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Out of My Mind in Costa Rica-Living with CPTSD

Out of My Mind in Costa Rica or OOMMCR for short is an effort to help those who suffer from PTSD and C-PTSD and support the people who love them. OOMMCR is a personal journal of my Hero's Journey mixed with clinical insights and stories of my trials and tribulations as a human being who was raised in an incest family. I'm a retired clinical social worker from California I hope this podcast will persuade you or someone you love to take positive steps towards healing the devastating wounds that resulted in the development of PTSD or C-PTSD.I am new podcasting, so please bear with me as I do my best to improve the quality of my content and the quality of my production. I am a stickler for detail, but I want this podcast to be like visiting an old friend. I want to credit Audionautix for my intro and outro music. It's a tune called Big Blues You can learn more about Audionautix at: said, let the pods begin.


C-PTSD and My Expat LIfe - No Matter Where You Go, There You Are. 29:19 10/04/2021
C-PTSD and Working Through the Blues - Mama Told Me There'd Be Days Like This 28:19 09/17/2021
Episode 33 C-PTSD and Being Stuck in the Mud - Not The First Time, Probably Not The Last 26:23 09/02/2021
C-PTSD and Letting Go - Release and Find Peace 27:27 08/27/2021
Episode 31: C-PTSD and Empathy 25:04 07/29/2021
Episode 30: C-PTSD and Friendships - A Friend in Need is a Friend Indeed 43:18 07/11/2021
Episode 29: C-PTSD and Complicated Grief - Am I Being Redundant? 25:26 06/21/2021
Episode 28: C-PTSD and Recovering from COVID - You seriously do not want to get this virus. 25:25 06/03/2021
Episode 27: C-PTSD and COVID -19 Part II - Buckle Your Seatbelt 29:17 05/25/2021
Episode 26: C-PTSD and COVID-19 I’m Fully Vaccinated-Now What? 25:13 05/13/2021
Episode 25: C-PTSD and Baby Steps - Am I Feeling Better or Is It Prozac? 28:03 05/04/2021
Episode 24: C-PTSD and Anger - The Ugly Underbelly of Complex PTSD 34:32 04/22/2021
Episode 23: C-PTSD and Perseverance 28:04 04/15/2021
Episode 22: What's Going On? - Emotional Overwhelm 03:46 04/08/2021
Episode 21: C-PTSD and More Grief - And The Grief Goes On 24:35 03/25/2021
Episode 20: C-PTSD and Grief - The Unrelenting Shadow of Complex Trauma 28:02 03/18/2021
Episode 19: C-PTSD and Communication - Good Communication Communicates 35:00 03/12/2021
Episode 18: C-PTSD and Cannabis 23:14 03/04/2021
Episode 17: C-PTSD and Co-Dependency - Boundaries and Limits, Limits and Boundaries 27:08 02/25/2021
Episode 16: C-PTSD and Solitude - The Therapeutic Use of Solitude for Survivors of Complex Trauma 29:47 02/20/2021
Episode 15: C-PTSD and Depression - Don't Fight It, Embrace It! 29:09 02/11/2021
Episode 14: C-PTSD and Self-Love - The Care and Feeding of Your Soul 29:27 02/04/2021
Episode 13: C-PTSD and Patience - Staying Grounded, Positive and Hopeful 25:48 01/28/2021
Episode 12: C-PTSD and Moving On - Be Here, Be Now. One Day at a Time 20:19 01/21/2021
Episode 11: C-PTSD and Relationships - Triggers, Attachment Styles and Deep Dives 35:04 01/14/2021
Episode 10: C-PTSD and Meditation - Calm in a Stormy Sea 29:23 01/07/2021
Episode 9: C-PTSD and 2020 - Endings and New Beginnings 28:41 12/31/2020
Episode 8: C-PTSD and Christmas - Hope In a Dark, Dark Year 32:31 12/24/2020
Episode 7: C-PTSD and Shame - A Heavy Load to Bear 29:40 12/17/2020
Episode 6: C-PTSD and Life - Not a Breakdown But a Breakthrough 29:06 12/10/2020