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"We say it all", This podcast does not stick to one topic. We talk about anything and everything, from gaming to real life stories. Stay tuned for new episodes of the Moose and Fur Podcast. We try to add a new episode every Tuesday and Thursday. We will be giving away REAL prizes to our followers. So don't wait, follow us on our social media pages for your chance to win. Listen to all of our episodes from one of the players below!


Moose and Fur - Episode #18 (Is That Weird?)
All of us talk about weird things we do and weird things in life. There is never a dull moment when it comes to the 3 of us. Check it out.
47:32 01/23/2021
Moose and Fur - Episode #17 (Welcome Johnny)
This episode is a welcome to Johnny who joined us as a 3rd host on the podcast. Don't mind the sound quality of his mic. We are working on getting everything working properly. Hope you enjoy!
47:19 01/15/2021
Moose and Fur - Episode #16 (Guess What)
Moose and fur try not to say the word "WHAT" in this episode. We never thought it would be so hard to do a podcast and not say WHAT. We play a couple games and make an announcement in this episode. To find out more, give it a listen.
58:22 01/09/2021
Moose and Fur - Episode #15 (Easy Living?)
Easy Living? We talk about ways to minimize your life. If your feeling unhappy, maybe this episode can help you out with life's daily struggles of too much crap. This is something we are working on in our lives right now. Hope you enjoy it!
48:45 01/06/2021
Moose and Fur - Episode #14 (Bye Bye 2020)
We talk about 2020 and and what our new years resolutions are. Katie and Jason join us to play (Yes or No and Why). Hilarious. Check it out!
57:50 01/01/2021
Moose and Fur - Episode #13 (Night Before Christmas)
Tis the night before Christmas and we are killing some time talking to you while we wait for Santa to come and bring us all of his gifts. We have some fun with guests over the phone, talking about random nonsense and asking some more weird questions. listen to the episode to hear it all!
68:57 12/25/2020
Moose and Fur - Episode #12 (Gift of Life)
Winner Winner, Chicken Dinner! This episode has a couple guests via phone call. We talk about near death experiences we have had in our lives. We mention our favorite animals (Hint, Hint). You will have to listen to the episode to find out if you won the $200.00 prize! There are also other prizes that we gave away in this episode. Find out if your a WINNER!
77:54 12/22/2020
Moose and Fur - Episode #11 (Love & Music)
We talked about our love of music.  We look back at the old and new style of music and how its changed drastically over the years. Fur called her lovely cousin Johnny to sing him his favorite song. Fur sings a few songs and at the end of the episode and plays one of our new hits we are working on. Don't forget to subscribe to to win the $200 prize!   
67:15 12/14/2020
Moose and Fur - Episode #10 (Days of the Past) with guest (Bill Conway) from The Hard Times
Moose and Fur talk with "Bill Conway" Co-founder of The Hard Times and The Hard Times Podcast. We talk about past life experiences, we ask Bill some random ass questions and we have some fun. Listen to the full episode to find out all the details. 
67:48 12/09/2020
Moose and Fur - Episode #9 (Listen Up)
We attempt to do ASMR on this podcast. First time trying it, check it out to see how we did!
44:25 12/07/2020
Moose and Fur - Episode #8 (Renovation Nightmare) with guest Wade Daus
We talk about out home renovation nightmares and we have a special guest Wade Daus (Furs Brother). We play Yes or No and why with Wade. Lots of fun on this episode. Listen to the whole episode!
76:03 12/03/2020
Moose and Fur - Episode #7 (Gift of Giving)
Moose and Fur give away a $100.00 gift card to 1 lucky winner! We also talk about thanksgiving and play some games.
60:46 11/25/2020
Moose and Fur - Episode #6 (Quickie)
This episode gives you updates about us. We thank you all for listening!
46:31 11/22/2020
Moose and Fur - Episode #5 (I Wish I Didn't Know)
Moose and Fur play a game called I Wish I Didn't Know! Its a true fact game with a raunchy twist! You will have to listen to the episode to hear these outrageous facts!
69:04 11/19/2020
Moose and Fur - Episode #4 (Who Are We)
In this episode we tell you who Moose and Fur are. We have not told you who we are yet, so here it is!
56:28 11/13/2020
Moose and Fur - Episode #3 (Life of Sh*t)
Moose and Fur talk about pooping stories they have had in the past! We gave details on how to win our first Prize Giveaway! Moose and Fur played a new game called YES or NO and WHY. To hear all about our game,  give it a listen!
37:20 11/12/2020
Moose and Fur - Episode #1 (Camping) with guest Katie Richards
Moose and Fur talk about some camping trips we have been on. We also welcome Katie Richards to the podcast by phone to help talk about some of the camping experiences we have had together. 
58:22 11/06/2020
Moose and Fur - Episode #2 (Dating)
Moose and Fur talk about dating! We go back in time to try and remember what its like to go on dates before kids. We also try and answer some questions about each other.
53:37 11/06/2020