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Startup Selling: Talking Sales with Scott Sambucci

Real Advice for Startup Founders and Managers on Customer Development and Creating a Sales Process and Strategy for Enterprise Sales.


Ep. 145: When NOT to Hire a Marketing Agency for Your Startup & What to Do Instead: A Conversation with SmartBug Media's CEO, Jen Spencer 49:11 06/28/2022
Ep. 144: Sales Labor Market Supply, Demand & What's Ahead: A Conversation with Todd Caponi 50:44 06/07/2022
Ep. 143: Selling Without Selling Out: A Conversation with Andy Paul 53:23 05/24/2022
Ep. 142: Giant Orange Pylons & Rethinking The Way You Sell – A Conversation with Jeff Bajorek 57:19 05/17/2022
Daily Dose: The 3 Key Parts of Every Product Demo 09:35 05/06/2022
Daily Dose: Feeling a Little Uneasy & Uncertain? It's not just you... 48:12 04/29/2022
Ep. 141: Closing Knowing–Doing Gap – A Conversation with Dan Martell 54:00 04/13/2022
Ep. 140: The Reality of Hiring, Training and Retaining SDRs – An Interview with 6Sense's Ernest Owusu 49:17 03/21/2022
Ep. 139: Focus on the Emails That Matter Most – A Conversation with Gated CEO, Andy Mowat 43:26 03/08/2022
Ep. 138: The Platinum Rule, Rewarding Your Prospects & Using Video to Communicate – An Interview with BombBomb's Chief Evangelist, Ethan Beute 55:03 03/04/2022
Ep. 137: "Does That Make Sense?" Doesn't – A Conversation with Amy Volas 45:55 02/22/2022
Ep. 136: Paint Stores, Credit Unions & Dream Customers: How to Pick Your SaaS’s Niche with Aaron Krall 47:40 02/15/2022
Ep. 135: Lollipops, Heinekens & Hot Tubs – Using Stories & Media to Tell Your Startup’s Story, An Interview with Jess Todtfeld 53:42 02/08/2022
Daily Dose: Remember who you're talking to... 09:34 02/01/2022
Daily Dose: What Most CRMs Reflect as "Stages" in A Company's Sales Process Are Really Just Reasons For Sales Opportunities To Stall Out… 22:57 01/19/2022
Ep. 134: Simple Actions to Increase Your Sales Pull-Through: An Interview with Selling Boldly Author, Alex Goldfayn 48:26 01/04/2022
Ep. 133: From Users to Customers in 3 months & Startup to the Inc 5000 in 3 years: An Interview with Cirrus Insight Co-Founder Brandon Bruce 72:46 12/21/2021
Ep.132: What is Customer Success and Why is it Important?: An interview with John Roberts 40:48 12/14/2021
Ep. 131: The Cardinal Rules of Cold Emailing: An Interview with Damian Thompson 70:40 12/08/2021
Ep.130: Predictable Prospecting: Target, Engage & Optimize Your Sales Funnel, and Why Introverts are the Best Salespeople: An Interview with Marylou Tyler 66:22 11/30/2021
Ep. 129: Converting Free Trials, Soft Contracts & Why Sales Prospects Love Video: An Interview with Showpad’s Louis Jonckheere 50:40 11/24/2021
Daily Dose: Make time for your Self 02:48 11/15/2021
Ep. 128 Working on Your Genius by Outsourcing Company Tasks & Hiring Virtual Assistants An interview with Mia Paulus 72:48 11/11/2021
Daily Dose: How To Keep Control In Your Sales Calls 17:13 11/01/2021
Daily Dose: "Motivation is for suckers." 03:59 10/25/2021
Daily Dose: “Do. Or do not. There is no try.” 05:26 10/18/2021
Daily Dose: Sales, Systems & Self: The Q4 Push & Beyond 12:06 10/12/2021
Daily Dose: Shifting to Priority-Based Selling 30:06 10/07/2021
Ep 127: How to Successfully Tell Stories That Get Customers Excited to Buy: A Conversation with Stephen Steers 67:26 09/27/2021
Ep 126: Tackling Climate Change with Pivots, Step Functions and The Mom Test: A Conversation with Zach Stein 67:34 09/20/2021