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This podcast features intimate conversations with engineers who are in the forefront of building or teaching technology. Join us as we learn how our guests got started in tech, the type and level of education they've obtained, their work history, and personal stories about their journey. We publish the show on Apple, Spotify, YouTube, and the Web biweekly on Wednesdays at 12pm US Eastern Time. Subscribe and STAY TUNED!


Open Source, Internet Security, and Nature with Matt Holt 75:37 11/24/2021
Work Ethic, Entrepreneurship, and Engineering with Kelsey Hightower 127:08 11/10/2021
Music, Mentorship, and Programming with Mark Bates 80:18 10/28/2021
Facing Fears, Growth Mindset, and Kubernetes with Gergely Brautigam 80:10 10/14/2021
Telnet Games, Baghdad, and Silicon Valley with Sarah Murphy 85:10 09/29/2021
Don’t Walk, Sprint! with Miriah Peterson 63:29 09/15/2021
Part 2: Persistence, Goals, and a Growth Mindset with Steve Hoffman 93:48 09/01/2021
Part 1: Persistence, Goals, and a Growth Mindset with Steve Hoffman 78:57 08/18/2021
Computer Science by Accident with Ronna Steinberg 68:43 08/05/2021
Foreign Languages, Pharmaceuticals, and Pascal with Renee Richards 54:36 07/21/2021
Building Confidence in Your Skills with Ukiah Smith 67:00 07/08/2021
Sharing Knowledge to Level Up Society with Nic Jackson 73:01 06/24/2021
Using Your Powers for Good with John Reese 60:56 06/09/2021
Coffee, Code, and Career Transitions with Jessica Greene 62:01 05/26/2021
Finding Your Superpower with Kris Nóva 56:30 05/12/2021
Finding the Balance Between Art and Technology with Anthony Starks 61:14 04/28/2021
Identifying Trends and Adapting to Change with Michael Gasch 71:52 04/14/2021
Tenacity, Independence and Problem Solving with Vanesa Ortiz 73:34 03/31/2021
From Idea to Execution with Mat Ryer 95:23 03/17/2021
Do What You Love and Figure the Rest Out Later with Kris Brandow 54:34 03/03/2021
Piano Mastery to Cloud Computing with Guinevere Saenger 57:40 02/17/2021
Always Be Working Towards Your Goals with Bryan Liles 60:16 02/03/2021
A Champion of Chaos and Inclusion with Ana Margarita Medina 59:13 01/20/2021
Assembly Code, Semiconductors, & the Blockchain with Dave Appleton 43:37 01/06/2021
If You Know the Spell You Can Have Whatever You Want with John Arundel 47:45 12/23/2020
From Automating Solitaire to Automated Machine Images with Wilken Rivera 49:44 12/09/2020
Code Projects as Work Experience, Traditional Education, and Community with Carlisia Thompson 54:12 11/25/2020
Fighting Viruses and Caring for Others with Andy Walker 50:31 11/09/2020