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Meet Frank X. Gallagher, the legendary live sound engineer, and host of Soundman Confidential in conversation with some of the biggest names in the music world and beyond. Check out to see the show's stellar Guest List. Plug In!


Melissa Etheridge
Join host, Frank Gallagher and Melissa Etheridge, in a great chat across the spectrum of music and life. Plug in! Please support the show at soundmanconfidential.comSupport the show
46:07 3/29/24
Bruce Findlay - Former Manager of Simple Minds
Bruce Findlay has played an important part in Scottish pop music history. Check in for an episode that travels the early path of Simple Minds on their way to global success, managed by Bruce Findlay.  Support the show
50:20 3/12/24
Galen and Paul
Galen Ayers and Paul Simonon have a new album out, Can We Do Tomorrow Another Day ? It's an album you'll have on repeat,  a dynamic blend of duets and melody. Galen Ayers is a multi-instrumentalist singer-songwriter. Her life has been steeped in music. As a child, she would tour with her father, Kevin Ayers, a founder of the influential Sixties band, Soft Machine. Paul Simonon is an artist based in London. He is a founding member of The Clash.Support  the show at Sign up for news about upcoming guests and Frank's upcoming book about his fifty-plus years on the road with some of the world' s top bands. Support the show
35:31 6/30/23
Fred Armisen
Fred Armisen is my guest. Actor, comedian and drummer. Plug in!Support the show
41:39 12/16/22
Lenny Kaye ~ guitarist with Patti Smith Group; author; composer.
Lenny Kaye is best known as the guitarist for the Patti Smith Group. He is the author of Lightning Striking: Ten Transformative Moments in Rock and Roll. Plug In. Support the show
41:28 9/17/22
Larry Kirwan
Black 47's, Larry Kirwan is on the show this week. Songwriter, playwright, novelist and storyteller - tune in. It's a smashing chat. Support the show
62:21 6/21/22
Jeff "Skunk" Baxter
Steely Dan and The Doobie Brothers, Jeff "Skunk" Baxter, on this month's show. Plug in!Support the show
70:48 4/28/22
Clem Burke - Blondie
Soundman Confidential is back with a bang!This week's guest is Clem Burke, best-known as the drummer from Blondie. You'll want to hear this one.Tune in. Check out past shows on soundmanconfidential.comSupport the show. Thank you. Support the show
53:10 2/8/22
Ian Rankin ~ author
Ian Rankin is the best-selling crime fiction author of the Rebus series. He's also a massive music lover. Plug in for our chat. It's a belter. Support the show and subscribe. We can't do it without you. Thank you. Support the show
58:11 10/27/21
Suzi Quatro
The fabulous Suzi Quatro on the show this week. Check it!Support the show
32:14 10/13/21
Chris Difford of Squeeze
Cool for Cats! Plug in for my chat with Chris Difford of Squeeze. Support the show at you.Support the show
40:13 9/29/21
Hugo Burnham - Gang of Four
Hugo Burnham drummed the beat in Gang of Four, a band with influence. Tune in for our chat. And please  help us keep the sound on by making a donation. We can't do it without your support. Loud cheers to those who have donated. Thank you!soundmanconfidential.comSupport the show
51:53 9/15/21
Dr. John Cooper Clarke
John Cooper Clarke is the Bard of Salford, the pioneer punk-poet putting the pun in punktuation. Tune in. It's a belter. If you like what you hear, please support the show at a million. And subscribe on the podcast channels.Support the show
55:26 8/25/21
Gina Schock ~ The Go-Go's
Gina Schock is the drummer of The Go-Go's. Take a listen. It's a smashing chat.And check out Gina's upcoming book, Made in Hollywood, for all things Go-Go's. If you like what you hear, please consider supporting the show at Subscribe where you get your podcasts.Next up is Dr. John Cooper Clarke, the  Bard of Salford, England's legendary punk-poet . Catch you next time ~ Frank X.Support the show
47:52 8/10/21
Ed Stasium - Record Producer and Audio Engineer
Ed Stasium has worked with with Talking Heads, Ramones, Living Colour, and Mick Jagger amongst others. Plug In!Support the show
47:01 7/28/21
Tom Bailey - Thompson Twins
Tom Bailey is lead vocalist for Thompson Twins. All you New Wavers out there! Tune in for our chat. for the latest. Support the show
51:54 7/14/21
Charlie Burchill - Simple Minds
Charlie Burchill is the guitarist with Simple Minds. I toured with the band in the eighties. Great times and memories. Plug in for my chat with Charlie. It's a belter. Support the show
56:05 6/23/21
Fred Schneider - The B-52's
Fred Schneider is a founding member of The B-52's. I've known Fred for a stack of years, and it's always a blast mixing the B's when he brings his unique performance to the stage. Tune in for my chat with the one and only, Fred Schneider. Surprise!   Support the show
47:50 6/16/21
Adrian Belew
Adrian Belew played with Zappa, Bowie, Talking Heads, King Crimson et al. I had the pleasure of working with Adrian when Talking Heads expanded from the original four-piece to the big band. He told me to let him soar over the crowd. I obliged. Tune in for our fabulous chat. It's a cracking episode with stories from Adrian's life and his time with Bowie, Zappa and Talking Heads.  Support the show at soundmanconfidential.comSign up for news. Thank you.Frank X. Support the show
69:13 6/8/21
Andrew Fearn - Sleaford Mods
Andrew Fearn is one half of Sleaford Mods (with Jason Williamson), and the man behind the band's beats and compositions. No other band in recent years have stirred such intensity as Sleaford Mods. When I hear them, I'm taken back to the time when punk exploded in the seventies. The DIY vibe and their energy amazes. Check them out.  And listen to Andrew's work here.  Support the show at Thank you. Support the show
43:15 5/16/21
Davey Johnstone ~ guitarist, vocalist and longtime collaborator with Elton John.
Guitarist and vocalist, Davey Johnstone, is best known for playing and touring  with Elton John since the early 1970's. Plug in for my wide ranging chat with Davey, covering his life in music, and the challenges those of us in the touring business face after spending years on the road. I rely on your support to keep the show going. It has been an amazing ride so far. To keep it going, I need your help. Please consider supporting the show. You can do so at the website.www.soundmanconfidential.comSupport the show
66:29 4/24/21
Steve Lillywhite - Producer
Steve Lillywhite is a legendary record producer. He has worked with U2, The Rolling Stones, The Pogues, Peter Gabriel, Siouxsie and the Banshees, XTC, Psychedelic Furs, Joan Armatrading, The Killers, Morrissey, Dave Matthews Band...the list goes on. Plug in! Support the show
55:41 4/7/21
Billy Sloan - Broadcaster and Journalist
Billy Sloan  has been at the center of Scottish music journalism and broadcasting for four decades. Tune in for an amazing show with Billy recounting stories of his  years covering music. You can catch Billy's radio show on BBC Radio Scotland. Tune in.Support the show
56:59 3/25/21
Andy McCluskey ~ Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark
In the 1980's, OMD drove their electronica sound straight into the charts and the clubs. Classics like Electricity and Enola Gay remain on the goto playlists for legions of fans. The band was founded by Andy McCluskey and Paul Humphreys in Liverpool, England, in 1978. I had the pleasure of touring with OMD in 2019, on my last tour mixing The B-52's. Plug in for my blether with Andy McCluskey. Support the show
41:34 3/11/21
Richard Butler - The Psychedelic Furs
Listen to The Psychedelic Furs and you'll be hooked.  The band is fronted by  the voice of Richard Butler, one of a kind. Tracks like Pretty in Pink, Sister Europe and Love My Way were at the heart of the post-punk/New Wave sound. Check out their latest album, Made of Rain, released last year. I first met the band  when they opened for Talking Heads. At the time,  I was the live sound engineer with Talking Heads. It's great to have Richard Butler as my guest today. Plug in! Support the show
51:17 3/4/21
Vernon Reid - Living Colour
I got to know the amazing talent of Vernon Reid of Living Colour fame through booking him for shows at Irving Plaza in New York City back in the day. We've been good pals ever since. Tune in for the hour for our chat. www.soundmanconfidential.comSupport the show
57:53 2/24/21
Richard Jobson ~ The Skids and The Armoury Show
Richard Jobson was a teenager when he fronted The Skids, one of the most influential punk bands to come out of the UK scene in the 1970's. With Stuart Adamson on guitar, (later of Big Country fame), The Skids produced memorable punk anthems like Into the Valley, The Saints Are Coming, and Working For The Yankee Dollar. The Skids albums Scared to Dance and the brilliant Days in Europa stood out as lyrical and musical beacons of the punk/post-punk era. Post Skids, Jobson fronted The Armoury Show, named after the famous 1913 art show in New York that introduced America to the European avant-garde. The Armoury Show featured John McGeogh on guitar, perhaps the most creative guitarist to come out of the punk/post-punk scene, having played in Siouxsie and the Banshees, and the influential, Magazine.  Richard Jobson is a writer, television host, filmmaker and actor. He can be seen playing the father of Alan McGee of Creation Records fame in the upcoming biopic, Creation Stories, about McGee's life. The film is set for release in the UK in March 2021, and is written by Irvine Welsh of Trainspotting fame, and Dean Cavanagh, starring Ewen Bremner as Alan McGee.Support the show
45:48 2/10/21
Luke "Skyscraper" James ~ Fashion
Luke "Skyscraper" James fronted the band, Fashion, in the post-punk, late-seventies. Tune them as a hybrid of punk/primal-techno/and reggae sounds, often in the same track. Coming out of the Birmingham scene that produced bands like Duran Duran and a bunch of others, Fashion were signed to open for The Police on US and UK tours, playing with a host of other acts like Squeeze, The B-52's and Joy Division. After Fashion, Luke went into the long journey of being a musician without a deal, and finally settled in California where he lives today. He has written a memoir, Stairway To Nowhere, a tale of rock and roll madness, and the pursuit of fame. Currently, he plays in five-on line bands.  Support the show
43:01 2/8/21
The Clockworks - Sean Connelly and James McGregor
The Clockworks' James McGregor sent Creation 23 Label Head, Alan McGee, a message on Instagram, 'Come and check out my band playing live.' McGee went. McGee watched. McGee signed them. The energy in The Clockworks sound buzzes straight at you. You want to jump and dance around. And the lyrics hit the mark, bang on! From Galway in Ireland, and now based in London, The Clockworks are the type of band I love to mix. They are going to be big. Plug in for my chat with Sean Connelly, lead guitarist, and James McGregor, lead singer and guitarist. And stick around to the end of the show to hear their cracking track, Enough Is Never Enough. Check out Upcoming guests include Richard Jobson from The Skids; Luke Skycraper James from Fashion; Jane Wiedlin of The Go-Go's; Vernon Reid from Living Colour and Richard Butler of The Psychedelic Furs. Support the show
42:20 2/2/21
Alan McGee - Creation Records
Alan McGee is from Glasgow. He moved to London in 1980 and got stuck in. Creation Records was born. The label produced a generation of defining acts like Jesus and Mary Chain, Primal Scream,  and Oasis, amongst a host of other great bands.  Alan McGee knows a good tune when he hears it. Many of his signings came from live shows. He's still signing great bands. Check out my interview next week with The Clockworks on his Creation 23 label. Plug in to my proper blether with Alan McGee on Soundman Confidential.#podcasts #musicpodcasts #interviews #livemusic #alanmcgee #creationstories Support the show
37:47 1/27/21