] - Chicken tractor he uses[26:00] - How did it go with the chicken this year[26:24] - How he does marketing[27:28] - The Overgrazing Section- about his solar fence charger[29:27] - Moving with paddock moves[33:36] - His favorite grazing grass related book[35:00] - Advice for beginning grass farmerShow notes available at
37:29 03/10/2021
e19. Will Harris - Five Species of Livestock for Meat Production
Show notes available at
37:15 03/03/2021
e18. Austin Unruh - Silvopasture for Graziers
Show notes available at
59:51 02/24/2021
e17. Daniel Griffith - Wild Like Flowers
More detailed show notes at
63:18 02/17/2021
e16. Transition of a Multigenerational Farm to Regenerative Agriculture
Show notes available at
39:52 02/03/2021