Show cover of Impactful Wisdom - Helpful Strategies For A Successful Dental Career

Impactful Wisdom - Helpful Strategies For A Successful Dental Career

An entertaining professional development podcast for dental students. As future dentists and hygienists, you receive excellent education and training at dental school...but what happens after you graduate? How do you prepare now for your future dental career? Heartland Dental is the leading dental support organization in the dental industry. We support you in every step of your career. As part of that mission, we created this podcast. Topics include all aspects of professional development, leadership, and entrepreneurship as well as the practical skills needed to start and run a successful dental practice. Every other week, we feature engaging conversations with dentists, hygienists, and leaders in the dental industry.


Ange Tchouaga | Taking Lessons From Launch Into The New Year 40:59 01/18/2022
Celebrating 2021 | We're Joined By A Special Guest 38:46 12/21/2021
Diversity in Dentistry: Saluting our Doctors Serving in the US Military | Dr. Michael Morehead 51:54 12/07/2021
More From LAUNCH 2021 | Conversations with YOU, our Dental Students 13:43 11/23/2021
All About LAUNCH 2021 | Onsite Conversations With YOU, Our Dental Students 17:00 11/10/2021
Building a Hygiene Program During a Pandemic | Tammy Fisher 39:02 10/26/2021
Oral Health in the Hispanic Community | Eduardo Garcia and Kenneth Morales 54:09 10/12/2021
Hispanic Heritage Month | Dr. Manuel Cordero, CEO of Hispanic Dental Association 54:00 09/28/2021
The Role of Hygiene Mentor | Jill Ulrici, RDH 39:17 09/14/2021
It's Okay to Talk About This | The Importance of Mental Wellness 50:03 08/31/2021
Kickstart Your Career With LAUNCH: A Student Leadership Summit 31:43 08/17/2021
Early Career Mindset | What Can You Be Doing Now to Ensure Future Success? 42:42 08/03/2021
Podcast Throwback | Guests Answer Student Questions 31:56 07/20/2021
Dr. Thibodeaux & Mary Jo | Technology in Dentistry 47:01 07/06/2021
Your Dental Career Path and Trajectory 45:03 06/22/2021
Preparing For The Unexpected - Insuring Your Future 39:23 06/08/2021
How To Take Your Networking Game To The Next Level 44:37 05/25/2021
Career Opportunities as a Dental Hygiene Professional 37:02 05/11/2021
Communicating To Succeed | Dr. William Bloink 48:07 04/27/2021
International Dental Student Success 32:15 04/13/2021
Diversity in Dentistry 38:43 03/30/2021
Achieving Balance | Upping Your Time Management Game with Charles Buchanan 30:50 03/16/2021
The Future of Mentorship 43:54 03/02/2021
Women in Dentistry - Beyond 9 to 5 38:17 02/16/2021
Caitlin Stephens | Dispelling the Myths of a Dental Support Organization 40:47 02/02/2021
Brian Walsh | Preparing For Your Financial Future in Dentistry 35:38 01/19/2021
Dr. Kanesha Cole | Leading in the Classroom and in the Dental Office 34:53 01/05/2021
Dr. Moh (The Sing-o-Dontist) | How To Properly Set Goals 47:21 12/22/2020
Julie Thomas | The Hygienist...the Other Practitioner in the Office 32:58 12/08/2020
Dr. Jacob Berger | Continuing Education and Networking 55:08 11/24/2020