Show cover of Fulbright Forward - A Diversity Podcast

Fulbright Forward - A Diversity Podcast

This podcast features alums of the Fulbright Program who talk about their work and research, about regional and local ramifications of global diversity-related issues, and the impact their Fulbright experience has had on their personal and professional growth. Episodes will also feature advocates and professionals from diverse communities working towards greater inclusion in higher education/educational exchange. Please note: The views expressed in this interview series are entirely those of participants, and do not represent the views of the Fulbright Program, the U.S. Department of State, or any of its partner organizations.


Exploring Jewish Life in Uruguay and the Importance of Stories with Dr. Teresa Porzecanski 42:37 06/06/2022
The Future of Storytelling: New Media Artist, Filmmaker, and Technologist Tamara Shogaolu of Ado Ato Pictures 42:07 12/20/2021
Decolonizing Educational Practices through Culturally Conscious Pedagogy with Professor Candace Moore 43:27 11/23/2021
“I Refuse to Choose:” Exploring Identity, Language Teaching, and the Impact of Whiteness with Meilin Chong 40:20 10/04/2021
Feminism and Women's Rights in the (Post-)Soviet Space - Dalia Leinarte 28:59 08/13/2021
Disrupting the Master Narrative of U.S. English Teaching Abroad with Jonathan Peraza 34:54 06/26/2021
Gender Equality in Higher Education, Science and Research - Sandra Eder, Daniela Jauk, Simone Poetscher 48:29 06/14/2021
Black Lives Matter in the Asia Pacific - Guled Mire 34:24 05/19/2021
Migration to Europe - Hera Jay Brown 29:08 05/17/2021
Theater, Social Justice, and the Power of Storytelling with Abigail Ramsay 47:21 04/26/2021
Roma Communities, Housing, and Education - Chris Curran 29:00 04/13/2021
Social Identities Abroad - Sojourner White 22:33 03/12/2021
Feminism in Brazil and the Intersections of Race and Gender - Sandra Azeredo 34:59 03/01/2021
Racial and Gender Inequality, Tech and Higher Ed - Ronda Železný-Green 26:18 02/11/2021
Feminist Movements in Latin America and the Role of Literature - Dr. Guadalupe Maradei 25:16 02/01/2021
Access to Education in Indonesia - Anggiasari Puji Aryati & Ajeng Herliyanti 51:30 01/15/2021
LGBTQ Rights and Equality - Czeslaw Walek 23:16 01/15/2021
This is Fulbright Forward - Jeremy, Kelli, and Susanne in conversation 38:46 12/18/2020
Disability and Eugenic Discourses - Kenny Fries 24:07 12/10/2020
Race and Representation - Margaret Ohia-Nowak 24:33 11/13/2020
Borders and Borderlands - Astrid M. Fellner 23:33 10/16/2020