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IOSH magazine's podcast series features exclusive interviews with industry experts, behind the scenes discussions with IOSH members, and conversations with future leaders of the health and safety profession.


EDI tips to protect business and ensure compliance
A truly inclusive approach to safety should encompass all aspects of equality, diversity and inclusion (EDI). In this episode, two IOSH Future Leaders share ideas of how they've used it to their advantage in their organisations.
16:29 09/28/2022
Episode 14: Hybrid working and MSDs
Featuring Matt Birtles, principal ergonomist, HSEIOSH Future Leaders interview the HSE's ergonomic guru to find out what organisations should be doing to safeguard hybrid workers against MSDs.
35:25 07/01/2022
Episode 13: The value of OH services post-pandemic: Featuring Professor Dame Carol Black
In this exclusive interview, Professor Dame Carol Black talks to IOSH magazine about the value of occupational health services and discusses emerging issues that will require our attention as we return to the new normal.
31:11 05/05/2022
12: What inspires you as an OSH practitioner?
In this episode, two members of the IOSH Future Leaders steering group explore where they get their inspiration from as health and safety practitioners, discuss how to develop power skills, and give our listeners some fresh ideas about different places we can all learn from.
47:02 03/10/2022
11: The Future is Bright: Featuring Vanessa Harwood-Whitcher, IOSH Chief Executive
In this episode, we speak to IOSH’s chief executive, Vanessa Harwood-Whitcher. Vanessa discusses her first six months in the job, how the profession has earned the recognition it deserves thanks to Covid, and why we should be optimistic about the future.
16:36 02/10/2022
10. Human capital and social sustainability
IOSH magazine's digital editor Kellie Mundell speaks to Chris Jerman, thought leadership manager at IOSH, about human capital and social sustainability. Chris breaks down this important concept and explains how IOSH is connecting the conversation with its Catch the Wave campaign.
09:30 01/19/2022
9. Future Leaders on mental health
This episode has been taken over by three IOSH Future Leaders: Alpa Vadher, Adam Gawne and Abdulhanan Cheema. They discuss how to be a good safety influencer, and the new standard for psychosocial risks and how it might impact mental health in the workplace.
42:59 12/09/2021
8. How the HSE has evolved over 50 years
The Health and Safety Executive’s Philip White and Peter Brown discuss changes in the 50 years since the Roben’s report, managing stress and mental ill health, and COVID-19 responses.
55:26 11/03/2021
7. Why safety managers should be thinkers
In this episode, we speak to Chartered Fellow Chris Jerman, a safety practitioner with more than 30 years' experience and IOSH's new thought leadership manager. Chris tells us what his new role will entail, and why it's so important for safety managers to be thinkers.
15:53 08/31/2021
6. Lone worker safety
In this episode, Don Cameron, CEO of StaySafe, discuses lone workers including the grey areas in legislation and how advice on keeping lone workers safe differs internationally. 
34:47 06/14/2021
5. Leading through stormy times
In this episode, outgoing IOSH chief executive Bev Messinger reflects on the challenges and achievements of her four years at the helm of the world's largest occupational health and safety membership organisation.
22:11 04/21/2021
4. Malaysia's masterplan
In this episode of IOSH magazine's podcast, Aliasman Morshidi TechIOSH, vice-president of the Malaysian Society for Occupational Safety and Health, explains his role in the exciting developments taking place in Malaysia’s health and safety sector.Click here for a transcript of this podcast or click here for more information.
36:44 03/01/2021
3. COVID-19 and its impact on enforcement
The latest episode of our podcast features a discussion with regulatory lawyer Rhian Greaves on the impact the pandemic has had on the service our safety, health and environmental regulatory agencies are providing. Rhian gives an overview of how enforcement shifted in 2020, what she believes regulatory interventions will look like in 2021, and offers advice on how to deal with regulators.
22:16 02/05/2021
2. Looking to the future with Jimmy Quinn, IOSH president
In this episode, Kellie Mundell speaks to IOSH's newly elected president Jimmy Quinn about his priorities for the next 12 months and how he intends to collaborate, enhance and influence the membership during his presidency.
30:36 12/18/2020
1. In the hot seat with Sarah Newton, HSE Chair
In this episode, award-winning journalist Matt Lamy interviews former MP Sarah Newton, the UK Health and Safety Executive’s newly appointed chair. Sarah tells us about the regulator’s priorities during the COVID-19 pandemic, her first impressions of the safety industry, and her very full in-tray.
18:52 11/11/2020