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IOSH's podcast series features exclusive interviews with industry experts, behind the scenes discussions with IOSH members, and conversations with future leaders of the health and safety profession.


World Congress: Rita Zhang on building safer futures
Construction remains one of the industries with the highest risks for worker health and safety. In discussion with Rita Zhang, Associate Professor at the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology, we unpack the broad issues in the industry, safeguarding for young and future construction workers, and approaches to international benchmarking.Trigger warning: this episode includes discussion of suicide.
27:57 4/11/24
World Congress: Emily McGuill on returning to work with a psychological injury
iCare's Emily McGuill, provides an understanding of the basic challenges faced by all parties when an individual is returning to work after injury, the nuances for individuals dealing with psychological injury, and the practical steps that need to be made to get the best for all involved. 
18:41 3/21/24
World Congress: Yogindra Samant on the future state of occupational health, now
Occupational health is a matter as much controlled by businesses themselves as it is by the geopolitical, social, economic, and cultural influences around them. In discussion with Dr Yogindra Samant, chief medical officer at the Norwegian Labour Inspection Authority, we look at how the world of work is changing through the lens of working groups like migrants, and modes of change such as digitalisation.
36:35 3/21/24
World Congress: Martyn Hill on safety in the Australian outback
Martyn Hill, Founder of Outback Safety, unpacks the challenges of policy for high-risk work that fits outside the norm, digs into some stories that show off his unique Australian workplace experience, and explains how his learnings can be applied in a global setting.  
24:50 3/21/24
World Congress: Chia-Chia Chang on evidence-based wellbeing
Chia-Chia sat down with podcast host Kellie Williams to discuss how to define wellbeing from an evidence-based approach and where are we are seeing movement to create effective behaviour change.
35:54 3/14/24
World Congress: Marcelo Abi-Ramia Caetano on making social security available to all
The state of Social Security globally is troubled; only 50% of the global population has access to some form of social security. ISSA is dedicated to improving this statistic with a goal to make social security for all a reality. In discussion with Marcelo Abi-Ramia Caetano, Secretary General, International Social Security Association, we dig into the challenges of policy and legislation for worker rights, explore ISSA’s approaches to their goal, and delve into the importance of major events like the World Congress.
30:28 3/14/24
World Congress: Thuthula Balfour on women, mining and leadership
Thuthula Balfour, head of health at the Minerals Council South Africa, provides some nuggets on how South Africa’s mining industry has achieved a dramatic drop in occupational diseases – and what more can be done.
27:00 3/1/24
Future Leaders: Navigating difficult situations
IOSH Future LeadersNishma Mistry, Charles Fidler and Tor Bennett-Williams
51:19 2/28/24
World Congress: Siong Hin Ho on OSH reform in Singapore
During this conversation with the Ministry of Manpower's Siong Hin Ho, we dig into the ways in which Singapore has changed its approaches to worker health and safety, and tease out how it can be applied in other contexts.    
33:13 2/26/24
World Congress: Ockert Dupper on Vision Zero
In conversation with Ockert Dupper, global programme manager of the International Labour Organisation's (ILO) Vision Zero Fund, we unpack the challenges of global supply chains, explore how the ILO aims to improve the lives of many workers, and dig into stories that best depict the need for OSH measures at every step of the way. 
37:51 2/20/24
Interview with IOSH president Stuart Hughes Part 2
In part 2 of our interview, IOSH president Stuart Hughes discusses the biggest challenges OSH faces, the regulations he thinks should be amended, and his new series interviewing CEOs on safety culture in large organisations.
24:17 1/8/24
Interview with IOSH president Stuart Hughes Part 1
New IOSH president Stuart Hughes tells us how he landed a job at Mercedes AMG, what his plans are for his presidency, and how he'll be marking the 50th anniversary of the Health and Safety at Work Act.
26:43 1/8/24
Sir Cary Cooper: Workplace wellbeing for today and tomorrow
We speak to Sir Cary Cooper about how OSH professionals can positively influence wellbeing in the post-pandemic workplace.
39:09 12/14/23
World Congress: Samantha Connell on the globalisation of occupational hygiene
In this special series, recorded live from the 23rd World Congress on Safety and Health at Work 2023 in Sydney, Australia, we interview experts from around the globe to cover some of the biggest challenges and trends in occupational health and safety. In this episode, Kellie Williams sits down with Samantha Connell, President-Elect of the International Occupational Hygiene Association, to discuss deadly dust, occupational hygiene, and how to be 'tactfully tactical'.
16:56 12/4/23
World Congress: Dr Andreas Flouris on climate change – a working issue
In this special series, recorded live from the 23rd World Congress on Safety and Health at Work 2023 in Sydney, Australia, we interview experts from around the globe to cover some of the biggest challenges and trends in occupational health and safety. In our next exclusive episode, hear from guest Dr Andreas Flouris from the University of Thessaly in Greece. He explains why climate change is an opportunity to shift the lens to focus on worker safety and how it impacts the responsibilities of businesses.
24:58 12/4/23
World Congress: Dr Susan Peters on the importance of thriving workers
In this special series, recorded live from the 23rd World Congress on Safety & Health at Work 2023 in Sydney, Australia, we interview experts from around the globe to cover some of the biggest challenges and trends in occupational health and safety.In this episode, Kellie Williams speaks to guest Dr Susan Peters, a research scientist from Harvard's School of Public Health. They discuss the importance of worker wellbeing and how we should strive to ensure our workforces thrive! Spoiler: it’s all about working conditions and job design that promote worker wellbeing.
27:49 11/29/23
Future Leaders on leading safely with intent
In this episode, we speak to two IOSH Future Leaders about leading safely with intent – what it is, why it's important, and how it can benefit you and your organisation.
21:19 11/20/23
My year as IOSH president
In this episode, we speak to Lawrence Webb  about the highlights and challenges during his year as IOSH president, his hopes for the health and safety profession, and what’s next for him.
19:00 10/31/23
The Truth about Turbans
We speak to Paul Singh CMIOSH, about the issues that continue to keep him fresh and motivated after a quarter of a century in health and safety.
22:59 9/21/23
Future Leaders: Pathways to OSH
IOSH Future Leaders Carly Hughes and Mathew Cooper discuss what led them to choose a career in health and safety, how they got into the profession, and what advice they'd give to those starting out in their first OSH roles.
22:27 8/24/23
Vision, mission and purpose
An interview with Liz Sebag-Montefiore, director at leadership, development and executive coaching consultancy, 10Eighty and qualified executive coach and career coach. She talks about leadership development, coaching and mentoring and what it takes to be a strong leader.
11:29 7/13/23
An interview with Karl Simons - leader in the field
An interview with Karl Simons, Co-founder and Chief Futurist at FYLD, who has more than 30 years' experience in the industry. We discuss the use of artificial intelligence in health and safety, his work in mental health, the benefits of gaining international experience and the projects he is currently working on.
56:31 6/22/23
Future Leaders: our experience as women in safety
In this episode, two future leaders talk to us about the challenges and benefits of being a women in the safety industry.Featuring:Sheena O'Brien Terlunen GradIOSH, group risk manager, Sun InternationalNicole Morrison GradIOSH, HSE manager of policies, systems and accreditations at Travis Perkins.
36:07 4/27/23
Future Leaders: How to overcome impostor syndrome
Featuring: Future Leaders Josh Callaway and Megan ColemanIn this episode, IOSH Future Leaders Josh Callaway and Megan Coleman discuss the impact of impostor syndrome and the subsequent stress it can evoke on people and workplaces.
25:03 2/24/23
A year to be bold
Featuring: IOSH president Lawrence WebbNewly elected IOSH president Lawrence Webb discusses his emboldened approach for the coming year.
29:14 2/14/23
Celebrating a year of success
We speak to the immediate past president of IOSH, Louise Hosking, to reflect on her year at the helm. Louise tells us about the highlights, the benefits of volunteering, who inspires her, and what she plans to do next.
40:54 12/21/22
Future Leaders: EDI tips to protect business and ensure compliance
A truly inclusive approach to safety should encompass all aspects of equality, diversity and inclusion (EDI). In this episode, two IOSH Future Leaders share ideas of how they've used it to their advantage in their organisations.
16:29 9/28/22
Hybrid working and MSDs
Featuring Matt Birtles, principal ergonomist, HSEIOSH Future Leaders interview the HSE's ergonomic guru to find out what organisations should be doing to safeguard hybrid workers against MSDs.
35:25 7/1/22
The value of OH services post-pandemic: Featuring Professor Dame Carol Black
In this exclusive interview, Professor Dame Carol Black talks to IOSH magazine about the value of occupational health services and discusses emerging issues that will require our attention as we return to the new normal.
31:11 5/5/22
Future Leaders: What inspires you as an OSH practitioner?
In this episode, two members of the IOSH Future Leaders steering group explore where they get their inspiration from as health and safety practitioners, discuss how to develop power skills, and give our listeners some fresh ideas about different places we can all learn from.
47:02 3/10/22