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Startup Selling: Talking Sales with Scott Sambucci

Real Advice for Startup Founders and Managers on Customer Development and Creating a Sales Process and Strategy for Enterprise Sales.


Daily Dose: Lead Qualification Strategy – Sales Accelerator #3 16:01 11/24/2020
Ep.109: Pricing, Negotiations & The Transparency Sale: An Interview with Todd Caponi, Part 1 33:18 11/17/2020
Daily Dose: Show Your Authority Voice – Sales Accelerator #2 18:42 11/10/2020
Daily Dose: LinkedIn Live: Funnel Filler Foundations – Sales Accelerator #1 26:27 11/03/2020
Ep. 108: What Every Founder Must Know About Startup Sales 50:39 10/27/2020
Ep.107: Rehumanize Your Business, Accelerate Sales & Improve Customer Experience – An Interview with BombBomb's Chief Evangelist, Ethan Beute 59:13 10/20/2020
Ep.106: Fewer Prospects, More Courage and How Everything in Your Sales Process Matters – An Interview with Andy Paul 75:12 10/13/2020
Daily Dose: LinkedIn Live: When is the Best Time to do Your Prospecting Work? 04:55 10/06/2020
Daily Dose: Where's your garage? A Startup Selling Lesson From the Trail... 14:53 09/29/2020
Ep.105: The Law of Reciprocity, Physical Impressions & Baby Turtles: An Interview with Sendoso's Nick Casale 54:37 09/22/2020
Ep.104: Catapulting Past Complacency to Your Next Big Thing: A Conversation with Anthony Garcia 59:31 09/15/2020
Ep.103: Using Podcasts to Influence, Create Community and Make Money – An interview with Doug Sandler, Part 2 38:22 09/10/2020
Ep.102: How Kindness Wins You Customers – An interview with Doug Sandler, Part 1 39:28 09/08/2020
Daily Dose: Linkedin Live #1: Going from 0 to 1 at Blend 26:42 09/01/2020
Ep.101: Teaching the Next Generation Sales Force: An Interview with LSU's Greg Accardo 58:53 08/25/2020
Ep.100: Thoughtful Selling & CRMs That Actually Work – A Conversation with Salesflare's Jeroen Corthout 51:07 08/18/2020
Ep.99: Transparent Selling, Firmographics & Tommy Boy: A Conversation with Todd Caponi 61:43 08/11/2020
Ep. 98: Shifting Your Field Sales Strategy, Leading Sales Indicators and Honey Badgers – An Interview with Steve Benson 62:07 08/04/2020
Ep. 97: SDR Development and Management – Lessons in Learning & Leading with 6sense's Ernest Owusu 61:57 07/28/2020
Ep. 96: What's in Your Water: From Performer to Data Scientist to Clean Water Expert: An Interview with Doll Avant 54:01 07/21/2020
Ep. 95: Should You Hire a Rep with a Rolodex? – An Interview with Adam Springer 42:47 07/14/2020
Daily Dose: What Should My Startup be Doing Right Now When it Comes to Sales? 08:15 07/07/2020
Ep. 94: Growing Through My Career, Not Just Going Through It – An Interview with Joseph Fung 24:49 06/30/2020
Ep. 93: The Dark Funnel, Selling to In-Market Prospects & Bringing the Kapow – An Interview with 6Sense's Latane Conant 61:51 06/23/2020
Ep. 92: The Uncomfortable Conversation: Sharing My Personal Journey of Awareness, Analysis, Accountability, and Action to Fight Structural Racism, White Supremacy & Anti-Blackness 57:57 06/16/2020
Ep. 91: Sales Enablement: Which, When and How to Use Content in Your Sales Process – A Conversation with Carson Conant 61:49 06/10/2020
Ep. 90: SaaS Growth – Sales vs Self-Serve, Internal Realities & Impact Areas: An interview with Aaron Krall 70:47 06/02/2020
Ep. 89: From Sales Productivity to Cold-Emailing Steve Jobs: An Interview with Jim Benton, CEO at Chorus 55:15 05/27/2020
Ep. 88: Listening for Sales – An Interview with Laura Janusik 59:59 05/19/2020
Ep 87: Running Your Startup's Ultramarathon Right Now: An interview with Jason Everett 47:49 05/12/2020