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State of State

A WKNC 88.1 campus podcast.


State of State #9: Brentwood Boys and Girls Club
It was a full studio for this edition of State of State on WKNC. M.C.’s first guest was N.C. State junior Christy Booth and kids from the Brentwood Boys and Girls Club. Christy is an art program coordinator for the club. M.C. also chatted with representatives from the Carolina RailHawks, a Cary-based professional soccer organization that works with the Brentwood Boys and Girls Club.
36:37 5/6/09
State of State #8: Finish the Bell Tower
On this edition of State of State M.C. talks with N.C. State graduate student Matt Robbins, chairman of the Traditions Commission, about Finish the Bell Tower, a student-initiated movement to raise money for a 54-bell carillon for the campus’s famous bell tower.
53:02 4/10/09
State of State #7: State of N.C. State address
This special edition of State of State is a rebroadcast of Chancellor James L. Oblinger’s State of State address. Oblinger celebrated a year’s worth of accomplishments by members of the university community, while also calling upon them to continue NC State’s legacy of groundbreaking research, education and service in spite of the challenging economic uncertainties facing those on campus and beyond.
40:15 3/18/09
State of State #6: Hillsborough Street Renaissance
M.C. talks with Jennifer Halweil about the Hillsborough Street Renaissance, an environmentally-friendly effort to revitalize the street that borders N.C. State’s campus. M.C. also spoke with Mor Aframian and Michael Perros about the Redress Raleigh Fashion Show, part of the Renaissance festivities.
47:47 3/10/09
State of State #5: Behind the Veil
M.C. talks with Sara Yasin, creator of Behind the Veil, a social experiment in which non-Muslim women spend a day wearing a Hijab. Behind the Veil takes place Tuesday, February 17th.
29:58 2/17/09
State of State #4: Windhover Open Mic
M.C. talks with Windhover editor-in-chief Joe Wright about N.C. State’s award winning literary magazine. The program also features a recording from the Nov. 22 Windover open mic night. Tune in to hear State of State Mondays from 7-8 p.m. or subscribe to the weekly podcast. Wolfpack Women’s Basketball preempts State of State for the next two weeks, but the program will return with a new episode Feb. 2.
64:12 1/13/09
State of State #3: Bright Young Things
M.C. talks with up-and-coming Raleigh band Bright Young Things. Four of the five members are current or former NCSU students. The program includes an interview with the band and live recording from their Nov. 7 show at The Pour House. Music in this podcast used with permission. Tune in Mondays from 7-8 p.m. or subscribe to the weekly podcast. Bright Young Things will also be playing with Whistlestop at WKNC’s Local Beer Local Band on Nov. 20.
50:40 11/11/08
State of State #2: NCSU Linguistics Program
On the next “State of State,” M.C. talks with Professor Walt Wolfram from the linguistics program at N.C. State. Tune in Mondays from 7-8 p.m. or subscribe to the weekly podcast.
56:29 11/4/08
State of State #1: NCSU Women’s Center
This week on “State of State” we feature the Women’s Center at NCSU. October has been a big month with activities such as Chocolate Fest, Love Your Body Day, and Take Back the Night. This program includes interviews with those involved in Men Against Rape and The Movement.
42:26 10/28/08