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The Goodguys2Greatmen podcast helps "good guys" get what they want from their relationships without being called needy or an asshole.We will teach you how to be a courageous, confident and unapologetic man of action.Learn how to boldly create the life, love and wealth you deserve…with a big grin on your face.


Do Women Want Sex As Much As Men Do? 06:50 07/03/2022
How to Be More Confident With Women - Especially Your Wife 06:10 06/30/2022
How to Get Your Mojo Back - 3 Crucial Mindset Switches 06:32 06/27/2022
When It’s NOT Okay to Just Be Yourself With Women 05:07 06/24/2022
Why Stupid Arguments Will Kill You and Your Relationship 05:01 06/21/2022
How to Jump Start Your Mojo and Start Creating More Connection 03:01 06/18/2022
How to Respond to Your Wife Criticising You as a Powerful, Confident Man 06:30 06/15/2022
How To Be A Naturally Confident Man 03:49 06/12/2022
How to Have Fewer Arguments, Less Drama and More Sex 05:36 06/09/2022
What Do You Do When Your Wife Wants Space?? 07:09 06/06/2022
How to be a Confident, Independent Man...Without Being a Selfish A$$hole 07:06 06/03/2022
The Vulcan Mind Trick to Make Her Want More Sex With You 06:06 05/31/2022
Your Marriage Trouble is Fuel for Your Growth 07:30 05/28/2022
Why Stupid Arguments Will Kill You and Your Relationship 05:01 05/25/2022
When It’s NOT Okay to Just Be Yourself With Women 05:07 05/22/2022
Stalled Marriage To The Ride Of Her Life... 05:34 05/19/2022
I Did This 100 Times and Guess What Happened? 02:00 05/16/2022
The Secret to a Happier & More Sexual Marriage 05:45 05/13/2022
What to Do Instead of Arguing About Toxic Masculinity 04:41 05/10/2022
How to Get Better Male Friends 02:54 05/07/2022
The 17-Minute Cure for Overwhelm and Anxiety 05:55 05/04/2022
My Wife Is Happy Around Everyone Else But Me 08:37 05/01/2022
From Emasculation to Powerful Man 52:08 04/28/2022
Disrespect & Dealing With Emotional Triggers - Live Coaching 19:55 04/25/2022
The Massive Turn Off Women Feel (and we don't even know it) 04:03 04/22/2022
The ONE Masculine Trait You Can’t Live Without 03:52 04/14/2022
How to Get the Happy, Sexual Relationship You Want 05:09 04/11/2022
How Your Attachment Style is Messing Up Your Sex Life 50:42 04/08/2022
How to be Confidently Independent Without Being an Ass 07:50 04/05/2022
Are You a Pandemic Bear or Mountain Lion? 04:01 04/02/2022