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Dieting has led many people to be frustrated and feel shame about eating and their bodies. Shame Free Eating empowers people to develop a positive relationship with food while building skills to be healthy and happy in all body sizes. In a relaxed and comfortable atmosphere registered dietitian and author Julie Satterfeal speaks with guests about their struggles with eating, dieting, and their bodies. Grab a cup of coffee and a snack and come be a part of this community that is healing, learning, and moving forward together without diets. Go to for more information.


COVID's Wrath on My Taste 13:02 06/30/2022
Priorities: The Hard Truth (rerun) 17:26 06/14/2022
The Pleasure Factor of Food 20:47 06/07/2022
Food for the Grieving 08:00 05/31/2022
Dear Eggplant, You're Gross 19:54 05/24/2022
College Athletes, Intuitive Eating, and Thriving in a Diet Culture with Dietitian Christine Clark 31:58 05/17/2022
Stories: How Comments on Weight Loss Can Land 15:28 05/10/2022
Diet Shame 08:51 05/03/2022
But I Do Have to Lose Weight 19:26 04/26/2022
The Holy Grail of Motivation with Psychologist Dr. Shawn Hondorp 39:56 04/19/2022
How Can You Be Kind to Your Body Today? 15:08 04/12/2022
What Determines Your Health? 22:50 04/05/2022
Intuition or Lived Experience? A Blurred Line 20:04 03/29/2022
Becoming a Personal Trainer and Nutritionist with Shayla 26:46 03/22/2022
Why the Freshman 15 Should be Celebrated! 22:46 03/15/2022
Everything Sucks...It's My Weight 20:40 03/08/2022
Lent is the New Diet? 16:22 03/03/2022
New Beginnings with Kathy Sieja (My Mom!) 25:30 03/01/2022
From Her Dad's Heart Attack to Healing with Lorilee Rager 36:46 02/22/2022
Calories are Nourishment - Period 14:45 02/15/2022
When Friends Share Their Diets on Social Media 30:30 02/08/2022
Wondering Why You Rarely Crave the Salad? 14:49 02/01/2022
When Life Feels Hard - Self-Care 14:35 01/25/2022
Cringe Worthy Comments with Courtney 32:13 01/18/2022
Where Would I Be if I Never Dieted? 15:09 01/11/2022
This Year This Is You 14:49 01/04/2022
Take the Ditch The Diet Pledge 10:53 12/28/2021
Kids Telling it Straight About Food 28:08 12/21/2021
Healing from Diet-Culture with Marie-Pier Pitre-D'lorio 29:28 12/14/2021
Diet Patterns vs. Dieting: Good For Your Health? 20:29 12/07/2021