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The IVF This Podcast offers practical and empowering strategies for individuals on a journey of infertility and fertility treatments who believe in the possibility of loving life despite the journey they are on. If you want more than traditional therapy, support groups can offer, if you’re stuck in an emotional pattern and feel like you can’t get free, if you want help navigating the unique challenges of infertility and fertility treatments, with support that is uplifting and honest, this is the podcast for you.


Time Scarcity
Do you ever tell yourself “this is taking too long?” This is a common thought based in time scarcity.  Today I will be talking about time scarcity: what it is, how it impacts us, the main feeling that thought creates, and how you can begin to unravel your time scarcity. 
22:03 09/26/2022
Planning for Failure
Join me today as I break down the importance of planning for possible failure and learning how to take care of yourself. 
20:22 09/19/2022
IVF and Acupuncture with Michelle Kapler
Join me today as I talk with my friend, fellow coach, and acupuncturist Michelle Kapler. 
36:44 09/12/2022
Ask Better Questions
Do you ever get caught in a cycle of asking yourself unanswerable questions, and your brain keeps spinning? Join me this week as I explain how asking dead-end questions is affecting your brain and show you how to ask questions that stimulate your brain to find answers that will help break that spin cycle and help you to feel more empowered.
13:34 09/05/2022
The Power of Yet
Have you ever heard the term “growth mindset”? Join me today as I explain how cultivating this mindset can ease the suffering you experience during IVF and infertility.
16:21 08/29/2022
The What If Game
Does your brain play a game where it offers up a bunch of terrifying and horrible “what if’s?” Mine does too! Today I explain what the “what if” game is and two techniques to help you stop the spiral when your brain starts playing this game. 
21:18 08/22/2022
Why we suck at Infertility
  There are so many ways that we make the infertility journey harder on ourselves than necessary. So, join me this week as I share the top five reasons why we suck at infertility, and how understanding these things can help ease the suffering we experience.
18:15 08/15/2022
Anticipatory Stress
Do you experience stress over things that haven’t happened , yet? Then today’s episode is for you.  Join me as I explain what anticipatory stress is and a four-step process for managing your brain. 
17:34 08/08/2022
EFT & Tapping w/ Sarah Holland
Today I am joined by Sarah Holland of The Fertile Mindset. Sarah is an Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) practitioner and shares her experiences with this modality as well as its many uses. 
45:56 08/01/2022
Everyone has a manual for how we want the people in our lives to behave.    Join me this week as I break down what a manual is, why it can wreak havoc for us, and how understanding this concept can improve every single relationship in your life. 
22:58 07/25/2022
The Power of Permission
Have you ever wanted to do something and felt a gnawing of anxiety or fear because you’re afraid to make the wrong decision? Join me today as I explain how giving yourself permission for things can help you take control of your life and experience whatever you choose.
20:33 07/18/2022
The Four N's
Do you constantly feel like you’re fighting your thoughts? What if there was a different way to experience your thoughts without waging a full blown war in your brain?   Join me today as I explain a process of making peace with the thoughts you don’t want, but that will come to you anyway. 
21:52 07/11/2022
The Burden of Knowledge
Do you ever wish you could go back to feeling the hope and excitement you had when you first started TTC? Join me today as I break down why that might be an unrealistic expectation and how the burden of knowledge comes into play. 
18:41 07/04/2022
Weaponized Gratitude
Do you ever tell yourself that you should feel more grateful? Join me today as I break down what gratitude is, how we weaponize it against ourselves, and how to actually cultivate genuine gratitude. 
16:02 06/27/2022
Reactivity vs Resilience
Do you constantly feel like you’re on an emotional rollercoaster and can only hold on for dear life? That’s emotional reactivity.   Join me today as I explain what emotional activity is, how it negatively impacts all areas of your life, and how you can develop emotional resilience.
23:09 06/20/2022
Grief Real Talk- Lessons from Megan Devine
Join me today as I share some brilliant takeaways from the book It’s Ok That You’re Not Ok by Megan Devine.  I believe this book to be a radical new way to view, describe, and experience grief and I am so excited to share it with you all. 
29:14 06/13/2022
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23:47 05/23/2022
Maternity Leave
Hello friends,    I will be taking a few weeks off as I just had my baby and I need to be present for that. I am thinkning of each and every one of you. Feel free to go back and revisit and old episode. 
00:45 04/25/2022
National Infertility Awareness Week with Resolve's Ryan
Join me today as I interview the co-chair for RESOLVE’S National Advocacy Day, Ryan Ferrante.  Ryan shares with us his own personal infertility journey, what brought him RESOLVE, and we discuss the importance of advocacy.   If you are interested in volunteering for National Advocacy Day you can register here:
41:50 04/18/2022
Mental Flexibility
Join me this week as I talk about mental flexibility, which is an invaluable tool to learn and utilize within the context of thought work.  I talk about the irony of resisting what challenges us and how accepting multiple, possibly conflicting ideas, can actually lead to greater self-compassion. 
23:18 04/11/2022
The Think Feel Do Cycle
Have you ever wondered why you do the things you do and why sometimes you don’t do the things you want to do?   I have the insight in today’s episode.  I am going to teach you about the think, feel, do, cycle and how understanding it can change your life. 
23:52 04/04/2022
IVF'ers like us with Jackie
Join me today as I talk with one of my former clients, Jackie. She shares her journey so far, and how she continues to process and carry her grief associated with her journey as well as a TFMR. 
36:24 03/28/2022
How to know if coaching is for you?
Have you ever wondered if you were ready for coaching? Or if coaching was even right for you? Join me today as I clear up some questions that a lot of people have around coaching. 
15:14 03/22/2022
The Closure Myth
Have you ever said, “If I could just understand why this is happening, I would feel better?” I think most of us have. Today I break down the idea of closure, why it’s a myth, and how we can approach the uncertainty we experience. 
21:33 03/14/2022
Two theories and a parable
Have you ever felt like it takes more effort for you to do things than other people? Have you ever felt like you have a harder time getting through some days more than others? Well, today, I’m sharing two theories that I think will help put those struggles in context. I’m also sharing a parable that I find helpful.
20:16 03/07/2022
Feeling Good Enough
Join me today as I break down why we often don’t feel good enough, why we don’t need to actually solve for that feeling, and offer you some options on how to counter the thought if you choose.
22:37 02/28/2022
Boundary Setting
Today we are talking about boundaries. Join me as I break down some common boundary setting misconceptions and offer a few examples on howe to effectively set boundaries. 
21:52 02/21/2022
It's different for our partners
Join me today for a quick relationship reset for when you’re feeling isolated or unsupported by your partner.
07:55 02/14/2022
Every person in this life experiences regret.    Join me this week as I explain how regret is a giant lie that your brain wants you to believe.  We often get caught in the toxic trap of regret, so easily. As I break down the different lies, we also break down how to break that toxic regret cycle. 
18:40 02/07/2022
The Unfair Fantasy
Have you ever told yourself that things would be better if you weren’t on an infertility/ IVF journey?    This is something that so many of us tell ourselves.   Join me today as I talk about how this is an unfair fantasy and how it might not serve you to hold onto this belief.
12:28 01/31/2022